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Friday, October 19, 2018

Some Errands, Both Our Eyes Dilated and A Short Visit.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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It felt good to wake this morning and not be shivering because of the cold inside the Trailer. But there was something else that was bothering me. All the work I have been doing outside had me aching head to toe because I haven’t been exercising the way I should. After getting the Window Shades opened and things ready for breakfast I started my Computer. That easy chair was so comfortable that when Kathy got up at 8:00 I nearly didn’t get out of it.

As we had breakfast we reviewed what we would be doing today, along with reviewing the Weather. Most of our outdoor chores will have to be done when it’s not too cold or raining.
With the help of Tylenol Arthritis Capsules and Voltaren topical cream some of the discomfort in her hand has eased. As soon as my indoor chores were finished Kathy encouraged me to go to the Park Exercise Room because she knew that would bring relief to my pains.

Everyone I saw outside today were packing things away for the season. The people that haven’t slept here for the last Two Years finally had their Fifth Wheel pulled out by one of the Local RV Dealers who will try to sell it on consignment. The Trailer has sat for Fifteen Years.
I was back Home feeling like a new person after a good workout and just on time to help Kathy make lunch. Neither of us like to see food we have spoil which is the same as throwing our Money away. I pealed the last of the Mandarin Oranges while Kathy cooked Perogies. The timing was perfect, I finished the clean up just on time to add the Condiments to our lunch because Kathy’s Hand still isn’t as flexible as it should be.

We were soon on our way to Windsor with our List of things to do. The first place was Guardian Storage to collect our Mail then to go to our Climate Controlled Storage Unit and get our Cube Heater. Because of the way our Storage is set up we were only there Five Minutes.

We went to Princess Auto to return a Phone Headset we’d purchased last week. I had to show Kathy it wouldn’t work on any of our phones which meant that it was useless to us. Without a receipt they use your Phone Number to look up all the purchases you’ve ever made. Not having opened the package the happily excepted it back with a full refund.

Our next stop was at our Optometrist's Office. For some reason I added extra time to our Parking Permit and it was a good thing. Kathy was being treated for Floaters in her Eyes since her Cataract Surgery. I was being treated for Inflammation in both Eyes. Because I had work that had to be done at the Trailer, I didn’t mention to Kathy that I had also developed Floaters. We both had our Eyes Dilated and went through a more extensive examination.

While waiting for the Drops to take affect we were telling David about our delayed departure because of the Living Wake for our friend Liz who has Terminal Cancer. My eyes are safe but he wants to check Kathy on November 2nd since we’ll still be in town.
My eyesight was slightly clearer then Kathy’s and since it was Rush Hour I drove to the nearest Shopper’s Drug Mart. We picked up additional Tylenol Arthritis Capsules and Voltaren topical cream for Kathy’s hand.

From there we drove over to the Wholesale Club where we picked up extra Halls cough drops. We knew how many we need to take south with us but we didn’t allow for what we would use before leaving and the Halls that are sold in the US are nowhere near as powerful as these.

Since she was still out of focus Kathy’s tummy was starting to do flips and the fact that we’d eaten nearly Five Hours before might also have had something to do with it. We went to Wendy’s for supper but we stepped it up a notch. Instead of having our Chicken Wraps off the Value Menu we splurged and each had a Full Sized Salad. It is amazing how filling they can be but expensive.

We’ve mentioned before that if we don’t write things on a list we sometimes forget to do them. While we were eating I realized there were still things that cannot Freeze in the back of the car that were supposed to put them in our Storage Unit. Because we didn’t mark it on our List, we forgot.

Ten Minutes later we were back at Guardian Storage putting the Freezables in our Storage Unit.

We haven’t seen our daughter Karen’s family in some time so we thought about visiting them but it was too early so instead we went to the Zehrs grocery store on Manning Road to pick up the few groceries on our List. Since we’ll be attending a Party before we leave, when Kathy spotted a display she knew what she was going to contribute but now we needed to make another stop.

The extra stop was to Dollarama where it only took a few minutes to find what we needed. As we were leaving the store it started to Rain. That wasn’t in the forecast this morning. How could this be happening?
Taken through the Windshield, causing the colors to pale.
We went to our daughter’s house only to find Sanford and Greg awake. Ever since a severe Traffic Accident in 2014 because someone was Texting While Driving, if the pain gets too intense the only way Karen can deal with it is to take a nap. Kylla being on midnights was also napping. Tyler came home after school and headed to his Part-time Job. We had a nice visit with Greg before we headed for Home.
Like many towns, Essex, Ontario uses Murals to show their past.
We were only part way up Manning Road when Kathy realized something else we didn’t have on our List.
We stopped at Dollar Tree in Essex. We found the lite-weight Cotton Gloves she needs to wear when she puts the Voltaren cream on her hand. She also found Three more Books to read. Hard to pass up at $1.25 each.
It rained all the way Home and even while I unloaded the Car. It felt wonderful to sit down after everything was put away. We’ll work at getting everything ready for our departure. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Busy busy. Hope you get out before the snow!!

  2. I make lists too. Then I forget to take the list.

  3. Has Kathy ever tried Antedematir gloves for arthritis hands fingers and wrists? They have them on Amazon maybe you can find them locally I had some without the fingers but I don't see them anymore. I just can't believe how well they work. The drawback is when you wash your hands you have to take them off. But they are washable. I sometimes use some kind of topical before I put them on.