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Friday, August 23, 2019

Kathy’s Surgery and Determined Neighbour

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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Even though I was at Work Kathy made it to Windsor Regional Hospital on time for her 9:00 appointment. Last Winter Kathy started having problems with a Finger on her Right Hand locking in a closed position. As time wore on the frequency of this happening increased. Our Family Doctor called it Trigger Finger and it was verified by the Surgical Specialist.

When she had all the paperwork in Admitting completed she was escorted to the Surgical Waiting Room. She barely had a chance to sit down and she was being called in. Surprisingly for a surgery that appeared to be small it would take nearly an Hour to complete all while she was awake. They had used a Localized Freezing that hurt her more then the procedure but she was forewarned that when the Freezing wore off she would probably need a supply of Tylenol for a few days. Knowing that Kathy was by herself they monitored her for some time before advising her to go have something to eat in the Coffee Shop.
It took a some twisting to shift the Car with her Left Hand but she was Home shortly after 11:00. After opening all the Windows and Roof Vents she sat down to relax a bit but startled herself awake when she unexpectedly closed her eyes. It wasn’t until after my lunchtime call to see how she was doing that she made herself something to eat.
When I got Home from Work we spoke of our day. Kathy will be returning for a Surgical Follow Up in Two Weeks where the Stitches will be removed. My day had been one of frustration where the Owner kept stressing the importance of having the job done on time but kept reassigning me to other jobs that others could have done. TGIF!

We heard our neighbours next door speaking so we went over to talk with them for a short while. They are a pleasant couple and even though Maynard has just recently had a Hip Replacement he still insists on doing things for himself. Marva tries to protect Maynard from himself but that only makes him more determined to do it himself.
For supper Kathy had me clean up the Strawberries in the Fridge that she used to make Strawberry Short Cupcakes for dessert while I made Split Pea with Ham Soup for our supper. Tomorrow we have chores and shopping to do so even though it’s a day off from Work we’ll still be busy. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I hope you have a speedy, and pain free, recovery Kathy!

  2. OUCH!!! I hope that's not as painful as it looks, Kathy! Take it easy ... no using that hand!! LOL

  3. Hopefully the surgery corrected the problem..guess we know who'll be washing dishes the next couple of weeks!

  4. Wishing you a quick recovery Kathy. Hope you are soon painfree.

  5. Her is hoping for a quick recovery and that it is fully successful!

  6. Just catching up with my blog reading and I find Kathy had hand surgery. So glad everything went well and that you were able to drive yourself home.

    May you have a speedy recovery. Take care.