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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Kathy’s Surgery Scheduled, Jayco Update and Removing A Neighbour’s Fire Pit.

Our Location today is at Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

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Knowing that Kathy was still tired yesterday from the nights of little rest I managed to get all my morning Computer reading finished before she started to stir. Even though it was later then we normally have breakfast we made certain that we had cereal to build our energy levels that we would be burning off later.

While Kathy emptied the Dishwasher for Karen and put the Dishes away I went downstairs to start making Phone Calls. The first to Verizon that took less then Four-Minutes to pay this month’s fee. The next was to the Windsor Eye Institute to schedule Kathy’s Cataract Surgery. We both need it done but since there are still things to do on the Trailer when we get it back I’ll be getting mine later in the summer.

The final call was to J.T. at Leisure Trailers to get a status update on the Trailer. His contact at Jayco had been away but had left the Progress Report with his secretary that things were looking good and we could be seeing the Trailer on Friday the 18th. Then he said we could use it for the Long Weekend. Doesn’t he know how long it takes to load a Trailer let alone organize it?

Time seemed to be flying faster then we had expected but we still headed straight out to Wildwood Golf and RV Park in McGregor to get more accomplished before we have the Trailer there and we are glad we did.

The other day when we left our Neighbour who only showed up Three Times the entire Season last year was out opening and cleaning their Trailer. Due to changes in the Local Fire Codes their Fire Pit and anyone else’s that was located at the back of their sites were removed this past winter. Our neighbour had a Stainless Drum and the Circular Fire Bricks to go around the Drum so it was stacked on their Patio. When we arrived today they had set the Fire Pit up on the grass between their Patio and our Driveway which meant it would be less then Four Feet from our Trailer. Since they were not there today, I restacked everything on their Patio and when I saw Joe one of the Park Owners stopped across the street I told him about it. Unless they remove a Flower Bed they won’t be having any Fire Pit. 
The brown grass in our driveway was very green before Kathy sprayed it.
Even with 68 F (20 C) with the cloudy skies and Northerly Breeze it was far from hot. The next thing I did was to set up our One Gallon Garden Sprayer for Kathy to use for killing the grass in our Driveway. She found a recipe On-Line that does not harm Animals, Humans or the Environment. It’s Biodegradable and cheaper then Chemically made Herbicides. It is One Gallon of White Vinegar with One Cup of Dawn Lemon Dish Soap. Just be certain that if it is windy that it doesn’t get on Plants or Grass you plan on keeping because we could see the results in less than an Hour. 
Like working on a Jigsaw Puzzle.
Once I had installed and tightened the last of the Concrete Sleeve Anchors to the Gazebo I turned my attention to the end of our Driveway. At some point in time someone had installed Flagstone with Six Inches of space between the Stones. With time the filler between became home to all kinds of weeds and moss. We had also recovered more Flagstone that had just been placed throughout our Driveway. After lifting all the Stones, tamping and releveling the area for the next Four Hours we reconfigured the Stones like a Jigsaw Puzzle. There’s more to do but we’ll install the Pea Stone and Polymer Sand tomorrow. We left the Park at 7:00. 

We were both hungry and it’s not often Kathy asks for Pizza to eat but when she suggested a Thin Crust Tuscan Pizza I headed straight to Boston Pizza on Manning Road. The parking lot was full but we had no problem getting in. The Thin Crust helps keep the Carbs down and we don’t feel stuffed just satisfied.

We talked with Karen out on the Deck for a short while when we got back to her place. It was an Extra Strength Tylenol night for Kathy before she went to bed. We have appointments tomorrow and the Weather will be not be changing in our favour. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Hopefully, the neighbours were thinking it was a temporary spot for the firepit. That's ridiculous, glad they have to move it.
    I don't care for flagstone or patio stones of any kind because unless you put the screening down, weeds always find a way. We had it at our house and it gave me multiple hours of frustration trying to keep up with it. Good luck! Nice that Jayco is meeting their deadline, whether you can use it early or not, at least you'll have it.

  2. Hope the trailer is delivered as promised. I would really give it a workout to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

  3. Polymer sand? Sounds like something I could use on the flagstone at my Arizona place. Can't wait to see how you do it.

    Personally, I think all fire pits should be banned. People don't seem to care if they are a fire hazard to someone else's rig, nor do they care about the smoke going in everyone windows!! Keeping my fingers crossed for Jayco.

  4. I don't like fire pits (unless they are propane) and then not on my lot if it isn't mine. I'm really not a campfire person and I do not like the smoke. Hope they do away with it. Good luck on Kathy's eyes. Jim is doing really good with his cataract surgery. Got the second eye done this week and it is getting less blurry every day. Seems strange to see him without glasses.

  5. Wow, lots of work on the patio. Your back will be complaining!
    How is your Verizon Unlimited Plan working out for you in Canada? No Roaming fees? I know they told you there wouldn't be any, just wondering if that was true. I put my Verizon Plan on suspend for the summer, but may start it back up before we head to the US.
    Hope Kathy's surgery goes well.