It's about time.

I'm sure there are many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your children. Buying a home and paying all the bills that are related to being homeowners and parents.
Our family has grown up and started families of their own. We're now retired and don't need a big home with all its work and expenses. We've downsized our belongings, sold our house, and upgraded our trailer.
Now it's time to follow our dreams.

What about you? Wouldn't you say, "It's about time".

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Thank You for following this Blog

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cleaning Up By Cooking.

Our Location today is Wapakoneta, Ohio, USA.

Last night the temperature in Wapakoneta Ohio dropped down to 27 F (-3 C). We were using our electric cube heaters to keep warm early in the evening but it just wasn’t enough! Yes we had to turn the furnace on. We kept it set at 55 F (13 C) but yet it fired up a couple of times throughout the night even with the heaters running constantly. The good part of it being so cold was that we didn’t feel guilty about sleeping in this morning. 

The trees are starting to bud here.
Once we’d finished eating breakfast and passed some time reading on the computers we knew we had to buckle down and accomplish things we needed to do before we cross the international border tomorrow. 
Robin foraging for food.
Mother Robin on her nest.
While I went outside Kathy busied herself cooking foods that left uncooked would not be allowed into Canada. We have similar problems when we enter the US. It seems to be a political game of Cat and Mouse and RVers get stuck in the crossfire. 
A neighbor's cats waiting for dinner. They are not on leashes.
I busied myself emptying all the firewood from the truck and splitting it in preparation for our last campfire on this trip. I also had a chance to clean out the backseat of the truck by getting things put back in the basement of the trailer. 

Kathy had finished her cooking before making lunch. It felt relaxing to be sitting inside where it was warmer. 

After lunch Kathy pulled out the vacuum in an attempt to get the last of the dust we collected in the Keys out of the trailer. I returned outside and reorganizing the basement and got things put back in their appropriate bins. 

By 2:30 I started the campfire and Kathy came out with a couple of cups of hot chocolate. The temperature rose all the way up to 57 F (14 C) with little wind so we were fairly comfortable enjoying the fire and watching nature. It was fun watching a couple of outdoor pet cats as well as a few birds. 

Around 3:30 the wood had burned down enough to embers that we put the grill over the pit and put some chicken breasts on to cook. Since Kathy had already cooked potato salad for a side for tonight’s meal she was able to sit and watch while the chicken cook. Anyone can cook chicken in a frying pan but it always tastes better on a grill. If you want really great tasting chicken grill it over an open fire. It can’t be beat! The only problem we had was people that were walking by kept trying to invite themselves for supper. 

Supper was delicious and the temperature much more bearable than the last few days. Tomorrow we’ll be taking out time to leave on our final leg of the trip home. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cold Travel Day with Some Oops!

Our Location today is Wapakoneta, Ohio, USA.

The weather guessers had it right for the Crittenden Kentucky area. When we woke up this morning there was a lite coating of frost on the windows. Luckily we managed to stay warm by simply running a single cube heater throughout the night and even with that it was still cool enough inside the trailer but we had no problems sleeping. 

We didn’t bother to rush getting on the road because we wanted the School Buses to be finished their morning tasks before we started on the next leg of our travels heading home. By 9:30 we were driving down US 25 through the winding roads of Crittenden back to the ramp to I-75 North. 

Once we were on I-75 the traffic was heavy but flowing at posted speeds until the brake lights started coming on in the Cincinnati area. It turned into a twelve mile crawl that was caused by lane reductions due to highway construction. We had added an hour to our travel time just because of this delay. 

If there had been no delays we would have been at our destination before lunch time. Once we were past Cincinnati everyone was back to posted speeds for another twenty miles and then the brake lights reappeared. This turned into a two mile crawl as traffic was funneled away from the shoulder of the road while the remains of a burnt out passenger van was being removed. There were no ambulances visible but it shook Kathy up just seeing it. We hoped that whoever was in that van had an opportunity to get out. 

By this time it was nearly noon so we stopped at a Cracker Barrel to have our lunch. We both enjoyed the special of the day which was sliced turkey with stuffing and cranberries. The last time we had that was on Christmas day when we celebrated the holiday with our family. It tasted great, was reasonably priced and we were satisfied but not stuffed when we left.
Back on the highway it was less than an hour when we arrived at Wapakoneta but I took the wrong exit. Did I tell you that for the last two days we’ve been traveling without the use of our GPS. When I turned around Kathy insisted it was the second ramp so I went for it. When I noticed we were going down the road heading west I told her to get the GPS out. 

Fifteen minutes and twenty extra miles later we were registering at the Wapakoneta KOA. John who escorted us to our site was wearing a winter parka because even though the temperature was 45 F (7 C) with the wind gust of 30 mph it felt more like 30 F (-1 C). He also informed us that the temperature would be below freezing tonight. I set up our utilities including the water but I just didn’t turn it on. We have enough water still in our fresh water tank for the night. 

By the time I set everything up outside I was froze. Kathy had been busy getting things ready inside. Around 5:30 neither of us felt like cooking so I walked to the office and ordered a fresh baked pizza. Fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door and there was our piping hot pizza for supper. It tasted great and only cost $12.99. 

Our total trip for today including our Oops was 161.1 miles. Tomorrow the weather is starting to warm up so we’ll finish organizing things in the trailer before we head home on Saturday. We also plan on having our last cooking campfire for this trip. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cold Close Up.

Our Location today is Crittenden, Kentucky, USA.

If you recall I mentioned that the weather forecasters were telling us we could see some cold temperatures leading into the weekend. Well today is not the weekend and it wasn’t cold it was freezing. Before going to bed last night we actually turned the furnace on to warm the trailer up and then shut it off leaving only an electric heater running through the night. Neither of us stuck any parts of our bodies outside of the covers the entire night. When we got up even with the electric heater running you could faintly see your breath inside the trailer. The temperature had dropped to 39 F (4 C) and with all the dampness from all the recent rain the area has had it was cold. 

It didn’t take long to have our breakfast and put on warmer clothing just to survive inside the trailer. We have a few things that need to be organizing before we reach the border on the weekend but we’ll wait until we are on a more level site in Wapakoneta. 

Soon after having lunch we drove back to town to fuel up the truck. Even though we didn’t drive that many miles yesterday what we did drive was through the mountains so our fuel mileage was not our average. We were both wearing our jackets but luckily I had also brought a bulky work sweater that I put on over my jacket in order to withstand the cold winds while I filled our tanks. The temp was in the low 50s but the wind was steady at 25 mph with gusts to 45 mph making it feel much colder. 

We made a stop at the Family Dollar on our way back to the trailer. This stop was more to walk around than anything else but we did find some paper towels that we were in need of. 

Back at the trailer Kathy made some Hot Chocolate in an attempt to warm us up. Later we watched the local news while eating our supper and they were now saying a colder front than originally forecasted was heading our way. The fact that we are still in the outer edges of the mountains at higher elevations seems to draw the colder temperatures at night. I checked the computer to find a severe weather warning showing a low of 36 F (2.5 C) for tonight but with the wind it would feel closer to 28 F (-2 C). 

Even though we have a short travel day tomorrow I was outside after 6:00 closing up what I could tonight. Needless to say we’ve been drinking a lot of hot beverages to warm up today.
This will be another night staying under the covers. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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