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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Monday, March 18, 2019

115, Giving Advice, Happy Hour Visit and Changing Weather.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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Really not being in too much of a rush to get out of bed this morning I still managed to be up by 7:30. That helped me to get things ready for breakfast as well as repackaging some of our Supplies. There are certain products that are only available to us in Canada and others that are only available in the US. What happens when we find them is that we stock up according to where we are and as we wear away our other Supplies it gives us the space to refill with the Supplies from the country that we are presently in.
Kathy was really worn out after our Hike yesterday as well as all the Fresh Air coming in the open Windows throughout the night. That gave me additional time to get most of my morning reading finished. After having a simple breakfast I did my inside chores before enjoying my cooler morning Coffee.
Quartzsite Community Center
I managed to run the Water Heater long enough to get the chill out of the Water but with the North Wind blowing it wasn’t long before the Propane Detector started going off. At least I didn’t jump through the Skylight when I went for my morning shower.

We were heading out the Door shortly after 11:00 for my lunchtime appointment. I had warned Kathy about my last visit how cold the inside of the building was. At first she thought it was my Raynaud’s Disease that had kicked in but to humour me she brought her Jacket along.
Already hooked up.
We soon arrived at the Quartzsite Community Center where the outside temperature of 79 F (26 C) felt warmer because of the intensity of the Sun. Kathy was going to wait with me inside so she brought her Book to read, Water to drink and Jacket in. She thought she would feel embarrassed about the Jacket but when the Volunteer at the door said she was freezing and Kathy only made it as far as her chair before putting her Jacket on.
No 115 Blood Donation.
My plan of getting there at 11:30 so that they might call me early didn’t pan out because the place was packed and the Internet Connection was down. It was just before 1:00 when I was called and after filling in the Questionnaire on their Laptops they had to call their Main Office to get the Okay for our Blood Donation. By 1:30 I had given my 115th Blood Donation and we were on our way to a late lunch.
When we arrived at The Main Street Restaurant it was Closed according to the large sign in the door. We ended up going to Quail Ridge Cafe. As we approached I thought it was strange because it looked like a bunch of Police Cars were out front. Sure enough there were Eight Arizona State Police Cars parked out front and as we pulled into the lot Eight Arizona State Troopers came out of the Cafe. They’d had a meeting during their Lunch Break.
A Mule on one end and a Horse's A on the other.
After giving our orders it did not take long for them to be served. Kathy had a Reuben Sandwich while I had the Special of the Day a huge Beef Steak Burrito filled with Steak, Rice and Beans. We were so hungry that we didn’t think to take pictures.
Palm Tree or a Mushroom.

As we were paying our tab Our Waitress Kim disclosed that it was her first day back to work after suddenly loosing her Husband just over a week ago. We were both able to give her some advice on what to do for her recovery.
It was out early 4:00 but still lighting up the Desert.
We then drove to RV Pit Stop to fill our Empty Propane Tank. There were no lines so we were there less then Five Minutes.
We just wanted to walk someplace to wear off lunch and since both the parking lots at both Roadrunner Grocery Store and Coyote Fresh Foods were full we drove to the Family Dollar. Since we have not been in there since early January we were surprised when we went in to see that the Store had been completely Flipped and they are still working on it. All the Ceiling Panels and Lights have been changed but the Old Flooring still shows where the Shelving used to be.
Good Night Quartzsite.
As we drove past the Main Street Restaurant towards Arizona 95 it was Open and was all lit up. ???
Lots of Clouds and the Moon.
It was 3:00 when we got back Home and our neighbours Wayne and Sue were just moving their chairs to the Cool Shady Side of their Trailer so after putting a few things inside we gathered our Water Bottles and Chairs and joined them. We talked about Their Trip, their Dogs, Tires on the Trailers, when we are all Leaving and the Weather back Home. Even with over a Thousand Miles between Washington state and the province of Ontario they both still have lots of snow piled up. It was past 5:30 when we all headed inside to have supper.
We didn’t want to be looking for something to eat later so we used the Pork Roast that we grilled yesterday to make Sandwiches and topped it off with a Yogurt Cup for dessert. With another Hot Day coming before a cool down we’ll wait to see what tomorrow brings. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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