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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Problems, Changes, Kathy’s Appointments and A Tasty Supper.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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I was once again awake before the Alarm went off this morning so that it did not disturb Kathy. At Work I was surprised that Two of the Painters were in earlier than I was in order to catch up on the Backlog of work that’s piling up.

I had just finished getting the Mechanical Framework for my job ready to go to the Paint Booth when Gerry the Supervisor reminded the Owner that there was a Stiffener to be added. Without even giving me a print they just told me what they wanted. It sounded easy enough but it turned into a morning Nightmare. It wasn’t until after the Brace was installed that things seemed to go out of alignment. Everything had been clamped in position but suddenly it seemed to Twist. Tape Measures are useful tools for building things as well as finding problems. The Thickness of one of the Fabricated Pieces had been changed but the Print showed the same Inside Dimension which meant the Outside Dimension was now a Quarter Inch too wide.

Kathy had no problem finding the Dermatologist Office that she was sent to by our Family Doctor who is very knowledgeable but when in doubt sends you to Specialists which is something Kathy’s former doctor never did. After checking Kathy over he gave her a clean bill of health for her skin but said it would be wise to get it checked every couple of Years.

Since she wasn’t too far away she stopped at VitalAire and spoke with Shelley verifying the appointment for our new CPAP Machines.

Then she headed over to Guardian Storage to collect our Mail. She did have a problem finding the right Key for our Mailbox but Wendy was able to help her our knowing that I used to always do it.

After lunch I was told to work on One Job but the Pieces needed some grinding. They had been made too long. I was just about ready to start welding the Aluminium together when the Owner wanted to show me something. We headed out to the Parking Lot where he showed me the Original Design of what would become the Prototype. What he wanted to do was modify a part of it so we partially disassembled it in the Parking Lot and brought it to my Welding Bench. I was going back and forth between the Job and the Modification. It was well past the end of the shift by the time we had the Original Design reassembled.

With the Humidex sitting at 102 F (39 C) it was actually difficult to take my soaking wet Coveralls off. I called Kathy to let her know that I was delayed so she wouldn’t worry.

By the time I got Home I had to quickly change from my wet clothes but didn’t immediately take a shower. I had to make a few Phone Calls. I wrote about ordering Welding Coveralls from Alberta but I still haven’t received them or a Tracking Number. I called to find out that those particular Coveralls are on Back-Order and I probably won’t get them until after Labour Day.
I had noticed that Kathy had taken some Chicken Kabobs and a Zucchini for me to grill for supper. I checked The Weather Network to see there was Rain heading our way so if I was going to grill supper my shower would have to wait.

While the Weber did its magic I noticed I had forgotten to empty the Inch and a Half of Water from our Rain Gauge from the other night. I’m certain there was more but it evaporated.

Inside Kathy had been making a Garden Salad as well as a dessert treat to go with our meal.

After closing up the Grill it felt good to wash all that Sweat and Salt off in the shower. By the time I sat back at the Computer the Rain had once again started. With another Hot Day forecasted for tomorrow we are looking forward to cooler temperatures heading our way. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Why not take a chance with the zippered coveralls to help you out. Should by chance the zippers get welded shut you can cut them off and have new ones sewn in. Just saying. Good that Kathy gets independent to relieve you of all the running around. Next up she'll be doing the laundry ;-)

  2. Don't you just love this hot weather? I'm ready for some cool!! Even worse since you are welding!!! Congrats to Kathy on her new independence.

  3. Boy those wet coveralls would be terrible to end the day in! You guys have got such hot temps and humidity! Dinner looked perfect for such an evening!

  4. Please send some of your rain my way.