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Friday, October 1, 2021

Something New and Early Start.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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I’ll start today’s blog slightly different as a way of explaining why I Colour some words and just Bold others in response to a Comment on last night’s post. When I used the colour Red it is used to highlight a Negative such as the Virus, Spam or Extreme Temperatures. I used to highlight Christmas with it and still might. When I use the colour Blue it is used to highlight a Company Names, Street, Highway, Area of a building or geographical location such as a City, Town or Country. When I insert a Link you will find that the Words are not Bold but coloured as well as Underlined.

When people write Blogs it is not only to share with whoever is interested but a personal Ledger of their daily adventures. Everyone finds different ways of making some things stand out more then others and using Bold and Coloured Words work for us. Hope this takes away some of the confusion and now as you read on you will start seeing what I have done more as a Ledger then a guessing game.

After completing my Morning Walk Around and adding a few more things of concern to the Maintenance List I was surprised to see both Paul the Owner and Kharen the Supervisor in the Maintenance Compound. The surprise was they had the Old Bottle Jacks on the Workbench along with New Ones. (They don’t like to buy anything New so there must be a reason.) Last weekend I had to use my personal Hydraulic Jack from our Truck because their Jacks would not do the job. I had mentioned it to Paul who’s attitude has been slowly changing for the better. Paul then mentioned if the Jacks don’t work scrap them.

That was good to hear but next was even more of a shock. Paul mentioned he was on his way to Windsor Factory Supply and asked if there was anything I needed for any jobs. I saw the look on Kharen’s face and said we could worry about that after this weekend where we had to concentrate on the Washer Upgrade. They both shook their heads in the affirmative.

Once Paul left Kharen started explaining about the Nozzles for the job and showed me to follow. The shipment had just arrived this morning and there were Boxes of them in the Office. He also mentioned that if there were any Special Tools I didn’t have just to ask them and they might have it.

Back at the Compound I readied a small bin with the Bolts, Brackets and Tools I’d need to do the job. I even made a small Scraper contoured to the inside diameter of the Pipe it would need to clean out. When I had salvaged the Plastic Pipe Manifolds for Paul Two Months ago there was a lot of Dirt that had built up at the Capped Ends of the Pipe.

While taking care of a minor task on the Mezzanine I took the time to drag the Rebuilt and New Drive Motors onto a Pallet where they will be out of the way, safe from damage and ready for another breakdown.

Downstairs there was a Pallet of Carriers that had managed to become interlocked to the point the Line Workers could not separate them to use. Bringing the Pallet closer to the Compound not only did I separate them but straightened a few that got bent in less then Thirty Minutes.

I spoke with Kathy during my lunch. She had been out for a short while and was just about to make her lunch.

The Paint-Line shut down early again today. The Auto Manufacturers are still having problems getting Chips for new vehicles so have slowed their production down which affects the work we do. I was inside the Washer by 2:00 using first Hand Tools then an Impact Gun in an attempt to remove the End Caps on the Manifolds that will be linked together. Neither method was working so I recommend to Paul that using the Cutting Wheel to remove them would be practical. Before I returned with the Hand Grinder Paul was standing there with Two Sleeves of Cutting Wheels for me to use. I took Five and only used Two. There was plenty of Rusty Metal and Dirt that went down my back. I also stayed until 4:00 just to advance the job to the next stage.

After depositing my Pay-Cheque at Motor City Community Credit Union I was home before 4:30. Even though I had washed before leaving work my Clothes were still wet from perspiration and speckled with Rust. The shower was very much appreciated.

We had feast for supper sharing a Large Acorn Squash, Half Rack of Honey Glazed Spare Ribs and topping it off with a Spicy Apple Muffin for dessert.

The 6 o’clock Local News reported 43 New Coronavirus Cases along with 2 more Deaths in the Windsor/Essex Region.

The Weather Network showed our temperature felt like 73 F (23 C) today as we slowly start having more seasonal temperatures.

Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment unless it personally attacks someone for their opinion or is Spam.

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


You Might Be a Redneck If

Your anniversary present was getting the septic tank pumped.

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  1. Thank you for replying to my question. It all makes sense now. I do enjoy your blog and wish you well :)