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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Combining Wind Generators and Solar Panel Systems.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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The Sun actually beat me by Five Minutes this morning which meant that the moment the Window Shades were opened I was blinded by the light. That is probably because we never saw it all day yesterday. When I turned to look at the Charge Controller Monitor I was more then happy to see the Green Light flashing quick and steady with high numbers telling me the Solar Panels were once again doing their job.

I’d barely started reading on my Computer when Kathy joined me downstairs. We only had simple chores that we both wanted to take care of today so we didn’t rush getting caught up. It seemed that many Bloggers have been busy and not had the time to write about it while others were using today as their catch-up posts.

While Kathy went back to organizing the receipts for the Spreadsheet entries I went outside to straighten things up. After shutting down the Generator last night I needed to let it cool down before covering it up but with the steady Rain we were getting by then I simply left it until this morning.
Ken's tent.
As I was finishing up Wayne came over to chat. We exchange Ideas for different projects we both want to do on our Trailers. We were discussing different things when Les a Viet Nam War Veteran stopped to see what we were up to. The conversation turned to the high cost of RV Repairs of which we all had some input. When Kathy called me for lunch Wayne headed home and Les went over to visit our neighbour Ken who is also a Veteran from the same war.
When I walked in Kathy was busy grilling a couple more Wraps. Today she used the last of the Pork Roast and Salad we had in the Fridge and some Strawberries with Macaroon Cookies for dessert.

I headed back outside where I moved the Truck around so I could transfer the last of the Fresh Water from our Barrel to our Trailer. Wayne came back to check the Pole we use to fly our Windsock. He figured like we did it would make it easier to locate their RV when in a different areas.
Since our First Winter here in Arizona I’ve been mulling over adding a Wind Generator to our Solar Panel System. If you ask the people that sell Solar Panels about it they find every excuse as to why they don’t work together. Ask someone that sells Wind Generators the same question you get the same kind of answers. Now if you ask those same questions to Electricians or the people who sell and service both you get the answers you are looking for. Neither system is a Hundred Percent Efficient but by combining the Two Systems they Compliment each other. Yesterday we had hardly any Sunlight to charge our Batteries so if we would have also had a Wind Generator connected to the system I would have never had to turn on the Honda Generator last night.
Wayne has also been researching that same option and he gave me the name of Missouri Wind and Solar to look at. They have Teaching Videos and loads of Information to read. You can order everything from Solar Panels, Wind Generators, Tools and Wiring that no other Site has but if you want to save money at the same time you will order it through Amazon. Because they Bulk Buy they can give it to you at lower prices.
I spent the rest on the afternoon doing further research and showing my findings to Kathy. Last year I found that we could purchase some things back home in Canada cheaper then in the US but for this type of equipment it would cost more then Twice as much.
Another thing we will want to do is to use it when we travel as well as being in our Base Park. When I had Wayne come over and we mulled over the information together. Now we have made up our minds we just have to be patient.
For supper while I grilled a couple of Potatoes and Steaks on our Weber, Kathy was busy getting a Tomato side as well as a Chocolate Pudding Pie for dessert ready. Everything tasted wonderful.
While we were eating we realized the Sun was starting to set and we didn’t want to miss it. Our plans for tomorrow have already changed so we’ll see what happens. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. The thing I've heard about wind generators is it takes a fairly strong wind to get any significate output. I'd check into that before you jump.

  2. Another great day in the desert! Beautiful sunset pics and dinner looks yummy!

  3. I was wondering about the wind generators, as I have seen them in some campgrounds and in pictures on blogs. Interesting and a great way to get away from the generator noise

  4. Dinner looks delicious and the chocolate pudding pie how can you go wrong...:)
    Sounds like you two had a very nice day.
    You do know the invite to Happy Hour is a standing invitation, right?

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