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Friday, April 30, 2021

Job Ads, Phone Calls and Delicious Meals.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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Just when I started enjoying getting up at a decent time in the mornings now I’m starting to sleep in. There was little light shining along the Window Blind but I should have been on the move sooner. The parking lot below was a mixture of puddles and drying pavement but the Clouds were not very promising.

Our Afternoon Sky.

I was just in the process of getting breakfast ready when Kathy joined me. When I told her about me sleeping in she was even surprised.

Settling in at the Computers I had just finished applying for a Job when the phone rang. It was my sister Anna calling to wish me a “One Day Early” because she has an appointment tomorrow. We spent the next Forty Minutes getting caught up and talking Family Allergies. Her Family Doctor was a little concerned before scheduling Anna to get her Coronavirus Vaccine. Like we both said with all these Lock-Downs we sometimes feel scared to even call one another. We’ll be talking again soon.

Getting back to the Computer there were Two Jobs in my trade that I passed on because One was in Toronto, Ontario and the was in Kamloops, British Columbia. Definitely not worth our moving. There was another Job that was perfect for our grandson Matthew. He was just Laid-Off on Tuesday so I E-mailed the Ad to his mom. He’ll look into it.

I mentioned in yesterday’s Blog how our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa had gifted us Ready-Made Meals from one of the local Restaurants. Since Kathy and I celebrate our Birthdays the day between our big days today was the day. We had the Shepherds Pie with a piece of Baguette nicely Buttered for lunch topped off with a piece of German Chocolate Cake for dessert. It was all delicious and all we had to do was warm it in the oven. We even toasted one another with a glass of Carbonated Juice (Fake Wine).

That was a lot of Food so we definitely needed to digest lunch at the Computers.

Shortly after 2:00 our Dear Friend Vera that Kathy has been trying to reach called us. Being all alone during these Lock-Downs has really taken its toll on her. She was talking with Kathy when she had to go answer her door for a Prescription Delivery. When she called back she reported the person delivering the Medication was our friend Pauline. Small world. Since she is totally Vaccinated and we’ve had our first injections we’ll sneak over for a visit so Vera won’t feel so alone.

It was close to 4:00 when our friend Pauline called. It’s been nearly Six Months since we’ve talked or seen Pauline. We all laughed when she told us about seeing Vera.

Yesterday Kevin and Melissa gave us Two Meals so for supper we again warmed up the oven to make our meal. It was Italian Stuffed Peppers and the rest of the German Chocolate Cake for dessert.

On the 6 o’clock Local News we learned of groups trying to sue the Provincial Government for the Lock-Downs for which Citations were issued for breaking the Medical Emergency Rules. As for the Windsor/Essex Region we reported 49 New Coronavirus Cases bringing the Active Cases to 434.

Our high today was only 57 F (14 C) due to Northwesterly Wind Gusts but tomorrow should be near Summer like before cooling back down to Seasonal Weather.

We later watched “MacGyver”, “Magnum PI” and “Blue Bloods” to finish off our evening.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


You Might Be a Redneck If

An expired license plate means another decoration for your living room wall.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Pros Verses Cons, Special Visit and Milestone Birthday.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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When I woke this morning from soreness in my Left Shoulder I looked at the Clock before rolling to my Right Side. Certain that I’d only sleep a few more minutes I was shocked when I woke up nearly Two Hours later.

The Clouds covered the entire sky as they washed everything with Rain. I’d barely opened the Balcony Blinds when Kathy joined me at the table. We both felt like going back to bed but this was too important a day to waste.

When we finally made our way to the Computers we found the temperature was just above the Freezing Mark yet places further to our North were warmer. Out on the Ganatchio Trail there was nobody in sight.

There were no Jobs to apply for today but plenty of Blogs to read. Besides other morning chores we moved a few things around the living room.

When it came time for lunch we had the Leftover Manwich from yesterday on Hamburger Buns along with Yogurt Cups for dessert. That helped create an empty spot in our Fridge that we had been told might be needed later. It all tasted just as good. We even had lunchtime entertainment watching Canadian Geese doing Laps around our building Eight Floors up.

Once the Dishes were cleaned we headed back to the Computers. I mentioned how yesterday somehow my Default Browser was changed from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge. Today I noticed more things that I wasn’t able to see on my Computer with Google but I also saw a lot of problems that I didn’t have. Now every time I opened a different program I have to Log In. Even if I simply exited and wanted to get back in I have to Log In again. When I wanted to exit a program or a Blog Microsoft would not respond for about Ten Minutes each time. At this time the Pros are not outweighing the Cons.

Just before 3:00 I headed downstairs to meet our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa. It’s been months since we had a chance to visit and this would be their first time seeing our new home. Since we had the Balcony Door ajar, Melissa works at home and we’ve had our first Vaccines we felt safe.

After Hugs and the Grand Tour they presented Kathy and I with a few Birthday Gifts of Foods that they know we like to eat so it was a good thing we made room in the Fridge. Today was Kathy’s Birthday having reached a special Milestone. We visited for over Two Hours and the conversation never stopped. As a fact sometimes Kathy was talking with Melissa while Kevin and I were talking at the same time. We enjoyed the visit so much we forgot what the Food Dishes they brought us were. Before they left we got more Hugs.

Thanks for the Visit Kevin and Melissa. We missed you!

One of the things they brought us were Two Different Cream Cheese Cake Desserts frozen on sticks with different Coatings and Fillings. We split them both in half and ate them on plates. They were delicious and so filling we didn’t need anything for supper or a snack. We even forgot to take pictures.

On the 6 o’clock Local News the talked about the rising Coronavirus Cases in Canada and around the world especially India where bodies are being Cremated in the streets. No local numbers were given tonight.

Today's High.

Weather wise we can expect another Below Freezing Night this weekend.

Kathy received calls from Ken, Karen and Kylla all wishing her a Happy Birthday.

We finished the night watching an episode of “Criminal Minds”.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


A man goes to a store and says “15 litres of wine please.”

The man behind the counter asks, “Did you bring a container for this?”

The man replies, “you’re speaking to it.”

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

I Slept, Kathy Worked, Crazy Mouse and Federal Backtracking.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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With the Fresh Air we had yesterday and no Computer Upgrades going last night I managed to get a good night’s sleep not even waking once until I got up this morning. Kathy on the other hand was having a dreams that had her working instead of sleeping.

Outside it looked like it might Rain at any time so we weren’t in a rush to be heading out. When we finally got to our Computers there was plenty of Blogs to read plus another Job to apply for. While reading Blogs somehow when I shifted from one to another the Mouse that I use suddenly went crazy. When you use the Wheel it normally raises and lowers the page but instead started changing the size to Sixteen Hundred Percent to Twenty Percent. There were Blogs that I intended to comment on but each time I started typing each letter opened another file. The only thing I could do was unplug the Mouse.

As soon as I did that I could type with no problems but as soon as I closed out of our Blog I was in shock. Most of the Icons for different Shortcuts had been change from Google Chrome to Microsoft. I now have features that have not functioned in years suddenly working. When I saw that I plugged the Mouse back in and it works perfectly. “WTH?

We kept lunch simple with Macaroni and Cheese with Shared Orange Slices, Cookies and Chocolate Pudding Cups for dessert.

After getting the Dishes cleaned up we headed back to the Computers to let lunch settle. Looking outside there was a fine Rain falling giving a foggy effect throughout the neighbourhood.

I was in the middle of exercising when Ron from the Unemployed Help Center called. Wanting to know how my Job Search was going. He was as upset as I was when I told him about not being hired by Employers that I have applied to over Ten Times since the end of November.

Wanting something different for supper we had Open-Faced Manwiches along with more Shared Orange Slices, Maple Cookies and a Yogurt Cup for dessert.

On the 6 o’clock Local News there was some backtracking by the Federal Government on the number of Coronavirus Vaccines the Provinces would be receiving soon. As for the Windsor/Essex Region today there were 49 New Coronavirus Cases bringing the Active Cases to 453 of which 132 were Variants of Concern.

Notice  the Feel Like Temperature.

Weather wise we reached 77 F (25 C) this afternoon. There should be more Rain over the next couple of days and lowering the temperatures.

We watched “Bull”, “Nancy Drew” and “NCIS” this evening.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Words of Inspiration

I still say “Shoot for the moon, you might get there.”

Buzz Aldrin, Astronaut

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Computer Did It, Getting A Boost and Straightening Things Up.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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Normally when we have a problem sleeping it’s our problems that are the cause but how often can you say your Computer did it. We all know how Computers have to do Updates well last night was Kathy’s turn and it was taking forever. On most Laptops F9 will turn the Screen off so if you want to sleep in the other room the light won’t keep you awake.

The problem is lots of Updates will Restart the Computer a number of times until it is finished and each time it does the Screen turns back on. Kathy saw it first since she sleeps closest to the Bedroom Door. Knowing she couldn’t shut the computer she partially closed the door and went back to a disturbed sleep.

Kathy had probably just fallen back to sleep when I rolled over noticing the bright light from the Computer so I hit F9 again then repositioned the Computer before going back to bed. I immediately fell back to sleep but seemed to be struggling to breath. Finally I woke staring at the ceiling gasping for air when I suddenly realized what was happening. When I returned to bed I was so tired that I had forgotten to reconnect the Hose to my CPAP Mask.

It was a Cloudy and Cool morning when we got up but the Sun was about to make its appearance. We managed to have the Balcony Door open while we spent time checking Messages on the Computers.

We had Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Olives for garnishing then we finished the Leftover Pecan Cake for dessert.

We were heading out the door by 12:30 but I knew it would be a while before we went anywhere. It’s been a few weeks since I last started the Truck again and even with the small Solar Battery Charger plugged in it wasn’t enough to keep Two Batteries charged. Using the Car for a boost it took nearly Ten Minutes before the Truck fired up.

Flowerbed in need of TLC.

We went back to our daughter Karen’s house in Tecumseh. She created another Flowerbed in her back yard but wanted to extend it and straighten the edging. Using a String-Line it didn’t take long to get things straight and level. I have a some experience at working with Pavers and Edgers. Karen is working from home and her hours can be flexible so she was out there giving me a hand getting the new Weed Cloth stretched before we called it a day.

Karen handing me something.
The edge is nice and Straight.

Kathy had a chance to do some reading and picture taking while Sanford shared his time loving her up and supervising the reshaping of the Flowerbed.

Sanford supervising.

We visited a little longer before Karen headed back to work on her Computer.

We went to Wendy’s Drive-Thru where we both ordered Chicken Wraps, Small Chocolate Frosties and Senior’s Soft Drinks. All that for less then Ten Dollars.

Back at the Apartment we learned that our grandson Cameron’s Fourteen Year Old pet Rabbit Roger had died overnight peacefully in his sleep.

We then watched the 6 o’clock Local News. The Windsor Essex County Health Unit is now allowing for anyone 40 Years of age and older to receive the AstraZenica Vaccine. Windsor will also be receiving Double the number of Pfizer Vaccines the First Two Weeks in May

The Windsor/Essex Region also recorded another Coronavirus Death as well as 47 New Cases bringing the Total Active Cases to 452.

Today’s weather was wonderful but that should all change overnight.

We watched some FBI stories tonight but they just seemed dull compared to the ones we normally watch.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


What starts with an E, ends with E and has only one letter in it?


Monday, April 26, 2021

Border Closure, Quick Visit and Crazy Computer.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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Getting up before 8:00 in the morning is starting to grow on me. I always enjoy the Sunlight even when it’s hiding behind the Clouds. Kathy was up before 8:30 so we had the chance to get what we needed accomplished.

The only Job Ads available today were some that I have already applied for. Plenty of Blogs to settle in to read.

Another article I read from the Canadian Border Services was talking about the present International Border closure between Canada and the United States. With the threat of different waves of Variant Viruses spreading all over the world there is a good chance that the Border between our two countries could remain closed until the New Year. Not what RVers that head south during the winter want to hear.

We had Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch with a piece of Pecan Cake for dessert.

After lunch settled I was able to get a good workout in. I managed to get a Two Full Sets on all my routines in. I recently cut back on one of the Vitamins that I take due to the cost. By taking it every other day and not on weekends I’ve noticed that when it’s not in my Doucette that day I struggle to do all my exercises.

Again we had a Medium Store Bought Thin Crust Pizza for supper. This was a Canadian which had Pepperoni, Ham and Mushrooms. I added a little more Shredded Mozzarella Cheese.

We were heading out the door by 6:00. Even with 54 F (12 C) temperatures the North Wind coming off the River made it feel much cooler.

Our destination was our daughter Karen’s house in Tecumseh. She wanted my help on fixing a new Flowerbed that she installed by the back of her yard. Sitting out on her deck we visited for a short while before looking at what she’s trying to accomplish. It’s not a difficult task but we’ll go back to fix it tomorrow. It was really starting to cool down so we finished our visit inside. Sanford didn’t mind the extra attention that he was getting either.

It was nearly 9:00 when we walked into the Apartment. There was a Notice on my Computer saying that the Application I submitted to the Employer who has rejected it Ten Times in the past was there for his review again.

I don’t know what happen tonight but while I was editing pictures the Wallpaper on my Computer was changed from a Quartzsite Desertscape to one of today’s meals. I had to find another Quartzsite Sunset Picture to replace it with.

We watched the 11 o’clock Local News this evening. There are protests happening on how the Provincial Government has shut everything down without proof that this will help in the fight against Coronavirus. In the Windsor/Essex Region they reported 21 New Cases.

Tomorrow we should see above Seasonal Temperatures. Hopefully we can get things done.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


You Might Be a Redneck If

A full-grown ostrich has fewer feathers than your cowboy hat.