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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

We Were Stopped For Information, Lin’s Grand Buffet and Two Walmart Day.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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Since we’ve both been getting up early in the mornings lately we finalized our plans to get an early start today. We avoided setting the alarm because that would certainly trigger a Subconscious Message that would keep us awake. Another thing on our side was the near freezing temperature that would keep us cuddled under our warm Winter Sheets. Our plan worked so well that we slept in until nearly 8:30.
Windshield Glare.
There was plenty of Sunlight with barely any Clouds in the sky. After having breakfast and checking The Weather Network I completed my indoor chores while I had Kathy finding some Addresses.
I then headed outside to clean out the backseat of the Truck. While working on the Wind Generator Tower it became a quick Catchall that had to be cleaned up. It didn’t take long to repack the Bins and we were soon ready to go. After locking up the Trailer we stood for a brief moment watching and listening to the Wind Generator. It was rotating quite freely but unlike many of the larger Horizontal Wind Generators we have seen it was Silent. There had been no Vibration transferred to the Trailer the entire night or morning.
More Windshield Glare.
Wayne always heads east towards the Water Fill Area because he can get to the Front Gate sooner than if he cautiously and slowly drive through the Winding Paths towards the Culvert so you create very little dust. (Not like some Idiots!) So that was the direction we took this morning.
We had only travelled a Thousand Feet when suddenly another RVer on the other side of the wash started waving his arms and showing us to stop. We often have people pointing out that our Static Cables are hanging under our Truck thinking something is wrong but we stopped anyway. Dick and his wife walk every morning up the Main Road in the LTVA then back by the path we avoided this morning. They had immediately noticed the addition of the Wind Generator and the Tower and wanted to know how it was working.
Yuma Proving Grounds.
As mentioned in yesterday’s Blog I didn’t get the Charge Controller hooked up to the Batteries yet. Even though the Generator was happily rotating the energy it was producing was going unused. I was hoping that would change before the end of the day. After a Half Hour of explaining what we knew and were experiencing we invited Dick to stop by when we got Home.
We didn’t get on Arizona 95 heading for Yuma until after 11:00. We never get tired of the scenery especially with the Bright Blue Sky but there were a few Older RVs that were travelling much slower than the Speed Limit that really slowed traffic down. It was nearly 12:30 by the time we arrived at our first destination.
Inside Lin's Grand Buffet.
We have passed by Lin’s Grand Buffet every time we have driven to or from Yuma for the last Three Winters but never stopped. Thinking that this was simply a Chinese Buffet we were pleasantly surprised. We have also been avoiding Buffets this year but after reading about Lin’s on many other Blogs we knew we had to try it at least One time. Even though we watched not to overdo it we both felt like we had over eaten so it was not a problem to skip our supper.
Besides shopping for groceries we were looking for Containers to store the Wind Generator when it is being transported so it won’t get damaged. We stopped at Harbor Freight where the only thing we got was a set of Fifteen Foot Cargo Straps cheaper then we can by a single one back in Windsor.
Our next stop was Walmart on 24th Street. We managed to find a large Plastic Tote that would safely store the Wind Generator’s Feathers. Going down the next Aisle we found the same size Tote in Clear Plastic for Half the price. Kathy also needed Five Trays for doing some organizing but could only find Four. Then we found a Plastic Tool Box that will safely store the Wind Generator itself along with all the hardware that goes with it. That totally filled our shopping cart but we still had our Groceries to get so I had Kathy get started while I paid for all this Plastic and brought it out to the Truck.
We managed to get most everything on our lists but some of that we hadn’t got were things that only Walmart carries. Using our GPS we headed over to another Walmart location on the US-95 BL where we did manage to find the rest of the items on our Shopping List.
Leaving Yuma after 4:30 is considered Rush Hour and even though we didn’t have a problem heading out of town we had a problem getting out of town. There was a Pickup pulling a Covered Produce Picking Wagon up Arizona 95 ahead of us. Some of the cars ahead of us got past but by then south bound traffic had increased so there was a long line behind by the time it turned off just before the Proving Grounds.
We got Home shortly after 6:00 and after a few quick Sunset Pictures it was time to unload the Groceries and get them all put away. It was dark by the time we finished that so I’ll be wiring up our Wind Generator in the morning. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Securely Erecting The Wind Generator.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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We were both downstairs by 7:30 again this morning which is unlike Kathy’s normal sleep pattern. I kiddingly told her that she’s getting ready for Daylight Savings Time when we get back to Ontario. I’d finished my second Coffee, my inside Chores and after dressing to keep warm was heading outside by 9:45.
You can see last night's Rain pooled on our Tonneau Cover.
Before starting to work on the Tower today I had other things to do. The first was to top off the Gasoline in our Honda Generator which I’ve been using to power the Welding Machine that last few days. Amazingly it only used Three Gallons for all that time it ran.
Wayne holding the Tower in place while I brace it.
The next chore was to check and switch out One of our Propane Tanks that was Empty with our Spare Tank.
Attaching a Guide Cable to the Tower.
We have also been using lots of Fresh Water from our Tank so I managed to pump the last Half a Barrel into the Trailer. That will hold us until this weekend.
Lowering the Power Cord.
I was busy cleaning the Tower Pieces that I created for our Wind Generator when Wayne came over for a chat. He likes to see what I’m doing and it also gives me a chance to run some Design Ideas and Concerns by him because he also had a background in fabricating. By partially assembling the Tower we were able to put the issue of strength to rest but considered the need to use Guide Wires.
Staking the Guide Cables into the ground.
Ken who also worked in the Trades came over to see how things were going and when I discussed the need to strengthen the Frame he discounted it but let me know that if I needed help to let him know. Heck I could have had an entire crew working for me.
I had everything cleaned and painted before Kathy called me for Lunch. She said it was just Leftovers but that’s always music to my ears. It was the Leftover Homemade Chicken Noodle and Vegetable Soup, along with the Leftover Bread from Coyote Fresh Foods grilled with Cheese and Yogurt with fresh Blackberries for dessert,
Thinking that it had warmed up after lunch I dressed slightly lighter to go back outside. When I went back outside it didn’t take long to go back inside to add my sweater to protect me from the Cold North Wind. As soon as I started assembling the Tower on the ground Wayne came right over to give me a hand as Kathy went over to visit with Sue.
Raining in Quartzsite
After getting the Tower standing level in place we found that I still needed Turnbuckles and Cable Clamps for the Guide Wires that I had. Since we had to go to town Wayne cautioned me that Herb’s might not be open due to it being Presidents Day. He suggested also getting Swim Noodles for the bottom of the Guide Cables so they might be seen in low light conditions and eliminate us walking into them.
Can you see the end of the Rainbow over the center RV?
Getting ready to leave we had not even put the Truck in gear when we look at the Clouds over Quartzsite. Those were Rain Clouds and there was nothing in the Forecast about that this morning.
Dark Sky, Bright Mountains and the Rainbow.
We were happy to see Herb’s Hardware was open. Kathy had the job to look for the Swim Noodles and I had all the Hardware to take care of. We were barely inside the door when the Rain came down hard enough to hear it on the roof and then it stopped. John helped us get everything but the Swim Noodles which he suggested trying the Dollar Stores.
Looks threatening.
We checked both the Family Dollar and Dollar General with no luck so we stopped at the Big Market Grocery and Hardware Store. They did have some Pipe Insulation that would work as a temporary Safety Feature
It was past 4:30 by this time so we decided to stop at McDonald’s for a quick supper.
Looks like someone with a long nose.
As we were heading back towards La Posa South the Clouds looked like our Home was getting a good washing. When we turned off Arizona 95 into the LTVA there were Thick Black Clouds filling the Sky with the colours of a Rainbow touching the Mountains toward the north. We managed to get a few pictures as we headed for Home.
As soon as I started putting things together Wayne came right over wanting to give us as much assistance as possible. After we attached the Turnbuckles to the Cables I climbed to the roof to attach them to the Tower. If we had thought to add the Cables before standing the Tower it would have been much easier.
While I added the Feathers to the Generator on the Roof Kathy and Wayne had a short visit and were looking at some Scary Cloud Formations that resembled those you get prior to a Tornado. With the steady breeze blowing I felt frozen while working on the roof. The moment I lowered the Wind Generator in place the breeze stopped. “Really?
Notice  the Windsock no longer moving as
I lower the Wind Generator in place.
By the time I got down on the ground Kathy was getting chilled so she went inside while Wayne and I secured the Guide Lines. We also used the Multi-Meter to verify the Wind Generator was doing its job.
After a round of Hot Chocolates and Cookies to warm us up a bit we each had a Warm Shower to finish getting the chill out of our bodies.
The Moon trying to peek through the Clouds.
We have errands to run tomorrow so it will depend on how late we get back if I get the Charge Controller hooked up to the Wind Generator. I’ll give more details on this in a couple of days. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Pictures by Kathy.

Words of Inspiration

Who so loves believes the impossible.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, English Poet

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Design Change, Lunch At Silly Al’s and More High Winds.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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When I got up at 7:30 I had barely gotten the Window Shades raised when Kathy joined me downstairs. Normally she needs more rest than I do but she had waken feeling totally refreshed without even knowing what the Time was.
I’ve often mentioned how many times while just laying in bed things will flash in my mind when engineering things. That happen just before I got up so I let Kathy know about the change in design.
Silly Al's was nearly empty until our food arrived.
After completing my inside chores I was headed outside by 9:30 to try to see if I had all the pieces that it would take to pull this off. It turned out we were One Coupling short. The Wind Generator Tower that I am building has to be portable which for us means that it has to come apart. Having made other Towers in the past that had been solid would not work for this. The Head will support the Wind Generator to the top of the Legs. The Center Frame will attach the upper and lower Legs together as well as giving it some rigidity. What I was trying to do away with was a Lower Frame but by doing so would more than likely have caused the lower part of the Tower to fail.
Using the Truck and Trailer to block the Wind
I was welding on our Wind Generator Tower.
Wayne came over to see what I was up to and when I explained my problem he checked if he had an extra Coupling that I could later replace. He didn’t have any so that meant before I could continue much further I would have to run to town. Before doing that I finished cutting the last of the Antenna Mast to the sizes that would be needed. There was a Four Inch Piece Of Scrap out of Three Full Lengths.
Adjusting the Fit.
Kathy was out taking pictures.
Looking at the Time while Kathy got ready to come with me I suggested we have lunch out. She suggested someplace that we haven’t been to yet this year Silly Al’s.
The small box under the front of the Trailer is the Welding Machine.
Notice the Flag in the distance and how windy it is.
When we arrived the parking lot was only half full. We sat down at a table in the Bar area. After looking over the Menu we each ordered a Silly Al’s Side Salad and a Small Bruschetta Pizza that we shared. The place suddenly filled up. The food was tasty and didn’t leaving us stuffed. We were leaving by 12:30.
The Flags on Ken's tent barely changed their position.
I lucked out finding a parking spot on Keuhn Street across from K&B Tools. Kathy stayed in the Truck while I braved the Weekend Crowds that came to check out the remaining vendors.
(L-R) Head, Bottom and Center Frames
We were back Home by 1:10 and the Wind was really starting to increase so after parking the Truck to block the Wind I started fitting the pieces together. Once everything was tacked I had to add an extra Sweater under my Coveralls because the 32 MPH Wind Gust along with the 54 F (12 C) temperatures had me feeling chilled. It took longer to get everything welded because of the Wind but eventually I managed to finish just before Sunset.
As we sit at our Computers the Wind continues to batter the Trailer while we listen to a Lite Rain taping on our Roof. Tomorrow I hope to have the Wind Generator up and running then watch the High Winds stop. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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