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Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Wet and Rainy Day as We Deal With Another Issue.

Our Location today is La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A. 

By the time we had everything set up on our New Campsite yesterday the Sun suddenly disappeared behind a wall of Clouds. Just before we went to bed I noticed low numbers on our batteries and had planned on dealing with it this morning. At 2:15 AM MST I woke with a feeling of Shortness of Breath and that was when I heard the High-Pitched Whine that our Inverter emits when it has stopped working. Since both Kathy and I use CPAP Machines to sleep due to our Sleep Apnea it was only a few seconds later that she woke also not being able to breath. With the patter of Rain on the roof and the time restriction for running the Generator we figured I’d wait until morning to deal with this. 

Last week when we had left Quartzsite to attend the Lake Havasu Hot Air Balloon Festival we had the same problem after having Little to No Sunshine for our Solar Panels to charge our Batteries. Even though they were recharged with the use of the Generator we have still been experiencing Overcast Skies causing our batteries to struggle to be fully charged. 
How I found Kathy sleeping this morning.
Since Kathy can’t sleep lying down without her CPAP that stops her from choking, so around 3:00 she retreated to her Recliner in the Livingroom. We both managed to get some sleep even though I knew where she was. When I went downstairs to begin making breakfast at 7:40 AM she woke instantly. 

As we ate our breakfast I had to explain what the problem was and the need to use the Generator to fix it. Kathy has been reading about Generator Thefts that were taking place here at Quartzsite and recommended getting a chain to secure it to the trailer. It might not stop it from being stolen but it would Hinder or maybe Discourage that from happening. 

We needed to make a quick trip to Herb’s Hardware Store in Quartzsite and then stop for a quick look around the Vendors Area. Under Cloudy Skies with small bits of Drizzle thrown in for good measure this was the perfect day to go. 
This Picture was taken yesterday. If today's weather had looked
this good, we would have loved it.
Driving towards town as we got closer to the Vendors Area I suggested going there first. We actually found a parking spot fairly easy. After being told the Big Tent doesn’t open until tomorrow we stopped at K & B Tools where we got a few more Tent Spikes and a Chain. We walked around looking at the other Vendors that had bothered to open on another day that looked to be against them. We did find a different Wind Kite that we’ll be using when we get back to Wildwood Golf and RV Park in McGregor. We love birds but not what they do to our vehicles parked under the trees and this Kite should help the situation.  

Since we didn’t need to go to the Hardware Store we were Home by 10:15. Just as we parked next to the trailer Barb was walking her dogs Daisy and Dakota. She welcomed us back and we compared notes on having to use the Generator. After she left I got Kathy inside and set up the Generator but again it didn’t seem to want to charge the batteries. Inside to check the Breaker Box as I looked up there was the EMS Monitor. The minute I turned it off the Generator speeded up and started charging our Batteries. Kathy made certain that Soup was part of our lunch because we were both chilled to the bone. 

There is one thing I don’t like about this trailer and that is the way you need to turn Water Valves different ways for Using the Pump, using a City Hookup or Filling the Freshwater Tank. I thought that I had filled it the other day but according to our gauges it was nearly empty this morning. 

Heading down to fill our Freshwater Barrel I briefly spoke with our old neighbour Wayne before getting in line to fill our Barrel. As I got the water flowing I noticed the car next to me that had Ontario License Plates on it. Don and his wife live about Thirty-Five Miles from us just outside of Chatham, Ontario. It’s their first trip to Quartzsite as well. 

Back at the trailer as I transferred some water Wayne made a quick stop to tell me about the Young Party Animals that had taken over our Old Site the day we left. There were enough complaints put in that most of them got Escorted Off LTVA Land. 

The Wind was steadily increasing so when I went inside Kathy and I discussed getting a Wind Generator for next year to run along with our Solar Panels. With all the Cloudy Days that we’ve had it has always been Windy so it would only be logical. According to The Weather Network this afternoon we were getting Wind Gusts of over Forty MPH. 

Since we were still charging the batteries with Generator we also ran our small Cube Heater to cut the dampness from the air. Kathy hadn’t planned on this weather when she had taken tonight’s supper out of the freezer for which she apologized. While she prepped the Sides inside the trailer I was grilling and beautiful T-bone Steak on our Weber Q that we shared. The Wind blew the Flame out a few times but the Steak came out Perfect. 
We shared T-Bone Steak, Grilled Potato, Salad and Beets.
I just finished Grilling our supper and getting inside when the Wind started bringing a much Heavier Rainfall. We aren’t sure what we’ll be doing tomorrow but it will all be dependant on the Weather. I’m also wanting to temporarily disconnect our Batteries so that each one can be checked to be certain that it is not drawing the rest down. 

The Wind is Rocking the trailer as I go out to shut the Generator and turn on the Smaller Inverter so we can have a Good Night’s Sleep. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Why We Came Back A Day Early and Set-Up Day.

Our Location today is La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A. 

When Kathy and I got up yesterday morning we expected it to be a relaxing day where we would enjoy looking around the mountains that surrounded Sedona on our own. We also had a few chores that we expected to do but that all changed rather quickly.  
Having filled up both our Fuel Tanks the day before we left Quartzsite to attend the Lake Havasu Hot Air Balloon Festival we decided to top-off our Fuel Tanks again before getting to Sedona. Anyone that has traveled I-40 recently knows that it is past due for resurfacing in some areas while finding fresh pavement in others. As we got further North and started seeing Snow along the roads the road conditions also were at the worse. Driving at Sixty Miles-an-Hour gives you little time to react where the road is Cratered like a Battlefield. We hit more of those holes than I wanted to.  
When I went out to go to the Park Laundry Room yesterday afternoon I was in shock to see a steady drip of fuel coming from our Auxiliary Fuel Tank. Checking all the pipe connections I noted they were all solid and dry which meant the leak was coming from the Tank itself. The Tank didn’t leak before, so the hard jolts from the poor road conditions had caused it to fail. 
We notified the Park Maintenance People who didn’t seemed concerned about it and just suggested we park the truck in their overflow area. The longer the truck sat the larger the diesel spread on the ground below. We discussed the easiest way to save the fuel was to use it. Even though we had already paid for the night we let them know we were leaving. We’ll stop using the Auxiliary Tank and fix it when we get back home to Canada. 
Leaving Sedona is not the easiest thing to do as many of their intersections are not Four-Way Stops. Heading down Highway 79 we went through ten Round-abouts before we finally reached I-17. We definitely used fuel climbing a few steady grades that changed the elevation by a thousand feet or more causing a number of semis to crawl upward in the slowest lane. 
When we left the Park our timing wasn’t the best because that put us going around Phoenix right at the end of Rush-Hour. There were a number of slowdowns caused by the Nine to Five crowd that figured they could weave their way from one lane to another with no consideration for others on the road. 
We finally stopped at 7:00 MST at a Cracker Barrel for supper. It must not have been our day as both the meals we ordered they had just run out but to make up for that after selecting our second choice they gave us Free Dessert. 
I had managed to transfer some fuel before going inside to eat but when we came outside the continual drip was still there. Instead of stopping I drove until 9:45 PM MST when we were parked behind the office at La Posa South LTVA. After Kathy was inside I again transferred more fuel before calling it a night. We were both exhausted so we made it an early night. 
We were both awaken by the Sun peaking around our shades at 7:20 AM MST and since the office wouldn’t be open until 9:00 we secured the trailer and headed in to find our camp. Our old site was occupied so we found another further north that is nearly across the street (If that’s what you want to call it) from our Canadian RVer Friends.
By 9:00 AM we were Unhooked, Leveled and Kathy had Repaired the Firepit. We didn’t think to have breakfast until 10:30AM. I raised our Solar Panels and hoisted our Windsock since we’ll be stopped here for the next four weeks. We actually saw the Sun on and off throughout the day between Rain Showers that was being driven by Twenty-Five MPH Winds. 
By Mid-Afternoon the Auxiliary Tank was no longer dripping and we were starting to feel cooped up so we headed into Quartzsite. Our first stop was Herb’s Hardware Store where I purchased a few fasteners for our Antenna Mast. We drove over to the Vendors Area but most had pulled down their tarps due to the rain and one vendor in particular that we were looking for has left his spot, tent and all. 
When we got back Home we seemed to be having issues with our Internet Connection. Any site we tried connecting to was taking an eternity to connect. As the clouds started to clear the connection started to improve. 
The weather will be more of the same tomorrow but we’ll find something to keep ourselves busy. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.
Pictures Taken By Kathy
All But the last two
were taken Yesterday

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