It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Monday, July 17, 2017

Chores and Answering Questions.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

We truly enjoyed visiting after the Birthday Celebration last night but we would both have a problem sleeping. Thinking the other was in fact sleeping we would just lay as still as possible so as to not wake our non-sleeping partners. When the Sun started peeking through the Window Shades I finally just got up to start my morning routine. It was when I started getting our morning Coffee/Tea ready that the answer practically jumped out at me. We each had two cups of Tea and really enjoyed them but they were not Decaffeinated and we forgot to ask nor had we ever told Jen. Any time we have anything that we know has Caffeine in it we drink it early in the day and very sparingly.

We both dragged our way through breakfast but we knew we had to get things done. While I changed the bed linens Kathy got started on doing our Expenditure Data Entries on our Spreadsheet. By the time I started sorting the laundry Kathy made some Soup along with Cheese covered Crackers for our Lunch before I headed off to the Park Laundry Room. Even with the slightly cooler Humidex today the most Kathy could spend outside was about ten minutes.

It was well after 3:00 before I got back Home and found myself feeling tired from the lack of sleep, warm temperature, standing on a cement floor and bending over a table to fold our clothes.

For supper Kathy warmed the last of the Lasagna from the other night. Kathy also Micro-waved us each an Ear of Corn that came out perfectly. If you have never done this it is quite simple. Having gotten this from another Blog you put the entire corn cob in the Micro-Wave with the Husk in place. Set the timer for Four Minutes per Cob. When the time is up, using heat resistant gloves hold the cob on a cutting board and cut the end of the cob that connected to the Stalk off. Now grab the cob at the Husk end and squeeze until the Cob slides out the cut end totally clean with no Silk left. Kathy agrees that the corn is still firm, crispy, juicy and tastier then any corn boiled in water. Try it you’ll surely like it.

As most Bloggers know this a personal way to keep track of what you do during the day and a way to share with followers. Real life is not always interesting to others and sometimes making it sound like it is would be a lie. We hope that some of the things we do will help some of our readers though most experienced Fulltimers have it down pat. That doesn’t mean they won’t learn anything it just means they are probably just doing it already but slightly different.

Some of the comments we have received lately have asked some questions that need answering.

One question was after people listen to our stories about Fulltiming often say they would like to do it someday, “Will they actually do it?”

First Fulltiming is not for everyone and most people are caught up by Commercialism telling them Bigger is Better and More is Better Yet. The only thing all that Hype does is help big business separate you from your hard-earned cash. Owning a House while raising a family is practical but once your children are old enough to fend for themselves it is time to get rid of that House. It is a Money Pit and you don’t own it, it owns you. People say they need to pay off their House so they can retire. Sell the House as it is and put the earnings into something you want. You can then afford to Retire and Enjoy Life the way you want to. Whether those people will do like they say is only if they can break free of that Commercialistic Bond that many have. 

Another question was “Do we own our site here at Wildwood Golf and RV Park?” 

The answer is no! We simply Lease this site which means that when we travel upon our return this site will be waiting for us. Any improvements we make add to our comfort but if we move elsewhere it stays with the site. By adding the few trees that we have done lately has taken away the Fish Bowl Effect Kathy said she felt before. It promotes a bit more privacy. 

Someone asked “Do you really save Money by being Fulltimers?”

If you are on a set income and like to travel the answer is yes. After we sold our house we rented an apartment as a Base when we returned from our winter travels. That meant we needed to Store Our Trailer which we were also paying for. The cost of Rent continued to climb but not the pension which nearly caused us to stop traveling. By Leasing our Site we pay about 30% the cost of Rent and Storage. By heading to the Southwest for the winter we are saving even more money and enjoying what we are doing.

We’ll answer more question as they come along. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. We do our corn that way too and I agree, it's great. I've never been a fan of boiled corn. We have some friends up in Kirchner getting repairs done on their Road Trek. Any suggestions for fun things to do in the area? They like to hike and were planning on going tubing today but the water levels are too high? They were thinking of heading to Quebec for a few days. Any must sees they should know about? They have a loaner Roadtrek Rv.

  2. Good questions, great answers. I'm going to try your corn trick!!

  3. Yup, that is how we do our corn too when not grilling it.

    As far as full timing. We did for 8 years. Got tired of the traveling, setting up, breaking down, etc. Saw and experienced a lot. Would not trade that experience. But we both felt a need to settle again and own a house. 4 acres needs a lot of upkeep. But we agree that we need this to stay active. Life changes.