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Thank You for following this Blog

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Getting Cleaned, Organized and Wonderful Visit.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Even though we got to bed well after midnight Kathy just could not stop thinking. It was probably well after 3:00 when she finally got to sleep only to wake up before 8:30. Not good for someone that has always needed around Nine Hours of sleep per night.

As we were boiling the Water in the Kettle for our Coffees and Kathy’s Quaker Oats the flame on the stove started getting shorter and shorter. I had to go out to check on our propane situation. We have an Automatic Switching Regulator but I somehow had turned the second Tank off the last time I looked it over. A quick twist of the valve and we were soon enjoying our hot Coffees and Cereal.

After completing our morning reading I started calling some of the twenty locations we had visited yesterday in search of my lost Keys with no luck. It is amazing how you can get all the phone numbers you want by simply Googling it. No more phone books that are not up to date or someone has ripped the pages out.

Not having any more Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup we had to pull out a can of Italian Wedding Soup to go with the Grilled Cheese Sandwich that we shared for lunch. We talked about what we wanted to accomplish this afternoon and as soon as we’d finished eating we got busy. 

Kathy was busy Dusting and Sweeping the trailer something she does every few days between her weekly Vacuuming.

Even though I had sorted through lots of things a while back I needed to finish Organizing and Sweeping the Basement. That was when I found a couple more containers that I hadn’t sorted. It was cool enough with the breeze that I needed to wear a sweater to keep warm but that caused another problem. The warmth from the Sun was causing the outside of the sweater to attract Bees to the surface. I didn’t know that until looking at something else I got stung in my Hand. Sorry to say the Bee didn’t survive but I was lucky enough the Stinger didn’t stay in my Hand. The tools that I’ll be using in the next few days are the only things out of place but the Basement nearly looks much better.

By the time I got inside Kathy had already cooked some Spare Ribs in the Convection Oven, made a Salad along with Mashed Sweet Potatoes. Everything tasted wonderful and we even finished the last of the Fruit Cake for dessert. 

After we finished doing the dishes we were soon on our way to Amherstburg for our weekly visit with our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa. Even though they just bought their Travel Trailer they took it out to Willow Wood Campground this past weekend with their boys to try it out. They loved it and are looking forward to next summer. Kevin had some questions about winterizing it but once I confirmed what he was doing he felt more comfortable knowing that he was doing it right. We also discussed what we will bring to their Halloween Party in ten days.

Kathy had a hard time keeping her eyes open on the way Home but as soon as we walked in the door she was wide awake. Hopefully she’ll sleep well tonight. We’ll see what we can do tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


You Might Be a Redneck If

None of your skills produce income.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Errands Galore, Wonderful Visits, Our Final Merry Thanksmas For This Year and Locked Out.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

After another cooler night under our warm Winter Bedsheets we were up shortly after 8:00 this morning. The first thing I did was to set about making a Coffee and a Hot Bowl of Quaker Oats Cereal for Kathy’s breakfast because I had to fast. My plan was to get my Yearly Blood Tests done for my Doctors this morning. While she ate I quickly checked a few things on my Computer.

We were on the road by 9:00 heading to Windsor where we had a number of things we needed to do. We were surprised that there were still Construction Zones on Walker Road causing a Bottleneck for the inbound traffic.

The first stop we made was at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Howard Avenue so Kathy could walk around while I had the Blood Tests done next door. When I arrived at the Lab there was the Notice on the door informing everyone that the employees were “On Strike” until further notice. It has been publicized on the Local News but I was hoping that this location had not been affected. (Wishful Thinking). With today’s tight schedule it helped that the Lab had been closed because that would have probably involved sitting around for nearly an hour waiting my turn. Kathy managed to find some things like Buckley’s Cough Syrup that we needed for our southern trip that she had forgotten before.

Driving through another Construction Zone on Tecumseh Road caused a lot of stop and go for us before reaching our next stop was Guardian Storage where we picked up only Three pieces of Mail. Leaving there we spent the next ten minutes blocked in a line of traffic due to a very Slow-Moving Freight Train.

Since I hadn’t eaten yet we stopped at Taco Bell thinking that I’d finally get the chance to try their breakfast menu. “Sorry we’re not open yet and that is only served in the US” was their response. Just down the road McDonalds has now expanded their breakfast menu and they serve it all day. We each had a Breakfast Wrap and a Coffee.

A little further up Tecumseh Road we stopped at Canadian Tire. The Trash and Recycle Bins in our trailer use a certain sized Plastic Liner Bag and no matter where we get them from most just don’t fit properly but the ones at Canadian Tire are a perfect fit. We also picked up a Cable Connection that will help make the connections behind the television neater as well as an Air-Dryer Filter for our Compressor.

Heading back west we stopped at Staples where we picked up additional Ink Cartridges for our Printer as well as a couple of Tapes for Kathy’s Labeler. They had a special on the Cartridges that if you bought Two today you received a $10.00 Gift Card which we then applied to the Labeling Tapes.

Driving across the parking lot to Walmart Kathy picked up a few more Groceries that she had forgotten while I picked up an additional SD Card for our Camera.

A quick stop at the Motor City Community Credit Union where we did our last bit of banking until we return next spring.

Now we headed across town on the E.C. Rowe Expressway to Dougal Avenue where we stopped at the TD Bank and Kyle helped us to complete that banking until next spring.

Since it was then past noon we stopped at another McDonalds for Chicken Nuggets for our lunch before driving through another Construction Zone up the street to the Wholesale Club to pick up our supply of Halls Cough Drops for our trip south. These are far better than the ones sold in the US.

We had a 1:00 appointment to meet my aunt Anna and uncle Bob at the Devonshire Retirement Home they now reside in after moving from London. We nearly made it on time until we got stopped by yet another Construction Zone directly in front of their building on Crawford Avenue.

We went up to the Fourth Floor Community Room where we sat catching up on what has been happening in their lives as well as ours. We were also watching the Shipping Traffic on the Detroit River. They were shocked to hear of the problems we are having with our trailer but wished us Safe Travels and hoping Jayco does the right thing for us by fixing our trailer. The Two Hours we were there only felt like minutes but it was soon time to leave. We’ll be visiting them again in the spring.

That visit did not last as long as we had planned so we stopped at the nearby Bulk Barn where we walked around stretching our legs. We also picked up a few supplies that we can’t find in any of the local grocery stores for the prices we pay there.

Since we had a Gift Card we planned on eating supper at the west-end Swiss Chalet. Imagine our surprise when we drove into the parking lot to find a sign saying the building was For Rent. Plan B we drove to the other end of the parking lot to Wendy’s where we each had a Full-Sized Salad for our supper. 
The Ambassador Bridge leading to Detroit, Michigan.
We had some time before our next appointment of the day so we walked around the Factory Direct Outlet. It helped to wear down our supper as well as allowing us to see what they carry. It’s not often you see 70” Television Sets going for a Thousand Dollars. 
These women seem to have been talking forever.
With still more time then we had planned we went next door to the Dollar Tree. Again, it was mostly for walking but then we found the Money/Gift Cards that we couldn’t find earlier this year let’s just say we won’t be looking for them again next year. 
If this old tree could only talk.
Still a bit early for our last appointment we went down by the River where we watched as the Flags at the Afghanistan Memorial were nearly unwavering and there were White Caps from the 30 MPH Winds. 
A Flag for each Canadian Soldier lost during the Afghanistan War.
We drove over to our daughter Rose’s House for our final Merry Thanksmas Celebration of this year. As soon as we walked in with the Gift Bags D.J. wanted to open his gifts but we insisted he had to wait because Munaf was not home. For a Twelve-Year Old that was hard to do but he managed. We had a chance to visit with Rose before Munaf arrived. Everyone enjoyed their gifts especially D.J. and we are already expected to visit next spring. 
D.J. finally getting his gifts.
We didn’t get Home until nearly 9:30 but then I couldn’t unlock the door. Somehow my set of trailer keys came off my Key Hook. Luckily Kathy had her’s and once inside I took a flashlight outside to see if they could be located. I brought our purchases in but no keys. I gave a call to Rose but there were no keys on her couch. I’ll make a few calls tomorrow and if they don’t turn up we’ll just have to replace them.

After making Twenty-One stops today we’re both feeling slightly tired. We have a few more days of nice weather coming our way before it really cools down. Got to get things ready to roll. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Words of Inspiration

All women become like their mothers.

That is their tragedy.

No man does.

That's his.

Oscar Wilde, Irish Poet and Playwright

Monday, October 16, 2017

Cold Weather Day, More Plans Being Researched and Things Crossed Off The To-Do List.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

After taking the chill out of the trailer by cycling the Furnace we shut it off and climbed between our Winter Bedsheets last night. Even with the 37 F (3 C) outside temperatures we were so comfortable the next thing we knew it was 8:00 in the morning. There was a difference when I started opening the Window Shades that we didn’t have for the last few days, the Sun was shining brightly.

Looking outside while eating there were plenty of eager walkers out getting their exercise in and others playing Golf on the course. They all had something in common, they were wearing Jackets and some even had Gloves on.

We spent most of the morning doing inside chores as well as reading on the Computers before I headed outside to start getting things ready for my outside Project. That meant gathering Tools, Fasteners and bringing my Coveralls inside from the basement to warm up. 
Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup along with
a half Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Pickle.
By then Kathy had started simmering the very last of the Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup on the stove. She also wanted to make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich for us to share. I helped by slicing the cheese while she buttered the bread. It tasted wonderful and the Hot Soup helped to get the chill out of both our bodies.

Once lunch was over Kathy pulled out her Books and got on her Computer to see what things of interest we’ll be able to see when we start our southwest migration in just over Two Weeks. We set the course last week but it could be changed if Kathy finds something of interest. Lots of these places we have heard of by reading other RVer’s Blogs. She then calculates Travel Time according to the route, places to sleep, where we’ll buy our Fuel and buy our Groceries. She has often had complete Itineraries made only to see something else more appealing causing her to change our plans yet another time. I get to see the finished results a couple of days before we leave. 
RV Scissor Jack installed to remove bounce in Suspension when parked.
This afternoon I needed to wear a warm Hoodie under my Coveralls because even though the Sun was out and there was barely any Wind the outside temperature only topped out at 55 F (13 C). Having drilled Pilot Holes for the RV Scissor Jacks over a week ago. Today I increased the hole size and then I had to tap the holes since there is no way to put Nuts on most of the Bolts. This was all done while laying on an old rug that was on the Cold Ground. It took quite a bit of time but the Scissor Jacks are now mounted under our Trailer. I also have a Long-Handled Magnet that was used to pick up all the metal shavings from the ground.

After a brief rest to stretch my back and put some tools away I adjusted a few other things before I started feeling chilled. Looking around the Sun had slipped behind a bank of Clouds making the temperature change was noticeable. 
Turkey Fettuccini.
Since we are very limited to what Foods we are allowed to bring across the International Border Kathy is working at using up lots of things in the Fridge and Freezer. With that in mind she had me cubing one piece of Turkey as well as chopping Celery and Onions for supper. While she turned that into a delicious Turkey Fettuccini she also had me cleaning and coring a couple of apples which were then turned into Baked Apples for dessert. 
Baked Apple Dessert.
Tomorrow we’ll be off with an early start. We’ve lots of errands and Two very important Visits. All this while the clock is ticking. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Joke of the Day

The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Coyotes In The Park, Warm Morning, Cold Evening and Scratching Things Off Our To-Do List.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Kathy could barely keep her eyes open last night so she was in bed before 11:30 while I continued reading the Blogs we follow. As I was reading I thought I was hearing things outside so I opened a couple of windows. There was no mistaking the sound this time as it was a sound I became accustomed to last winter, Coyotes. There have been many sightings reported on the Local News for a number of years but last night reminded me of the Night-Time Desert Sounds. By what I could hear they were within the Wildwood RV Park Area.

We didn’t even need the Heavy Bedcover when we went to bed last night for added warmth because the temperature actually rose overnight. When we opened the Window Shades in the Living Area and looked outside the sky looked like we were about to have S@#w 
This is what it looked like the entire day.
As we were having our breakfast we had to start opening windows on the side of the trailer to allow the warmer outside air in. The Weather Guessers were very much on the money as far as the High Winds coming from the southwest so by leaving the back windows shut we weren’t getting the cooler breeze. 
Add caption
I cut my morning reading short this morning because I wanted to get some of the Inside Projects scratched off our To-Do List. The first thing I started with was removing the Television from the Bracket over the Electric Fireplace. Since mounting our Router, Modem and We-Boost behind the Television it has been impossible for the latch to work. The Router was too thick causing the Swing Arm Bracket to not come together. Remounting the Electronics differently still had the same affect so I had to go through my Parts Organizers in the Truck where I found Spacers with Longer Screws. This allowed me to add a Half Inch of Clearance which lets the Travel Latch work the way it should. 
Everything is working fine now.
For lunch we enjoyed another serving of our Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup along with Strawberry Covered Yogurt for dessert. 

After lunch we started getting Rain Showers on and off along with Thirty-Five MPH Winds so things started cooling down. By 2:00 we had to start closing the windows in order to stay warm.

My next project was to adjust our Skylight Cover that I made in the Bathroom. It was made to keep the Hot Sunlight out in the summer and the Cold Air out in the winter which it does well. It seems the Sunlight was still finding ways to seep around the Panel that I’d made. Having used “J” Rail to make the slides I needed to trim it back. When I removed the inside cover I had another mess to deal with. If you recall our Skylight was destroyed when we hit a Low Flying Bird while coming into Ohio last spring. Even though I had been very thorough of cleaning things up when I replaced the Skylight there was lots of Debris that came falling down this afternoon. After trimming the “J” Rail and reinstalling the Bathroom Skylight Cover it was so dark in there I needed to turn the light on to see. 

For supper Kathy couldn’t make up her mind what to have so she cooked some Perogies and micro-waved some Chicken Egg Rolls. May sound weird but they actually tasted pretty good together.

We’ve already had to cycle the furnace a few times to warm the trailer up this evening. The Weather Guessers are forecasting 39 F (4 C) tonight. Guess we’ll be keeping the Heavy Bedcover on tonight. They also forecasted 55 F (13 C) for a high tomorrow. Fall is Back! Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Words of Inspiration

The search for happiness is one of the chief sources of unhappiness.

Eric Hoffer, American Philosopher

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Another Merry Thanksmas and High Wind Advisory For Our Area.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

We were both awake before 8:00 this morning knowing that someone special was coming to visit with us today. We enjoyed our breakfast at the table and our Coffees at the Computers. We managed to get all our morning reading completed before putting the Computers away for a while. It is amazing how much more space we have in our Living Area by simply putting our Computers and the Folding Tables they sit on away.

Around 10:00 the phone rang, informing us of a possible delay. That gave me a chance to go sweep the leaves that had blown in overnight off the Patio.

With only a Ten-Minute Delay at 11:40 our granddaughter Kylla and her boyfriend Cody arrived. They had taken a trip with other friends to Montreal for Ten Days and had not been able to make the Merry Thanksmas Family Celebration last Saturday. Kylla has always been extremely close to Kathy and since we’ll be leaving for the southwest soon Kylla needed to make the visit.

They had a tour of our Home and we had the chance to sit and visit. Being a typical Grandma, Kathy had to find out how long they’ve known one another as well as when they started dating. We had the chance to better understand who Cody is and what his plans are once he graduates from University.

Shortly after noon we drove up to the 19th Hole Restaurant where everyone ordered something different. The kids loved the restaurant and the food. There were a lot more questions asked about how Kathy and I crossed paths along with more of my family’s history. It really opened Kylla’s eyes.

When our meal was over we drove around the Park not only showing them the layout but describing the amount of Flooding that had taken place in the Park back in August. 

Getting back Home we gave them both their Merry Thanksmas Gifts. Cody was in shock and had not expected anything. Kathy’s theory which I agree with, is if everyone around you is opening Gifts and you aren’t, “How would that make you feel?” That would be like a slap in the face and we would rather make friends feel welcome. They both like their Gifts and gave us extra Hugs and Handshakes before they left.

It was nearly 2:30 when they left and I figured it was safe to bring the Truck back from the Overflow Parking Area. As I was leaving our neighbour Hugh was struggling to close up his Awning. He had heard about the forecasted 55 MPH Wind Gusts our area will be experiencing most of the day tomorrow. He also just last Sunday nearly took the tip of his finger off with this Awning. Rather than letting him injure himself again working together we had it safely secured in Two Minutes.

Continuing my walk to get the Truck other neighbours Hank and Dave pulled me into their conversation. Both these men are Retired Police Officers. By the time I got back Home with the Truck my Five-Minute errand had turned into an Hour.

The leaves that I’d cleaned off the Patio earlier were back and even though the Temperature was a comfortable 70 F (21 C) the Twenty MPH Winds would have made working under the trailer more of a problem then a chore. I brought some tools inside so that I can get a few adjustments completed while the Wind howls by tomorrow.

Not feeling too hungry Kathy made us Pancakes topped with Strawberries and Cool Whip. It was more than Satisfying. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


You Might Be a Redneck If

Everything in your freezer was caught not bought.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Making Progress and Second Merry Thanksmas Celebration.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

After having gotten to bed shortly after midnight last night I was surprised to find myself looking at the clock at only 7:30 this morning. It only a few seconds for me to escape from the warm coziness of our bed because that is the time I want to get up every morning. lately I’ve been sleeping way past that which means I’m not able to fall asleep as early. The logic behind that is it will give me more Daylight Hours to work on our outside projects. 
The Sun finally arrived later this morning.
The first thing I did downstairs was to open all the Window Shades in an attempt to let the Sunshine light up the trailer and warm us up. (That was wishful thinking) The sky was totally covered with darker clouds then yesterday but there was a saving grace. There was a 0 MPH Wind from the North. That’s exactly the way it read on The Weather Network webpage for our area. Cracking a window open the air felt warmer outside than in. The temperature today was more seasonal then the near winter like temperatures of the past few days. 
Turkey and Salad Wrap.
With all the allergies in the air Kathy slept in this morning. She did feel well rested but was upset for waking after 9:00. After breakfast we still had a double cup of Coffee while sitting at the Computers and getting caught up on all our reading. 
The trees are really changing colours.
While I was busy upstairs making the bed, Kathy was busy making Turkey and Salad Wraps for our lunch. She’s starting to get the message about cutting back our food intake on our slower days. 
Jen and Haigan.
Since we are expecting company tomorrow I brought the Truck to the Overflow Parking Area. When I got back one look at our grass told me it needed to be cut again. This is the type of Lush Green Grass everyone would want for their houses but it grows like crazy. Every Four to Five days it has to be cut. Once the Grass was mowed and trimmed it was time to get washed up and relax for a few minutes. 
Emma and Connor.
After loading up the back seat of the Car we were on our way towards Essex by 4:30. Our destination was the Michigan Diner where we planned on enjoying our Second Merry Thanksmas Celebration with our daughter-in-law Jen and the grands. We were at their house for a Birthday Celebration last evening and we felt it important that Connor enjoy his Special Day to its fullest and not mix the celebrations. We were able to get one of the booths that can sit Eight Comfortably so we knew everyone would fit without being packed like sardines. 
Emma is wondering what the boys are up to while she is trying to eat.
(Photo Bombed)
Everyone enjoyed what they wanted but we all laughed when the portions for the two youngest at the table were larger then what the portions of our Senior Meals. Kathy and I were the only ones without a Take Home Box. 
Haigan and Connor opening their Gifts.
We followed Jen back to her place because she now knows all the short cuts. With our hands filled with Giftbags it didn’t take long before we started handing them out. Due to limited couch space we started with the boys. Both Connor and Haigan have similar tastes so that made it easier when we were shopping. They both enjoy colouring, doing puzzles and building things so all their gifts were the same but different so there was no mistaking who it belonged to. Once their gifts were open they started working on building their LEGO Planes. 
Emma liking her Lotions.
Emma is just getting into Make-Up and Perfumes so she loved everything she got. Jen enjoyed her gifts and made certain that we didn’t go away empty handed by giving us a priceless saying that will find its way onto our wall. 
Kathy with our new Sign.
We spent more time talking while enjoying Tea and a lite snack at the Kitchen Table as the boys worked on their planes. We learned a lot of different things tonight as well as sharing some past experiences of our own. Before we knew it was time to say Good Bye but hopefully we’ll get a chance to visit again before we leave. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Tonight’s Krackers
taken from our new
sign given to us by Jen.
Isn’t that the Truth.


 We may not have it all together,

but together we have it all.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

More Miserable Weather, Doing A Few Chores and A Birthday Celebration.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

We both slept like a couple of rocks last night. We changed the bed linens to the Winter Sheets yesterday and Kathy said this morning that she felt instantly warm and cozy. She also said that as soon as she was covered she turned over and the next thing she knew it was morning. Now that is a deep sleep.

When we opened the Window Shades this morning it basically looked the same as yesterday but without the Rain. There were puddles everywhere but the storm had moved through our area. The Cloud Cover and the Cool North Wind stuck around the entire day.

We spent part of the morning on the Computers but being cooped up inside without running any heat source we were chilled enough that a Bowl of Hot Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup for lunch was the only way to warm ourselves from the inside. 
Another dreary day. This is 5:00 in the afternoon.
When lunch was finished Kathy washed the Dishes enjoying every second her hands were in the warm water. I busied myself gathering the Trash and Recycle then walked it down to the Park Trash and Recycle Area. When I returned I flushed our Black Waste Tank and emptied our Grey Tanks. By the time I got back inside I needed another hot drink in order to warm up. With the Sun forecasted to make an appearance for the next couple of days I decided to work at my outdoor chores then. 
Connor plays football on his school team.
We made Ham and Cheese Salad Wraps for supper. Since we weren’t that busy today we didn’t need to eat that much but there was another reason for not overeating. 
Blowing out the candles.
Shortly after 5:00 we drove to our daughter-in-law Jen’s home in Essex. Everyone else was delayed due to a traffic accident along the way. Jen’s parents Jack and Sue along with her sister Melissa with her family as well as her friend’s family were all in attendance. Today we were celebrating our grandson Connor’s 12th Birthday. 
A man sized piece of cake for a young man.
To change things around we first sang the Happy Birthday song and Connor blew out the candles. Jen then served the Cake and Ice Cream. Once everyone was fed Connor had fun opening his gifts. He had been asking his mom for a Watch lately and without knowing that it was one of the things Kathy and I gave him. He loved all his gifts and passed around a generous serving of Hugs to show his appreciation. 

While the kids played in the other room the adults had time to compare notes on a more mature level. As the evening passed it was time for the little ones to head home to their beds. The two sets of Grandparents stayed a little while longer before saying our goodbyes just before 9:00. We told Jen we’d be seeing her again soon. 
Connor reading about his new Coleman Waterproof Watch.
By the time we got Home the Wind seemed to have stopped which made temperature rise to 57 F (14 C). That was warmer than it had been all day. We are hoping to get a lot more accomplished in the next couple of days. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

The World's Great Proverbs

Of two evils choose the less.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Getting Things Done With Fall Weather, A Quick Errand and A Fun Visit Sharing Advice.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Last night when we went to bed we allowed for cooler temperatures by keeping the Bedcover on for extra warmth. The 48 F (9 C) also kept us under the covers but with the sound of the forecasted Rain hitting on the roof in the early morning hours we were done. Done in the sense that the sound no longer lulls just Kathy but the both of us into an even deeper sleep. We didn’t wake up until after 9:30 this morning and the Rain was still coming down steady. 
At 9:30 this morning.
It was definitely a double Coffee day for the both of us trying to get the chill out of our bodies. By 11:00 I was changing the Bed Sheets to our warmer Winter Sheets we got last winter. Once the bed was made it was time to sort the rest of the Laundry. 

Still feeling chilled Kathy decided a nice hot bowl of Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup along with a half a Turkey Salad Sandwich would help and it did.

By 12:30 I was at the Park Laundry Room where I was in for a huge surprise. It seems that everyone thought that since they couldn’t be outside in this Cold Windy Wet Day this would be the perfect time to do laundry. One woman said it was the same way when she arrived two hours earlier. Bit by bit everyone got their laundry loaded as the machines became available. And as some were finishing their laundry others were coming in for the late afternoon washing. 

It was nearly 4:30 when I got back Home because I had done extra loads today and Kathy was already getting things ready for supper. While I started unpacking the folded Clothes, Linens and Towels Kathy was calling me to eat. We had Baked Beans and Sausage on a single Toast along with Fruit as well as a Butter Tart for dessert. 
At 5:15 this evening
It was after 5:00 when we left to go to Amherstburg. When we were in town yesterday I’d forgot to drop off a Prescription at the Pharma Choice Pharmacy. The only problem was that we had to get there before they closed at 6:00 so that was our first stop. We arrived with twenty minutes to spare. Explaining that I don’t need the Antibiotics until we get the rest of our Medications at the end of the month seemed to confuse the clerk. When I repeated the same instructions stating that it is for when we head south then she understood. 

We arrived at our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa’s home for our weekly visit before 6:00. The rain had slowed to a drizzle but there was still a chill in the air. Our visit surrounded ideas of how to do different things with their new Travel Trailer. Being they are Newbies to RVing they are needing as much advice as we can give them. We still had plenty of other things to talk about and one just happened to be that in Three Weeks we will be in the U.S. heading towards the southwest. After plying us with lots of Hot Tea and snacks while we were there Melissa sent us on our way with Ziploc Bag of Frozen Rhubarb from a package that she recently purchased at The Wholesale Club. She said the package was way too big for them and she knows we love making different things with Rhubarb. Thank You Melissa and Kevin we’ll make certain it doesn’t go to waste.

When we got Home we had to cycle the furnace to take the dampness out of the 48 F (9 C) air. We are definitely getting Fall Weather. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

You Might Be a Redneck If

You win the lottery in the morning

buy a Camaro at lunchtime

and are in jail by nightfall.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Getting Chores/Errands Done, Seeing The Kids New Travel Trailer and Getting Back To Seasonal Weather.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

It was nearly midnight by the time we went to bed last night and we left most of the windows open downstairs. With all that fresh air and the cool North Wind blowing close to Twenty MPH it was a recipe for sleeping soundly. It was nearly 8:30 before we got up this morning but we felt rested.

As mentioned in yesterday’s Blog there were a number of phone calls that had to be made this morning. Once we had finished eating and we’d moved to the Computers with our Coffee/Tea and while Kathy was checking her E-mails I started making those calls. The first was a message to Stephanie at Leisure Trailer about an E-mail that she was supposed to have sent to me but it didn’t arrive.

The second call was to my aunt Anna who while we were away last winter moved from London, Ontario back to Windsor to a Retirement Home. Whenever there are any medical outbreaks visitors are not allowed in the Home because the residents are very susceptible and there have been a number of those this year. We now have a date to visit next week.

The last call was to pay our Verizon bill and to set up the automatic increase of data to our plan for the day we head south.

We had a few other things that needed taking care of and one was making a Shopping List of groceries that we needed to pick up today. We worked together turning the Turkey Stock that Kathy had made yesterday into Homemade Turkey Vegetable Soup with Kathy doing the mixing and seasoning while I manned the Cutting Board. The soup as well as the ingredients that are now ready for other creations should feed us both at least a meal a day for the next week. 

For lunch we shared the last two pieces of Pizza from last night as well as a few Perogies. 
We never saw the Sun today.
It was after 1:00 when we headed to Amherstburg with not only a list of groceries but a list of places we needed to go to. Our first stop was the Home Hardware Building Center where I tried to get the Fasteners that could be used to mount the RV Scissor Jacks to our trailer. The best they could provide us with were Lag Bolts but at the last moment I chose a different route and left them behind. This year has been worse than last year for Spiders so we finally got some spray to help us in that battle. Kathy found that a few Storage Bins we have are not completely Air-Tight so she also purchased a couple more Sealable Storage Containers today. 

The next stop was Dollarama where we managed to get some supplies at very reasonable prices. 
Trees are changing colour and losing their leaves.
The next stop was at Walmart where we walked every aisle in the grocery section getting things to not only fill our Pantry but to add to the Soup and other Dishes being made at Home. 
Notice the Flags are hardly moving.
When we left Walmart, we drove to our son Kevin’s house for a double reason. The first was to see their new to them Travel Trailer and second to return something. This Trailer is set up as a Bunk with lots of storage which will help them have some Family Vacations away from home and it appears to be in good condition. They had a boat with a Cuddy Cabin years ago but when they sold it Kevin gave us their Non-Toxic Water Hose to use with our Travel Trailer. We already had a few hoses so it had just sat on the shelf unused. Today we returned that Hose knowing that it would be put to good use.

It was after 4:00 and we realized we’d forgotten something at the Hardware Store but we were also getting hungry so we stopped at McDonalds for our supper. We had the chance while having our meal to watch some of today’s Teenagers and how they act when in public. “Boy, have times changed”.

Back at Home after we got our purchases put away we worked together to wash up the dishes we had used earlier in the day. It’s a practice we have carried on since we learned ways to conserve our Fresh Water in the deserts of southwest states last winter.

We are back to Seasonal Temperatures with a Large Stormfront heading our way. Looks like we’ll be doing indoor chores tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration

Happiness is not a horse, you cannot harness it.

Russian Proverb