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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Wet Yard Sale, Different Orders, Cleaning Up and Weird Forecast.

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With plans to participate in the Wildwood Golf and RV Park Yard Sale we had to set the Alarm for 7:00 so that we could be up with time to have Breakfast before setting up our Table outside. The breakfast part of the morning went well, though we did bring our Coffees outside under the Gazebo to finish drinking.

The first thing that had to be done was to move the Truck and Car out of the Driveway so potential customers could see what we were selling. The Car was easy enough to park on our Neighbour’s Site that was not here for the weekend but not the Truck. Last year I was able to park it by the Clubhouse but due to the fact this is Canada’s May 24 Long Weekend I had to park by the Maintenance Building and hike all the way back to our Site.

Looking at the Heavy Clouds and remembering the Weather Forecast we left the Clear Plastic Bags over the items that were allergic to moisture. We had no sooner gotten things set up when the first round of Showers would hit so we moved everything under the Front of the Trailer. That Shower lasted all of a Minute then it stopped. This same Rain pattern would continue on and off through most of the day.
Notice Kathy under the Gazebo and Rain on the Patio.
Since they have just recently gotten into RVing as a means of relaxing we had told our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa about the Yard Sale. Around 9:00 they showed up to check what we and others were selling. They were also curious to see the Improvements we had recently done while the Trailer was away. This gave Kathy time to show Melissa other things we want to change while Kevin and I were busy talking Shop. By 9:30 they were on their way as the Rain continued as Kathy said in Waves.

The Rain slowed the number of People we were seeing compared to Last Year. Things we were selling were more in tune with Camping and Boondocking and even the Weekend Transients commented that we were in a Resort so why would they need that.

We closed up early at 11:30 and after putting everything away we stopped for a snack to tide us over until later. It was perfect timing because that Wave of Rain lasted for nearly Ten Minutes.
What the sky looked like most of the day.
Shortly after 12:00 we were heading towards Windsor so that we could put some of the items we had not sold back in our Climate Controlled Storage Unit at Guardian Storage as well as checking our Mail.
Weather clearing for a few minutes.
By 1:30 we stopped at Taco Bell to have lunch. We both ordered the same item but got Two completely different things on the tray. I made certain we got what we paid for.

Shortly after 2:00 we arrived at Karen’s house in Tecumseh to gather more of our belongings along with the Food we had placed in the Outside Fridge and Freezer. Due to our Food being spread about different places at Karen’s it made it much harder for Kathy to plan our Meals, so we ate more than we would have liked.
Taking apart the Bed Frame.
When we first arrived, Sanford was really happy to see us but with every load I put in the Truck, between Rain Showers, you could see that Sad Look returning to his face. The only thing left in the Basement is our Mattress, Bedframe and the disassembled Storage Units we’d used for our clothes. With the frequency of the Rain today we prefer to wait until we have a Dry Day to move those back to the Storage Unit.

It Rained on and off all the way back to our Site at Wildwood so the only things we worried about getting inside were the Perishable Foods.
As shown on The Weather Network.
When we finally got around to going On-Line this evening we were both having issues getting onto our usual sites while using our Verizon MiFi. I do believe the cause of the problem is the Heavy Clouds and Rain so I decided to check The Weather Network at 7:30. After I looked at their report I gave Kathy a good Laugh. It showed the present temperature of 72 F (22 C) feeling like 86 F (30 C) with Light Flurries. I’ve always said they are Weather Guessers. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Pictures posted later.


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  1. Seems you are getting ALL the weather. Hope it clears up and you have sunny days ahead.