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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Two Eyes Not One, Appointments, Errands, Saving Money and A Visit.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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Having to travel to Windsor for a 9 am appointment is not what we enjoy doing but with all the uncertainty of delays we made sure we would make it. Since there are School Buses out shortly after 7:00 in our area we gave ourselves extra traveling time even going as far as not eating breakfast. 
Up before the Sun
We only saw One School Bus and were in Windsor with lots of time to spare so we stopped at McDonalds for Coffees and a Cookie each. They’re doing a campaign to promote healthy eating and shaped the Cookies like Hearts. 
McDonalds Cookie.
Not sure of the Construction that had us detoured last week we circled around to Tecumseh Rd without thinking twice about it. Traveling east we came face to face with a Fire/Rescue Unit that was taking care of Accident Victims whose cars were piled up on the Sidewalk. We were lucky though because the accident was east of the intersection we had to turn at so we were only delayed by mere seconds.

We arrived at our Optometrist’s Office with more then a Half an Hour to spare. We relaxed sipping our Coffees and reviewing the stops that we would be making. We went inside early and were surprised to find a lot of other patients coming and going already. Most of those were Office Workers going in before the start of their work day. Being the only ones left in the Waiting Room we were brought in early. Dave was impressed that the Inflammation in my Right Eye had diminished but with it being a week since the Eyedrops ended for the Left Eye it was now Inflamed. Telling us it is not uncommon he told Kathy to do Both my Eyes and he would see me again in another week. It’s a good thing I never cancelled the original appointment at a decent time.

The Cookies and Coffees just weren’t holding off our hunger so we returned to McDonalds and ordered a couple of Bacon Breakfast Wraps that were delivered to our Table. We had brought our Coffees in that we had gotten from that location less then an Hour before. When we were leaving we were offered refills. If we hadn’t been so tired from our early start we would have declined but we needed that Second Cup.

We still had time before our next appointment so we drove to VitalAire. When we picked up our supplies last week we really didn’t get a chance to look at them until the next day. Someone other than Tiara had filled the orders and didn’t put half the supplies in that we needed. It didn’t take long for Tiara to add what we we’ll need to make it through the winter.

We also made a brief stop at Windsor Gas and Diesel where I got information from Jim about which Local Tire Shop he prefers to use since we need to get our Tires rotated before heading south.

We had an 11:00 appointment at Fantastic Sam’s to get our hair cuts with Jenna but arrived early. She was just finishing doing a trim on a 96-year old woman who was having a nap during the process. Once Jenna was finished the woman woke right up and was very aware of where she was but slightly embarrassed. She says that happens when she’s not busy and gets bored. Jenna had us cleaned up in no time and we were on our way. 

Everything seemed to be running so smooth and our next appointment wasn’t until after lunch. We stopped at Guardian Storage to get our Mail. Then we went to Princess Auto where they had Solenoids On Sale”. We have one that seems to not work so well in cold weather so I’ll be changing it out.

Moving up the road we went to TD Bank to do some banking. Next stop was at Winners where we looked unsuccessfully for a sweater for Kathy. 

We finally went to the Credit Union and like all our other appointments we were early but had to wait for Ashley our Customer Service Representative to return from her lunch. Ever since the Credit Union redid their On-Line Banking System we’ve had problems. Today Ashley connected both of our Laptops to their WiFi and with quite a bit of difficulty got our accounts set up the way they are supposed to be. She then understood that we had not been complaining without warrant.

We made a quick stop at the Pioneer gas station to top off the car. The price was a bit more reasonable today then it has been lately and with the Long Weekend approaching we are sure the price will skyrocket again.

Driving across town we stopped at the Train Station. Someone recently told us we could purchase US Currency at the going rate which is less then what the Banks Charge. (They add an additional charge for handling your money.) We would later find out that we saved Three Cents on the Dollar which added up. Better in our pockets then the Banks.

We headed over to the Office at the Windsor Rehabilitation Center where we purchased additional Parking Tokens. It cost $2.50 a token that allows you to park an entire day compared to paying the Permit Machine $7.00 to park for Two Hours. Big Savings! 

When we walked in Vera’s room her face just lit up. We talked about her progress in therapy and what she’ll have to deal with once she is released. When her supper arrived, she took one look at it and said she wasn’t hungry. After being there for a month already she has gotten tired of their food. We said our Good Byes but we’ll be back on the Weekend. 
Light at the end of a long day.
We stopped at Wendy’s for supper before heading Home. Tomorrow is another Early/Late Day so we’ll tell you about it then. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Busy day but at least all your apt. were on schedule that makes the day go much better.

  2. Funny a cookie at Mc Donalds in the shape of a heart..because unless they've changed the recipe their cookies aren't anywhere near healthy! haha. Another busy day for you two, but sounds like you're certainly getting things done for your departure!

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