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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Plans Affected By FAX, Early Start To The Other Season and Thank You For Birthday Wishes.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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After a busy Birthday celebration last night Kathy managed to get to bed while I was still doing my normal shut down. I always clean up my Blog Template Document so the following day it’s a simple matter to start writing. Once that is done it’s just a matter of watching my Computer shut down before giving Kathy another kiss on the forehead good night (I do that every day) even though she was already asleep. I then got between the sheets and slept soundly until morning. Unfortunately my late night kisses rouse Kathy awake subconsciously thinking it must be morning because that is sometimes the way that I wake her. It took Kathy a couple Hours to fall back to sleep.
Our view most of the day.
I slept later then I wanted but immediately got things ready so we’d be on the road early. Kathy joined me and at breakfast we figured out that I was inadvertently waking her up. Many of the nights she has been sleeping and been awakened was because of my affection. It’s pretty bad when you have to ration something like that.
We were nearly ready to head out the door when I thought to call our Pharmacy in Amherstburg to make certain they had gotten all our Medications authorized. They had sent a FAX to the Doctor’s Office on Monday but were still waiting for a reply.

I called our Family Doctor’s Office where I was told they had not received the FAX.

Another call to the Pharmacy where I was able to talk to Steve. Explaining the problem he said he would call the Doctor’s Office personally. 
We had Baked Beans on Toast for lunch with another piece of Kathy’s Birthday Cake for dessert.

When I called the Pharmacy again it was mentioned that there was a problem with the FAX at the Doctor’s Office but our Prescriptions were being put together. We were out the door Five Minutes later.
We had showers all the way to Amherstburg. When we arrived at Pharma Care we had to park and call that we were there. Minutes later our Medications were brought out to us.
We made a quick stop at the nearby Dollarama since there was no lines like the ones in Windsor. They made certain that everyone knew they were open with a sign in the windows. After donning our Masks we followed the Arrows on the floor taking our time so as to keep our Social Distance from other patrons. We did find some food stocks that are better priced then the grocery stores.

We then stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart so we could take advantage of their Thursday Seniors Savings. Kathy stayed in the Car while I went in to only return with Two of the items on our List. It seems that it took the Coronavirus to make people realize that Vitamins can help you fight off Viruses that are affecting many others.
With people staying home at this time has cause the Fifth Season to start early this year. From the time we took to go to Amherstburg we only made it back to Malden Road and were detoured by Construction Barrels. We drove the back way through the town of LaSalle making note of how things have changed since we last took that route.
Long line ups outside the Liquor Stores.
We stopped at the Pioneer gas station where I filled up on gas for $.799 a Litre. (It has been lower lately.) Noticing a tire was a little low I went to use their Air Pump. I remember when it used to be free then when they charged a Quarter everyone complained. Imagine what I was saying when I had to pay $1.50. I made certain all the tires were up to pressure.

We still had to stop at one more Shoppers Drug Mart. There was only One Bottle of Vitamins on their shelves and it was the one we needed.
While I started getting things ready to do our Doucettes Kathy was busy making Meatballs and Gravy on Egg Noodles for supper along with the last of her Birthday Cake for dessert.

As soon as 6 o’clock Local News was over I took over our dining table to fill our Doucettes. Since I normally do Forty-Five Days worth each time it felt strange to only be doing Thirty Days worth. With the Government trying to make certain everyone gets their medications they have regulated all medications to a Thirty Day supply. I had Planned (there’s that word again) on having all this done before supper but due to the delay it was past 9:00,

Kathy would like to Thank everyone for their warm Birthday Wishes as they were all appreciated. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.

Dolly Parton, Singer/Song writer

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Happy Birthday, Errands, Surprise and Family Feud.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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If you recall we needed to take Sleep Aids on the weekend so we wouldn’t just spend the night tossing and turning. It was only the One Time but since then we’ve been sleeping like a couple of rocks and even sleeping later. I didn’t wake up until nearly 8:30 this morning after sleeping for nearly Nine Hours. After surviving on Five Hours of sleep per night for over Thirty Years this is not hard getting used to.
I let Kathy sleep later but had things ready for breakfast. Even as a child she always needed more sleep then others. With this being her Birthday she was entitled.
When Kathy looked outside at the Water Puddles all over she was glad we got our bicycle ride in yesterday. She only had a few stiff muscles but otherwise felt good today.
When it came time for lunch Kathy was upset when I would not let her help while I cooked Perogies. She did sneak behind me to peal the Mandarin Oranges to add to the Cookies and Yogurt Cups we were having for dessert.

It’s been a few years and today Kathy had a special request for her Birthday. Since that meant going out we took stock of what else we might need before leaving.

Wearing our Rain Coats it was shortly after 1:00 when we left the Apartment. Our first stop was to our Accountant’s Office to drop off our Income Tax Returns. Even though our deadlines have all been extended the envelopes were only collecting dust on the desk so wanted to drop them off. As a way of Social Distancing they had a Bin set inside the door that your envelope would fall into when you place it through the Mail Slot. When the Returns are ready we’ll get a call.

Looping back we stopped at Guardian Storage to collect our Two Pieces of Mail.

From there we went to Motor City Community Credit Union to do some banking. Today I went in and experienced what Kathy had to a month ago. They only allow a few people inside at a time so you have to wait outside before getting into the Foyer where again you waited. Once inside it was a must that you Sanitize your Hands before filling out a Questionnaire of whether you had or were in contact with anyone who had the Coronavirus. From there you were able to stand in line where you waited to be called to One of the Two Tellers. When the previous customer was finished the Teller would spray and wipe down the counter before calling you forward. That had taken me Twenty Minutes to get to that point and my transaction took Two Minutes but at least this is keeping everyone Safe.

When we saw the long line outside Dollarama we figured we didn’t need anything that badly.

Next we went to Zehr’s grocery store. Kathy waited in the Car while I went for our supplies. Wearing my Mask and Gloves I was able to walk in and got everything on my List that will hopefully last us another Ten Days. As soon as I was in the Car Kathy handed me a Wipe that was used on my Gloves, Mask and Door Handle.

We headed over to Canadian Tire but could not go in the store. You had to go On-Line to order what you want then when you arrive at the store let them know you are there so they would deliver it to your Car. We passed figuring we are still good for another month.

Since it was Kathy’s Birthday and it has been nearly a Month since we ate out we headed over to Arby’s Drive Through where we ordered Two Greek Gyros that we took back to the Apartment to eat. They were delicious.
The One Thing that Kathy wanted for her Birthday this year was a Vanilla Cake. It has been that long since we’ve had Cake. Even though they would not write on it nor did they have the small Kit to do so in the Baking Aisle Kathy loved it.
The Cake with Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
We just sat down to watch the 6 o’clock Local News when our daughter Karen called. Kathy was waiting to talk with her but was surprised when I said good bye and hung up. She was even more surprised while watching the News that the phone again rang and I said I’d be back. I met our son-in-law Greg down in the Foyer where he handed me Kathy’s Gift. Kathy was even more surprised when I gave her the Dozen Long Stem Roses from Karen, Greg, Kylla and Tyler for her Birthday. They were beautiful and she loved them.
At 7:00 Kathy logged on to Face-Time with Karen, Greg, Kylla, Tyler, Kevin, Melissa, Matthew, Ken and Heather where they all sang Happy Birthday to her. Isn’t technology great? After the Grands headed back to their rooms to study (they are still doing school work) their parents along with Kathy and I made teams up for a special game of Family Feud. It was a lot of laughs and fun.
We’ve got things to do tomorrow so we aren’t planning on anything else. Tell you then. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.
A famous general dies and his ashes are to be taken to Arlington National Cemetery. All airlines are booked with no other planes are available. Someone comes up with the idea of using a helicopter. It arrives at 5 AM. The newspaper report the incident with the headline, "The Whirly Bird Gets the Urn."

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Answer To A Comment, Riding The Ganatchio Trail, Talking To My Aunt and Reading Geeks On Tour.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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We were both in bed at a decent time last night which meant we both slept like a couple of rocks that didn’t wake until 8:00 this morning. I wasn’t even up Five Minutes when Kathy joined me so after having our Muffin for breakfast we were enjoying our morning Coffee/Tea at the Computers just after 8:30.
Looking outside you could tell it was going to be a nice day. When I double checked The Weather Network it showed this would be the best for the next week with most of the others being very wet. Since we missed our Bike Ride waiting for a call from the Ministry of Transportation yesterday we agreed to give it a try this afternoon.
It seemed that there were less Blogs to read this morning but that could be because I read a number of them before going to bed last night. One of the Comments was wondering what they will do about renewing their Driver’s License since all the Service Ontario Offices are presently closed due to the Coronavirus. As soon as you call there is a lengthy recorded message saying that your Driver’s Licence, Health Cards and License Stickers will remain VALID until sometime after all the Offices reopen. When I spoke to both the Ministry Officers yesterday they both reiterated the same thing.
We had all our chores done early so Kathy thought we should have an early lunch. Today we had Vegetable Soup with a Cheese Stick as a side then to give us extra energy to burn we had the last of the Brownies with a Yogurt Cup for dessert.
We finished our Tea while uncovering our Tandem Bicycle and pumping up the Tires. We donned our Helmets and were soon heading down the hallway for the Elevators. We had to wait until the Moving Elevator came because our Bike is too tall for the Smaller Units.
This was our first time riding our Tandem Bike since last Fall at the Wildwood RV Park. Today was also our first time riding on the Ganatchio Trail. We’d heard it was quite long but were not sure so we headed east where we were able to see Lake St. Clair as we travelled.

This Trail is used by Joggers, Walkers, Skateboarders, Rollerbladers and Cyclists. Even though everyone was practising Social Distancing it sometimes cause a problem when Walkers spread across the entire path. We followed the rule “Slower Traffic stay to the Right and were passed many times by other Cyclists.
When we reached Lesperance Road in the town of Tecumseh we took a brief moment to have a drink before heading back towards home. Instead of turning into the parking lot we continued past until we reached Lauzon Road which we use most of the time in our Truck or Car. We could see from the intersection that the Trail continued much further but we didn’t want to overdo it on our first ride. We ended up travelling just over Ten Miles but it felt good.
While I refastened the Bicycle Cover and Bike on the Balcony Kathy was busy making Macaroni and Cheese for supper. Just as she was about to serve it my aunt Anna called. Kathy had put my supper in the Microwave to keep it warm and it worked.

My aunt lives in a local Retirement Home which is one step above a Nursing Home. A Month ago when the Coronavirus became a Pandemic the Home stopped letting anyone go out nor anyone go in. In the last Two Weeks they have confined everyone to their rooms. All their meals are brought to them but her suite is smaller then a Travel Trailer. You can’t walk too far in that. My cousins are looking for another place for her to live.
That's St. Clair Shores Michigan over there.
After we finished the Dishes we watched the 6 o’clock Local News before turning on our Computers again. Our temperature actually hit 70 F (21 C) this afternoon.

One of the Blogs I was reading was Geeks on Tour. If there is anything electronic Computers, Laptops, I-Pads, Tablets, I-Phones or Cell Phones they know how to use all the features and can teach you. It was by sitting in on a couple of their Seminars that I learned how to create our Blog. Since they are so busy they don’t always post every day so it’s strange that they (Chris and Jim) has been writing their Blog much longer then we have and only written around Two Thousand Posts when we have written over Three Thousand to date. If you don’t follow them already you might consider checking them out at this Link.
Clouds settling in as a Storm Front approaches.
With wet weather forecasted for the rest of the week we’ll have to find something to do. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration

True life is lived when tiny changes occur.

Leo Tolstoy

Monday, April 27, 2020

Oops On The Blog, Waiting On The Ministry and Loosening Virus Restrictions.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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After sleeping so well the other night due to our taking aids we figured we didn’t have to repeat the process. We were partly right. We managed to sleep but only in short increments. Looking outside this morning was amazing since there wasn’t a Cloud in the sky.
Yesterday's Banana Split Picture.
Somehow I didn't see the Chocolate.
After checking The Weather Network, The Windsor Star then my E-mail the next thing I did was to check the Comments already left on last night’s Blog. When I read the first Comment I was shocked. I had written about Kathy making her version of a Banana Split using Chapman’s Frozen Vanilla Yogurt. The Comment asked what that Brown spot was in the middle of the picture. I was so tired before posting the Blog last night I didn’t see on the picture that there was also Chocolate Frozen Yogurt used. Seconds later I removed the word Vanilla from the post.
I was nearly done my morning reading before Kathy joined me. After having our Muffin for breakfast we continued with our reading. Since the weather was perfect to go for a bike ride we made Plans to go this afternoon.
I forgot to order our Prescriptions last week so I called to order our Three Month supply of Medication this morning. Even though they will get the Prescriptions okayed by our Family Doctor the Government has mandated that only Thirty Days worth of any Medication be dispensed at this time to avoid any shortages.
Early last week I had called the Windsor branch of the Ministry of Transportation for information but due to the Coronavirus had to leave a message so someone would get back to me. I later called the Main Office in Toronto but the young person answering my questions wasn’t certain about a number of things.
Minutes after calling the Pharmacy the Ministry of Transport’s Windsor office called me. Explaining what I wanted to know even though this person sounded more knowledgeable they said they would have an Enforcement Officer contact me today.
We had Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch along with our dessert plate of Mandarin Oranges, Grapes, Cookies and a Yogurt Cup.

Looking outside at Joggers, Walkers and Cyclists was really making us want to be out there but I needed to wait for a phone call. At exactly 4:30 the Ministry of Transport Enforcement Officer called. He told me what was necessary to answer my question. It was after 5:00 by the time I got off the phone.
For supper Kathy made Meatballs with Gravy over Egg Noodles. It tasted great and was satisfying
On the 6 o’clock Local News there was talk of the Government loosening some of the Virus restrictions and allowing more non-essential service people to return to work in the beginning of May. Most need to get back to work to pay bills while others are just going stir crazy. Even though Canadian Numbers are far from those in the US there will be rules that have to be met before that will happen.

We watched a Hallmark Movie. We didn’t get our Planned Bike Ride in today. What tomorrow holds we are not sure. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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