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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Dumb Reasons For Government Restrictions.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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I was so tired by the time that I went to bed something dramatic could have happened and I wouldn’t have heard it. Even though this was a day off from work when I saw that it was 7:00 this morning I got up. The reason being to not change my hours of sleep too drastically so it will not be a problem during the Week.
After getting things ready for breakfast and opening the Window Shades I immediately noticed how wet things were outside. Drops on the Windows, puddles on the Road and Patio. That’s strange I didn’t hear a thing. I started my On-Line reading on the Computer even getting caught up on things that I had missed throughout the week. It was close to 8:30 by the time Kathy joined me downstairs. While we ate breakfast she related how the Rain had come down so hard for over an Hour that it kept her awake. Later when I checked the Rain Gauge there was Three Quarters of an Inch that had fallen overnight.

As soon as I had finished eating I started getting set to do our Forty-Five Days of Pill Doucettes. I always start with Kathy’s because most of hers are Prescribed Medications while mine are simply Vitamins. I hadn’t gotten too far when I noticed there were no Refills in the bag that we got at the Pharmacy Eleven Days ago. Checking further I found another. Trying to call the Pharmacy the call would immediately go to a message that said the Voice Mailbox was Full and to call back later.
Kathy and I headed out to Amherstburg to Pharma Choice drug store. As we walked in the first person we saw was Steve the Pharmacist dressed in street clothes. He was there on his day off resetting the Phones that were knocked out of service by last night’s storm that I slept through.

When I gave him the Empty Vials and asked why he looked it up and gave me an answer. The One for Kathy’s Rheumatoid Arthritis I was correct in thinking that it was a Pain Medication and the Government has set up guidelines so they are not abused. The Second Medication ranks higher on that list but strangely it is a Medication that helps control her Thyroid. Something so small and simple is actually more dangerous then the Pain Medications.
To save time we stopped at Subway on our way Home. We share a Sub cut in half so that we can add the fixings on that we each like.

Back Home I simply reduced the Pill Doucettes down to Thirty-Two Days. Then I’ll be able to reorder those pills by then. The biggest problem I’ll have for a while is realigning all the Refills at the same time.
I managed to get everything put away by 3:00 when we were heading out the door for Windsor. We had an appointment to review our Sleep Over Data at the Windsor Sleep Disorder Clinic. They had raised the setting on Kathy’s CPAP Machine over a month ago. Her sleep study showed the new setting to be perfect for her. My test came back inconclusive and I now need to use a different Machine for a Month so they will know what my setting should be.
It was nearly 5:00 when we left there so we stopped at the Michigan Diner/Hi-Ho Restaurant to have supper. It seemed that we just received our meals when there was a surge of people coming in for the same reason.
When we finished our meal we headed over to the Great Canadian Superstore to get a few more grocery items. Since Kathy had forgotten her Shopping List so we are sure that we missed a few things.

Back Home after getting things put away I found that I’ll need to count our Pills again so my records will match up. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration

He was a wise man who invented beer.


Friday, August 16, 2019

Making Changes, Grilled Salmon and “Jungle”.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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It is getting to be a habit of always being the first at Work every weekday. Yesterday the Owner had suggested that we finish the Second Aluminium Job using the Spool Gun but personally it does a terrible job. As soon as the clock struck 7:00 I started tacking the last Two Units. By 8:30 I was in the process of welding which went a lot quicker when I was able to slide the Brackets beyond the Workbench. As I mentioned Aluminium likes to get rid of heat and even though the Brackets were being welded overhanging the Bench by the time I finished welding all the Brackets the Workbench could have been used as a Warming Table. Everyone was happy with the finished result.

Around 1:30 the Owner wanted to make changes on the Jig that I had just modified. When I first started that really bothered me because I knew that I had done the job properly but apparently he does that to everyone even employees that have been there over Ten Years. After having me cut it apart and put it back together it was the same as what I had done the other day. This Company actually makes money.

I was then given another set of Prints. They were simply a Shorter Version of the Prototype that we recently completed and fine tuned but there was a difference. Though the mechanics are the same and it is shorter it is being made for a company that wants to sell them.
It felt good to be Home but I needed to sit and relax. Kathy had been busy after Dusting and Vacuuming she continued going through the Filing Cabinet getting rid of old files and replacing them with files we had onboard from the last year.
Before I knew it my eyes had closed for Fifteen Minutes. When I woke instead of first going for a shower I started grilling Two Salmon Fillets on our Weber Q. When Kathy took the package out of the Freezer to defrost she thought it was only One which we would have shared. By lowering the heat they took a little longer to cook but came out perfect. We did share One along with a Twice Baked Potato and Garden Salad. Kathy recreated the other Fillet into Salmon Patties that we’ll have to eat tomorrow.

While Kathy did the dishes I finally had my shower. When I was done I wish I had taken it earlier but was just too tired.

Tonight we watched the movie “Jungle” starring Daniel Radcliffe. This was based on a True Life Story that took place in 1981 in the Amazon Jungle. This is no Harry Potter movie and it had you cheering for him to survive. We gave it a Ten.

Even on my days off there are still things to do and places to be. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

You Might Be a Redneck If

Your eight year old carries his Legos in a Crown Royal bag.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Making Progress, Kathy Running Errands and Dealing With Headaches.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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This morning it was not hard to tell that we are beginning the downward slide of summer as I had to activate the Wipers a few times on my way to Work. As per usual I was the first to arrive followed by Ron Ten Minutes later.

I started the day working with Carter finishing the job of etching all the Serial Numbers in the pieces I started the other day. Since nobody showed me how to do it the other day I asked Carter to show me how to program the machine so I won’t have to wait for someone else to do it for me next time.

When that was finished I reclaimed some material from the Scrap Box to make a Secure Stopping Device to use on the Rotisserie. When I had suggested it Three Weeks ago the Owner had said it wasn’t necessary but his method is “Unsafe” because it wasn’t reliable.

It was half way ready when he showed up wanting another modification on the Jig. It wasn’t needed but I said I would and did do it but pointed out what I was making. As soon as he started to object I said his method was “Unsafe” and this was only taking my time to create it. He agreed.
Since I get up earlier in the morning Kathy senses my absence and has been getting up around 7:00. That gave her time to run an errand for me today. I mentioned how Cutting Wheels had broken and struck my Left Hand. The pain subsided but yesterday there was a pain in my Thumb as if there might be a Hairline Fracture. She was looking for an Elastic Tape that would add pressure to the digit and take the pain away. She was at the Shoppers Drug Mart in Amherstburg before 10:30 but had no luck. Heading Home she dug through our First Aid Kit and came up with a few things for me.
When I spoke to Kathy at lunch it was Raining quite heavy back Home while it was only partly cloudy where I was at. The Rain Gauge would later indicate that a Half Inch of Rain had fallen in an Hour.
Kathy's lunch looked like mine.
The Architect finally delivered the needed measurements so the required Layout Templates could be made. By 1:00 I was busy tacking the Brackets on using the TIG. The Owner thought they should weld on faster but that’s impossible. Aluminium loves to get rid of Heat and since everything was clamped to the Steel Workbench it also had to warm up before the tacking could take place. By the time I left for the day Four out of Six modules were ready for welding on a different Bench.

Kathy had spent the remainder of the afternoon going through the File Cabinet and removing the out of date folders. She didn’t stop until after I walked in the door. She commented about the Salt Stains on my T-Shirt cause by the warm temperatures I was working in.
After relaxing for a few minutes Kathy made Strawberry Shortcake for dessert to go along with the Microwaved Corn on the Cob and the Spare Ribs I was outside grilling. It all tasted great leaving us Satisfied but not Stuffed.
Still Cloudy.
Then the headaches started. The other day I attempted to order some Welders Coveralls from a Distributor in Alberta but it didn’t go through. When I contacted the Distributor they said it was our Credit Card that was the problem. When I spoke to a Credit Card Representative this evening they said there had been nothing charged or attempted to charge to our account in over a month. When I tried to order the Welders Coveralls this evening it went straight through. It wasn’t our Credit Card that was the problem.
Next I had to call Bell about our High Monthly Charge. Neither Kathy or myself use our Phones for anything but to make and receive calls. Somewhere somehow Kathy’s Cell Phone had the Data turned on and Apps that we don’t use were having a field day updating at our expense. That won’t happen again.

When I finally took my Shower it woke me right up. We've been having some Rain and distant ThunderWith tomorrow being Friday I’m looking forward to the Weekend. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

The World's Great Proverbs

Confession is good for the soul.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

More Changes, Kathy Gets Around With No Problem and Wonderful Visit.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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As mentioned yesterday there was a slight Hick Up with One of the Modifications done to the Prototype. This morning after starting the day by finishing off the Jig I was handed the replacement part to fix the Prototype Problem fresh out of the Paint Booth. It was a step back to the beginning that ignored the Customer’s Request for strength and lubrication. Figuring there would be more changes to make soon they had me install it with the intention of being replaced later. My adage is to “Do it right the first time”.

As soon as the Jig was finished they assigned me the task of cleaning Fixtures that had just been painted. As someone told me at lunch this place has everyone doing everything when the occasion arises. The cleaning meant making certain there was no Paint on any surface area that would contain machined pieces. Once I was finished the Shipper could send them out.

Gerry the Supervisor was calling the Architect every Hour today still trying to get the dimensions so I can complete the other Aluminium job.

Kathy had a much more interesting day then I did. She was also quite surprised how confident she was driving to where she needed without getting upset. Learning to use Street Names rather then Landmarks was working much better. Since I had coached her on Sunday she said that even the Road Construction didn’t bother her.

She started at the Dyna Care blood lab in Windsor. She only had to wait Forty-Five Minutes which is far better then the near Three Hours we were there for before. Since she needed to get Blood drawn for Two different Doctors the Lab would take less Blood then if she had gone twice.

Next she went to Motor City Community Credit Union to pick up coins for our Laundry Money.

Then she went to Hearing Life in Tecumseh. The last couple of days Kathy had been experiencing sound similar to an Echo in her right ear so we thought that there was a problem with her Hearing Aide. After they tested it and she was still hearing the same thing without the device they recommended she go to our Family Doctor for Treatment.

She took the E. C. Rowe Expressway across to the west end of Windsor and soon arrived at our Family Doctor’s Office. Since Kathy didn’t have an appointment she had to wait nearly an Hour and a Half before seeing the Doctor. It turned out that she has a bad Ear Infection that if left untreated would get worse. A prescription for Antibiotics and Ear Drops was issues.

It was nearly 1:15 when Kathy finally got to Wendy’s to have lunch. She ordered a Grilled Chicken Wrap off the Value Menu, a small Chocolate Frosty and a Senior’s Soft Drink. Her lunch cost all of $3.60.

She stopped at the Great Canadian Superstore where she picked up some Fruits, Vegetables and few other things before bring it all Home.

She only put the Refrigerated stuff away before driving all the way to Pharma Care in Amherstburg to get her Prescriptions filled. The sooner she starts the Antibiotics the sooner her ear will improve.
I was surprised when I arrived Home to find some groceries still on the counter but no Kathy. I barely had the chance to take my Work Shoes off and empty my lunch bag when she arrived.
For supper while I grilled some Chicken Kabobs Kathy was busy microwaving some Corn-on-the-Cob. It all tasted wonderful.

We headed out the door shortly after 5:30 heading back to Amherstburg for our visit with our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa. We try to visit every week but sometimes things happen that we can’t like last week. That meant we had a lot more information to exchange in a shorter period of time. Because of my early wake up time I was feeling worn out and we left shortly before 8:00.
At Home that warm shower helped to wake me a bit. I am very proud that Kathy had no issues driving around today. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

You Might Be a Redneck If

You can see your ears without a mirror.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Changes, Cleaning and Working Together.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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First thing this morning I started working on modifying some parts on the Prototype Unit and thought that I would have it out the door by noon until the Owner gave me a list of things that he wanted changed. Many of them involved unbolting this and replacing it with that but there was one that required a total rebuild and by the time it came out of the Paint Booth it was nearly 2:00. Not all modifications work out for the better and this one left us with a flex problem that we didn’t have before.

The Architect that ordered the Other Aluminium Job called in the morning to see when he could pick it up and was surprise that we were still waiting for him to send center dimensions. He even asked why would that make a difference. That would be the same as putting a Square Peg in a Round Hole. He said he would get back to us in an Hour but by the end of the day there was nothing.

I finished the day by continuing to modify the second Jig. I should have it finished early tomorrow morning.

It felt good to be Home. Kathy had been busy going through the File Cabinet. This allows her to get rid of old Tax Returns and Receipts.

For supper while I grilled a couple of Sausages on the Weber Q Kathy was cooking an Acorn Squash in the Microwave. Everything tasted wonderful.

Since we were so busy this past weekend tonight was Laundry. Once I had everything in the Washers I walked over to the Park Trash and Recycle Area to get rid of our waste. Once everything was in the Dryers I walked back Home. By then I was really starting to feel worn out so Kathy came back with me to fold the clothes. Working together we had it finished in Forty-Five Minutes.

As soon as all the Laundry had been put away I finally had the chance to take my shower. If I had done that earlier I would have been energized sooner. Tomorrow will be another busy day for the both of us. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration

It is better to travel well than to arrive.


Monday, August 12, 2019

Bouncing Around At Work, Kathy Did Good and Our Neighbours Made It.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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Today was a crazy day at Work. After doing as much as I could on the job I started last week and making adjustments to the settings on the Welding Machine to make it perform the way it should I was reassigned to a job that had to have serial numbers put on all 175 Pieces. By lunchtime I managed to get 100 of those Pieces etched.

I had to chuckle to myself when the other people in the Lunchroom started swooning over the Strawberries that Kathy had cleaned and packed in my lunch for a dessert. Most of them had Fast Food off the Truck or Processed Food that got heated in the Microwave.

When I called Home Kathy was just getting in from getting our Car serviced at the dealership in Windsor. After the coaching she had yesterday her confidence level was better, she remained focused and didn’t panic the least bit. She was proud of herself just as I was of her.

The Owner thought that I did such a great job of modifying a Jig last week he had me start doing another. Problem was Five Minutes after getting it on the workbench he had something else for me to work on. If you recall the Customer that purchased the Prototype suggested some changes. So after giving me a quick suggestion I was busy welding new Aluminium Parts to make the change. I barely finishing by the end of the shift.
When I arrived Home on our Site I was pleasantly surprised to see our neighbours Maynard and Marva’s car at their Site. They are such a pleasant couple but he was quite ill when we saw him at the beginning of the season. Kathy and I went over to see how they were doing.
When he saw me Maynard jokingly said that it looked like I had just come from Work. Imagine the shocked look on his face when I said that I had. At first he thought that I was pulling a joke on him until I told him it was true.
Maynard’s heart had caused him problems earlier this year which delayed a badly needed Hip Replacement. Marva said that he tries to rush his recovery and his doctors warned him to slow down. They are planning on spending their first night here this season tonight and hope to spend more. We talked for nearly an Hour and a Half so after Hugs and Handshakes we headed Home.
While Kathy made a wonderful Garden Salad I grilled some Spare Ribs. Unfortunately we had our Salads eaten before the Ribs were cooked but it all tasted wonderful.
While Kathy did up the Dishes I went outside to empty and flush our Waste Tanks as well as covering our Grill. Our Showers felt wonderful and relaxing. I don’t think we’ll have any problems sleeping tonight. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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