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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Working On Lights, Humidex Above The Century Mark and Ordered The Connectors.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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Sleeping with the Windows and Roof Vents open again last night made for pleasant sleeping weather and we both slept like a couple of rocks. I only recalled looking at the Clock once this morning and it showed it was time to get out of Bed. I’d barely gotten things ready for breakfast when Kathy came downstairs. Once we had finished our Coffees at the Computers the heat was already starting to build so by extending our Awning you could feel the inside temperature begin to drop almost instantly.

Even though I had several more failed attempts at leaving Comments this morning, I did manage an E-Mail Reply. Thinking maybe it was just a Fluke I tried locating the Site where the Couplers to connect the Wilson Antenna and the WeBoost unit we had shown. Without any Clouds in the Sky I found the site and was able to add them to a Wish List but couldn’t find where to add them to a Shopping Cart. ( is so much easier.) After spending nearly an Hour just to find a Phone Number to call within a minute the agent advised me to review each Product on my Wish List and that’s where I’d find the Shopping Cart. In two Minutes the purchase was complete.

It was already past noon and Kathy suggested that I have at least a Sandwich before going outside. That added enough to my energy level that it helped me throughout the afternoon.

The other day I had installed a few of our Solar Patio Lights and found many of those not working. Yesterday we purchased Replacement Batteries at Walmart to get them going so that was my job for today. It did surprise me that some of the Oldest Batteries we had were starting to leak but everything cleaned up nicely and those Lights are now working the way they should. There were newer Solar Patio Lights that by lightly cleaning the inside cover the Diodes broke off rendering the lamp good for parts only.

Kathy came outside wanting to clean up the Front Flower Garden but it wasn’t as easy as she thought not with the Humidex of 102 F (39 C). It took a few rests in the shade of the Gazebo where the slight breeze helped to cool her down. Around 3:00 Hugh came over to visit for a short while.

We had another helping of the Corned Beef Hash for supper along with a Date Square for dessert. After getting the Dishes cleaned and put away we were able to watch some of the Detroit News. Some of it we found quite disturbing to see how people with authority are overstepping their duties.

When I checked my E-Mail this evening I found notification of one of my morning Purchases and it showed it as a Single Piece not the Two Pieces I was led to believe would be shipped. Returning to I found the same product at Twenty Percent the cost of the first order. I was able to order Two of those with an earlier delivery date and since the first one had only been ordered and not shipped it was easily cancelled. That was so easy but I can’t make Comments.????

It was soon after that that our friend Sandy sent Kathy a message about going to Electrozad here in Windsor. I’ll be calling them tomorrow but they weren’t open yesterday when I discovered the Cable Connection Foul-Up. If they have them, we’ll be connected sooner and I’ll keep the others as a Back-Up.

We talked with both our son Kevin and our daughter Karen this evening both asking questions that needed answering. They were both surprised that we hadn’t turned the AC on yet but with a repeat of the Humidex it will probably happen tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I can't imagine not having the a/c on in that temps. You guys are tough! Hopefully you'll be back fully in the internet world.