It's about time.

I'm sure there are many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your children. Buying a home and paying all the bills that are related to being homeowners and parents.
Our family has grown up and started families of their own. We're now retired and don't need a big home with all its work and expenses. We've downsized our belongings, sold our house, and upgraded our trailer.
Now it's time to follow our dreams.

What about you? Wouldn't you say, "It's about time".

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Saturday, December 20, 2014


Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

I was tired enough that when I turned over this morning I was able to fall back to sleep until just after 7:00 this morning. I barely had time to start making coffee and Kathy was right behind me in the kitchen. We were both feeling like we were on high alert with everything we now had to do today. As soon as we were done our breakfast I was on the phone with the repair shop that had last worked on the car over a year and a half ago. I explained about attending a funeral this morning and that we needed the car repaired before Christmas day. They were only open until noon today and not tomorrow so I made arrangements to drop off the car keys this morning. 
(Clockwise L-R) Kathy, Emma, Connor, Haigan, Jen, and Gary.
We were out the door by 9:00 and were fortunate that there were no delays in the traffic. We stopped at the repair shop and didn’t even spend a minute giving them the keys. Since the keys had a note attached to them stating the same thing I’d explained on the phone. 
Haigan loves his Ninja Turtle action figure.
We were parked at the Funeral Home by 9:45. Our friends Bill and Vera were already inside and were being mobbed by other people they had not seen in quite some time. After the main service was held in the chapel and the procession made its way to the cemetery it was past noon by the time we headed to the Ciociaro Club for a celebration of life luncheon in honor of Alex. It was nearly 2:00 by the time Kathy and I said our good byes and words of encouragement to Alex’s family.   
Connor enjoys painting. Now he can't wait to try Airbrushing.
As soon as we were in the door of the apartment we got into casual clothes before I called the CAA to have the car transported to the repair shop. Mike from A.M/P.M. towing service arrived within a half hour and had the car loaded within five minutes. The evidence of the brake problem was visible in the form of brake fluid on the asphalt of the parking lot. I followed in the truck so I could retrieve the second set of keys after the car was dropped off at the shop. We thought it would be better than having someone breaking in to the car finding the keys and totaling the car because there were no brakes. 
Emma liking her make-up kit.
I was home less than a half hour when we left for our 5:00 appointment for supper. We were meeting our son Gary and his family for our Christmas dinner at Pizza Hut. They had already been seated for a while by the time we arrived at 4:50. Connor and Haigan were already working away on the puzzles that came on their placemats. Looking around it seemed that many other families were gathering for the same reason we were. 

Shortly before 7:00 we left Pizza Hut and went back to our apartment where we exchanged gifts. Both the boys were happy with their clothes and toys that reflected their individual characteristics. Emma loved her gifts that showed she is maturing into a young lady even though Gary didn’t like them because that meant he was losing his little girl. Jen always laughs because she says that Kathy has a way of reading her mind of what she needs. Gary loved his gifts but we all had a good laugh when he mistook the use of one of them. We continued visiting for a while longer until it was time to give hugs and kisses with whispers of love that we’ll see them all again soon. 
Gary dreaming of the burgers he could flip with this.
Tomorrow we’ll be on the run again but hopefully we’ll have time to breath. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


The World's Great Proverbs

Dog does not eat dog.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Hectic Day.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Not only did we watch a Christmas movie until midnight last night but I was up and exercising by 6:00 this morning. Little did I know that Kathy had gotten up at 7:00 due to congestion affecting her breathing. I found her in the recliner when I went to open the livingroom drapes at 8:00. 

After having breakfast I soon dressed for the colder temperatures that we are experiencing to go check out what the problem was with the truck. Last night we had intended to drop the car off for safe keeping at our son Kevin’s while we are away for this winter instead the truck would not start. I was successful at getting it started this morning after a short charging period with the car however when batteries are drained that low they will never charge 100%. I called around getting prices and found the most reasonable cost at Windsor Gas and Diesel. I planned to change them myself to save the labor costs so Jim said he’d put two of them aside for me. Kathy stayed behind to try to make up some of her lost sleep and to finish some cleaning. 

I simply drove the truck over and changed the batteries right in his parking lot. This also worked out great because I simply left the old batteries with Jim and he didn’t have to charge me a core fee. We spoke for about ten minutes about something I need him to adjust on the truck in the future. 

I was home by noon and while we were eating the last of Kathy’s chicken noodle soup for lunch the phone rang. Because of the battery problem we had missed our appointment with our bank this morning. They told me just to come in this afternoon so as soon as we were finished lunch we headed out the door. A ten minute drive, fifteen minutes of taking care of business and now the peace of mind about our finances while we’re away priceless. 

We went over to the dollar store looking for end caps for chair legs but couldn’t find any. Instead we ran into a friend I went through school with from grade one until we graduated from high-school Gary and his wife Jaquelyn. They have recently sold their home and will be heading to Florida in February. 

Over to Walmart we found everything on our shopping list. We did have to stop at Shoppers Drug Store where Kathy was able to find a new perfume she has been wanting to try. Back at the apartment Kathy was moving books around that she brings on our travels and she found the underwater camera that we had presumed we had lost and already replaced. It was nowhere near where it should have been. The next time we are swimming we’ll each have our own camera. 

After supper we went to Families First Funeral Home to pay our respects to our friend Bill whose brother Alex passed away early Wednesday morning after a short battle with lung cancer not stomach cancer as I had earlier stated. I’ve already corrected that post. 

Kathy and I would like to welcome Tom and Deb Duchaine as our latest blog followers. Unfortunately they don’t have a personal blog listed at this time but if it changes I’ll let everyone know so we can see what they might be up to. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


You Might Be a Redneck If

Your sneeze can disrupt TV reception.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cleaning, Errands, More Problems and Visiting.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

By the time we finished watching the news last night we were both more than ready to get to bed. I managed to sleep until nearly 7:00 this morning but I wasn’t about to waste my time. Instead I got dressed and busied myself sorting the laundry. Surprisingly there were a couple other early risers with the same idea in mind when I got to the laundry room. I returned to the apartment and got the curtains opened and things ready to make breakfast. Kathy needs more sleep than I do so when she is really tired she will sleep in. I had returned to the laundry room and had all the clothes in the dryers before going back upstairs. 

At that time Kathy was just starting to stir so I just started making breakfast. She was a little shocked when I told her that the clothes were already in the dryers. I even had time to do my morning reading before going back downstairs to fold the clothes. It was only 10:30 by the time I returned with all the folded clothes to put away. 

Once everything was put away I had to go outside and reorganize the back of the truck. When I came back inside Kathy had just finished vacuuming the living room so everything is now clean in the apartment for this weekend. 

We were just finishing lunch when the phone rang. Mary from Healthy Heals was running ahead of her schedule and was asking if it was okay to come early. Of course was the answer. Mary arrived ten minutes later and worked on Kathy’s feet for the next forty minutes. Due to Kathy having Diabetes these treatments are done in our home and we are reimbursed by our health care coverage. 

Once Mary had left Kathy finished filling in her form before we headed out to drop it off at the Green Shield offices which are just a mile away from us. Kathy also wanted to get the car cleaned before we bring it to our son’s home in Amherstburg for safe keeping while we are away this winter. Imagine our surprise when we spotted a sign saying they were closed today. We spent the next hour trying to find a Car Wash that was open and affordable. 

We were nearly home when we realized that in our search to get the car cleaned we’d forgotten to stop at a Florist. So we drove two blocks past our building where Flowers by Phil is located. Kathy had to do it alone because at that time of day there was no place to park. The flowers will be delivered tomorrow to the Families First Funeral home for Bill’s brother Alex who passed away yesterday. 

Right after we’d finished supper we headed for Amherstburg for our weekly visit with Kevin and Melissa. The big difference was we were supposed to drive in separate vehicles as Kathy was going to leave her car there while we’re away this winter. For one reason or another the truck would not start. There was no power in the batteries and even after trying to boost it using the car battery it was just too weak to start. We ended up leaving the truck home and just taking the car. Our visit was cheerful as usual with lots of laughter thrown in for good measure. The kids were really anxious because Christmas is only a week from today. 

Since there has been a big change of plans there are plenty of other things that we now have to do that will fill the void like finding out if a computer has faltered or we need to replace the truck batteries. Better now than when we’re on the road. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking I'm a goat.

And how long has this been going on?

Oh, ever since I was a kid.