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Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Wet Yard Sale, Different Orders, Cleaning Up and Weird Forecast.

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With plans to participate in the Wildwood Golf and RV Park Yard Sale we had to set the Alarm for 7:00 so that we could be up with time to have Breakfast before setting up our Table outside. The breakfast part of the morning went well, though we did bring our Coffees outside under the Gazebo to finish drinking.

The first thing that had to be done was to move the Truck and Car out of the Driveway so potential customers could see what we were selling. The Car was easy enough to park on our Neighbour’s Site that was not here for the weekend but not the Truck. Last year I was able to park it by the Clubhouse but due to the fact this is Canada’s May 24 Long Weekend I had to park by the Maintenance Building and hike all the way back to our Site.

Looking at the Heavy Clouds and remembering the Weather Forecast we left the Clear Plastic Bags over the items that were allergic to moisture. We had no sooner gotten things set up when the first round of Showers would hit so we moved everything under the Front of the Trailer. That Shower lasted all of a Minute then it stopped. This same Rain pattern would continue on and off through most of the day.

Since they have just recently gotten into RVing as a means of relaxing we had told our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa about the Yard Sale. Around 9:00 they showed up to check what we and others were selling. They were also curious to see the Improvements we had recently done while the Trailer was away. This gave Kathy time to show Melissa other things we want to change while Kevin and I were busy talking Shop. By 9:30 they were on their way as the Rain continued as Kathy said in Waves.

The Rain slowed the number of People we were seeing compared to Last Year. Things we were selling were more in tune with Camping and Boondocking and even the Weekend Transients commented that we were in a Resort so why would they need that.

We closed up early at 11:30 and after putting everything away we stopped for a snack to tide us over until later. It was perfect timing because that Wave of Rain lasted for nearly Ten Minutes.

Shortly after 12:00 we were heading towards Windsor so that we could put some of the items we had not sold back in our Climate Controlled Storage Unit at Guardian Storage as well as checking our Mail.

By 1:30 we stopped at Taco Bell to have lunch. We both ordered the same item but got Two completely different things on the tray. I made certain we got what we paid for.

Shortly after 2:00 we arrived at Karen’s house in Tecumseh to gather more of our belongings along with the Food we had placed in the Outside Fridge and Freezer. Due to our Food being spread about different places at Karen’s it made it much harder for Kathy to plan our Meals, so we ate more than we would have liked.
Taking apart the Bed Frame.
When we first arrived, Sanford was really happy to see us but with every load I put in the Truck, between Rain Showers, you could see that Sad Look returning to his face. The only thing left in the Basement is our Mattress, Bedframe and the disassembled Storage Units we’d used for our clothes. With the frequency of the Rain today we prefer to wait until we have a Dry Day to move those back to the Storage Unit.

It Rained on and off all the way back to our Site at Wildwood so the only things we worried about getting inside were the Perishable Foods.
When we finally got around to going On-Line this evening we were both having issues getting onto our usual sites while using our Verizon MiFi. I do believe the cause of the problem is the Heavy Clouds and Rain so I decided to check The Weather Network at 7:30. After I looked at their report I gave Kathy a good Laugh. It showed the present temperature of 72 F (22 C) feeling like 86 F (30 C) with Light Flurries. I’ve always said they are Weather Guessers. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Cleaning Up To Go and We’re Home.

Our Location today is at Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

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I don’t know what was happening last night but I woke a few times when there was no Air being pumped through my CPAP Machine and then as I’d go to sit up be hit with a hard blast of Air. Not a good thing when you depend on that to keep you going. I still managed to be up by 8:00 but just barely got caught up on my Computer reading. As soon as the clock neared 9:00 I went upstairs to wash up then came down to turn the Lights on.

It didn’t take Kathy long to get ready while I went out to the Truck to bring in the Laundry. We had hoped to do it yesterday so that all we’d be packing in the Trailer would be clean Clothes and Bed Sheets but we ran out of time. That meant it was the first thing we would take care of today. We stripped the Bed and while I continued sorting the Laundry Kathy started packing away other things that we would be needing tonight. Once the Laundry was loaded in the Truck I also started packing a few things away such as the Computers and CPAP Machines.

Kylla was studying in her room so she had Sanford in there as well to keep him out of our way. That meant we didn’t get a chance to rub his ears and snuggle up to him this morning. We’ll miss him the most when we leave.

It was almost 11:00 when we rolled out of the driveway and we hadn’t had breakfast so our first stop was at Arby’s for a Brunch. It wasn’t a Buffet but it was filling enough to hold us over.

Our next stop was the Lauzon Road Laundromat. We had planned on doing Laundry on Monday but when we got that call that our Home was at Leisure Trailers it went out the window. We also hadn’t cleaned the Bedding we had taken off the Bed when we emptied the Trailer so we had quite a few loads. We didn’t want to stop anyone else from getting their wash done either so we did the Clothes in one set, then when they were finished replaced them with the Sheets and Blankets. The same thing happened with the Dryers. While we folded the Clothes, the Bedding was being dried.

We were back at Karen’s house by 2:15 where we loaded the Suit Cases under the Toneau Cover and filled the Back Seat. Tyler arrived home from his Co-op Training Shop before we left and said that he was going to miss us. After being there for Seven Weeks we’ll miss them as well but There Is No Place Like Home.

It was just past 3:00 when we were as laden as we could be so we stopped at the Michigan Diner on Manning Road for an early supper. Being this was Friday we ordered the Fish and Chips off the Senior’s Menu and substituted Onion Rings for the Fries.

We took our time eating and People Watching but were still at our Site at Wildwood Golf and RV Park shortly after 4:00. Since the Forecast was showing evening Showers, the first thing we did was empty everything out of the Truck. While Kathy started putting some things away I went out to fix the leak on the Water Heater where Jayco removed the Plug.

We worked until 9:00 trying to get everything ready for our first night back Home. It just is not the way we had it which means it needs Tweaking to make it all fit.

A while back in a Comment a question about our Unlimited Verizon MiFi was asked how it worked and about Roaming Charges. Being in the City it worked great as long as we kept it high in the room because the level we were staying in was completely Under Ground Level. This evening out in the county we’ve been having some Dropped Connections probably due to the Cloudy Weather. When I had spoken to one of their Representatives he had said there would be no Roaming Charges and we have not seen any.

We are hoping the Weather improves for tomorrow morning so the Park Yard Sale can go on without any Rain. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Emptied Our Storage Unit, Hauled Lots To The Trailer and We’re Really Tired.

Our Location today is at Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

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I was up by 8:30 this morning and sat quietly reading at the Computer until shortly after 9:00 when I went upstairs and then turned the lights on when coming back downstairs. Cruel as it may sound I had to push an earlier starting time because we tend to tire out much quicker in the later part of the afternoon. The due date on the Storage Unit is the 18th so we needed to get it cleaned out today to avoid paying any further charges.

After getting dressed and heading upstairs to have breakfast we were in for a surprise to find the Dish Washer on and there were no Cereal Bowls left in the cupboard. Not wanting to delay our chores we were soon out the door with our first stop at McDonalds. By that time even the Hot Coffee tasted good. Kathy had a Bagel Sandwich while I had Breakfast Wrap.

We arrived at the Storage Unit by 10:00 and finished bundling up the Unfolded Boxes along with loading the rest of the articles into the Truck. We then drove over to our Climate Controlled Storage Unit where we had a couple of things to accomplish. After unloading the Boxes from the Truck, we had to move things out into the Hallway. Since our Clothing Racks are on wheels which makes it easy to do.

This weekend at Wildwood Golf and RV Park they open the Gates to the Public and they allow any of the Seasonal RVers as well as those living in the Park Models to have a Yard Sale to sell what ever they no longer want. Even though we are just getting resettled into our Home Kathy wants to get rid of some things we know we’ll never use again so we spent a little time getting things out to sell.

With the Truck partly loaded we headed up to the Office to be certain they knew the Storage Unit was empty and the Trailer was gone yesterday.

We were back at Karen’s house in Tecumseh shortly after 11:30 and after moving the Car into the Driveway started bringing things up to bring back to the Trailer. Poor Sanford must have known what we were doing and didn’t want us to leave. He checked everything Kathy was packing and followed me up the stairs with each load I carried. Not wanting to be opening and closing the Front Door I stacked everything in the Garage. We had boxes of Canned Goods from our Pantry that we had barely had time to eat along with a number of other things. Once the Car was loaded I finished packing the Truck with our Weber Q, Tandem Bicycle and a number of other things before we left.

It was past 2:30 when we pulled into A&W with both of our vehicles. We were already feeling drained but we were physically working off what we were eating. 
The Trees are filling with colour.
We only got stopped a couple of times for School Buses and arrived at our Site at Wildwood just past 3:30. As I would unload things from the Vehicles Kathy was putting things away. Larry stopped by to say “Welcome Home” and he even gave me a hand getting the Bike off the back of the Truck. Once both Kathy and I were working inside at putting things away we were noticing that Items were not where they used to be. It was amazing that after only a Month and a Half we weren’t putting things back exactly where they used to be. That will come with time.

It was past 7:00 when we took the Truck and left the park for the night. When we finally return tomorrow I have to repair the leak at the Drain Plug that was removed from our Hot Water Heater at the Jayco Center.
Fields are drying and Trees filling in.
We stopped at Dairy Queen and each had a Cheeseburger Combo which included a Sundae for dessert for our late supper. We’re almost done and looking forward to having Home Cooked Meals.

Tomorrow we know that we won’t have the Basement empty, but we have to be ready to sleep in our Home by tomorrow night. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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William Blake, English Poet

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Our Home Is Home, Losing A Good Neighbour and Fun Visit.

Our Location today is at Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

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We were both awake around 8:30 this morning even though we had worn ourselves out by unpacking almost everything and getting it back in its proper spot yesterday. We also knew that the process was far from over so we didn’t spend too much time on the Computers.

We arrived at Guardian Storage close to 10:00 and while Kathy was busy securing some of the things that had not been put away I was busy outside mounting the License Plate and checking why the Right Turn Signal wasn’t working. Somehow the Lens on that Taillight was not setting securely which allowed water inside and caused Corrosion to form on the Contacts. After cleaning the Contacts on the Bulb and connecting the Truck the Turn Signal still would not work. I wasn’t going to waste my time on that today but will add it to my To-Do List.

Once hooked up and everything was secured we drove around the Storage Yard over to the Storage Unit with the rest of the things from the Trailer. There were still a few things that needed to go inside but the majority were things that went in the Basement and Front Compartment. One of the problems was that not everything went on the same side of the Basement so there was a lot of ducking between the Truck and the front of the Trailer happening. Anyone that has ever done this knows that sooner or later you won’t keep your head down long enough to be clear and being Six-Foot doesn’t help. I have a Bump-Hat which would have been very helpful if I could have found it. As I picked up the very last Container to go in the Basement there was the Bump-Hat.

It was past 12:30 when we left the Storage Yard and made our way up Walker Road. We were hungry but with heavy traffic and Small Parking Lots we decided to eat at John’s Place out at Paquet Corners. There was plenty of space to park and it felt good to sit in a booth to enjoy our lunch. The Chicken Wraps were tasty and with Home Made Fries very filling.

When we arrived at Wildwood Golf and RV Park I drove towards the Clubhouse but stopped at the end of Fourth Street so Kathy would have a shorter walk to our Site. Due to the angle of the Streets to the Main Road I would have to circle the Clubhouse to come in at the proper angle. Today I went to park the Truck and Trailer then walk back to our Site. Remember the other day we requested a Yard of Gravel be brought in, well now it had to be leveled.

While I was doing that Kathy pointed out a For Sale sign on Hugh’s Trailer. Hugh is a very pleasant person who lost his wife only a few years ago to Alzheimer’s. Seeing us outside he came over to talk to us.

Now that he is alone at 86 Years Young he is starting to feel in need of someone to talk to, so he’s decided to move in with his daughter out in Winnipeg. He’ll have basically his own apartment downstairs but can join in Family Functions by just going up to the Main Floor. With our not being Home so far this Season has made him feel even more alone. When he leaves the park he will be missed.

After the Gravel was leveled I walked back to get the Truck and Trailer while Kathy and Hugh continued talking. Hugh has seen our Trailer a number of times last year but it was already parked. So when I pulled up out front he couldn’t believe how big it was. With all the Rain we have gotten recently the Trailer was leaving marks in the Driveway and I’ll have to fix some Tire Tracks to repair.

We continued setting up after Hugh left and were finding other things that had been done to the Trailer while it was in repair. Jayco had demanded that it be Winterized so even after draining all the water and adding RV Antifreeze (which I hate using) they removed the Drain Plug on the Water Heater.
We are Happy that we did so much work to our Site
while the Trailer was gone. Our painted Patio.

 We knew that we wouldn’t be sleeping in our Home for a few more days but at least it is Home. 
Our Flagstone Path behind the Trailer.
At 5:00 we left the Park and headed for McDonalds in Amherstburg. We were so tired we simply ordered Chicken Nuggets for supper. 
Our Gazebo.
We arrived at our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa’s house just before 6:00 for our weekly visit. We had a great visit as always getting and giving Information along with a lot of laughter. They might stop in for a visit this weekend. 
Sunset over the Detroit River.
Reminded us of Quartzsite.
We didn’t get back to Karen’s house in Tecumseh until nearly 10:00 where we found Greg putting the finishing on some Cabinets he is putting in the garage. We are so tired that we won’t be out of bed for very long tonight. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

J.T. Had The Plate, Busy Unpacking and Tiresome Day.

Our Location today is at Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

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The sudden appearance of our Home being returned to us late in the day was a little too much for Kathy to take yesterday and she was in bed earlier then she normally is. I’ve always been the type that when something like that comes along I can push myself to get things accomplished.

We both slept quite soundly last night. Part of that was that it was Raining by the time Kathy went to bed and she was asleep by the time the Thunderstorms started. I simply sat on the edge of the bed this morning without any lights while Karen went in the Laundry Room trying not to disturb us. Minutes later she was heading out the front door and I moved to my Computer. Minutes later Kathy was getting up to start her day. 
Just Overcast at 9:30.
As soon as breakfast was over while Kathy made Sandwiches for our lunch I was on the Phone. My first call to Stephanie at Leisure Trailer had me leaving a Voice Message telling her our License Plate Number. 

Next, I called Carol at Guardian Storage to explain that there was no way to park the Trailer on our previous RV Spot because of the Large Boat. She verified that nobody was booked on C-50 so I was good to go. 
Wipers had a hard time keeping the Windows clear.
As I was hanging the phone up it started ringing. Stephanie had found the License Plate that had been put in a File Cabinet and it was there for us to pick up. J.T had not been in yesterday when our Trailer had arrived. He had removed it before it was shipped out for Liability Reasons. 
Birds watching the Golfers in the Rain.
We loaded the truck but took the Car to go to Leisure Trailer. Before we got there a Light Drizzle had started falling. I was in and out within a minute which surprised Kathy. 
The Rain didn't stop the Golfers.
Our next stop was our Site out at Wildwood Golf and RV Park. The Drizzle had changed to a Steady Rain but that didn’t stop the Golfers from being on the Links. Kathy thought they were all nuts. At our Site we noted the Gravel had not been delivered yet so after I got what we needed from the Garden Shed we stopped at the Office. I told Val that we were now loading the Trailer and could possibly be arriving tomorrow. She called Joe immediately and he said the Gravel would be there shortly.

We drove back to Karen’s house and simply parked the Car and took the Truck to go to Guardian Storage. We started at 11:00 and stopped for lunch around 1:30. Around 4:00 we each had a Gatorade because Water was just going through us. At 6:00 we just locked the door and went to Wendy’s for supper then back to work. We emptied Three Dozen Boxes, Two Large Suitcases, Two Small Tote Bags and Three Laundry Baskets just today. We still have to load everything in the Basement along with the Clothes, Food and Toiletries we have at our Daughter’s house. We are both tired tonight. 
Taken by Stephanie yesterday.
We’d like to thank all those giving us words of encouragement while we struggle to put our Home back together. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Words of Inspiration

Always forgive your enemies,

nothing annoys them so much.

Oscar Wilde, Irish Poet and Playwright

Monday, May 14, 2018

Still At Karen’s But We Got Our Home Back.

Our Location today is at Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Click on the pictures to Enlarge.

Having looked at today’s forecast before going to bed last night we were in no rush to jump out of bed to get the day started. When we went upstairs for breakfast at 9:00 even though Sanford greeted us, there just seemed to be the sense that we weren’t alone. There was a note asking if we could pick up Tyler at his Co-op Training Shop and drive him to his After School Part-Time Job in the afternoon as Greg had a Dental Appointment that he had forgotten about and Tyler normally doesn’t work on Mondays. Looking outside it was quite Overcast but not Raining at the moment.

After eating we headed downstairs to get our morning reading done and to make a Phone Call to Val out at Wildwood Golf and RV Park. Last year when we moved to our present sight we’d pulled a lot of Wood out from in the Driveway which was then refilled and leveled with Crushed Stone. With all the work we have been doing lately in preparation of bringing our Trailer back we noticed the Crushed Stone had settled since last year leaving ruts and dips. When I mentioned adding some Stone she said that they were having a downpour at the moment but they would get to it as soon as possible.

That’s when we both heard sounds coming from upstairs while Sanford was with us and he didn’t even flitch. We knew our earlier suspicions were correct because minutes later our granddaughter Kylla came downstairs and visited for a short while. She works Shift Work on her job so she also had appointments to tend to this morning before going to work this afternoon.

We finished our morning reading on the Computers and were on our way out the door just after noon. We headed to the Devonshire Mall where we had a few things to tend to but first we went to the Food Court and had Chinese Food for lunch. We took our time eating and People Watching at the same time.

We were running an errand for Karen at The Bed and Bath Shop but when we asked about the particular product we were told it had been discontinued. Now Karen will have to find something else that works for her. We also stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart and GNC to see what they had in the line of Prebiotics and Probiotics in an effort to help control our appetites.

Leaving the Mall, we still had time before picking up Tyler so we stopped at Guardian Storage to get our Mail.

While Tyler was getting showered at home before going to his job at the Penalty Box Restaurant we were sitting at our Computers downstairs when the phone rang. It was Stephanie from Leisure Trailers saying she was just about to Make Our Day. With no heads up from Jayco a Trailer Transporter pulled in this afternoon with our Trailer in tow. Since the phone was on speaker she heard Kathy squeal with delight. After asking what time they closed, I said we’d be there in an hour.

Poor Tyler only heard us talking about the Trailer all the way to his job. Not knowing when we would eat supper after we dropped him off, we stopped at a Subway to get a Sandwich to go.

We arrived at Leisure Trailer by 5:00 and as soon as we saw our Home sitting there we didn’t even go inside the building. We opened the door and walked into our Trailer. Knowing all the problems by heart we were checking everything out when Stephanie herself walked in. She told us that Jayco had let a number of people go that they felt were not handling Customer Service properly. All the repairs were done including the Flex Crack in the outer wall and correcting the paint colour. 
Stephanie took our picture with our Home this afternoon.
Kathy went inside to bring in the Slides and close the Lights while I readied the Truck for towing. As I positioned the Truck and went to connect the Plug the entire Breakaway Cable fell to the ground. When I tried to reinsert it in the switch I found the end had Broken-Off. As soon as I told Stephanie, she got two of the RV Techs out to replace the Breakaway Switch immediately.

With that minor repair needing to be done, it kind of through us off in our Circle Check before pulling out. The Tech who was leaving for the day right behind us pulled up next to us at the Traffic Light to tell us we had no License Plate. (It was there when we brought it to them Five Weeks ago.) Kathy called Stephanie but since it was nearly 6:00 she’ll deal with it first thing in the morning. I just kept driving until we pulled in to Guardian Storage and parked within feet of the Storage Unit we had put everything from the Trailer in.

We opened all the Slides and ate our Subway Sandwich at our own Dining Table. Then I started hauling in the Boxes. Unfortunately, Kathy was getting tired and wanted me to stop once all the Boxes were loaded. The Forecast for tomorrow is Rain again in the morning so we’ll be busy unpacking before emptying the rest of the Storage Unit. When we arrived at the assigned RV storage spot, someone had parked a large Cabin Cruiser on a Four Axle Trailer and with a Twelve Foot Beam on it. We parked next to it but I’ll be calling the Office early in the morning.

This was definitely an Unexpected but Delightful Surprise which means we’ll be sleeping in our Home before the end on the week. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother’s Day Celebration, Finishing The Flagstone and Talking About Being “Off The Grid”.

Our Location today is at Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Click on the pictures to Enlarge.

Both Kathy and I hope that all our Female Readers had a chance to enjoy a wonderful Mother’s Day with their families.

Even though we didn’t set the Alarm I was up by 8:00 this morning which gave me the chance to check The Weather Network for our area, Local News, E-Mails and the Morning Blogs we follow. By 9:00 I started hearing more activity upstairs so figured it was time to turn the light on to wake Kathy but she surprised me by getting up without my doing that to her. She was so wide awake that when she went past the Light Switch she even turned it on. 
Farmers Fields flooded.
By the time she returned I had nearly gotten the Bed made for another day. Even though she said that she hadn’t slept that well she was wide awake ready to start the day. As soon as I told her what the Forecast was for the day we started getting ready to go out by 10:30. 

We weren’t going to the Park this morning, this was a casual dress up morning and we were going out for a Mother’s Day Brunch with Karen, Greg and Tyler. We all piled into Greg’s Pickup which minimized the need for multiple vehicles. 

Our destination was the Ciociaro Club on the southern edge of Windsor. ( Sorry we forgot the Camera) This Club has many Rooms of different sizes that can be used for all kinds of special occasions. Today they had opened up the large Banquet Hall for this event that could feed 1,400 at one time. Being that this Brunch was also a Buffet style meal they had taken reservations and scheduled the Tables according to the reservation time. That meant that every other table was empty while other groups were there. As we were getting ready to leave the tables on either side of where we were sitting started to fill up. The food was excellent with a mixture of Breakfast and Lunch fare. They had everything from Salads, to Desserts that were all included in the cost of the meal. Being this is a Club they also had a Cash Bar open with everything from Wine to Beer and Mixed Drinks. The best part was being able to visit with Family Members that were there. We ate sensibly getting our fill without overdoing it.

We were back at Karen’s by 1:30 but since the weather conditions were good today Kathy and I immediately changed our clothes and were soon on our way to Wildwood Golf and RV Park to work on our Site. The drive out showed evidence of the amount of Rain this area was hit with yesterday. Ditches were nearly full of water and many Farmers Fields were like Small Lakes while others were like a series of smaller ditches all in rows. 
Water across the end of our street.
When we arrived at our Site water covered the Intersection near the Water Hazard at the end of the street. Our Site we were happy to note was fairly dry. It would not be until later while taking a short break that I would notice a large collection of Rain on one corner of the Roof of our New Gazebo. I had to have Kathy move before pushing the Five Gallon Bulge off or she wouldn’t have appreciated the outside shower.

The Two Pieces of Flagstone that I chose Friday in the Rain fit perfectly. By the time we had added the Pea Gravel and Silicon Sand it looked like it had been measured to fit rather than just Eye-Balled. 
Sweeping the Silicon Sand into the Pea Gravel between the Flagstones.
Just as we were packing up to leave a new Mobile Suite Trailer was being backed in to our old Site on Third Street. Mike won’t be retired until next year but Pat will be done in August. They plan on heading south next year but this will give them a chance to get used to RV Living before they travel. They are also waiting for their New Pickup to come in because their Truck is too Lite. Their friend Rob delivered their trailer with his Truck today. 
Dampening the Silicon Sand helps it set
and it prevents weeds from coming through.
It was past 7:00 when we stopped at Wendy’s for supper. When I was bringing our order to our table I noticed Randy from back in the days when I was Secretary of the Wednesday Night Bowling League. As we were getting ready to leave he started asking if we had ever Traveled with our RV the way I had talked about doing nearly Ten Years ago. Randy’s Wife, his Friend and his Wife (Sorry I forgot the Names.) who have just purchased an RV were really interested in what we had to say about going out west. They listened intently taking it all in and Kathy was just as passionate about being “Off the Grid” as when we are actually in the Desert. Randy has another year before he retires but is looking forward to the change in their Lifestyle. 
Another Flooded Field.
With the Site being nearly ready for the return of our Trailer we’ll probably be taking care of other things tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

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