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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Petri Dishes And Happy New Year.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Even after drinking a cup of Sleepy Time Tea before going to bed last night we both had a broken sleep but for different reasons. I’ve mentioned in the past that because Kathy has a poor immune system she is very susceptible to catching any kind of cold or virus that is floating in the air. Kathy also will never turn down the loving hugs given by children or grandchildren (Petri Dishes) even as they cough or sneeze directly in her face. After a week to ten days of incubation the last couple of days have been quite trying for Kathy especially after spending most of the night awake from a constant cough. By the time she sat down for breakfast she was more than willing to start taking an Antibiotic we’d gotten for our travels a few short weeks ago. Hopefully she’ll be able to heal over the next few days and start enjoying the New Year. 

We spent a short while catching up on our reading on the computers after breakfast. We also managed to use Google Earth to get more of a bird’s eye view of Wildwood RV and Golf Park. The reason we did that was because we are very used to taking main roads and highways but are unfamiliar with the backroads in the area of the park. In April when we relocate our trailer we’ll have a much easier time getting to the park than having to take the main roads. That will be the start of our Fulltiming Adventure. 

My friend Moe that I worked with for over thirty years called to wish us a Happy New Year as well as just to shoot the breeze. Working that long in industry chances are great that you are exposed to lots of things that you should not have been. Luckily the effect is not always the same on everyone. 

Lunch was a simple bowl of soup which actually help Kathy to breathe better and take a few aches away. We spent most of the afternoon doing more research on the computers though Kathy did need to have a Snap or two to make up for last night. We splurged and spent less than ten dollars on takeout Chinese Food for a tasty filling supper. 

Kathy and I again would like to wish all our readers a Safe and Happy New Year. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

 It’s about time.

Pictures take by Kathy
in Kentucky.


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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Getting Closer To Fulltiming.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

With both Kathy and I having Sleep Apnea we are well aware that Insomnia is one of the side effects. When you don’t sleep properly at night you sleep later in the morning which messes up your sleep routine even more. It has been some time that my sister Anna introduced us to Sleepy Time Tea and for the most part it works quite well. Even dealing with a bad cold after having a cup of Sleepy Time Tea last night Kathy says she slept like a rock. I also had the same kind of tea and woke on and off all night but the bright side was that we were both up by 8:00 this morning so hopefully that will help us get back on schedule. 

As soon as breakfast was over this morning we got busy chopping the fixings for a food dish that Kathy wanted to make for supper. Once she had everything simmering on the stove I started sorting the laundry. I was surprise when I got downstairs to the laundry room that I was the only one there. During the wash cycle I managed to get my morning reading completed. When I returned from switching the clothes to the dryers Kathy had already heated our lunch in the microwave and stashed the dish she’d made earlier in the fridge for supper. 

By the time I returned with our folded clothes Kathy had gathered all the recycling in the apartment and was on the phone getting the problem she had found online yesterday finally straightened up. Dressing for the outdoors I brought out the recycle to the outdoor bins before going to rearrange our pick up bed. Since I’ve built in tool cabinets into the truck bed there is not much room to haul things so I had to dismantle the 5th wheel hitch. 

Anyone who has gone Fulltime knows that to do so you sell, donate, give away, sometimes store or throw things out. While I was awake in the middle of the night Sunday at 2:30 in the morning Monday I ordered a super high capacity storage unit from Amazon so that I can back up all our files and photos. Once that is complete I’ll be donating my large PC to Computers For Kids a charitable organization that recycles old computers so that underprivileged children have the same advantages as others learning to use the computer. Kathy and I were just finishing our supper that tasted great by the way when there was a knock on our door. Sixty-two hours after ordering the storage unit Purolator was putting it in my hands. Now another job begins. 

Another thing we cleared out of our office/workout room was our recumbent exercise-cycle. There is no room in our trailer and we’ll be using our bicycles more so we don’t need it. We’d heard that our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa were looking for an exercise bike because they were trying to get our grandson Cameron to use it as well as them. It wasn’t hard getting it downstairs and Kathy keeping an eye on it while I brought the truck around. Within minutes the bike was covered and tied down and we were on our way to Amherstburg. Imagine the look of their faces when we showed up with the bike. They’ll definitely be making use of it. We spent the rest of the evening enjoying our weekly visit together. 

To all our readers Kathy and I would like to wish you a Happy and Safe New Year and if you are attending any kind of New Year’s Eve Celebration please don’t drink and drive. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Pictures taken by Kathy
in Georgia.


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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Great Visit And Hockey Report.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

After all the excitement of watching our grandson Tyler playing hockey and visiting with family and friends Kathy and I didn’t want to take the chance of our minds racing all night so we had a cup of Sleepy Time Tea to help us relax before going to bed. When our heads hit the pillows last night the next thing we knew was the sun was shining into our bedroom just after 9:00 this morning. By the time we opened the curtains and sat down to have our breakfast the sun had disappeared behind a bank of clouds that it would only peak out from behind a few times through the remainder of the day.

Just before 11:00 my sister Anna arrived for a scheduled visit. It seems to be a habit that we visit with her in London during the summer months and then she meets up with us in Tecumseh around the Christmas holidays. Being that we aren’t going south this winter it was possible to get-together during the holidays rather than the harried commotion that normally preceded Christmas and our departure. We visited until nearly 1:00 when we were told by Anna that she was buying lunch. The place of choice turned out to be the Michigan Diner on Manning Road where we continued visiting while enjoying our meal. Since there was still much more to talk about we returned to our apartment where the talking never ceased. Unfortunately Anna had to say her goodbyes shortly after 3:30 but we’ll be seeing her again sooner in the new year.

Later Kathy was in the process of checking our accounts online when she found a problem. We then had to scramble to the Credit Union before they closed where we were told the transaction had not gone through and to just recheck it in the morning. Since it was nearly 5:00 we went to Walmart where we looked for a few supplies we decided would make things better for us when we start Fulltiming and additional groceries. In the process of getting groceries I ran into our daughter Karen’s friend Sandy who told me that Tyler’s team lost their game today but ended up taking second place in their division for the Hospice Tournament. 

By the time we cashed out it was past 6:00 and we were starting to get hungry but weren’t in the mood to cook. Another coupon to the rescue and we enjoyed a much lighter meal at A&W for our supper. We won’t be taking any chances sleeping tonight. We’ll be having another Sleepy Time Tea before going to bed. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Bad Refereeing And Good Visit.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

With most of our holiday celebrations finished we are really starting to get back to normal. Kathy spent the first few hours tossing and turning before finally falling asleep. I layed down and next looked at the clock at 2:00 & 2:01 & on & on. I got up for short bit and returned to bed by 3:00 only to stare at the ceiling until 3:30 when I once again got up. After having a Sleepy Time Tea and a regular strength Tylenol I finally started feeling tired by 6:00 when I returned to bed again and slept in until nearly 8:00 this morning. 
Tyler pinned with the puck by a couple of Coed players.
After finishing breakfast we only had a slight bit of time to do what morning reading we hadn’t done already before driving over to our daughter Karen’s. Tyler was playing another hockey game for the Hospice Tournament this morning at the New Belle River Arena. Good friends Peter and Denise drove all the way from Kitchener to watch the game and to visit with Karen. Somehow the roads were clear all the way but they’ll be spending the night due to a freezing rain storm our area is supposed to get to this afternoon. 
Tyler about to take an unsuccessful shot on the net.
When this game started Tyler’s team was on their best hockey behavior because this was a Coed team from Tecumseh. That turned into a laugh because most of the girls on that team played dirtier than any of the boy’s games I’ve ever watched. One got a penalty for holding Tyler’s protective face shield. This team was good but there were a number of people in the stands including myself that complained about the referee’s calls. The game ended with the Coed team winning but there was a complaint lodged with the league about the referee showing favoritism to that team. 
Tyler's team didn't do to well in this game.
When we left the arena the sidewalks were already slick from the freezing rain. After dropping Karen and Tyler at their home we headed back to the apartment. Remember our leftover fish and chips from last evening? Well it sure tasted great for lunch today and was more than filling. 
(Upper L-R) Kathy, Denise and Peter
(Lower R-L) Daughter Karen, friends Daniel and Sandy.
Kathy needed to have a Snap this afternoon to make up for her lack of sleep last night. I worked on printing the last of our Blogger Contact Cards on the PC while reading additional blogs on one laptop and partially writing this blog post on the other. 
Tyler heading to an assisted goal.
Karen invited us over for Homemade Lasagna for supper at 5:30. This also afforded us additional time to visit with Peter and Denise at supper. An hour later we all piled into two vehicles to return to the New Belle River Arena for the playoff stage of the Hospice Tournament. The temperature never broke the freeze mark today and with 40 MPH wind gusts it truly felt like winter had arrived making it a two hands on the wheel drive. 
Tyler stealing the puck.
This time however the game was being played on the A-Pad against one of the team’s normal rivals however the loss from this morning seemed to drag Tyler’s team down. Finally with words of encouragement from the coach between periods and cheering from the stands Tyler’s team came back from a deficit to win the game 3 to 2. This means there is at least another playoff game but we’ll have to miss it tomorrow due to a previous engagement. Peter and Denise will be driving back to Kitchener during daylight hours immediately after that game. 

On the way home the temp finally rose just above the freezing mark and the winds slowed slightly. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hospice Hockey Tournament And Good Leftovers.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Just like the night before last there really must have been too much sugar in our diets as we both spent most of the night tossing and turning rather than sleeping. When we finally woke up this morning it was like dragging ourselves to have breakfast. 
Tyler coming after the puck.
One thing that has been duly noted by charitable organizations is at this time of year people tend to be willing to help others or organizations that help others out by donations or sponsoring many forms of fund raising for such. Today we travelled to the Tecumseh Arena to watch our grandson Tyler play in a tournament that was being put on in support of the local Hospice. Each player had to get a total of $300.00 or better in pledges before they were even allowed to participate. It was a proud moment for each of the players as they brought in their pledge sheets. Tyler’s team would become the second highest contributing team in this tournament and all the money raised will support our local Hospice. 
Tyler on his way to making his first goal of the day.
Tyler’s team from Belle River played at 11:00 this morning against a team they have never played before from Essex. Talk about a fast moving game that kept most of the parents and grandparents on the edge of their seats. Of course there are always some penalties but not for Tyler today. With the teams both closely matched Tyler only scored once near the middle of the second period. The final score was a 2 to 1 victory for Tyler’s team even though playing in the tournament was a reward in itself. 
Tyler's team were the Visitors this morning.
After the game ended Kathy and I had time to go home for lunch. Remember in last evening’s post I mentioned that everyone went home with another meal’s worth of food? Guess what we had for lunch today? After slightly reheating it our lunch tasted as good as our family celebration meal did last evening. We even had a half hour to scan our computers before it was time for us to leave once more. 
Our lunch was like celebrating Christmas all over again.
This morning Karen had experienced some difficulty driving her vehicle so we volunteered to pick her and Tyler up for another game this afternoon. We took the truck to this game which allowed us to carry Tyler’s sweaty hockey equipment from this morning in the bed of the truck. This afternoon’s tournament game was being played at 3:00 out in LaSalle at the Vollmer Center. 
Tyler heading about to score his second goal of the day this afternoon.
Tyler’s team was playing another team this afternoon they had never played before from Tecumseh. Once again the action was nonstop keeping everyone cheering their favorite team on. The other team seemed to dominate the first half of the game but finally Tyler’s team found their momentum and came back to win with a score of 4 to 3 victory. Tyler had one goal and two assists in this game. 
Tyler intercepting a pass.
Greg arrived from work just before the start of the game so he was able to take Tyler and Karen home himself afterwards. Since we have been eating traditional holiday foods and treats for over a week Kathy suggested we go to the Michigan Dinner on Manning Road for fish and chips for supper. When we arrived the place was nearly empty but by the time we got our meals the place was packed. We’d ordered off the Seniors Menu but when they delivered it we knew it was off the regular portion menu so we only ate half and brought enough home for lunch tomorrow. They only charged us the Seniors Prices. 
This afternoon Tyler's team was the Home Team.
We watched the 6 o’clock news and the weather guessers are calling for freezing rain tomorrow. Sounds like a good day to accomplish more around the apartment right after we watch another hockey game. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cake Completed And Family Christmas Celebration.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

After all the snacking we did throughout the day yesterday is it any wonder that we’d sleep on and off most of the night because of a sugar high and to sleep later this morning. Shortly after finishing breakfast I was out the door so that I could go to the Metro grocery store to pick up a pound of unsalted butter. By 10:30 I was once again busy making our Buttercream Icing for the cake we would be bringing to our family Christmas celebration later this afternoon. 

The first thing we needed to do was level the cake layers and mount them on the cake board. While Kathy was busy crumb coating the mounted cake I went back to making an additional two batches of nice white icing. The second and part of the third batches were used to finish smoothing the cake and trimming the edges adding to the Frozen theme. I busied myself coloring green and red icing so that Kathy could finish trimming the cake. By the time Kathy had finished with the cake I’d cleaned most of the utensils and the kitchen. As used to be the case when we used to decorate a lot of cakes we’d forget to keep ourselves hydrated and to eat lunch. We had a light snack with a cup of tea that would hold us over until supper time with the family. 
Karen and Greg making certain everything was perfect.
The food table never got empty.
It took several loads to get everything in the truck but having done this many times before we knew that our precious high calorie cargo would arrive at its destination unscathed. We arrived moments before the scheduled time at our daughter Karen’s house and unloaded everything on a table in the garage in order to keep it all cool until after the meal. Everyone brought something to add to the meal and were all busy enjoying one another’s company while they ate. While we were eating the skies suddenly opened up with an intense downpour that was strong enough to clean the truck sparkling clean. 

Once everyone had their fill and the tables were cleaned off before it was time to set up the dessert table. Again everyone was more than satisfied after sampling most of the goodies. One thing our family never does is just have everyone take back the leftovers of what they brought. What everyone does is to bring food storage containers and everyone packs up another meal of food and desserts to take home for another day. Being that this was the second day of Christmas meals for most everyone there it didn’t take any arm twisting for hugs and goodbye kisses for everyone to leave by 7:00. 
Granddaughter Kylla with her friend Kayla.
As many dessert as there was food.
The rain had slowed but was still falling by the time we got home. Kathy’s computer is again offline so she’s using the backup laptop. Tomorrow we have things to do but I’ll probably be back on the phone with Cogeco Cable Company to see if they can tweak our system again. 
Cameron likes his Chebbacca shirt so much
he hasn't taken it off since yesterday.

Again Kathy and I want to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment.

It’s about time.


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Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Giving With The Family And An Oops.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

We seem to be improving on those early mornings where we have to set the alarm to be certain that we get out of bed on time. We actually managed to sleep the entire night only to wake up naturally minutes before the alarm was set to go off. For years Kathy and I have had the tradition of getting up early on Christmas Day for the purpose of being at our daughter Karen’s home bringing fresh made Tim Horton’s coffee before her family is even out of bed. Let’s say that I’ve also become the family photographer who records the happy occasion since the time the children were babies to the present day young adults we have for grandchildren. 
Santa having a relaxing bath after a hard night.
Cute Nativity.
This morning we arrived at Karen and Greg’s by 7:30 and using our own key even surprised Sanford who thought that Santa must be making a return trip. He let out a slight growl asking who was in his domain that he wasn’t expecting but as soon as we questioned his authority we were greeted by a wagging tail and doggy kisses. 

Tyler waiting for Ashley and Derek to arrive.
Sanford had a gift of treats.
The start of the ritual was slightly delayed until Ashley would arrive with her friend Derek who is an engineering student at the University of Windsor but whose family lives in British Columbia. Since there wasn’t enough time between semesters and the costs to travel Derek didn’t go home for the holidays. Karen being the gracious hostess said he was unofficially part of the family for the holidays and we all welcomed him with open arms. Everyone was more than happy with all the gifts they received but most of all enjoyed sharing the time with one another. 
Even Derek had gifts to open.
Ashley loves her books.
Kylla needed makeup brushes.
Tyler with his first shaver.
Shortly before 9:30 we’d said our good-byes and were on our way back to the apartment to refill the backseat of the truck. Less than an hour later we were lightening the load from the truck when we arrived at our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Mellissa’s in Amherstburg. We started by letting Matthew and Cameron open the gifts we gave them and they were happy with everything they got. When it was Kevin and Melissa’s turn they were amazed at some of the things we gave them because they had been dreaming of getting them for some time. Kevin also loved the special gift that Kathy had been making up this week and can’t wait to try it out. 
Karen likes her planning calendar.
Greg likes that he got a new razor.
Sanford making certain his treats didn't get thrown out.
When we are at their home Melissa always puts out a small spread of snacks that is too tempting to resist and more filling than some meals. We also took the time to catch up on our weekly visit because we were all too busy this week to make it happen. 
Matthew likes his toiletries

Cameron loves his Chebbacca shirt.
We had a great visit but we had to cut it short because we had to get home to do some baking. You read that right! Our family won’t be celebrating our Christmas dinner together until tomorrow this year so we have time to do our baking fresh. By 3:00 we already had two cakes in the oven and we were working on two German Chocolate Pies and a Pumpkin Pie. 
Kevin opening the special gift.
Melissa likes her new spice rack.
All the baking went smoothly but when we went to start making our special Buttercream Icing that we became locally famous for we didn’t have any butter in stock. We decided to try something that we have never done before and that was to use margarine. That turned into a disaster as that added more vegetable oil and salt to the mix that changed the flavor, texture and color of the icing to a pale yellow. Not what you want for a winter themed cake. We managed to get the pies finished but will have to make fresh Buttercream Icing in the morning after the grocery stores all open. 
A light snack that kept getting bigger.
Once again Kathy and I hope that all our readers had a Merry Christmas. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Important Gift And Messed Up Message.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Remember how I spoke about almost hibernating when going to sleep the last few nights? Well shortly after we went to bed Kathy pulled our new bedcover up from the foot of the bed because she was feeling chilled. That was the last thing either of us remembered until we woke up this morning. We felt totally refreshed even before we looked outside to see the sun was shining brightly into the windows.

We had time to catch up on our reading before leaving the apartment just before 11:00 this morning. We had a couple of errands to run and the first was my noon hour appointment at the Canadian Blood Services (Red Cross) on Grand Marias. By getting there early I was taken in earlier during a lull in people coming in. Kathy thought that it was crazy that I was about to donate blood on Christmas Eve. My thoughts were that it was 56 days since my last donation and that if we were heading south this winter I would still be doing the same thing. Today marked my 98th donation and during the course of the blood being taken I got a big surprise. The local CTV News channel was doing a clip to show the importance of donating blood at this time of year. Without having given the Blood Services any heads up they were totally caught by surprise as well. Cathy the nurse in charge figured someone giving blood for the 98th time would be perfect for the interview. I made the point how important that a blood donation could save lives and it could even be your own.

Our next stop was back to Sears who called to say that the parts to make Kathy’s new watchband longer had arrived. I dropped Kathy at the door and had quite a walk to the store from a far off parking spot. When I found Kathy the clerk was trying to figure out how the supplier had sent the wrong parts. They were going to reorder the parts again next Monday. It’s been nearly three weeks since Kathy had bought her watch so we stopped at the instore watch repair center where she found a watchband that would do the trick. While it was being fixed we returned to the jewelry counter and cancelled the parts.

By the time we had Kathy’s new watch and were leaving Sears it was past 1:30 and we were getting hungry. Once again we used an Arby’s coupon to have a very enjoyable and filling meal.

Once we got back to the apartment the first thing we did was bring one of the many shopping carts near the loading door up to our apartment and fill it with the first load of gifts we’ll be delivering tomorrow morning. While Kathy got other things done in the apartment I went outside to prep the truck and to replace its bug screen with its bra for the winter. I also changed the wiper blades on our car before heading in. The Weather Network was showing that the temperature was in the mid-40s but with the 30 mph winds I needed my hoodie and gloves to stay warm.

We managed to watch the 6 o’clock news to see my interview. The most important message I tried to make was the part that was edited out. Bummer! 

Kathy and I wish all our readers their family and friends a Very Merry Christmas. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Two Christmas Celebrations And A Birthday.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Even though we weren’t doing physically demanding chores yesterday we were still tired enough to have a solid night’s sleep. Maybe there is some truth to that entire hibernating thing at this time of year. We had to drag ourselves out of bed so we could sit down for breakfast and just on time too. We’d barely sat down when the phone rang. My aunt Anna who lives in London was calling to ask if we could pick them up at their daughter Jackie’s home before going to lunch today with the car rather than the truck. Two weeks ago she had a bad fall and got really banged up including breaking her hand making it impossible to drive her car.

After doing our morning reading it wasn’t long before Kathy and I were out the door driving to the west side of Windsor to my cousin’s home. Even though it was not forecasted the skies had opened up and the rain was pouring down. After picking up my Aunt Anna and Uncle Bob it was only a short drive over to the Swiss Chalet where we had a delicious meal and get more information about Anna’s fall and the extent of her injuries. No pictures were allowed because it looked like my Aunt had stepped in the ring for a boxing match.

When we finished our meals we drove back to Jackie’s home where we continued our visit. They had plenty of questions about our going Fulltime why, where and how. They also related some of their travels to the southern states before they could no longer make the trip. They gave us their blessings and wished us many years of safe travels. 
D.J.'s pet cat Jason.
It was past 4:00 when we got back to the apartment. We were still not too hungry so all we had for supper was the leftover Celery Root. It tastes just as good today as when it was cooked fresh yesterday. We had a chance to do some reading on the computers before once again loading up the car and heading out by 6:00. 
Our Grandson D.J. opening his gifts.
This time we only drove to the near west end of Windsor to visit with our daughter Rose and her family. When we left the apartment the sky was clear but just after we got out of the car the rain started coming down in torrents. By the time we made it into their home we were both soaked through. After draping our dripping coats on chairs to dry we sat in hopes of ourselves drying before going back outside. D.J. was very excited at the Christmas gifts he received because we always seem to know what he wants. Munaf never expects anything from us but truly appreciates everything we give him. For our daughter Rose this was a double celebration as today was also her Birthday. When she was growing up we made certain to separate the celebrations but once she had a family of her own that became more difficult. 
Our daughter Rose opening her Birthday Gift.
Now back at the apartment writing the blog the rain has stopped but the wind is rattling our windows making us appreciate being out of the weather. With only one more shopping day left before Christmas we are glad to not have to go anywhere near the stores for the next few days. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

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