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Thank You for Following our Blog.

Thank You for following this Blog

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Condensation Problem Resolved, Cleaning Up Our Site and Feeling Toasty.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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Knowing how cold the Temperature was going down to overnight we decided to simply leave the Blue Flame Heater on its lowest possible setting. With the Winter Sheets on the bed neither of us were cold but when I got up and started opening the Window Shades I knew that we had mad a big mistake. All the Windows were dripping wet and once my eyes adjusted to the low light I could also see streams of moisture running down the walls.
Wondering what to do I threw caution to the wind along with our budget and turned on the Electric Fireplace before shut the Blue Flame Heater off. From our time living in the apartment I recalled just how dry the Electric Heat was. After switching the heat source I used one of our beach towels to wipe down the walls.
When Kathy came downstairs she agreed with my decision but the moisture was still slightly visible throughout the Trailer. When I read Barney, The Old Fat Man’s Comment he also confirmed that our new approach was the correct one. Then I recalled running Cube Heaters in Florida to fight the Humidity.
After doing some quick reading I did the rest of my inside chores before helping Kathy. With all this High Humidity in the Trailer the Arthritis in her hands had her in severe pain. Since the winds were too high to cook on our Weber Q, she coached me how to prepare Pork Roast and Vegetables in our Crock Pot for our supper.

Once that was done I suggested an early lunch and since we were so cold from the moisture we decided some nice hot Pea Soup would warm us up. It worked like a charm and after another look around inside the Trailer the Moisture was nearly gone.
Our Citronella Plant is Blooming.
With high temperatures in the Mid-Fifties to Mid-Forties and lows around the Freezing Mark the Weather Guessers are forecasting White Stuff heading our way. That means that we have no choice but to start getting things put away outside now. After making up a couple of Cardboard Boxes for Kathy, I bundled up and went outside to start collecting the Garden Ornaments that were used to create our Fairy Garden. Once I’d given them a quick brushing I brought them in for Kathy to finish washing and packing them up for winter storage.

My next chore was to store our Solar Powered Chandelier in the Gazebo before removing the Fabric Cover off the Gazebo itself. I was amazed how many insects had already tried making nests under the cover in hopes of riding out the winter there. Lets just say they didn’t make it.
More Blooms on their way in this cold weather.
When Kathy had finished packing the Fairy Garden Characters she came outside for a few minutes to see how I was doing and helped me straighten the cover on our Firewood Rack. I need to repair and reorganized the Garden Shed but need an entire day to do that so I started putting away the Solar Powered Patio Lights. Every little bit helps. I even started remounting our Bicycle Carrier on the rear bumper of the Trailer.

With the Twenty to Thirty-Five MPH Winds by 5:00 I was feeling quite chilled so I closed up outside for the day.
Kathy was already plating supper when I walked in the door. There was Pork Roast, Coleslaw, Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, Celery and Homemade Cranberry Sauce. It all tasted wonderful but Kathy wasn’t done because she had made a couple of Apple Blossoms for dessert.
We wanted to start applying the Protective Mesh around our Golden Cedar Trees to avoid any damage from heavy snow but we couldn’t find our roll of Tie material and instead of waiting until morning we went shopping in Essex this evening.

We tried the Dollar Tree but they had already put away anything Garden Related until next spring.

We both need a new pair of Insulated Work Gloves after wearing holes through our old ones so we stopped at Mark’s Wear House where I managed to find a pair right off the bat. Everywhere else I struggle to put the gloves on but not these. Kathy’s hands are swollen from the Arthritis but all the Gloves were too large for her.

Our next stop was Canadian Tire where we first found the rolls of Tie material at a higher price then the Dollar Tree but they had it. Walking around the corner we found Work Gloves that fit Kathy perfectly but none that would fit me. We also picked up a gallon of Diesel Kleen an additive that helps keep our engine running smoothly.

We were on our way back to the Park when we were face to face with a beautiful Sunset and realized we’d forgotten the Camera at Home. By the time we got inside it was already dark.

We turned on the Water Heater before sitting down to read some Blogs. Kathy saw Our Awesome Travels where George says he uses his Blue Flame Heater but cracks a window slightly to avoid Condensation Buildup. He told us before but we forgot. At least we can use it safely in the Desert to keep warm.

We both enjoyed Hot Showers after doing the Dishes. We had to turn down the Electric Fireplace but the walls are nice and Dry now. Hoping to finish the Garden Shed tomorrow. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

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Words of Inspiration

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.

Mark Twain, American Writer

Monday, October 15, 2018

Meeting Other RVers and Condensation Problem.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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It felt quite strange to wake up this morning shortly after 7:00 and it felt warmer then when I went to bed last night. With it having Rained most of the night there were still plenty of clouds filling the sky making it nearly impossible for any light to shine through. Turning on my Computer as soon as the Window Shades were raise I managed to see that the temperature would drop as the day wore on.

After finishing my reading and leaving Kathy get a little more rest I had to wake her if we were going to accomplish anything today. When I showed her the forecast for later this week she understood why I felt that way. With a lot of stronger Winds and Colder Temperatures heading our way the Weather Guessers are forecasting that our landscape could be turning White. Not what we want to see happen but it is totally possible now that we will be sticking around for our friend Liz’s Live Wake which will delay our departure.

With the extra visits to our Optometrist after our Cataract Surgeries, to needing extra repairs on our Vehicles, the hotter then normal summer which kept Kathy a captive inside the Air Conditioned Trailer, then our friend Vera falling and ending up in the Hospital that has delayed things we needed to get done. It is what is called Life and we have learned to deal with it and will continue to do so.
By noon I had stripped the bed and sorted the rest of the Laundry. Our weekly schedule went out the door so today was a catch-up day. Kathy made Chicken Noodle Soup with a Yogurt Cup for our dessert.

Even with the Park thinning out there were still enough people doing their laundry today. I met Richard and Elaine a couple from New Brunswick that were stopped here before crossing the International Border tomorrow to head for Wichita, Kansas then down to Corpus Christie in Texas. Another couple George and Donna who moved from the area almost Forty Years ago to British Columbia had stopped to visit some cousins before heading to Mexico. They had all seen the forecast as well as feeling today’s 30+ MPH Wind Gusts and planned on heading for warmer climates in the morning.

When I got Home shortly after 3:00 with all our folded laundry, Kathy was just finishing her dusting and vacuuming the inside of the Trailer. My back was bothering me from folding the Laundry on the low tables they have so I sat for a few minutes before going to make up our Bed. When Kathy pulled out the Winter Sheets from the Linen Closet she found them to be Wet. When we felt along the outer wall of the Closet it was Damp but only on the upper shelf.

After we emptied the shelf Kathy and spread them on the couch in the Living Area to dry while I went outside. I was soon on my ladder trying to find anything that might look like a leak, Nothing. Up on the Roof that I looked at last month and again Nothing.

Back inside it felt cozy by our Blue Flame Heater but looking at the Windows we noticed a lot of Condensation on them. That is typical when using Heaters inside of RVs so we looked at the Closet again. We had all the Linens on One Shelf that acted as insulation and didn’t allow any air to warm the wall. The other shelves with our extra Toiletries and Laundry Supplies were totally dry. We’ll leave the doors slightly ajar overnight as we feel that if there is air circulation there will be no Condensation.
Because of the High Winds Kathy made Perogies for supper and Strawberries for dessert. Tomorrow we’ll double check our Closet and I’ll recheck the Roof hoping this was just Condensation. Bundled up we’ll be spending most of our day outside getting things closed up and ready for us to leave. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Cooler Weather, Bad News and Good News.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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After enjoying our last Merry Thanksmas for this year with our daughter-in-law Jen and the Grandchildren yesterday we were more then happy to relax when we got Home. When you write a daily Blog that doesn’t always happen even though I had cheated and got a head start by writing some of it before leaving. Rather then leaving me in the Living Area by myself and worrying that I had fallen asleep at the Keyboard Kathy busied herself reading.

She started reading one of the new books that she purchased at Dollar Tree for a $1.25. There were outbursts of laughter occasionally that broke my train of thought but it was that good. As time to go to bed approached she started catching up on the Computer. When she came across a message from our daughter Karen and read it to me, I knew that our plans for today that had been written in Jell-O had been changed. One of our dear friends Liz has been battling Cancer for a number of years and yesterday the Doctor made the decision to stop the Chemo Therapy.

With the Outside Temperature hanging just above the Freeze Mark this morning we made certain that we had something warm to eat for breakfast and dressed for the season. We were out the door by 10:00 and on our way to see Liz and Gay ourselves out in the county. When we pulled into the driveway we were surprised to see Karen’s car already there.

Gay came out to greet us saying that Liz was in the Living Area of the Shop already visiting with Karen. Kathy joined in the visit while Gay and myself sat talking about modifications he still needed to make on the Street Rod he is building before we joined the ladies in conversation. Liz is definitely not a quitter and has no plans to give up but has had to learn to use a Wheel Chair around the Home-Front as her strength wanes. They are having a Living Wake to celebrate with Liz’s friends on November 3rd so we will probably readjust our departure so we can say Good-bye to our dear friend.

Her daughter Laurie stopped in for a visit shortly after 1:00 and the next thing we knew Laurie, Liz and Karen were going to a restaurant for breakfast. We were invited to join in but declined. Saying our see you laters to Gay we headed for Windsor.
Something we haven't seen in days.
There were no Clouds this afternoon.
It had been a while since we saw Vera and with no planned visit upcoming, this was the perfect day for it. First we stopped at Arby’s to have a Roast Beef Sandwich for lunch. Vera often times recalls the trip we were on in 2012 when I ran into a Arby’s location in Wyoming and came back with Roast Beef Sandwiches for the four of us since we hadn’t had supper yet. After we ate our Sandwiches today we brought one with us to-go.
Saw this Doe near the Expressway off Matchette Road.
Their habitats are being destroyed.
When we walked into Vera’s room at the Windsor Rehabilitation Center she was glowing. Since she had already eaten lunch she was going to save the Roast Beef Sandwich for supper. This week her doctor authorized that she could go on day trips, so yesterday she returned home with the help of a friend. They cleaned out the Fridge and Garbage that was there when she injured herself. She also collected some of her own Clothes to bring back to the Rehabilitation Center.

Today she had another trip planned, to go see her Husband of 60 Years Bill who she has not seen since before her fall. Long time readers will remember Bill fell a few years back and struck his head on a Curb. The blow caused Bleeding on the Brain which required Two Surgeries to relieve. Unfortunately it resulted in a mild stroke that has made it impossible for him to live at home. Until her accident Vera would spend most of her free time with Bill in the Nursing Home. Today’s visit would mean that she would miss her supper so the Sandwich from Arby’s will fill the bill.

We visited for an Hour and a Half before we joined Vera walking down the hall with her cane. She had just signed her Day-Release Papers when her friend showed up. We all took the elevator down together and after Hugs and best wishes for Bill they left.
This gentleman was feeding Bread to the wild Geese.
Bread will cause mutilations in young Geese.
We drove across town to Guardian Storage to pick up our Mail. Then we drove to the Zehr’s Super Store to get the groceries on our Shopping List. Next we stopped at Bulk Barn to get those items that only their chain sells. Finally before going Home we stopped at Wendy’s where we ordered our supper from the Value Menu.

It was after 6:00 when we got Home so there was no outdoor chores done today. Our high temperature even on this Bright Sunny Day only reached 55 F (13 C) and there are only cooler days in the forecasted future. We’ve got to get our Chores done in preparation for our departure. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

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Words of Inspiration

And say my glory was I had such friends.

William Butler Yeats, Irish Poet and Playwright

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Gremlins and The Latest Merry Thanksmas.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Click on the pictures to Enlarge.

The free Libre Office that was installed on the new Hard-Drive that David put in my Computer is definitely different then the Microsoft Office that I paid to purchase. It requires learning what some of the Icons represent and the difference in some of the Functions. Reviewing what the Blog appeared like after it had been posted also gave it a different appearance that I have tried adjusting with no success.
More Merry Thanksmas Gifts
When our sudden drop in temperature arrived a few days ago so did the Cloudy Skies and Rain which means that the Solar Panels have not been able to fully charge our Batteries. Unlike most of the Seasonal RVers in the Wildwood RV Park we have kept our Converter turned off and have only been charging our Batteries by the Sun. Last year we ran into the same kind of Weather Conditions and had to turn the Converter on only Five Days before we headed south.
Mostly clear Skies this afternoon.
Bean Field ready for harvest.
The reason we have to make certain our Batteries are charged is because we use a Pure Sine Wave Inverter to power our CPAP Machines because of our Sleep Apnea. If you recall earlier this week I had woke up Gasping for Air because my Machine kept shutting off. That problem was due to the Power Pack having a problem and did not affect Kathy’s Machine at all. This morning that all changed when at 7:17 we were both Gasping for Air. Kathy noticed her Machine was also off so the first thing I did was to check our Battery Display. Not good when you see less then 12 Volts on the Meter. At that time we could have turned on the Converter but instead we started our day by getting ready for breakfast.
Since the Temp dropped to the Freezing Mark last night we left our Blue Flame Heater set on the lowest setting. When the outside breeze stopped through the night the Heater sensed a lack of Oxygen and shut down even the Pilot Light. Good built in Safety Feature but the Temperature also went down quickly inside the Trailer.

Looking outside it looked like we were about to be covered by a blanket of White any minute and with plans for later today we decided to take the day off. For lunch we enjoyed a bowl of Split Pea Soup so as not to overfill ourselves but also to warm us up. Finally just after 2:00 we started seeing patches of clear blue sky breaking through the Clouds. Looking at our Charge Controller Monitor we started getting a steadily increasing Flashing Light which indicated our Batteries were charging.
Jen liking her new Throw Blanket.
Since we forgot to go to the Drug Store yesterday we loaded the Car and headed for Essex just a little after 3:00. Our first stop was at Shoppers Drug Mart where we searched the Cosmetics area for a Sharpener. We had looked at nearly all the shelves when we stopped to ask a clerk about the product. Looking straight down from the Checkout there was exactly what we were looking for. Since they are made of plastic and break so easily we got Two.

We had allowed extra time to search for those Sharpeners at other store if need be so we thought that we would walk around the nearby Dollar Tree for a while. Like most chain outlets they are all the same but all different. As we walked the aisles we came to their Book Section where they have things for children to colour or puzzles to solve but occasionally they have books to read that are very suitable for adults to enjoy and the best part is everything in the store only costs $1.25 plus Tax. Kathy with my help to sort through the upper shelf walked out with Four Books that will keep her reading for a short while.
Emma liking her Makeup
As we were going back to our Car walking up the sidewalk was our daughter-in-law Jen and all the kids and they were heading to the Dollar Tree. We all laughed because we bumped into them on Wednesday at McDonalds while we waited for my Computer. Yesterday we met for Connor’s 13th Birthday Party. Now we bump into them just before we were scheduled to meet up for supper.
Both Connor and Haigan were amazed at the Games they received.
They went shopping for Snacks the boys would take to school in their lunches while Kathy and I went over to the Michigan Diner to wait for them. We found a booth that we could all fit in and our waitress Linda got everything ready for their arrival. This has become a tradition over the years that we all go out for a meal to celebrate Christmas but since we won’t be here it was for Merry Thanksmas. We had fun talking while everyone enjoyed their meals but we held off on having dessert.

Back at Jen’s house, there was still plenty of dessert left over from Connor’s Birthday yesterday. But there was something else we took care of first. Since the boys had disappeared to their rooms we had Jen and our granddaughter Emma open their Gifts first. They both loved everything we gave them thanks to Kathy’s ability to know what they would like. Jen got the final Gag Gift we made up on Sunday but I’ll post that another day.
The boys were just as excited about their gifts but were surprised when one Gift had Rules that had to be followed or their Mom could take them away. Jen cheered about that one. After Pumpkin Pie and Ice Cream we said our Good Nights unsure if we will see them again before we leave or not but we still have the Internet.

Arriving back at the Park I drove around the Transient Area showing Kathy all the digging that is taking place. We did have some bright Sunlight today but not enough to totally charge our Batteries so at 10:00 we turned on the Converter so our CPAP Machines will work the entire night.
Our Sunset in Essex.
With the change of weather we are experiencing now we have to get serious about getting ready to hit the road. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

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You eat cotton candy more than three times a week.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Cool Time For Chores, Picked Up My Computer and A Special Celebration.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Click on the pictures to Enlarge.

It was bad enough this morning that when we got up the first thing I did was to turn on our Blue Flame Heater to take the Chill out of the air.
After reading as many of the Blogs that we follow as our old Back-up Computer would allow it was time to bundle up and do some Outside Chores such as changing an Empty Propane Tank, dumping our Waste Tanks and transferring the last of the Diesel Fuel from our Auxiliary Tank to the Main Fuel Tank. The reason for the Fuel Transfer is so we’ll have a Fresh Fill-up before heading south.
Kathy heated up some All-Beef Tourtiere’s for our lunch. She found this brand earlier this summer that was so close to what her Grandmother used to make that she has bought them a few times now.

After lunch we got the call from SX Video saying that my Computer was ready for pickup and it was working just fine. Since we had a celebration to attend later, we only headed out the door around 4:00. Our neighbours Kevin and Lorrie were outside having a Campfire but said they were heading in soon because it was too cold. The temperature gauge in the Car showed it was 46 F (8 C) but the West Wind made it feel colder.

We brought Kathy’s Computer along with us to SX Video in Essex. With it having a AMD Processor rather then an Intel there are certain programs that I have not been able to add Shortcuts for Kathy. When we explained that to David it took him mere seconds to have them installed using exactly the same technique that had failed for me. The cost of the new Hard Drive, nearly as much as the Computer when I bought it but no charge for Kathy’s quick fix.

Since it was only 4:30 we went to McDonalds to have a Coffee. It helped us to warm up and gave us time to talk about different things while we did some People Watching. It would be around 5:30 that we would leave to go to our daughter-in-law Jen’s house.

We were there to celebrate our grandson Connor’s 13th Birthday. Soon grandparents Jack and Sue along with Aunt Melissa and Uncle Dean arrived with cousins Austin and Aubree in tow. Good friend Brian and his children arrived to help the celebration get underway. There was Pizza along with a Cupcake Cake that helped to thank everyone for coming out. Connor loved his gifts and playing games with his friends. It was nearly 8:30 when we got our Hugs before saying Good Night.
Connor with his Cupcake Cake Golf Course
It was Lightly Raining by the time we got Home but when we walked in it felt like an Icebox. We don’t leave our Blue Flame Heater on when we go out so the first thing I did was to turn it back on before setting up our Computers. Kathy was very happy with her’s but when I turned mine on it needed some work. Even though David had transferred all my information from the old Hard-Drive to the new one, I had to reset all my Icons where I wanted them not piled in one corner. I also needed to replace my Desert Wallpaper Landscape that got wiped out. Since my Microsoft Office and Norton Anti-Virus were licensed to the old Hard-Drive they were replaced with Free Versions that will take some getting used to.
Kathy talking to Aubree
Tonight the temp will feel like the Freezing Mark so we’ll try our best to keep toasty. Tomorrow we have another Celebration to attend. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


The World's Great Proverbs

The darkest hour is just before dawn.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Another Merry Thanksmas, Answering Travel Insurance Question and Messed Up Hard-Drive.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.


Posting the Blog from this older Computer proved to be quite a challenge last night but I’m slowly remembering how I fixed some of those challenges back when. The temperature also started sliding overnight so we were comfortable staying under our warm cozy Bedcover and my CPAP Machine kept me breathing as well. We had a morning appointment but I still managed to start my day before the Alarm which meant I could wake Kathy in a more civilized manner. This was a Fasting Day so there was no breakfast being served here. Once I had loaded another load of Merry Thanksmas Gifts in the Car, we were ready to leave. 

Last year every time we had a Morning Appointment we were delayed by School Buses but this year they are not a bother at all. We left Home at 8:00 and were at Kathy’s Doctor’s Office by 8:20. Since the door was open she went inside to wait for her appointment while I drove to a different Blood Lab that I’ve gone to for nearly Forty Years. 

They say things change over time and this Blood Lab used to be open by 7:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. Their hours are now 9:00 until 1:00. I was fortunate to be the first one there and had filled in all my Paperwork. Seeing the line was getting longer in the hallway the lone attendant opened early and I was back at Kathy’s Doctor’s Office by 9:00. 

Once Kathy’s Appointment and Blood Test were over we were on our way to A&W for our breakfast. The quality of these meals that are served on Ceramic Plates is the same as the other higher priced restaurants in the area. We even had refills for our Coffees that were also in Ceramic Cups. 

Not wanting to waste time and gas to go Home then drive back to Windsor we had a lot of time to use up so we walked around the Dollar Tree for a while before going to the Devonshire Mall to walk around. It has been under a major renovation for over a year. They complete one section only to start another. We were starting to get hungry so we shared a Value Meal at Taco Bell in the Food Court which held us over until supper this evening. 

Not wanting to get stuck in Rush-Hour Traffic we drove down to the Detroit River waterfront by the Ambassador Bridge. Even with our jackets on, it was too cold to stay out of the Car very long. 

We finally drove over to our daughter Rose’s house for what will probably the last time we see them until next spring. We visited with Munaf until Rose returned from getting D.J. at the Bus Stop. We exchanged Gifts and Munaf still finds it hard to believe that we treat him so well. That’s because he is Family. Since this was Cadet Night D.J and Rose had to start getting ready to leave so we got our Hugs and said our Good-Byes. 

We stopped at Wendy’s where we ordered supper from the Value Menu. Healthy, Satisfying, Tasty and Inexpensive, you just can’t beat that. 

We had to pick up Kathy’s prescribed Antibiotics in Amherstburg, that we’ll bring with us to the southwest just in case. The quickest way to get there was taking 18 Highway through LaSalle. The Wind Gusts were getting stronger and you could see lots of White Caps on the River. 

We arrived at Pharma Choice drug store with only Fifteen Minutes before they closed. Kathy’s Doctor only called in a single dose of the Antibiotics so we’ll have to call her in the morning to double the order. 

We stopped at Walmart to get some Sunblock that Kathy will also need for our trip. We arrived Home just before the Sun started to set. 

A question was asked about our Health Insurance as many who travel are facing increased costs. After replying I thought others would like to know this as well. 

When we first started Snow birding for four months Kathy insisted we get “Out of Province Travel (Health) Insurance” even though I told her we were covered. The first year was $500.00 then the second $950.00 but the third year would have been over $3,000.00. Kathy was born with a different heart then most of us and even though she has never had a Heart Attack the Insurance Companies hold that against her. She said our travel days were over but I brought her to the Union Hall where I introduced her to our Benefit Representative. I left them alone while I ran an errand. When I returned Kathy was all smiles because we were going south for the winter and we didn't need any additional Travel Insurance. When the recession hit in 2008, employees at GM and Chrysler took a hit on their "Out of Province Coverage", The union had been working with Ford at saving money to help make the company profitable, (which meant Ford did not need the Government Bailout the others needed.) Because of that Ford left the “Out of Province Coverage” at 182 Days. As long as our Doctors say we are fit to travel we are covered.  

Insurance Companies are out to make money and will use any excuse they can to gouge their customers. We are just lucky that we don't have to worry about that anymore. If Ford ever does change our coverage we will have to re-examine our Lifestyle. 

S-X Video called about my Computer today. It’s the Hard-Drive that is failing but they have backed everything up and can have it to me on the weekend. This Computer has closed down on me Twice tonight. I can’t wait to get my Computer back. 

The Temperature has really cooled down and the Wind is shaking the Trailer. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!  

It’s about time.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Non-Compatible Updates, Another Appointment, Fun Visits and A Step Back In Time.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

When it came time to shut my Computer off last night I was shown that the machine would be Updating. I Hate when that happens because I’m normally left with Hours of adjustments to make things work the way they did before. We slept like a couple of rocks with most of the Windows and Vents open the entire night. As soon as I was up I restarted my Computer to allow all the Updates to initialize. We had appointments so I couldn’t spend much time sitting there. What I ended up with was a Locked-Up Computer. Remember that word Hate that I used. The only way I could shut it down was to pull the Battery. After 3 more attempts to restart it I knew we had a big problem.

We were soon out the door heading to see our Optometrist in Windsor. The Parking Permit Machine would not take New Coins so we gambled on a lesser time and just made it. Dave was happy that both my eyes were clearing up but wants me to continue with the Steroid Eyedrops for a while longer. He checked Kathy’s newly developed Floater saying just to do Eyedrops when her Eyes are dry and that he would see us again next week.

Dave also started asking questions about RVing. We gave him what information we could and told him where to find more. He’s been hearing us talk about our travels so much lately that he’s considering it as a way of periodically escaping his present lifestyle as well as seeing things he misses while flying.

We headed over to Guardian Storage to get a couple of Cardboard Boxes from our Climate Controlled Storage Unit. Since a car ahead of us opened the gate we just followed him through. As we were exiting we stopped to get the one piece of Junk Mail we had. Carol knows that we’ll be leaving soon and was getting excited for us.

We headed over to the west-end Wendy’s where we had our usual Tasty but Inexpensive Lunch, off the Value Menu.

Our next stop was the Windsor Rehabilitation Center to visit our friend Vera. The first thing she wanted to know was how our Merry Thanksmas had turned out and Gifts that we gave. We had to convince her to eat her lunch when it arrived and then her nephew Steven also dropped in for a visit. We finally headed for Home shortly after 2:30.

Before leaving this morning I had rebooted my computer in hopes that the problem would just correct itself. I had to give it a try but it was still jammed like before. The only one thing we could do and that was to bring it to our favourite Computer Repair Shop S-X Video in Essex. Both Dave and Dalton could not believe that Windows 10 could do that but they said it could be the Updates not being compatible with some of the Programs that I’ve added. They said to run our errands and stop back.

We got some groceries at the No-Frills next door before stopping at McDonalds for supper. As we entered we were suddenly swarmed by our Two excited grandsons Connor and Haigan along with their mom Jen. I got our Sweet Chili Wraps while Kathy and Jen got caught up. We’ll be seeing them again a few times this week.

We had to get back to the Computer Repair Shop in hopes they had found the problem before they closed. Both know what they are doing more then myself but could not find the cause of the problem but they will. Tonight’s Blog is being written on our Old Laptop that has Windows Vista as an operating program. Talk about slow and a step back in time.

We took the Truck to visit our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa in Amherstburg. Even though we only saw them on Sunday we still had lots to talk about especially the Gifts they got and really liked. By the time we left after 8:00 it was drizzling.

In yesterday’s Blog I spoke of waking Gasping for Air because my CPAP Machine stopped working. Last night it worked perfectly with a loaner Power Pack. If someone that doesn’t have a Machine wakes Gasping for Air, you should have. If your doctor says you don’t need it yet, my question would be “Does he want you to have a Heart Attack first?” They are designed to stop that from happening. You need to be evaluated at a Sleep Disorder Clinic as soon as possible.

More running to do tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

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Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?