It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

Thank You for Following our Blog.

Thank You for following this Blog

Thursday, July 13, 2017

More Wet Weather, Changes To The Blog, Chores Taking Shape, Short Visit and Pleasant Calls.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

After having the A.C. turned on for a second night we seemed to have gotten used to it and nearly slept the entire night like rocks. It seemed that around 5:00 this morning there was a Heavy Thunderstorm that practically took all the dirt off our RV while it pounded on our roof. We’ve gotten so used to that kind of thing that after what one would call a brief pause from our sleep that we simply rolled over and resumed what we were supposed to be doing. 
The sky looks much brighter in this picture then it actually was.
We were up around 8:00 this morning and were forced to turn the lights on in the trailer because there wasn’t enough Sunlight coming through the open Window Shades for us to safely walk around. We would complete our morning routines long before the breaks in the clouds would let any slivers of the Sun to shine through. 
This morning's rainfall.
While Kathy accomplished more reading I made a few adjustments to the Design of the Blog. With all the physically demanding things we need to accomplish here I have been Laxed on making those changes to the Blog. With the clouds making this look like another washed out day I finally installed a new page titled Kathy’s View About RVing which we had previously blogged about. I also made an adjustment on Our RV Travels Map and there will be many more changes that will have to be done in the future. It has been so long since I had last worked on those things that it was causing me problems today. It was like I had never did it before. 
Caesar Salad and Hotdog for lunch.
For lunch Kathy grilled a couple of Hotdogs in the frying pan while I made a Caesars Salad then we finished it off with a Yogurt for dessert. It turned out tasty but not overfilling. We worked together washing and drying the dishes before turning to other chores.

I headed outside in the 104 F (40 C) Humidex to do a few quick chores. The first was to remove the small pile of Yard Waste from under the front of our trailer that we accumulated while reworking the Flowerbed. After that I took our Pruning Shears and walked to the end of our street. The trees over there were blocking the view of our Street Sign and I had previously asked that it be trimmed back so someone coming to visit us could see the sign. Let’s just say that you can now read the sign from both directions. I loaded those few tree branches in the back of the truck where they will be taken to the Composting Bin in the Service Yard
We are getting more flowers from our Citronelle Plant.
Back inside the trailer Kathy was talking to our good friend Pauline on the phone. We haven’t seen her since she visited us at our old site last fall. They talked about what she has been doing lately and our trip to the Southwest. Kathy explained about the repairs that will be made to the trailer next month and also how her Doctor reacted when she said she had climbed the Dome Rock Mountain Range. Pauline said she could imagine the look on the Doctor’s face.

I went back outside to cut the grass. We have had so much rain lately the grass has really been growing. Due to the 5/8” of Rain we had this morning the grass was still damp so I needed to move the mower extra slow so the grass wouldn’t clump up. 
We are still finding tendrils coming up in the grass from the Ferns
that were taking over this Flowerbed before we removed them.
It was nearly 4:30 when we left the park headed for Amherstburg. Our first stop was Subway where we used the last of a Gift-Card to buy our supper. We decided on a 12” sub but as soon as we said we were sharing it the young worker cut it in half. That meant Kathy wouldn’t unexpectedly get any of my Hot Jalapeno Peppers on her half.

Since it was still too early to go for our weekly visit we went over to Walmart to just walk around but I also wanted to show Kathy the type of Folding Patio Chairs I thought she would find comfortable. Little did I know Walmart was having their end of the season sale on Patio Sets. We found a set that had Folding Arm Chairs with a Square Table for the same price as four Folding Chairs without arms would have cost and they were more comfortable. With a little help that set made its way into the back of our car.

It was close to 6:00 when we arrived at our son Kevin’s home for our weekly visit. Kevin was surprised to see us saying that Melissa was attending a Retirement Party and had supposedly sent a message to Kathy stating such this morning. We visited with Kevin for a short while before heading Home. Checking Kathy’s G-mail there were no messages and Kathy had them checked it earlier. When she checked her Facebook account she found Melissa’s message buried under a pile of other messages. We’ll just have a longer visit next week when we get together.

Our being Home early worked out for the best when just after 7:00 we received a phone call from our granddaughter Ashley thanking us for her very-early Merry Thanksmas Gifts. She explained what part of Spain she will be teaching in and everything that she is doing in preparation for her September 1st departure. We are hoping to see her before she leaves.

With slightly cooler temps forecasted for the weekend we are hoping to get a few more things crossed off our To-Do List and maybe a few more days without the A.C. running. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. It's late so I'll have to come back to check out the changes you made to the blog. Sounds like you are having hot weather, too. Seems to be all over this year, and I think we've had more rain in one month than we've had in years. You'd think it would clear up. I'm still kicking myself over the trailer--seem to be on the verge of tears all the time--think I've been looking for Rich all along. I hate to say it, but my kids really threw a monkey wrench at me with their dogs...I'm a sucker and once I'm attached I don't like to leave them alone. Crazy, I know.

    Glad you found chairs that you like--a good price is always a bonus! Take care until I finally get on again next time. I have got to get on the computer more--I think the iPhone ruined my blog reading routine and commenting!

  2. Now I feel guilty:) I have not looked at the blogs structure for a long time and I know it needs work!

  3. 104!!!! Yikes ... and rain to boot!! I'm very thankful to whoever invented air conditioners!