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Friday, April 16, 2021

Baking and Longer Lock-Down.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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This was definitely a different start to the day that we don’t normally have. When I looked at the Clock minutes after 7:00 this morning I knew it was time to start my day. I had already set my clothes out so that I wouldn’t wake Kathy. Once changed I went through the sorting process and managed to be out the door just before 8:30.

My destination was the Second Floor Laundry Room. There wasn’t anyone else in the room so I managed to get everything loaded in the Washers before turning them on. It was perfect timing because just as I was about to leave a woman showed up with as much Laundry as we needed to do.

Back at the Apartment I found Kathy making the bed. We had the chance to have breakfast and move our Coffee/Tea over to the Computers. The first thing I checked for was for Jobs to apply for but there wasn’t a single one to look at. I managed a couple extra sips of my Coffee before heading back.

Fortunately both the faulty Washer and Dryer in that room had been replaced making it easy to transfer everything over before heading back to the Apartment. I actually had the change to read over half the Blogs that had written on our Sidebar as well as finishing the rest of my Coffee.

The next time I returned to the Apartment with all the Laundry folded it was nearly 12:30 and Kathy had been busy baking and cooking.

For lunch we had Meatloaf with Peas as a side along with a piece of Brownie that Kathy made this morning.

It didn’t take long to finish putting away the Laundry and it felt good to sit in my recliner to finish reading the Blogs I’d missed earlier. There were still no Jobs to apply for. I continued researching until it was time to have our supper.

Since we’d had a heavier meal at lunch we kept this one lite by simply having Italian Wedding Soup for supper with another piece of Brownie Kathy made earlier.

On the 6 o’clock Local News they reported that the premier of Ontario had added Two Weeks more to the already Four Week Province-Wide Lock-Down in an attempt to lower the rising Coronavirus Cases.

The only thing reported for the Windsor/Essex Region today was 62 New Cases.

We actually reached a high of 50 F (10 C) this afternoon.

The Minister of Health mentioned that most of the Vaccine Manufacturers were recommending another injection as a Booster to help fight the Variant Strains.

When I later looked at my Computer Three New Jobs had been posted after 6:00.

We watched “MacGyver”, “Magnum PI” and “Blue Bloods” this evening.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. It's interesting that Canada has been locked down so much, yet you have rising cases causing stricter regulations even with vaccinations. Are people not getting the vaccine? Patsy mentioned the same thing.

  2. Ah.. Blue Bloods. Loved the Sunday Dinner scene. Jack took a ribbing.

  3. Kathy was certainly busy while you were doing laundry! The brownie looks yummy. Sorry about the longer lockdown :(