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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Checking Out Bouse, Shopping In Parker and Campfire With Friends.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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Having thought of what we needed to do today we made plans before going to bed last night. Even though Kathy was comfy in bed she spent the first Two Hours awake before finally drifting off to sleep. It was after she was asleep that the little Nymph “Not Me” came around and pulled the Bedcovers onto the Floor on Kathy’s side of the Bed. After some persistent light pulling we both managed to stay covered for the rest of the night. 

Going through my usual routine after getting up at 7:30 MST the first thing I checked on the Computer was The Weather Network to find our temperature at 36 F (2 C) but feeling like freezing. Having left the Blue Flame Heater on Number 2 setting last night there was surprisingly little condensation on the inside of the windows and wearing a Housecoat was enough to stay comfortable. After we had breakfast we took just enough time to finish our single cup of Coffee/Tea before getting ready to head out the door before 10:00. 

Because the Stores in Quartzsite don’t carry certain things our goal was to get groceries in Parker today. Heading up Arizona 95 we discussed the Rally that we’ll be attending next week out on Plomosa Road we thought that we would check if anyone had arrived early. 

We looked for the Mile Marker where we would be but when the markers jumped from 2 all the way to 6 with nothing between. Since those signs are so close to the trail that is used by ATVs and Side by Sides we figure they got broken off so we turned around and backtracked. Most would think that would be easy just by using the Odometer in the Truck. I pulled off to the side so I could do a quick calculation because we had to convert Three Miles times 1.6. Our Truck registers in Kilometers so we had to go 4.8 Kilometers to find our location. We drove around the BLM and were surprise how level it was without a lot of course rock. Since nobody else was there we’ll check back on the weekend. 

Having heard Wayne talk about going to Bouse to get groceries instead of Parker I mentioned that to Kathy since it was just up Plomosa Road we took a drive. There was a lot of hills with beautiful scenery where the odd RV spotted the landscape. When we finally arrived in Bouse we found it to be a small community with a Community Center, Library, Health Center, a Family Dollar and a Roadrunner Grocery Store. Since Roadrunner in Quartzsite didn’t carry what we needed we headed up Hwy 72 in the direction of Parker. 
Great way to go grocery shopping.
It was 11:45 when we arrived in Parker and since the experts always say to never shop on an empty stomach I suggested we stop at Pizza Hut for lunch. There were only four people inside when we arrived and were surprised to see they had a Lunch Buffet. We started with the Salad Bar which we find helps cut back on what else we’ll eat. Suddenly the place just filled up and the pizzas just disappeared. Each time a fresh pizza was brought out everyone just swarmed the buffet and it was gone. We managed to have enough to feel satisfied before leaving. 

As we were leaving the parking lot we noticed a RV and Marine Accessory Supplier on the next street. We checked out what they had more for knowing what they carry but we did walk out with a Pin Lube Plate for our Trailer. 

We went to Safeway Grocery Store and managed to get most of our groceries. As we were about to check out they announced that this was Senior Appreciation Wednesday so we saved an additional 10% on top of Sale Prices. 
Nearly Two Dozen RVs parked at Walmart today.
Still needing a few things on our list, we drove across Riverside Drive to Walmart where Kathy went to the Cosmetics while I went to get our Cereal and Hot Apple Cider drink mix. After I joined Kathy we did some walking and found some Tank Solution for the Trailer. We also stopped in the Entertainment Section where they had piles of Movies on DVD that we had not seen. 

It was nearly 4:00 by the time we got back to La Posa South LTVA and our Home. After bringing in all our purchases I went outside to warm up or Weber Q while Kathy readied a Pork Roast she wanted me to grill for future meals. Putting it on the Grill Mat I lowered the heat to Low and left it to Slowly cook. After an Hour I turned it over for another Thirty Minutes when I checked it with the Thermometer to make certain it was fully cooked. 

Kathy made us a wonderful Lobster Salad for supper. It was lite, tasty and more then we needed after our lunch. 
The "Overnighter".blocking our view to Wayne and Sue's RV.
While she cleaned the Dishes, I cleaned up the Weber and started getting the Firepit ready. That’s when the “Overnighter” drove up to settle in for the night. Because of where the “Overnighter” parks I walked over to invite Wayne and Sue over for our Campfire because they wouldn’t have seen it from their RV. 

Shortly after 6:30 they came over and we talked about all kinds of things. It is like we have know these people all our lives. We marvelled how bright the Moon was and then we realized how dark it was all around. We couldn’t see anyone else outside. That’s when we saw it was nearly 10:00 and we realized just how cold we were feeling. We’ll see them again before we leave. 
Kathy and Sue sharing a blanket on their legs while Wayne comments.
Tomorrow is Thursday and we have lots to get done before this weekend. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Words of Inspiration

May you live all the days of your life.

Jonathon Swift, Irish Essayist and Poet

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Comfy Morning, Amazon Changes Our Address, Chilly Wet Afternoon and Tasty Supper.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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It almost felt strange getting out of bed before 8:00 MST and not feel like we were freezing but having left our Blue Flame Heater on its lowest setting last night might have had something to do with it. Opening the Window Shades, adjusting the heat up another notch and getting things ready for breakfast was all I could do before Kathy joined me downstairs.

Looking outside there was plenty of blue Sky with Clouds starting to form along the Mountain Ranges. As soon as we’d finished eating we joined our Coffees over at the Computers to get our reading done. Looking at The Weather Network it indicated that we were already at 57 F (14 C) with mostly sunny skies but that was all going to change. By the time we finished our Second Cup at the Computers the temperature had already dropped to 54 F (12 C), the sky was totally Cloud covered and the Winds were picking up. 
Last night the “Overnighter” showed up as they’ve done many times in the last couple of weeks and then between 9:00 and 10:00 they leave. What Kathy and I suspect is that they do not have a valid LTVA Permit so they leave before the Ranger drives around checking for Permits. Right on schedule at 10:00 this morning he pulled out and the Ranger drove through at 10:30.

When I got to my E-Mail I was disappointed to see that the Item that we had ordered through Amazon on January 6th, that the Vendor had shipped using USPS had left Phoenix and was sitting just outside San Diego. “WT?” I figured I would wait until after lunch and its location would be In-Transit being returned to Quartzsite. Instead what we got was the message that it was being returned to the Vendor because of an Incorrect Address.
If you recall the Post Office here in Quartzsite doesn’t like people using Quiet Times Greeting Card Shop as a Parcel Pickup Service. Even though if you stand by Main Street and look to the east you can see Quiet Times but if you don’t have the address just perfect they return your package. None of the other Courier Services cause that kind of problem. 

When I called Amazon after lunch I explained the situation to Carl and was very specific Telling him Word for Word, Line for Line how the address had to be. I even had him repeat it to me. He put me on hold briefly to review the file then came back saying E-Mails had been sent to the Vendor and I would get a Confirmation within an hour. 
I had planned to do a chore outside but decided to check my E-Mails before going out the door. Right at the top was a Confirmation of the message sent to the Vendor instructing him to send the package to the very same address that started this Nightmare. Kathy had to remind me to calm down when I got back on the phone to Amazon. The person at the other end could not understand why the first words out of my mouth was to speak to a Supervisor. 

When the Supervisor came on she said that the Earlier Representative would never do something like that but she then read the report that he had sent me. Then when we looked at My Addresses they had been changed from the correct address to the incorrect one. Word for Word, Line for Line I told her how it should read and she still messed it up. She finally allowed me to Edit my address myself and she saved it. (Because we don’t have a permanent US Address we are not allowed to write our own Addresses. They say that is to protect us from others using our accounts Fraudulently.) As for our package the Supervisor thought it was better to just Cancel it and Refund our account even though we want it and its not shipped to Canada. 

Trying to use up our Food Stocks from the Freezer Kathy had me grill a couple of Steaks while she worked on the Sides. The Wind was blowing so hard the Temperature Gauge on our Weber never moved. Looking around at all the Clouds I was certain that it was Raining over the Mountains. I barely got a few pictures of the Clouds when I found out it wasn’t just Raining over the Mountains because I was suddenly getting very wet. Because the Wind was so strong the Steaks came out perfect even though the grill was on high. Supper was delicious and because we prefer thin Steaks they weren’t overfilling. 

As we finished eating the Rain stopped and the Sun came out for the last Half Hour before it set. I managed to get in a short Workout and the Chore completed before it was dark. 

Even though we are leaving La Posa South LTVA this weekend we are not heading Home just yet but we are going to be busy for the next few days. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Q: What happened to the lawyer who was thrown out of a saloon?

A: He was disbarred.

Monday, February 26, 2018

It’s About Time Song, Hike Around Our Neighbourhood, Watching Dustnados and Enjoying The Warmth.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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After having a restless nights sleep on Saturday it felt wonderful to sleep soundly last night to make up for it. I woke just before 8:00 MST and had barely finished opening the Window Shades along with turning on the Blue Flame Heater when Kathy started heading downstairs. It only took her a few seconds to realize just how cold it is first thing in the morning and why she normally waits a short while before getting out of our nice warm bed.
Once we had eaten breakfast and moved over to the Computers with our Coffee/Tea we managed get caught up on all our reading and then some. After mentioning the other day that we would be treating our Waste Tanks in our Blog, Mr. and Mrs. Dillmann who own an RV Tank Cleaning Business in the Valley Area of Arizona explained the do’s and don’ts when treating your tanks. They also explained what kind of Bacteria forms in each tank. Even though they recommended the same treatments that we had earlier found On-Line they still recommend having your tanks professionally cleaned every year. Unlike most of us they are not Snowbirds but Summerbirds who use their RV to escape the heat by heading North in the summer. If they post a Webpage I’ll try adding it to our RV Related Links at the bottom of our Blog. 
Many of you have had problems with the USPS and have heard my rants about the Post Office here in Quartzsite for returning parcels that we ordered. When I received the new Tracking Number for the one item that they have returned again it showed that it was delivered, to someplace in San Diego. The Quartzsite address to Quiet Times is very specific and I think they could get it closer to the destination. 
8:20 MST
Yesterday while having Happy Hour at Lorneand Sue’s site on Dome Rock Road we met Ed and Lessie. When we told Ed the name of our Blog he said there used to be a TV Show by the name “It’s about time” back in the Sixties about Time Traveling Astronauts. Thanks to the Internet it didn’t take long and I was playing it for Kathy to hear. She liked it so much she had me add it to our Sidebar under our Time Machine Quote but you can also hear it at this Link

Wanting to use up some of our Food Stocks before we head for home we decided to have Perogies and Cole Slaw for lunch. 
We don't do many selfies.
We have wanted to do some walking since we have arrived at Quartzsite back in December but because we were both sick, the High Winds filled the air with Dust or we had errands and chores to do the only walking we accomplished was around the Vendor’s Area or in Stores. With only moderate Wind forecasted for this afternoon we went for a short walk. 

Map of the lower 48 States & 10 Provinces.
Kathy signing the book.
We’ve been seeing a table over by the Map across from our site but didn’t know what it was and since we arrived in December saw a number of RVs actually parked right against it. Today we checked to see that the Map is still intact and someone put the table there with a weatherproof container with a book and pencils for visitors to sign. We’re hoping that by proving lots of people look at the Map it might get some protection. 

Volcanic Rock all over around here.
We were gone for about a Half Hour and we walked back where Jim and Barb along with Steveand Diane had been parked then towards the road for the Water Fill before heading back to the Trailer. Kathy was also picking up different small stones to give to our grandson who has a Rock Collection so my pockets were starting to get heavy. 

We probably walked about a Mile by the time we got back Home. With the Sun warming things up to 70 F (21 C) we sat outside for a short while. We were facing south and we counted over Thirty Dustnados that had columns reaching a couple hundred feet into the air that would travel from near Arizona 95 across La Posa South then suddenly vanish as they reached the East Wash. There were others that weren’t as structured. 

Looking down the path this is what you see.
Kathy went inside to do some reading while I went over to talk to Wayne. He was outside modifying his old Horse-Trailer to haul his ATVs and other Equipment. He needed a break so it was perfect timing. When he asked about our route Home I thought nothing about telling him. That’s when he told me about all the Storms and Flooding they are experiencing in those areas. We need to use up our Firewood this week so I invited him and Sue over on Wednesday because the Wind is supposed to be low. 
One of many Dustnados to pass through this afternoon.
Kathy made Pancakes for supper because it was too Windy to grill our Roast on the Weber. Since we’ll be pulling out sometime this weekend to attend a Rally I wanted to dump our Tanks today as well as the day we leave. By doing it this evening there was no waiting at the Dump Station and I was able to remove and rinse the Macerator until next winter. 

We are still experiencing Cold Nights here so our Blue Flame Heater is earning its keep. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Words of Inspiration

The most evident token and apparent sign of true wisdom is a constant and unconstrained rejoicing.

Michel de Montaigne, French Essayist

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Missed Visits, Happy Hour and See You Down The Road.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

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With being up early yesterday morning in search of our Generator Cover, I was having a hard time keeping myself awake long enough to post our Blog last night. Strangely once I was in bed I lay staring at the ceiling for nearly a Half Hour. Then just before 5:00 MST for the next Two and a Half Hours I couldn’t stop thinking of packing that I’ll be doing later this week. Why that happens is beyond me but anytime I think of a project or chore of any sorts to do, I dream about it which is like working in my sleep. If it’s something I just think of and can finish it before going to bed I’m safe and won’t give it a second thought. I was getting tired of laying there when I looked at my watch at 7:30 and was just about to get up. when I blinked. They say “Time Flies when you’re having Fun” well suddenly my watch was reading 8:30. 

Getting out from under the Covers I was instantly awake so the first thing I did was to turn on our Blue Flame Heater to take the chill out of the Trailer. Opening the Window Shades and getting things ready for breakfast still left me with time to check The Weather Network. Just like yesterday the temperature was unseasonably cold and there was hardly anyone outside. 

After we ate breakfast we got back to the Computers and as I was reading the Blogs we follow on our Sidebar I was shocked to see that Jim and Barb were leaving today. Since Kathy has been dealing with her Congestion Problems then Jim and Barb both came down with a Flu we didn’t get the chance to do much visiting. I hurriedly got dressed and out the door figuring I could at least say “See you down the Road”. I only had to walk past the Map to be able to see where they had been parked was very barren with only tire tracks remaining. Back Home Kathy reminded me that we’ll probably see them Somewhere down the Road. Safe travels you two! 

There is something about a nice warm bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup to take the chill out on a cool day. That and a Cherry filled French Pastry for dessert. 
Westbound Semis on I-10
One of the things that has not been readily available to me since we’ve been Fulltiming is the ability to Exercise with Free Weights and that causes problems. Keeping the muscles fit helps support the Joints and eases Arthritic Pain. While we were in Walmart yesterday I was in so much discomfort that when I suggested just getting a small set of Moderate Weight Dumbbells Kathy agreed. She also reminded me that I wasn’t as young as I used to be so I put the Forty-Five Pounders back and lightened it up. (That was lighter then I used to use.) After lunch I was outside for a very short time because, first I didn’t want to overdo it to start and secondly that North Wind was freezing. There’s less aches in this old body tonight. 
Kathy getting some snuggles in with Ely.
Around 2:30 we gathered our Camping Chairs and headed out in the Truck. Our destination was somewhere on Dome Rock Road. I love it when someone is good at giving directions that will actually get you to your destination. As soon as we saw the Landmark we headed south along a narrow bumpy path. Off in the distance on a hill directly in line with Dome Rock we saw a small gathering of Motorhomes and knew that’s where we were going. 
(L-R) Lorne, Ed, Sue, Lessie and Kathy.
Charlie and Ely looking for attention.
When we arrived, Lorne was already outside the Ponderosa setting up chairs for Happy Hour. We had the chance to sit out of the Wind and visit with Lorne and Sue before Lessie and Ed came over to join in. Sue also brought out some snacks for everyone to enjoy. Since they’ll all be leaving tomorrow Lorne was able to capture a picture of everyone just before we started saying our “See you down the Road”. We’ll be looking forward to seeing them again next year. That was when Harold and Pat arrived so we had a chance to visit with them for a few minutes as well. We met them last year at the Hot Springs with Lorne and Sue. They just traded in their Fifth Wheel for an “A” Class Diesel Pusher that they got a good deal on. Safe Travels Everyone! 

By the time we had supper I barely made it outside for some Sunset pictures. We’ve got some errands to take care of as well as starting to pack for our move next weekend. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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