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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Chores, Strong Winds, Happy Hour With Friends and Loss Of A Dear Friend.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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Not wanting to chance staying awake most of the night before going to bed I took a Regular Strength Tylenol. It didn’t work so I better think of something stronger for tonight. We even had about Five Minutes of Rain around midnight that Kathy didn’t hear which was not in the Forecast. I was up shortly after 7:00 getting things ready to start our day before settling in at my Computer and only moving from there to take pictures as the Sun started to appear before Kathy got up. This evening while checking the picture I was surprised how closely Last Night’s Picture nearly mirrored this morning’s that was taken Thirteen and a Half Hours later.
Last Night's Picture.
Thirteen and a Half Hours Later.
After we’d eaten breakfast Kathy settled in at her Computer but I had other plans. It was time to fill our Pill Doucettes for the next Forty-Five Days. Sure beats doing it Every Saturday Evening and it actually saves time doing it this way. There were a few more Vitamin Containers that won’t be making the trip back to Canada and there will be more to follow.
Because of all this morning’s activity we had exposed our selves to we had a bowl of Split Pea with Ham Soup along with open-faced Cheese Sandwiches for lunch and a Pudding Cup for dessert.
Kathy was feeling tired and needed Snap and since Wayne was outside enjoying the sunshine I went over to visit. We talked about a number of things but mostly about the Wind Generator that I have mentioned the last couple of days. He and his wife Sue have considered putting both the Wind Generator and Solar Panels not only on their RV but on their home in Washington as well. We also discussed other things that are happening here at La Posa South.
(L-R) Kathy, Deb, Shirley, Ken and Suzie.
(L-R) George, Kathy, Deb and Shirley
Tom looking tired.

Even with the High Winds we have gotten all day The Weather Network continues to show Winds between 7 to 11 MPH. After gathering Tools and Welding Equipment from our Basement at 3:00 we drove over to have Happy Hour with George and Suzie along with Deb and Tom and Ken and Shirley. Unlike the last couple of days the Wind was so strong they were hiding away inside Tom and Deb’s beautiful Stinger B. After Tom waved us over we joined the group inside.
I had heard that George and Suzie had a problem and had actually planned to weld it for them today but with the Wind it made it impossible. They thanked me for the offer. I was wearing my Work Clothes but it seemed that nobody noticed.
We talked about using our Canadian Cell Phones here in the US which we didn’t know we could. Kathy and I basically use them strictly as phones. Suzie spent nearly an Hour explaining different things to me along with how the Data works on a Cell Phone compared to a Computer and how it can be used as a Hotspot for our Computers. It was nearly 5:30 when we all gave Hugs and Handshakes until we meet again and headed for Home.
Strong Winds holding the Flags Steady.
For supper Kathy created a wonderful Chicken Salad for supper along with a French Pastry for dessert.

This morning while reading the RV Blogs we follow we learned of the passing of Tioga George who was an inspiration to many RV Bloggers.
The Clouds look like another Mountain Range.

This evening our Dear Friend Vera called us to give us more bad news. Her husband Bill passed away peacefully yesterday afternoon. We had travelled with them to Wyoming back in 2012. Bill was only 87. We will truly miss him and his cute sense of humour.
(L-R) Myself, Kathy, Vera and Bill.
July 3, 2012
The Wind continues to batter our Trailer hard enough that it feels like we are rocking our chairs. The Weather Network is giving us Freeze Alerts for the next few days but nothing about the Strong Winds we are presently getting.

Tomorrow looks like a cooking day among other things. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. It was a wonderful sunny day but the wind was brutal. Happy Hour was fun, and thanks for the offer to weld that shield for us, we have an appointment for tomorrow in town to get it done.
    Sad to hear about Tioga George , such a inspiration to us all.

  2. Yup ... put on your big coat! The temps are supposed to drop for a day or two!!

  3. We have had the same phone plan for the last two winters, but I think we have more data then George and Suzie. I had started to tell Kathy about it at blogger fest and had hoped to talk to you about it before we left. We have been very pleased with the plan, and with connection and speed issues, even in Quartzsite.

  4. Sorry for the loss of your friend, Rick and Kathy. No matter their age, it is always tough to lose someone. As Bill said, we love our phone plan. Smartest thing we've done, next to fulltiming! :)

  5. It was so nice to see you both yesterday! I really enjoyed talking with Kathy...she's pretty sweet! Sorry about Vera's hubby..always hard to lose someone you love.

  6. So sorry to hear about Vera's husband. It is hard to loose a friend.

  7. Sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Stunning sunset photo.

  8. Sorry to read about the loss of your friend, never easy to hear that type of news.
    It was nice to see the familiar truck coming our way. So glad you and Kathy decided to join us for Happy Hour, always fun to have you two stop by.

  9. Yep it's cold alright, and the wind is wild. We also had quite a down pour. Heading into the over 20's here to