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Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Friday, July 21, 2017

Making Progress, Interested Neighbours and Wonderful Visit.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

After having two late nights in a row when I woke at 6:00 this morning I thought it wise to get a few minutes more sleep. I didn’t seem to feel that way when the next time I looked at the clock and it showed that it was nearly 8:30. I’m supposing that my jumping out of bed was probably why Kathy was following me into the kitchen only minutes later. We had both slept like a couple of rocks. We still took the time after breakfast to browse through our morning reading on the Computers before getting ourselves dressed to work outside. 
Our completed Side Tree Garden. Now to hide our Power Cord.
I mentioned how last night we returned to Home Depot to get the supplies that we were short of. By the time Kathy followed me outside I had gotten the Decorative Edging Bricks in place and was just about to add the Decorative Stone in the Side Tree Garden. Once that was added and rinsed down with the hose it had the effect we were trying to accomplish. 
What our Side Patio looked like this morning.
When we moved onto this site we lost a bit of Side Patio Space where our Picnic Table had been located at our old site. This Patio had been extended slightly before by previous tenants with the use of 24” x 30” Patio Stones so we picked up an additional six Patio Stones of that size the other day. Yesterday we discovered that only two of the old Patio Stones had the same pattern as the new ones we had just purchased. After having some discussion this morning, we decided to lift the original eight Patio Stones for uniformity and we laid out where on the grass we plan on putting the other old Stones. This also made it easy to pull the weeds that had been grown between the Patio and Patio Stones
Lifting the Old Patio Stones
It seems that whenever we are doing work outside someone has to check it out. The first was Hugh from across the street. Every time he sees us changing something he is there to compliment us on the job we do. He then told us he’d be leaving for ten days so we wouldn’t panic if we didn’t see any movement at his site. We tend to keep an eye out for one another at this Park and he didn’t want us worrying. We reminded him to shut his Water and Propane to eliminate any major problems upon his return. He hadn’t even thought of that.

When Kathy went in to start making lunch our old neighbour Ted stopped by telling me we were working too hard just because my shirt was soaking wet from the already 99 F (37 C) Humidex. We talked a bit more until Kathy called me in for lunch. 

Lunch consisted of a slice of the Leftover Pizza we grilled the other night, a Salad and some Water Melon we got at the grocery store the other day. It all tasted wonderful and replaced some of the calories we were burning off outside. Kathy wanted to do the dishes before coming back outside so I went ahead to start skimming the grass. 
Skimming the grass.
As a piece of grass was lifted we would lay it on spots that had no grass growing. Once Kathy rejoined me after I positioned the grass she would stomp it in place. Like this morning we needed plenty of breaks and lots to drink. It wasn’t until I was lifting the last piece of grass that I felt the discomfort of a burst blister in the palm of my hand from not holding the shovel handle properly. Kathy also had watering detail making certain the transferred grass had plenty of moisture. 
Tamping leveled spot for Patio Stones.
As we were making certain the area was nice and flat to start laying these 97-pound Patio Stones Joe the owner of the RV Park stopped by for a visit. He is always impressed with the way we improve upon our sites but he did remind us to drink plenty of water. 
Resetting Patio Stones against Patio.
As we began laying the Patio Stones we had to work at making the Patio and the Stones level to avoid any tripping hazards. That was when our neighbour Stan came over to return my Battery Charger from last night. He didn’t even know if his Battery or Converter were working properly. My suggestion was that he hold on to it for a few more days until he was sure it was working. We’d only managed to get three of the fourteen Stones laid out level with no rocking to them before Kathy said we were done for the day because we had a visit his evening. 
It's a start.
That warm shower felt wonderful along with the Clean Dry Clothes we were soon on our way to the McDonalds in Amherstburg for supper. We were both too tired to cook so this was perfect. Kathy had her Sweet Chili Wrap while I had Fish & Chips (Fillet of Fish Combo).

It was slightly after 6:00 when we arrived at our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa’s home for our visit. Since we didn’t get together last week we had a lot more to catch up on. We always have some serious discussions but we also have lots of laughter which makes for great visits. It was nearly 9:00 before we were headed back Home.

Not sure what we’ll be up to tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration

I am accustomed to sleep and in my dreams to imagine the same things that lunatics imagine when awake.

Rene Descartes

Thursday, July 20, 2017

More Landscape Changes and Another Emergency Solved.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Even though we spent little time outside yesterday most of it was spent picking up Materials and Groceries. But with the High Humidex that we experienced there was no problem for either of us to fall asleep the minute our heads hit the pillow.  I was up by 7:30 getting things ready for breakfast before sitting down to start my morning reading. As soon as I heard Kathy moving about my attention was shifted to making breakfast. 
Hot Ear of Corn from the Micro Wave.
Wear a Heat Resistant Glove because Steam can burn you Easily.
Last night Kathy took the time to cook up some Rhubarb that she had gotten at the grocery store. After making toast this morning I served us each a small bowl of the Rhubarb that we each enjoyed spread on our toast. Since the both of us grew up eating Rhubarb in this fashion it was a tasty treat that brought back fond memories.
Remove end that once connected to the Stalk
We were in the process of drinking our morning Coffee/Tea at the Computers when the phone rang. Mary from Healthy Heals was calling to say that she was too sick to tend to Kathy’s feet today so she rescheduled for next week. 
Squeeze from the other end and it comes out Silk Free.
That made a difference on what I could work on today but instead of my working outside then coming in for lunch we worked together to make an early lunch. We still had three Ears of Corn that Ted had given us so we didn’t want it going to waste. Setting the Microwave for Four Minutes per Ear we got busy slicing a precooked Ham that Kathy found at the grocery store Deli Counter yesterday. With two slices of Ham each Kathy added an Orange/Cranberry Relish to compliment the Ham. When the corn was cooked I cut the stalk end off the ear and squeezed the Ear out totally Silk-Free. Cooking the corn this way it is much Firmer, has better Taste and the entire Kernel comes off the Cob when you bite into it and you are not heating up the inside of your RV

The first thing I did outside was to start laying out the Decorative Brick Edging around the Side Trees we planted when we first moved to this site. By the time Kathy joined me I was ready to start laying the Landscape Cloth but there was a problem. Kathy had planned that we use some old bricks left behind by the former tenants of the site. The problem was there were only a few bricks and they looked old. 
Finally have enough Decorative Stone in our Tree Garden.
We finished what we could getting the Landscape Cloth tightly installed around the trees. We then started adding the Decorative Stone to finish filling the rear patio Tree Garden as well as adding stone to hold the Landscape Cloth down around the Side Trees
Side Tree Garden is only partly finished
We both needed Gatorade to stay hydrated today even though the Humidex only hit 102 F (39 C). Using more old Patio Stones we widened the Cement Pad that our Garden Shed is fastened to. This gave us a place to store our Fresh Water Barrel and our new Waste Barrel but with a proper cover it all looks very neat. 
Our Fresh Water and Waste Barrels are out of sight.
By that time the sky had turned nearly black and Kathy made the executive order that I was finished for the day. After cooling off inside we looked outside to see a clear blue sky. We prepped a couple of Zucchini with Vegetable Oil, Salt and Pepper then set them cooking on the Weber. While I did that Kathy pulled out a package of Precooked Spare Ribs and wrapped them in foil. She also Micro Waved a Sweet Potato that we shared. I flipped the Zucchini a few times but everything was cooked in twenty minutes on medium heat. Supper tasted great.
Sweet Potato, Spare Ribs and Zucchini.
As soon as the 6 o’clock News was over we drove back to Home Depot and got the additional Decorative Edging Brick along with another bag of Decorative Stone. Before heading back Home we stopped at McDonalds for another Fruit Smoothie to help cool us down.

I started writing this Blog shortly after we got Home but at 10:10 our neighbour Stan came knocking on the door. Their dealer had sent a tech out this morning and he found a broken Plastic Fitting at the top of their Water Heater. He replaced it with a Brass Fitting but left the Basement wall off to let the basement dry out but that was not the problem tonight. Stan said they had very dim lights and asked me to check it out. 

When I walked in their trailer they had all their lights turned on but they were really dim. Their refrigerator even though it was running on 120 volts kept showing LO 12V. Checking the Breakers the Converter was turned on and there were no blown 12volt Fuses. We didn’t have a meter but I knew that by charging the only Battery they have would help. I had to locate my Battery Charger and set it to charge their battery. Inside their trailer I had to tell them again they had too many Incandescent Bulbs lit and they were killing their Battery. They didn’t realize they had a House Lamp in their Ceiling Fan. Tomorrow they’ll be calling their Dealer back to check this out but by the time I headed Home their Battery was starting to charge. 

Hopefully tomorrow I can complete our site modifications and get back to doing changes to our Home. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

You Might Be a Redneck If

You have to head toward town to hunt.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

We Switched, Ran Errands and Teaching New RVers.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Kathy and I switched last night. A couple of nights ago I was the one who woke up then couldn’t stop thinking which meant I couldn’t fall asleep for a few hours. Last night Kathy had the same problem only difference was that she never fell asleep until after 3:30 in the morning and was awake by 8:30. After having Breakfast and briefly sitting at the Computers as soon as our inside chores were completed we were on our way to Windsor shortly after 10:00.

We had 11:00 appointments for our Haircuts at Fantastic Sam’s. When we arrived, Jenna had a last-minute Hair Repair she was doing trying to salvage what someone did to their own hair at home. With only a fifteen-minute delay we were still done soon after 11:30. She also gave Kathy ways of better describing how she wants her hair cut to the Stylists when we travel south for the winter. 

We decided to get lunch right next door at a little Mom and Pop Restaurant rather then driving to one of the Fast Food places. Kathy had a Chicken Wrap while I had the Chicken Kabobs with Fries that we shared. We sat talking about what else we needed to do today while our order was made fresh. Everything tasted wonderful including the Homemade Fries with just a lite seasoning for added flavour. We’ll definitely be going back there for another tasty meal.

We drove over to Guardian Storage where we collected our Mail. Carol was in the office advising me to stay cool because of the High Humidex.

Our next stop was Home Depot to pick up additional supplies we’ll need to finish making this new site into our Home. I dropped Kathy at the front door with the instruction to stay inside the Air-Conditioned Store at least until I got there. After parking the truck, I changed from wearing Sandals to putting on my Safety Shoes. Once I found a low cart and headed in she finally joined me outside in the Garden Center. We want to slightly expand the Patio with Stones of the same size that have already been used. This meant getting Six 24”x30” Patio Stones that weighed 97 Pounds apiece. I had brought my back-support belt with me because there was nobody around to help us. Kathy held the cart still while I loaded it. We then found the Ten Decorative Edging Bricks we need before going to get the Decorative Marble Stone we also need to complete our Tree Garden at the back of the Patio. Now we had a problem. We needed Six bags of the Marble Stone and they only had Two. One of the Associates went on the computer and verified that I had the last two bags at their store but there were over Three Hundred bags showing at the east-end location. 
The last 97.3 lb. Stone being loaded in our truck.
After pushing the Seven Hundred Pound Handcart out to the truck it took little time to get loaded but were we ever soaking wet. We still had water to drink but we were sweating so badly it looked like we had just poured the bottles on ourselves rather then having drank it. The heat was getting to Kathy so she stayed in the Air-Conditioned Truck while I went in the east-end Home Depot for the Four bags on Decorative Marble Stone.

We stopped at the Zehrs grocery store to pick up much needed groceries but we also enjoyed the Air-Conditioned store that help us cool down a bit more.

Since we were out of water to drink by that time we stopped at McDonalds where we each had an Ice Cream Cone to help cool down. Still being warm after eating them we ordered Smoothies to go. 
Threatening Sky just before 4:00.
With nearly 900 pounds of weight sitting behind the axle the ride Home was very smooth and the Smoothies finally helped us to cool down. 
Humidex 109 F
Once all the groceries were put away I grilled a Hawaiian Pizza on our Weber. As it was cooking I checked The Weather Network to see how warm it actually was outside. The temperature was 90 F (32 C) but with the humidity the Humidex was 109 F (43 C). The pizza turned out perfect and tasted great. While we were inside eating the rain started coming down for a short while. 

We have neighbours behind us that were leaving their Hot Water Heater running all the time so the other day I explained to Angela that wasn’t necessary and they were just wasting their Propane so she turned it off. 
This evening after the 6 o’clock News was over Stan came over saying they couldn’t get any Hot Water and would I take a look at it. I checked their switches in the Control Center, then the Water Heater outside and could find nothing wrong. Then I looked down and could see a steady stream of water running out the bottom of their trailer. Looking inside their basement there was a puddle of standing water on the floor. I couldn’t see a valve behind the Water Heater and if the Leak is after the Heater itself the continual water flowing through is not allowing it to warm any water. Their trailer is a 2017 they’ll be calling their RV Dealer in the morning. 
Here is the 1/2" Stainless Steel Bolt I snapped yesterday
with Hand Wrenches.
As I was explaining the problem they were having to them they informed me that this trailer is their first ever RV. They went to Florida and stayed in one park with it last winter which would make them Freshman RVers. I was explaining the functions of their trailer to them and they would say that sounded like what the Salesman told them at their Orientation. Before I knew it was after 10:00. Once they get their repairs finished they want to ask more questions.

Kathy was wondering where I had disappeared to when I got back Home. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

The World's Great Proverbs

What goes up must come down.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Slow Chores On A Humid Day and A Surprise Visit.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

I’m hoping that the Commenters who asked the questions that I reviewed in last night’s Blog understood what I was trying to say. There are other questions that will be answered at another time.

We must have worn ourselves out yesterday just by exposing ourselves to the moderately warm outside temperatures. Once our heads hit the pillows last night the only thing we remembered was when we got up this morning. I was up before 7:00 and had everything ready to make breakfast as well as my morning reading finished before Kathy finally woke up. As we were eating our breakfast she commented that even though she had slept soundly if she would have laid back down she would have fallen back to sleep.

After completing my inside chores, I headed out to try tiding things up on our patio. I mentioned a few days ago that the Clay from the holes where we planted the trees on our site was still on a tarp awaiting disposal. In the spring there is a spot designated for Clay Disposal here at the Park but not at this time of year. We have to wait until there is a spot on the Golf Course that is being modified before we can get rid of the Clay. It has to be chopped into pieces no bigger then an inch and has to be free of stones, roots and branches. 
Even our Hostas are Blooming.
By opening the tarp slightly larger I was able to spread that Clay and chop it using the shovel. When it wouldn’t breakdown any further I just let the Sun dry it for a while. After doing another outdoor chore I could then chop it fine enough to put in containers to carry it. Through the course of the day I had to repeat the process for the three containers that had already been filled. The weight difference between the damp Clay containers and the dried Clay containers was easily ten pounds.
Our Blooming Citronelle Plant.
There wasn’t just the Clay that was loosing liquid, by the time I reset the Brick Edging on our front Flowerbed that someone had driven over my shirt was entirely soaked. When I finally went in for lunch I had to lay my Gloves and Hat on the tailgate to let the sun dry them just like the Clay
Half a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Bacon Grilled Home Fries
and a Tomato.

Kathy had made a Grilled Cheese Sandwich that we shared along with Bacon Grilled Cheesy Home Fries and a Tomato. It was more then enough to eat but just being in the Air-Conditioned Trailer was even more refreshing to me.

Back outside I was able to refill the second bucket with finely chopped Clay before starting the process with the final pail. While it dried I worked at removing the Bicycle Carrier that I made last fall from the rear of the trailer. When our Home goes in for the warranty work it has to be off. In the process of installing the bolts last fall one decided to jam at 7:30 the night before we were to head south I simply left it in place. This afternoon I found the proper Hand tools to do the job and the ½” Stainless Steel Bolt finally just Snapped
Kathy came out to visit but the high Humidex sent her back inside.
Kathy came out to keep me company but the 97 F (36 C) Humidex was just too much for her and she was soon heading back inside. I finished removing the Bumper Brackets before putting those tools away.

I was in the process of cleaning up the last of the dry Clay from the tarp when our granddaughter Emma came walking up the street with her cousin she was visiting with at her Aunt’s RV at the other end on Fourth Street. I showed them the trees we’ve added and explained that is where the Clay came from. Emma remembered the bird problem we had at our old site. Kathy came out and invited the girls inside for a visit. That gave me a chance to finish cleaning and closing that up for the day. I joined everyone inside for the few minutes more that they stayed.

While Kathy was busy making a small batch of Spaghetti inside I grilled a couple of Angus Burgers on the Weber Q outside. Even though I wasn’t physically working while the burgers cooked on the grill I still went through a full bottle of water. We listen to the 6 o’clock News while we ate our supper.

Just that short a time inside while having supper had me revitalized. Kathy had collected the Trash so I walked it down to the Park Trash and Recycle Area before coming back and cutting our grass. Even though I only did it a few days ago we have had so much rain lately that it looked like the grass hadn’t been mowed in some time.

I went inside and started writing the Blog until after the Sun set before going and spreading the Clay on the new “Tee Box” at the end of our street. When I finished it doesn’t look any different then it did days ago.

After having a nice warm shower, I feel like a new person. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

You Might Be a Redneck If

Your dog's bed is a pile of dirty clothes.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Chores and Answering Questions.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

We truly enjoyed visiting after the Birthday Celebration last night but we would both have a problem sleeping. Thinking the other was in fact sleeping we would just lay as still as possible so as to not wake our non-sleeping partners. When the Sun started peeking through the Window Shades I finally just got up to start my morning routine. It was when I started getting our morning Coffee/Tea ready that the answer practically jumped out at me. We each had two cups of Tea and really enjoyed them but they were not Decaffeinated and we forgot to ask nor had we ever told Jen. Any time we have anything that we know has Caffeine in it we drink it early in the day and very sparingly.

We both dragged our way through breakfast but we knew we had to get things done. While I changed the bed linens Kathy got started on doing our Expenditure Data Entries on our Spreadsheet. By the time I started sorting the laundry Kathy made some Soup along with Cheese covered Crackers for our Lunch before I headed off to the Park Laundry Room. Even with the slightly cooler Humidex today the most Kathy could spend outside was about ten minutes.

It was well after 3:00 before I got back Home and found myself feeling tired from the lack of sleep, warm temperature, standing on a cement floor and bending over a table to fold our clothes.

For supper Kathy warmed the last of the Lasagna from the other night. Kathy also Micro-waved us each an Ear of Corn that came out perfectly. If you have never done this it is quite simple. Having gotten this from another Blog you put the entire corn cob in the Micro-Wave with the Husk in place. Set the timer for Four Minutes per Cob. When the time is up, using heat resistant gloves hold the cob on a cutting board and cut the end of the cob that connected to the Stalk off. Now grab the cob at the Husk end and squeeze until the Cob slides out the cut end totally clean with no Silk left. Kathy agrees that the corn is still firm, crispy, juicy and tastier then any corn boiled in water. Try it you’ll surely like it.

As most Bloggers know this a personal way to keep track of what you do during the day and a way to share with followers. Real life is not always interesting to others and sometimes making it sound like it is would be a lie. We hope that some of the things we do will help some of our readers though most experienced Fulltimers have it down pat. That doesn’t mean they won’t learn anything it just means they are probably just doing it already but slightly different.

Some of the comments we have received lately have asked some questions that need answering.

One question was after people listen to our stories about Fulltiming often say they would like to do it someday, “Will they actually do it?”

First Fulltiming is not for everyone and most people are caught up by Commercialism telling them Bigger is Better and More is Better Yet. The only thing all that Hype does is help big business separate you from your hard-earned cash. Owning a House while raising a family is practical but once your children are old enough to fend for themselves it is time to get rid of that House. It is a Money Pit and you don’t own it, it owns you. People say they need to pay off their House so they can retire. Sell the House as it is and put the earnings into something you want. You can then afford to Retire and Enjoy Life the way you want to. Whether those people will do like they say is only if they can break free of that Commercialistic Bond that many have. 

Another question was “Do we own our site here at Wildwood Golf and RV Park?” 

The answer is no! We simply Lease this site which means that when we travel upon our return this site will be waiting for us. Any improvements we make add to our comfort but if we move elsewhere it stays with the site. By adding the few trees that we have done lately has taken away the Fish Bowl Effect Kathy said she felt before. It promotes a bit more privacy. 

Someone asked “Do you really save Money by being Fulltimers?”

If you are on a set income and like to travel the answer is yes. After we sold our house we rented an apartment as a Base when we returned from our winter travels. That meant we needed to Store Our Trailer which we were also paying for. The cost of Rent continued to climb but not the pension which nearly caused us to stop traveling. By Leasing our Site we pay about 30% the cost of Rent and Storage. By heading to the Southwest for the winter we are saving even more money and enjoying what we are doing.

We’ll answer more question as they come along. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Pictures taken
from File

Words of Inspiration

A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th US President  

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Computer Problems, Simple Tasks and A Birthday Celebration.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

A few days ago, the Weather Guessers mentioned that we’d be seeing a comfortable cool down in our area and we were actually looking forward to that happening so we could shut the Air-Conditioner off and open the Windows for a while. Now that cool down has been reposted to show only a few degrees which means that for people with breathing issues it’s still going to be hot out there.

After working at planting those trees yesterday there were a few more body aches just crying for a couple more minutes in bed. I watched as the numbers on the clock flipped to 8:00 this morning before getting out of bed. I had the Window Shades up, Breakfast just shy of serving and half my morning Reading done before Kathy finally stirred. With nothing pressing to do today there was no rush for her to get up.

While on the Computers Kathy was changing from one Blog to another when her laptop indicated she was no longer connected to the Internet. We’ve had issues with the Cable WiFi in the Park disconnecting us quite a bit lately but today it was only her Computer. She continued her reading on my Laptop while I tried to get her’s back On-Line. The first thing I tried was to reboot the Computer which sometimes works with no luck. I then started checking settings of settings of settings again with no luck. Not having changed anything I was about to reboot it one more time when I looked at the Icon on the Toolbar that showed it to be On-Line. That Computer is way too sensitive and needs an adjustment that I’m not able to give it.

Shortly after 11:00 I headed outside to do the Weekly Chore of emptying our Waste Tanks. The Humidex was already at 91 F (33 C) and since we had plans for later I kept this outing short. While the Tanks were draining I pulled out the Garden Hose to give all our plants a good drink especially the newly planted ones. With both those chores completed I used the shovel to chop the chunks of Clay that were on the plastic tarp. What was dry I used the pails the trees had come in to fill this fine Clay into before loading them in the truck. 

I had encouraged Kathy to let me grill something outside instead of her heating the inside of the trailer for our lunch. We each had two Hotdogs since we didn’t have anything else to eat with them. 
This storm front went right past our Park and Essex.
Returning outside again the chopped chunks of Clay were noticeable dryer so I chopped it even finer with the shovel. Some might say that’s a waste of time doing that to materials we’re getting rid of but try lifting a bucket of dry Clay compared to moisture laden Clay and see how your back feels. 
D.J. opening his Birthday Gifts.
We spent most of the afternoon inside until nearly 4:30 when we headed out. Looking at the sky to the east we thought for certain the we were about to get the Severe Thunderstorms the Weather Guessers had also forecasted. Not wanting the Clay to get wet if it did rain I simply folded the tarp over it. We stopped at McDonalds in Essex where we each had the Sweet Chili Wrap for supper. 

We arrived at our daughter-in-law Jen’s Home just before 5:00 for another special visit. Our grandson D.J. who is spending the summer with his cousins was celebrating his 12th Birthday. Our daughter Rose on leave from Camp Borden for the weekend and Munaf had driven out to add to the celebration. Being an only child D.J. has been learning what it’s like sharing not only time but privelages with Haigan (10 three weeks ago) and Connor (12 in October). Jen has done a great job of keeping the boys busy doing things that they can only do at this time of year in a near Rural Setting. After Gifts were opened, Candles extinguished and Cake with Ice Cream eaten the kids had the chance to play while the adults visited. We’ll be getting together again soon. 

We were Home by 8:30 to a dry Patio and immediately went inside to start reading the evening Blogs we follow. With the next two days being forecasted by the Weather Guessers as dry we’ll see what we can do. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

A fine line by Mark Twain:

Age is an issue of mind over matter.

If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Three More.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

With everything we did yesterday you would have thought that we would have slept like a couple of rocks well at least Kathy did. We had watched a movie on television the other day and for some reason I was dreaming that I was in the story. My dream kept me awake for nearly 3 Hours and when I don’t sleep through the night I ended up sleeping in until 8:30 this morning.
This guy kept Tweeting about the new trees.
After completing our morning reading on the Computers, we discussed what we wanted to accomplish with the rest of our day. When we stopped at Canadian Tire yesterday to get some paint we noticed they had a fresh shipment of Emerald Cedar Trees at a reasonable price. Even though Kathy had said we weren’t planting anymore trees this year after seeing those yesterday she changed her mind today. 
Kathy needing a break.
It was after 11:00 when we left to go to the Canadian Tire store on Walker Road. Even though it was slightly cooler the 91 F (33 C) Humidex was still affecting Kathy’s breathing. I dropped her where the trees were on display so she could start choosing the best ones to be found while I parked the truck and found a low platform cart. Within minutes we were inside with our purchase of 3 more Trees. 

Since it was then past 1:00 Kathy said she’d like Tacos for lunch so the closest place on Walker Road for Tacos is Quesada, Burritos & Tacos. This seems to be a new chain that is just getting started in our area and they are good. Kathy had the 3 Grilled Chicken Tacos to suit her taste and I had the 3 Spicy Chicken Tacos. That was enough to fill us up but not make us feel stuffed. 
3 more trees to plant.
We headed up the road to Home Depot where we picked up additional Decorative Edging Bricks that will be used to lengthen the edging around the trees at the rear of our patio. 
First we started with the Firepit Tree then added two more.
We were Home by 2:30 and with the slightly more comfortable temperatures I thought that this would be the perfect day to get these trees planted. After changing into my work shoes I started by pushing back the decorative stone then the bricks at the last tree. We used the same thirty-inch centers between the trees so by 4:00 we’d managed to plant the first two trees in their New Permanent Homes. It was still warm enough that we both went through two bottles of Gatorade each. After pushing the decorative stone and bricks at the opposite end of the trees it would take nearly two hours to dig that one hole due to lots of Tree Roots from a nearby Maple Tree

It was minutes before 6:00 when Kathy called me in for supper. She had made Pancakes covered with Berries and Bacon for our meal. We listened to the News while we dined. The meal again left us Satisfied without being Stuffed
Cleaning the Clay out of the first hole.

We headed back outside and finally got the 3rd tree planted but we were far from done. We had to cut the Landscape Cloth and make it fit tightly around the trees. When that was finished I had to relay the Decorative Edging Bricks so that the Cloth was properly held in position before releveling the decorative stone back around the trees. Even though we had additional bags of the decorative stone on hand we’ll still need 3 more bags to finish our project. 
Digging in lots of roots from the tree behind me.
Kathy had turned on the Water Heater when she did the dishes. When we finished outside after 8:30 I was the first one in the shower. As soon as I started writing the Blog Kathy got her chance to feel refreshed. 
Three more Trees still needs 3 more bags of Decorative Stone.
We are both feeling stiff tonight so we’ll see how we feel tomorrow before we get into something else. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.

B.F. Skinner, American Psychologist

Friday, July 14, 2017

Making Progress, Busy Day, Overcast Sticky Humid, Strange Weather!

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Getting up shortly before 8:00 this morning it almost felt like we’d been drugged but the only thing we had was Fresh-Air. We had a difficult time getting started even after having our morning Coffee/Tea. Looking outside the Sun was in competition with the Clouds to see how much of the sky either of them could fill. By the time we’d finished our reading we had a better idea of what we’d be doing with our day. 
Removing Patio Table from the Box.
While Kathy did some quick research on the computer I headed outside to get our new Patio Set out of the car. Since I was working alone extra care was taken to avoid any scratches or dings that might occur. I did find it interesting that the side marked TOP was the direction that the feet of the chairs were pointed which could have been a disaster if the box had been hit the least bit on the Bottom. After leaning the chairs against the trailer, I inverted the Table on our picnic table and started the assembly process. Kathy came outside to sit in the shade and keep me company but I got her to start removing the protective plastic from the chairs. I finally found the Instructions after I had everything put together.
The sun was reflecting off the windows as Kathy took this picture
of me assembling the Patio Table on top of our Picnic Table.
Our New Tandem Bicycle is under the  Blue Tarp.
Once we finished getting the Table setup where it would be located we took the time to actually measure that section of the Patio. We had been told the previous Gazebo that had been on that spot was larger then the visible footprint that was left behind. Now we’ll be looking for a smaller size then what we had been searching for. Kathy went inside to start getting ready for the errands we needed to run. I finished removing the last of the debris that was still in front of our trailer now leaving it spotless.

It was after 11:00 when we took off and our first stop was the Park Office. When Val visited the other day she also brought the final Electric Bill that we owed on our old site. Instead of just continuing to make payments like we did last year so we wouldn’t have Sticker Shock at the end of the season Kathy insisted we pay it off completely.

The next stop was right around the corner in front of the 19th Hole Restaurant where a Mailbox is located. We’ve had a letter to mail for the last few days and even though we’ve traveled to Windsor and Amherstburg where the mail is picked up more frequently we would forget to do it. At this rural location the mail is only picked up once a day during the week but at least it’s been mailed. 

Our next stop was in Windsor at the Pharmacy in the building where Kathy’s Family Doctor is located. We didn’t write it on a list we had the other day and missed picking up the Special Calcium Pills that Kathy needs.

Just those few stops and it was already past 12:30 so we stopped at Wendy’s where we had lunch topped off by a Frosty to help cool us down.

Our next stop was Guardian Storage to pickup our Mail before heading over to the Credit Union to do some banking.

A stop at Walmart allowed us to walk around in Air-Conditioned comfort mainly for exercise but we also managed to walk out with a few groceries that will be needed.

It was nearly 4:00 by the time we reached Home so while Kathy put away the groceries I drove the truck over to the Park Recycle and Trash Area to get rid of most everything I could. Then it was necessary to drive to the front of the Park by the Service Building to drop off the plants we’d removed from our Flowerbed as well as the branches I trimmed yesterday.

Back Home again it was now time to start working on our Pill Doucettes. I’ve mentioned before that when I do this I can do up to Forty-five Days of meds which means they are not always done on a Saturday Night and the amount of Pills on hand determines how many days will be done at a time. Remember the Special Calcium Pills we picked up this morning without them we would have had a big problem. I managed to complete Kathy’s Doucettes before supper. 
Salad, Corn, Lasagna, French Pastry for dessert and Coffee.
Kathy made a Salad along with Lasagna and some Corn for supper and there’s still more Lasagna for another meal.

I managed to finish my Doucettes after we watched the 6 o’clock News. After recounting the Prescribed Medications we have on hand and entering those numbers in the Computer I now know when I’ll be doing the Doucettes again, when I’ll be calling the Pharmacy to order them and how many Days (110) it is before we leave for the Southwest.

We’ll see what we can accomplish tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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