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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Jayco Dragging Their Feet, Supporting McHappy Day and Reviewing Instructions.

Our Location today is at Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

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After listening to the message from Leisure Trailers last night we were both slightly excited thinking that we could be back in our Home soon. Our night was filled with dreams of moving back in by the end of the week. Having dreams like that tires us out more then if we were actually doing the physical work itself.

We were awake for a short while this morning but stayed in bed until 8:30 when we heard the front close. That was our signal that we were now alone with Sanford. We had planned on calling J.T. at Leisure Trailers after 9:00 but at 8:45 he was calling us. Remember our dreams about moving back into our Home, well that’s exactly what they were a Dream. The people at Jayco have only finished One thing on our list of Nine Issues and they are saying they need the Trailer for another Two Weeks or More. I told him that was not acceptable. J.T. said he would contact Jayco then get back to me. With a Weather Forecast of Thunderstorms for this afternoon and we had things we needed to do so we left a message for J.T. to call my Cell Phone. 
Broadcasting Live from McDonalds.
It was nearly 11:00 when we left Karen’s and drove over to the McDonalds not far from her house. Every year McDonalds in Canada has what they call McHappy Day. If you order certain foods they donate a Dollar towards the Ronald McDonald House. These are places near Major Hospitals that parents can stay to be nearby when their children are in Hospital far from their homes at no charge.

People, Local Politicians, Firefighters and Police volunteer their time helping on these days. One of the Local Radio Stations was broadcasting Live from this location and they even had the Mascot for the Local Hockey Team the Windsor Spitfires present. They also sell other things like T-shirts, Socks, Pencils and other little things where all the money raised goes to help fund this worthy cause. Parking was hard to find and the Drive Thru wound its way back to the Road. We had lunch and Kathy bought some Socks. 
Local Hockey Mascot.
Our next stop was at Guardian Storage where we picked up the Bicycle Carrier along with a few other things that were mounted on the Trailer. When we do get the Trailer back, loading things inside won’t take very long but to start reassembling things which can wait until just before we head south again would slow us down. The plan for today was to bring it back to our Site. Once everything was secured we stopped at the Office to find our Mail Box very full.

As we were driving down Walker Road we both needed a nature break so we stopped at another McDonalds. After getting comfortable we enjoyed a Coffee and a Snack as well as buying a T-shirt in support of McHappy Day. We parked next door at the Bulk Barn. 
The brightest the Sky was all day.
Once the Snack was done we took our Coffees and headed off towards our site at Wildwood Golf and RV Park. That’s when J.T. called. Since I haven’t programmed my phone to the Bluetooth yet and Kathy didn’t switch the phone to Speakerphone he gave her the same line he gave me this morning. Makes me feel like we are being cheated. We bought what we believed was a Reputable Brand Name only to be disappointed.

The first thing we did at the Park was to inspect how the Patio looked after it had dried. It was a big improvement. Then I started to transfer the remaining Paint from the Five Gallon Pail to the One Gallon Pails I had saved. The less air in the container the longer the Paint will last. 
Hard to see the Whitecaps on the River.
Our new neighbours Kevin and Lorrie along with Hugh came over to compliment us on the Patio. After Hugh left Lorrie and Kathy had a chance to talk while I talked while Kevin. I kept slowly unloading the Truck because I was looking at the Black Clouds heading our way. I had barely finished when we started feeling a lite sprinkle of Rain. Thinking the worst was coming Kevin and Lorie headed home and we drove over to the washrooms where I changed from my work clothes.

It was past 4:00 when we arrived at the Amherstburg McDonalds for our supper. We lucked out getting a parking spot and the lineup inside was nearly to the door. Kathy got our table while I got the food. The McDonalds character Grimace was there to greet the little ones. With the Humidex feeling like 90 F (32 C) I’m certain that wasn’t comfortable. When we went to leave the Drive Thru Line was out onto the Highway and they had the Police controlling the Traffic. 
Grimace making an appearance for McHappy Day.
Even though we had visited Three Different McDonalds locations today we had kept our meals lite but we also think it will be some time before we stop at the Golden Arches again.

We headed over to Walmart to get some walking in and to pick up some First-Aide Supplies before heading over to our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa’s home for our Weekly Visit. We always have fun visiting with them but because Kathy and I had just celebrated our Birthdays, Melissa had snacks for us to enjoy. By 8:00 the sky was getting very dark with the occasional flash of Lightning that told us it was time to say Good Night.

The Instructions for the Paint that we used on the Patio were to use a Paint Tray and roll it on. I found the Paint was drying out in the Tray and going on way too thin so I started to pour it from the Can/Pail directly onto the Patio in small batches to get a better result. Thinking that I should have followed the Instructions Kathy went Online to review the Paint. Most of the Reviews stated the same thing I experienced and ended up applying it the same as I did. The Paint Producers should review their Instruction before putting them on the Containers.

Tomorrow the weather is not supposed to be too good for our area but we have plenty of things to occupy our time. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your problems with the Fifth Wheel. Jayco used to be one of the best names in the business. But I think you will find that as a whole the RV industry has taken a downturn in quality. The demand is so huge now that they are just trying to get them out the door and sacrifice quality. The RV manufacturers have already forgotten about the big crash starting in 2008 and lasting several years. We also bought a new fifth wheel that was from Forest River. It was supposed to be an upgrade from their normal brand. Turned out to have some issues but with us doing some upgrading after the fact we feel we are in good shape now. Ours is going on 7 years old this year and we hope to keep it going at least another 7 years. We travel about 6 months out of the year. I enjoy your blog and hope you get back in your home soon. Doug

  2. Will RV manufacturers ever get their warranty service right? I feel you pain, having been there too. :c(

  3. Sorry to hear about Jayco, but not too surprised. They've got it, so you are held hostage until they decide to give it back. Did they get the structure thing fixed? the crack on the outside? You two are definitely busy bees! Nice that you supported the fundraiser 3x in one day! Take care

  4. You're not the only one in that repair boat. I agree, they were making them way too fast to pay attention to the quality, causing problems down the road. If they would just admit that and repair the rigs in a timely manner, no one would care. I hope yours gets fixed quickly.

  5. I have a feeling this isn't going to end well with Jayco.

  6. We had our Jayco Pinnacle into the dealer for some repairs (we had TWO blowouts) and they waited and waited and waited for parts from Jayco. It was in the shop for 3 months. Sure hope that isn't the case with yours. Ours was just in Owasco in Oshawa, but in the states. But the parts were coming from the states. I have nothing good to say about Jayco's customer service, unfortunately.

  7. I truly hope things turn out well with Jayco. Unfortunately they have your home and really can't do much about it.

    Belated Happy Birthday to both you and Kathy.

    Ronald MacDonald house is a great cause, we were offered use of RM house in Hamilton when one of our daughters were born. We used to have a huge party at our home every fall and entrance at the door was at least one canned good per PERSON which was all donated to RM House. When you are talking 50 to 80 people it doesn't take long to fill the boxes. Such a worthy cause.

    Better days ahead.

  8. Happy birthday, you two. Sorry to read about your repair issues. Hope you get them to pick up the pace.
    By the way, I think we stayed in Wildwood year ago, I think 2006,on our way to eastern Canada and the Maritimes. A really nice park.

  9. Not good news about your 5TH wheel. I have heard so many complaints about 5TH wheels lately and so many folks getting rid of them. Hope you get all this fixed in a timely manner

  10. The best part of Ronald McDonald House, every cent raised goes to the cause, McDonalds picks up the admin costs. Our daughter stayed there for weeks when our granddaughter was born early.