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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Collecting Things.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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We had another good night’s sleep after working hard yesterday. We were again tired enough to sleep until nearly 8:00 this morning. Thinking we might make this a more active day we had a bowl of Cereal for breakfast before taking our Coffee/Tea over to the Computers.

We were surprised when we read that Howard and Linda Payne from RV Dreams after Fifteen Years as Fulltimers have decided to hang up the Keys and settle into the Villages in Florida. They will however not be giving up RVing and will continue to promote the Lifestyle at RV Shows and hold their Seminars as long as there is a demand for them. Congratulations to the both of them for helping to educate many about the dos and don’ts about RVing.

Reading the Comment section of our Blog this morning our Good Friends Wayne and Sue from Washington State informed us that our site at La Posa South is still available. We will really miss being with these remarkable people who we grew close to over the last Three Winters in Quartzsite. As mentioned if we’d have had any inclination that I would have been Laid-Off when the project was completed we would be in Quartzsite at this moment. Kathy paid our First and Last Months Rent for the apartment the very morning I was Laid-Off. Now I have no choice but to find another job to build up or travel fund.
After doing our morning reading we both got into doing different kinds of research until it was time to think about making lunch. Today Kathy wanted to use up more of our Leftovers so she again made a Pork Roast Sandwich that we shared along with Carrots for a side and a Banana as our dessert.

With the Weather Guessers saying our high temperature would reach over Forty today we headed off to try to clean our belongings out our Trailer. What the Guessers failed to tell us was with the high Humidity it would still feel like it was Freezing. We put more things into the Truck that we’ll need in the apartment. Kathy didn’t want me starting the Blue Flame Heater so after only an Hour we closed up shop. We also stopped at our Climate Controlled Storage Unit to shop for a few other things.
After leaving the Guardian Storage Yard we drove over to Home Depot. We have a couple of Nightstands that were too small to safely hold our CPAP Machines at night so we used the End Tables from the Living Room and they worked perfect. Those End Tables were too big for the Living Room so Kathy was going to look for something smaller. Instead we found a beautiful piece of Wood to make doors and some Hardware so I can repurpose the Nightstands. In the Spring we’ll be busy staining a lot of our furniture.
There were other supplies that we needed that had us stopping back at Canadian Tire. It is amazing how everything we use seems to need AAA Batteries. We also picked up another Two Pack of Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner. When the Cashier heard what we were using it for she said she was going to try it.
Rush Hour Traffic was starting to slow down and since we still had things to do we headed over to KFC where we used a coupon to enjoy our supper at a reduced price. Since we’ve cut back on what we eat even thought we’ve eaten this same meal before we felt overly stuffed.
To get rid of that feeling we knew we needed to do some walking so we stopped at Princess Auto. We both headed in different directions and we both found useful items to bring home with us. Kathy found Latex-Free Disposable Rubber Gloves that we can both use. I found a Tape Measure that stays how far out you pull it and only retracts when you push the button. Where were these last week. The good thing was that these were both “On Sale”.
Our next stop was a Zehrs to get some Produce, Cheese, Bread and Soup.

We finally made it back to the apartment just before 7:00. After dropping Kathy at the Front Entrance I parked the Truck then had to hand haul all everything up because there were no Shopping Carts available.

Tonight we’ll have to watch the 11 o’clock News because we missed the evening News. Tomorrow we’ll get back into cleaning some here and some there. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration

Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.

Voltaire, French Philosopher

Monday, November 18, 2019

Comment Questions Answered, New Challenges and More Cleaning.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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After all that hard work we both did yesterday neither of us had a problem sleeping last night as a matter of fact One of us needed extra sleep to help recharge their batteries. I had most of the currently written Blogs read when that person finally rolled out of bed. After a lite breakfast we took our Coffee/Tea back to the Computers.
What the Grout looked like to begin.
There were a number of Comments indicating that they plan to try the Toilet Bowl Cleaner to clean their Grout like Kathy did. Kathy mentioned we should warn anyone that plans to do so to wear Rubber Gloves to protect their Hands. It is also recommended to use it in a well ventilated area. So if you have an Exhaust Fan or just a plain Fan move the air around so you won’t be affected by the fumes.
This is the Grout with the Toilet Bowl Cleaner on it.
Another Comment Question was how is our Solar Panels charging our Batteries when the Trailer is at the Guardian Storage Yard? The Trailer is parked outside but we also have a Climate Controlled Storage Unit there that we rented to store belongings when we went Fulltime. When we moved into this apartment we took what was needed to set up house but had to bring back things that we no longer need and will sell in a Yard Sale in the Spring so we can eventually get rid of that Storage Unit.
What the Grout looked like after being cleaned.
Living in a Ten Story Building has its advantages and disadvantages. The problem that reared its head this morning was our Toilet plugged. Unless you hold the lever through the entire dumping cycle that’s what you get and it takes quite a while to refill the tank with Water. I had to go borrow the Manager’s Plunger and had the problem resolved within a minute.
While I made the Split Pea Soup Kathy made a Roast Pork with Cranberry Sauce Sandwich that we shared for lunch and topped it off with a Blueberry Apple Sauce cup for dessert.

With lunch over Kathy wanted to do more Grout Cleaning while I had the chore of doing the Laundry. Bit by bit Kathy is slowly getting the job done. She insists that she can be as stubborn as me but I’m not stubborn.

I tried the other Laundry Room today and found out one of the Dryers wasn’t doing its job so that added an Hour to the task.
For supper Kathy made a delicious Garden Salad then added small cubes of Pork Roast along with Feta Cheese on to it. She then added Yogurt Cups and Tea Biscuits for dessert. By the time we finished eating we realized that the News was over. You can see we are really not into watching much on the Tube since going Fulltime.

We’ve some errands to run tomorrow so we’ll see how that works out. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

You Might Be a Redneck If

You keep a can of Raid on your kitchen table.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sealing The Bathtub, Cleaning Grouting and Meeting The Cable Guy.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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We went through our normal routine of a lite breakfast with our Coffee/Tea at the Computers this morning. We didn’t spend to much time there because we both had projects that we wanted to accomplish. After getting a much better night’s sleep we were up to a few more challenges. With an impending appointment for this afternoon we decided it was better to stay put for the day.

Like most older apartments that we looked at there were noticeable flaws. When someone moves out the Cleaning Crew makes a quick go round just to make things look good but they don’t really clean. Around the edge of the Bathtub water had gotten behind the Silicone Sealer at several spots and gave it an Unhealthy appearance. After completely removing that around the Tub I resealed it knowing there is nothing that will make us sick.
Now there is no mold growing behind the Silicone Sealer.
As long time tenants leave the apartments are updated by removing Carpeting and installing Ceramic Tiling and Laminate Flooring. They did a pretty good job but whoever edged the Bathroom didn’t properly seal the Ceramic Baseboards which looked like something was gathering back there. As soon as the Bathtub was finished the top of all the Baseboards were also sealed making it finally appear to be finished.

Kathy was planning on setting the Crock Pot up to make supper but as she was looking for things she found she needed to do something else. She ended up being busy rearranging the Kitchen Cupboards and Cabinets so now she knows where everything is. This however kept her looking down at the Ceramic Floor which she wasn’t too happy with how dirty the Grouting was.

She made us Vegetable Soup and Grilled Cheeses Sandwiches for lunch and topped that off with an Apple Sauce Cup for dessert.
Most of the Grouting in our apartment looks like this.
With years of having dirt ground into the Grouting Kathy knew that she had to change that. She did some research On-Line to find out the best way of cleaning the Grouting. There were all kinds of ideas from Acid, to WD40 to other more sensible suggestions. While we were at Canadian Tire this week we purchased a Two Pack of Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner and it was “On Sale”. So even if this doesn’t work for what she wanted it will still get used.
This is the section Kathy cleaned using Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner
and her Rubbermaid Grout Cleaning Tool.
She started from the back wall in the Kitchen so we could still walk through the apartment. After letting it set for Thirty Minutes she used her Rubbermaid Grout Cleaning Tool. (Similar to a Souped-Up Electric Toothbrush.) She was amazed at the result. The Grouting is actually a Light Tan colour not the Dark Grey that is visible everywhere else.

While she was doing that I was again trying to get caught up on our Data Entries into our Expenditure Spreadsheet which helps us keep track of where we are spending our money. All that came to an end when the phone rang. It was the Cable Guy here to program our Cable Boxes.

Don’t worry this wasn’t Larry the Cable Guy out to terrorize us but Dan. When he looked at the connections he was upset not at us but his company. Because they had sent him for a Programming not an Install. When the apartment was updated they ripped out all the Cable that had been installed before. The Connection behind the Television was dead but the One the Internet Modem was hooked to was live. This meant he had to install a new Cable around the apartment. Taking the easiest route it was run along the Ceiling but you have to stare real hard to see it.

When everything was connected Dan could only get a channel per Television. Checking our file it was showing that our connection was being routed to the apartment in Tecumseh that we left when we started our Fulltime Lifestyle. After talking to his supervisors that line was disconnected and we are now able to watch TV. All that work and he was done in an Hour.
Potatoes, Carrots, Cranberries and Pork Roast.
After he left while Kathy started serving our supper I put all the Furniture back where we had positioned them before. We listened to the Channel 7 News while we ate supper then shut it off.

We’re not sure what we’ll be up to tomorrow but according to the Weather Guessers all that dirty White Stuff should to mostly melt away. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Confucius Says

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

More Hang Ups, Using The List and Lots Of Hauling.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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For whatever the reason last night I managed to get an Hour of sleep before waking. Finally after Three Hours of laying in bed and starting to feel the aches in my back build I got up. After downing an Extra Strength Tylenol I sat at my Computer reading a few of the Blogs that I had missed reading earlier. Within a Half Hour my eyes were feeling weighted and I headed back to bed where I stayed until waking just after 8:00 this morning.

Once we finished our Coffee/Tea at the Computers we found a few more things that needed to be mounted on the walls. By having them spread around the apartment it gives it a more relaxed feeling.
Lunch was slightly different today with Kathy making Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to go with the Lipton Cup-Of-Soup. It had been ages since I had one of those and was quite surprised that most of the Salt had been left out of the mix.

Needing a bit of a break from the projects I decided to do Data Entries on our Expenditure Spreadsheet while Kathy cleaned the Dishes. She said the warm water helped the Arthritis in her hands.

After a couple hours my eyes were starting to cross not from being tired but because of the Tiny Print a lot of places are putting on their receipts.

We needed a few supplies so with our List in hand we headed out the door shortly after 2:30. With the Northeast Wind funnelling the Temperatures from the Detroit River between the buildings we were happy to be in the Car.

Our first stop was Guardian Storage where we found half our Mailbox full. We then travelled back to our Climate Controlled Storage Unit. After moving the Clothing Racks we were able to take only the Food Stocks we were running low on in the apartment. No need to haul it all to the apartment at this time because it would only get in the way. We then drove over to our Trailer where the Charge Controller Monitor showed that our Batteries were fully charged by our Solar Panels. We partially opened the One Slide so we could gather more Files, Books and DVDs to bring back to the apartment.

It was past 4:30 when we left the Trailer. We had managed to scratch quite a number of things off our List but there was still more to do.
We went to Home Depot to look at Area Rugs. Last evening Kathy had been On-Line looking for Rugs to replace the Oversized One that was too big and found their prices to be the most reasonable. There were a lot of choices but we finally found One that will suit our needs.

We stopped at Taco Bell where we had just enough to satisfy our appetites without making us feel stuffed.

We then drove to the Bulk Barn where we managed to stock up on Raisins and Nuts at a more reasonable price then the Grocery Stores.

Unfortunately we still had to stop at Zehr’s for some Margarine and Paper Towels.

We finally went to Walmart where we found the last few things on our List. At the Checkout there was a family who planned to purchase some Beer along with their groceries. Because the line they were in was not designated an Alcohol Line the Clerk refused to process them. Every Checkout with the Alcohol designation was closed but the Clerk still refused. Think management has to rethink their policy.

I dropped Kathy at the Front Entrance to our building and went to park the Car. Checking the Rear Entrance there were no Shopping Carts around. It took three trips before everything was upstairs. A hot Coffee helped get the chill out.

Tomorrow we’ll see if we can accomplish anything while we wait for the Cable Guy to get us hooked up. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

You Might Be a Redneck If

The yard lighting for your family reunion came from a police helicopter.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Relaxing and Getting Hung Up.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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It’s already been over Three Weeks that I have been out of Work which seemed to happen at the perfect time. It has allowed me to help Kathy set up our apartment otherwise the Stress would have been too much for her to take by herself. It has also gotten me back in the habit of staying up as well as sleeping later.
Metal Loop Chrysanthemum.
It was after 8:00 when we rolled out of bed this morning. Unlike the last apartment we lived in there are no children running up and down the halls making noise. We really didn’t have too much planned so we made it a Two Cup morning while at the Computers.
The HUB is also "Out of Sight". The Tools ready to leave.
I once again moved the Desk and added our HUB next to our Modem and the Power Bar behind the Knee Board. Now if we are working at the Desk our House Phone will be within reach. Again I tied all the loose wires up behind keeping them “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”. I also mounted Battery Powered LED Tap Lights in the closets to make it easier to see what we are looking for.

Kathy made Split Pea Soup for lunch topped off with a Yogurt Cup for dessert.
Metal Wall Art. The one on the right was made by Ricardo Breceda.
Metal Loop Fern Leaves on the left.
We then worked together mounting some of the Metal Wall Art that we collected over the years One of which was made by Ricardo Breceda. He is the artist that made all the Metal Sculptures surrounding the town of Borrego Springs California. I’m certain that there’s a rule against making Small Holes in the walls but if we are here long enough it shouldn’t be a problem besides when we left the last apartment they could not tell we had been there.
Metal Loop Daisies.
I also managed to install more of the Magnetic Door Latches in the Kitchen. There was One Door that was warped too much for the Latch to hold. We’ll figure something out.
We worked together making supper. While I made Spanish Rice Kathy was sauteing Two Salmon Fillets. Not an easy task each of us cooking on One Burner on a Twenty-Four Inch Apartment Sized Stove. Everything turned out wonderful and tasty.

Tomorrow we have some errands to run so we’ll let you know then. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Q: What do you call the children of couch potatoes?

A: Tater Tots.