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Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

Thank You for Following our Blog.

Thank You for following this Blog

Saturday, July 14, 2018

More Progress On Projects.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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Before going to bed last night, we talked about things that we wanted to get started on today and since it was forecasted to be even warmer than yesterday that meant getting an early start. Waking every couple hours to turn over didn’t do anything to help that so when I looked at the clock and it showed 7:35 I was ready to start my day. Unfortunately, as many other times my Eyes Blinked and a fair amount of time had passed when they reopened. We had a Lite breakfast and drank our Coffees at the Computers. There was plenty to get caught up on but that didn’t help getting our Chores done.

The first thing I had to do was to empty and flush our Waste Tanks. I was busy concentrating on the discharge when a sudden movement in the side of my eye caught my attention. It was a tiny Bunny and he was only about Ten-Feet away in the grass. When I looked in the direction he came from I discovered an even smaller Bunny in what appeared to be a nest close to our Roadside Tires. I talked softly to them and since there was no sign of their mother around I just headed inside when I heard Kathy call me for lunch.

We had to go to Amherstburg but by 12:30 the Humidex was already at 102 F (39 C) so we had to use the Escape’s Air Conditioning. We weren’t sure where we would find what we needed so we started at Dollarama. We got lucky and within Ten Minutes we were heading Home not needing to go anywhere else for our purchases.

When we arrived at Home Kathy washed the few dishes we had dirtied so she could use the Counter for more Christmas Gift Wrapping.

I changed my clothes again, and with the heat I made certain that I had plenty of water with me before heading out. I needed to start modifying the Two Sets of Garden Gates for our friend Kathie to Child-Proof her Patio. With things not being properly organized in the basement after we moved back in, it took a while longer to find my tools. I used the Cutting Wheels on the Grinder to clean off a few things before starting to add New Hinges. Since she lives in an Apartment I have to be certain they are not easily stolen.

Kathy called me in at 5:30 for a Lite supper but we both wanted to get a few more things done before stopping for the day. At 8:30 we had closed up for the night and a nice shower was in order. Tomorrow we’ll see how much more we can get done. Think we'll be calling it an early night. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Words of Inspiration

Since when was genius found respectable?

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, English Poet

Friday, July 13, 2018

The Start Of Wrapping Things Up.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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It felt so good being able to sleep in this morning with no place we had to be. I slept until 7:30 before getting out of bed. I managed to have everything ready for breakfast and completed most of my morning reading when Kathy finally came downstairs.

Looking outside one would have thought that the skies were about to open up any moment but the Golfers were still out on the Links. With all the Pollen floating around in the air it was better for Kathy to stay inside besides the Humidex would only reach 99 F (37 C) this afternoon.

With it being over a week it was time to do the Laundry. While I sorted and prepped the clothes Kathy started getting things ready for lunch. She figures that it is better to have our larger meal in the middle of the day so that we can work it off. Lunch was sliced Chicken Breast, some Greek Pasta Salad and some Corn-on-the-Cob that we cooked in the Microwave. We both agree that the Corn tastes better and is crisper then if it was boiled.

As soon as we’d eaten I used the Escape to go start the Laundry in the Park Laundry Room. Kathy in the meantime was doing the dishes and sweeping the Trailer. Once the Washers were going I went back to the Trailer and backed into our Site. Yesterday we brought Home all the Christmas Gifts that we purchased while we were away last winter. When they are purchased Kathy enters them into our Christmas Gift Spreadsheet next to the recipient’s name. Kathy now had to assort them and start wrapping the Gifts using that list to be certain everyone will get what was purchased for them. Those lists can also be used to look back on what they received in the past so you are not duplicating any gifts. With everything unloaded I gathered the trash and drove back to the Laundry Room.

It was a short walk to and from the Park Trash and Recycle Area to the Laundry Room where the Washers were shutting down just as I arrived. It was a simple matter of switching things to the Dryers. With that completed I gathered the Delicates into the Truck that has been parked in the Overflow Parking Area since the RV Techs came over on Wednesday. With it safely parked on our Site, I hung the Delicates in the Shower to dry. Kathy needed Name Tags for the Packages printed so I took a few minutes to do those before walking back to the Laundry Room.

It was just after 4:00 when I got back Home with the Folded Laundry. Kathy was just closing up for the day when I walked in. It looks like we forgot something in the Climate Controlled Storage Unit that we need to continue with the wrapping. 

Around 5:30 Kathy made some Chicken, Bacon, Salad Wraps along with Olives for supper and topped off with a Yogurt Cup for desert. We later watched a Walmart Comedy Movie with Bruce Willis. We didn’t care for the beginning but the end made up for it.

Don’t know what we are doing tomorrow but I certain that we’ll be busy. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


You Might Be a Redneck If

You continue a conversation while using the restroom.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Warranty Repairs On The Escape, Counseling Fellow Co-Worker and Lower MPG Then Told.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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As mentioned yesterday we had an appointment for 10:30 this morning but we didn’t even bother to set the Alarm knowing that if we were awake by 8:30 we would still have plenty of time to do things around the Trailer. We managed to do our morning chores along with having breakfast at the table and our Coffees at the Computers.

We haven’t added any gasoline to the Escape since the day we drove it Home so we stopped at the Pioneer gas station and topped it off. We then took our time driving to Rose City Ford in Windsor where we bought our Escape. After driving it for a few days we noticed Pulsing on the Brakes when traveling at Highway Speeds and eventually it was becoming just as noticeable at Low Speeds. When I talked to our friend Don he explained that many Dealerships will automatically replace the Rotors and Brake Pads when they see a vehicle has sat unused for a long period of time. Others will let the vehicle go the way it came in and let the New Owners either bring it to their attention or live with it until they have to pay to have it serviced out of their own pockets.

We had booked an appointment over the Phone but the Service Manager said they would take a look at it. My response was that it should never have left their Dealership the way it was and we were waiting for it. We were barely seated in the Service Lounge when a Mechanic came in to say he’d be changing the Brake Pads and Rotors but it would take about an Hour.

Since we’d had a lite breakfast we walked a block up the road to A&W for an early lunch. Not knowing when we’d eat again we ordered our meals as Combos. We almost felt stuffed from the Sandwich, Fry and Drink but it gave us time to do some People Watching and it didn’t cost anything to do that.

We were back in the Customer Service Lounge by 12:00 and were just about to sit down when the Service Manager came it to say it was done. With it being covered under the warranty the only thing it cost us was our Time and Lunch.

Kathy’s Canadian Cell Phone was causing her problems and was up for renewal so we headed to the Tecumseh Mall. Returning to the Bell Outlet where we explained that we wanted an LG Cell Phone the salesperson looked through their stock only to return to say they only had Samsung Phones which cost a lot more. Those phones have lots of Bells and Whistles but with my Raynaud’s Disease I an unable to operate them yet I have no problem with the LGs. When I said if they didn’t have one we’d be leaving. He went back to check his stock again and came back with an identical Phone to mine. It took nearly an Hour to get everything setup because Speak-Out is a subsidiary of Rogers Wireless and we are keeping the same Phone Number.

We walked around the Mall for some Exercise before we ended up at Dollarama. While we were checking the second aisle I ran into Angelo a former Co-Worker from the days in the Casting Plant. He remembered before the Plant closed that I had said we would be traveling around in our RV. On the blog Old Fat Man Adventures, right below the Blog Title Barney has the message, “Don’t Wait. Do It Now” because you don’t know what tomorrow may bring. Last winter Angelo and his Wife of Fifty Years returned to the Italian Village she was raised in. She sent him on an errand and when he returned he found her deceased.

Angelo said he’s been feeling out of place when visiting Friends because he is now the lone person and was having strange mood swings. He didn’t realize that both Kathy and I have traveled the path he is now on and I had to explain that what he was experiencing was part of the Grieving Process. After a Half Hour he thanked me for the talk, wished us Safe Travels, but apologized for talking so long. We’ll meet again.

We stopped at Guardian Storage to check for our Mail then headed back to our Climate Controlled Storage Unit. Since we managed to complete our Christmas Shopping for this year before January 1st. It was all packed away when we had to empty our Trailer in April. Due to our celebrating Merry Thanksmas with the Family on our Canadian Thanksgiving we’ve decided to get an early start to the wrapping. It meant moving the Clothing Racks out of the way but in ten minutes we had everything that’s needed loaded into our Escape.

We stopped at the Zehrs Superstore on Walker Road to pick up some supplies but when we came out realized that it was past 6:00 so we stopped at Wendy’s and ordered from their Value Menu. Where else can Two People have supper for $7.19.

After getting everything inside I entered the gasoline Fill-Up into my Spreadsheet and the MPG is far less then what we were told we would be getting. Maybe it needs to be checked again. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


The World's Great Proverbs

Once bitten, twice shy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

New Steps Installed, Kathy’s All Smiles and Another Fun Visit.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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Not knowing what time the Techs from Leisure Trailers would arrive today we set the Alarm for 7:30 so we would have time to eat breakfast and have all our inside chores done if they came early. I also took the time to move the Truck back to the Overflow Parking and our Escape to our Neighbour’s Site since he has only been here a couple of Hours this season.

We had been told that the Techs had a few other jobs to do before they would get around to our Trailer. It was around noon they finally showed up across the street to replace their awning. Walking over to talk with Brad he explained that all the jobs they had done this morning had turned into Nightmares. It was always something that they had never seen happen that would cause major delays. I reminded him that we had an Afternoon Appointment and had to leave by 2:30.

I went back inside our Trailer to talk with Kathy about what Brad had said. We could see them working on the awning through our Window. Around 1:30 Ed came over by himself with a Utility Cart and our New Entrance Steps. He was just going to scrap our old steps with our expensive Covers so I stepped in to remove them. He was having another problem removing the Old Steps so again I went inside. When there was no longer any noise outside we found their Service Vehicle gone and so were they. They also left a small ladder on our grass and the Entry Steps pushed in. At 2:20 we had to leave for our appointment so I exited first and found the Steps too loose to safely use so I brought over their ladder so Kathy could exit the Trailer. Since we weren’t outside when they were here, they probably thought that we had already left.

We arrived at our Family Dentist’s Office in Amherstburg with Five Minutes to spare. Soon Kathy was called in and within Ten Minutes she was walking out all smiles.

With way too much time on our hands we walked around Walmart for a while. Kathy was going to get groceries and I had to remind her that we weren’t going Home for a number of hours, so we just walked around.

Around 4:30 we headed over to McDonalds where we enjoyed their Sweet Chili Wraps and a Soft Drink for supper. We took our time eating and watching how children were interacting with their grandparents. It was funny seeing how some were trying to get away with things but others seemed resigned that they already had what they were going to get. 
Kevin's work in process.
Even though it was still early around 5:15 we drove over to our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa’s house for our weekly visit. Kevin had been busy today setting the Body of his Street Rod onto the Chassis with Cameron’s help. The family had gone Camping for the weekend and really enjoyed it because the temperatures had cooled down to a comfortable level. 
New Steps are very solid.
When we got back Home our New Entry Steps had been installed and we were amazed how solid they were compared to the old set. Recalling the angle that they had been on, they must have been worn when we first got the Trailer in 2016. I put the Step Covers on before going inside, more to protect us then the Steps.

We have to set the Alarm again tonight because we have to take the Escape in for a Warranty Issue at the dealership in Windsor. Once that’s taken care of we only have a few things to do in town, Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


You Might Be a Redneck If

You've ever re-used a paper plate.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Healthy Heals, Our Package Has Arrived, More Errands and Two Car Meets.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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When we finally sat down for breakfast this morning we discussed leaving the Air Conditioning on because Mary from Healthy Heals was coming to take care of Kathy’s feet. Since she was booked for around noon we took our time eating then having our Coffee/Tea while at the Computer but that didn’t mean we could Lollygag either. 
A slightly cloudy day.
Just as I was checking my E-Mail to track our Package the phone was ringing. Carol from Guardian Storage was calling to say we had a delivery waiting for us. I actually watched the status change from “Out for Delivery” to “Package Delivered” on the screen. Having only ordered this unit late on Thursday and for it to have already been delivered is amazing, especially after the Two Failed Deliveries in the US.

As soon as things were cleaned up inside I moved the Truck over to the Overflow Parking so that Mary would have a place to park on out Site. Mary is always very prompt at being on time but this morning we were both surprised when she had not appeared. Five Minutes after the appointed time our phone rang to verify our address and when Kathy told her we looked out the window to see Mary’s Car on the Street in front of our Site. Mary had landmarked our Site according to our old Intrepid not the Site Number or how our Trailer appeared. She had even pulled into our neighbour’s site and then left before calling us on the phone. Now she knows to look for our Escape and our Eagle Trailer. 

By the time Mary had finished her handiwork it was nearly 1:30 and we were both getting hungry. We had the Leftover Chicken and Cole Slaw that we had for last night’s supper.

As soon as we’d eaten I went to bring the Truck back to our Site. We had a few things that needed taking care of in Windsor so we were out the door by 2:00. Our first stop was Guardian Storage to pick up our package that was delivered by the Canada Post Office. We then drove back to our Climate Controlled Storage Unit so Kathy could put some files back in our File Cabinet. 

The next stop was at Green Shield where it took Kathy less then a minute to drop off her Claim Form for her foot care from Healthy Heals. We should have the refund in our mail early next week.

From there we went over to our daughter Karen’s to see if they had finished with my Tarp. Greg was already home from work and said that they had accidentally torn it. Not to worry it was old. Then he told us how Friday night Kylla’s Car was damaged by a Hit and Run Driver. Her car was parked behind our old Intrepid and her girlfriend who was visiting was parked behind her. Being that her Car is White it was the only one of the three that was damaged. According to the Insurance Board the colour of the Vehicles most often damaged is White. 

Our next stop was at our friend Kathie’s apartment for a short visit. I promised to modify a couple of Metal Garden Gates for her Patio to act as a Child Gate for when she babysits her granddaughter. Instead of modifying them there I loaded them up to fix back at our Site.

It was past 5:00 when we left and we had more to do so we stopped at Wendy’s where we ordered Two Chicken Wraps from their Value Menu, Two Small Chocolate Frosties and Two Seniors Soft-Drinks for a mere $7.19. It was more then enough to make us feel satisfied. 

Now we needed to pick up materials to modify the Garden Gates. I will make them like Bifold Closet Doors but instead of Screwing the Hinges into the Gates they will be welded. We stopped at the East-End Home Depot and really had to look around. Some of the materials were in the Building Section while others were in the Cabinet Section.

When we were leaving we saw what appeared to be the beginning of a Street Rod/Car Meets in the corner of their lot. We still had plenty to do so we didn’t walk around talking to the owners. 

We needed to mail a letter and since it was on our way we stopped at the Canada Post Office Distribution Center on Walker Road. The Mailboxes out front are emptied several times a day rather then others that are only picked up once a day during the week.

Before going any further, we drove across to Canadian Tire so we could check out some prices and do some walking for exercise. As we were about to leave we noticed another Street Rod/Car Meet setting up in their parking lot. Another group of different street machines. 

We have to set the Alarm tonight because we are expecting the Techs from Leisure Trailers in the morning to do more Warranty Work. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Words of Inspiration

A young man married is a young man marred.

William Shakespeare

Monday, July 9, 2018

Back To The Century Mark, Good Workout, Dentist Appointment and Max.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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I’m really starting to hate my Recliner in the Trailer. I had just finished posting our Blog last night and was just in the process of shutting my Computer down when my Eyes blinked. You’ve seen me write about this problem before but it’s normally in the morning. When my eyes reopened the Clock hanging on the wall had changed by over an hour. Why couldn’t I do that while lying in Bed?

We were both up by 8:00 this morning and it was very comfortable with all the Windows open, but by 10:00 Kathy was starting to sweat. It was only feeling like 90 F (32 C) at that point and would later reach the Century Mark. It didn’t take long to turn on the Air Conditioner and start shutting the Windows and Vents.

I replaced our Firepit on its pad then walked to the Parking Lot at the front of the Park to get the Truck and bring it back to our Site. While Kathy did some reading I walked over to the Workout Room behind the Clubhouse. I was doing fairly well until realizing I’d forgotten my Sweat Towel back at the Trailer so after completing only Two Sets it was time to call it a day.

Kathy had a Dentist Appointment at 3:00 in Amherstburg. It seems that her Gum is receding on One Tooth which is exposing the Nerve. The result is Sensitive Teeth to both Cold and Hot Foods or Drinks. When Sean was finished Kathy was far from ready to have anything to eat or drink because of the amount of Freezing that had been used.

We headed over to Walmart where we checked the Prices on certain Small Furniture before going back to the Grocery Section and picking up food stocks that we no longer had on hand.

We were back Home by 5:00 and Kathy’s jaw was nearly back to normal so we had Cole Slaw and Chicken that we had picked up at Walmart’s Deli Counter.

When we were in Arizona we had purchased a movie that previewed others that were soon to be released. While shopping at Walmart in Windsor we purchased one of those advertised Movies. It was called “Max” the story of a Marine Trained Dog whose Handler was the victim of Friendly Fire. It was amazing how Max helped the family not only deal with their loss but to solve a Mystery behind their Son’s Death. We gave it Two Thumbs Up.

Leisure Trailer called to confirm this week’s appointment. Tomorrow the Temperatures will drop back to near-normal for this time of year. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Classic Bumper Sticker # 312

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance,

Baffle them with your B.S.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Riding Around, Burning Documents and Visiting With Neighbours.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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With all the Fresh Air coming through the Open Windows last night and the little bit of Exercise we got yesterday, we both managed to sleep like a couple of Rocks. It was nearly 7:30 before I finally got out of Bed and started getting things ready for breakfast. With Kathy needing more sleep it was nearly 8:30 when she came downstairs. Even with the mild temperature, with no breeze whatsoever 59 F (15 C) actually felt warm.

After finishing our Coffee/Tea at the Computers we were out the door shortly after 10:00 to get more bike riding in. We are still getting a lot of smiles and waves from people as they suddenly realize that we are riding a Tandem Bicycle. We even stopped at Larry and Nicole’s New Trailer for a short visit.

We were back Home shortly after 11:00 because Kathy insisted she had things she needed to do. Most of them were little chores like sweeping the Patio while I pulled some newly exposed Weeds in our Flower Gardens. When it became time for lunch we had the Leftover Pizza that we grilled on the Weber on Friday. Warming it in the Microwave had it tasting like it was freshly made.

We finally started getting a slight breeze but since it was coming from the South it did little to make the 97 F (36 C) Humidex feel any cooler. I move our Firepit into the Driveway so that we wouldn’t cause any Heat Related Problems on our neighbour’s trailer due to our having a Campfire.

We kept busy doing little things until it was past 5:00. That was when Kathy started making a Garden Salad inside while I grilled a couple of nice Steaks for our supper. Since it was so comfortable outside we enjoyed our meal under our Gazebo. 

Once we’d cleaned up the dishes I went outside to start the Fire. We had invited the Neighbours over to enjoy it with us but we told them a little later. The reason was all those Information Sensitive Documents that Kathy takes out of our File Cabinet every year had to be destroyed. Back in the days we were in the House and finally the Apartment they would have been Shredded. Here at the Park we simply start a nice Log Fire then slowly start feeding the Documents in. 
Kathy sitting in the Shade as the Documents are burning.
Before long all the Documents were ashes and it was time for our neighbours to join us. First Kevin and Lorrie arrived then minutes later Ray and Gazelle walked across the street. We had plenty to talk about, Kathy’s Eye Surgery, where everyone goes for the winter, what we did for our careers, making suggestions about Truck Repairs and even Local Farmer’s Markets. Before we knew it was past 10:00 and time to close up for the night. 
(L-R) Lorrie, Kevin, Ray and Gazelle.
Our Escape parked at the Neighbour's.
We’ll see what we can get into tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Words of Inspiration

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Weird Blog Post, Getting Exercise, Big Party and Campfire Delay.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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Last night before posting our Blog I had something really weird happen and am not quite sure what it was. We’ve all written things in the past only to have them disappear into Cyber Heaven forever never to be seen again. Just as I was adding the Title to the post the document went blank. I was saying some nasty things and not under my breathe. Kathy was fortunately already asleep so she didn’t hear a thing. I tried reversing the last action but nothing on the Toolbar was working. I tried reopening the document, again with no luck. Resigning myself that I would just have to get up early in the morning to rewrite the Blog I shut the Computer off. After laying wide awake thinking about what happen and knowing that it would keep me awake all night I got up and went back to rewrite the Blog. I figure there was a good chance I’d be sleeping in my chair but at least I would sleep. When I opened the document, there was the entire post minus the Title just waiting for me. Even after getting it On-Line I still had trouble staying asleep.

Once we’d finished our Breakfast and Coffee while on the Computers we were soon heading outside. With the refreshingly moderate temperatures we wanted to take advantage of the weather and go for a bike ride. We put a lot of smiles on faces that remembered when Tandem Bicycles were fashionable as well as having a lot of kids stop and watch as we rode by. We did every street in the Park and the exercise felt wonderful.

After a brief cooldown in the breeze under the Gazebo we had our second Lite meal of the day. Afterwards, Kathy wanted to try to get more of her Data Entries loaded into the Computer. Since I had to dispose of the Trash and Recycle I continued on to the Workout Room. It was the first time there this year and I was not happy to find the cables on the Universal Machine were broken so that limited my workout. Even the little I did, had me feeling refreshed.

We had planned to have a Campfire/Document-Burning this evening but there seemed to be a large gathering happening at Rick and Carrols across the street. We had to move the Truck so we could put the Firepit in the driveway we decided to go out for supper just after 4:00. We ended up at McDonalds where we had our Sweet Chili Wraps.

It wasn’t planned but we stopped at our daughter-in-law Jen’s house for a quick visit. The boys are enjoying being home for Summer Vacation and things are looking promising. After a soothing cup of Tea and lots of Hugs we were headed for Home by 6:00.

Since the Overflow Parking was over full, we parked the Truck in the lot where the Golfers always park and then we walked back to our site. (More Exercise!) When we reached our street, there was over Fifty People including the Dozen Screaming Little Ones at our neighbours singing Happy Birthday for someone. Since the wind would have carried any Smoke from our Fire directly towards the party, we postponed it until tomorrow.

Kathy is glad that there are less Eye Drops with the passing of time but really wishes they were done now. Checking my E-Mail this evening our Backup Camera System could be delivered as soon as Monday. No Slow Boat on this order. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


You Might Be a Redneck If

You're at Walmart before it opens every morning,

but you don't work there.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Wasting Time Between Appointments and Verizon Changes Things Again.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Click on the pictures to Enlarge.

With a busy day planned and the Alarm set it would surely figure that would be the time that I kept waking on and off throughout the night. Having it set for 7:30, when it went off I was surprised to find that Kathy was already at the Computer trying to get in her morning reading.

It didn’t take long to have a Muffin for breakfast and our Coffees were downed one sip at a time, as we passed by. Between making the Bed, shutting the AC, opening the Windows, because of the drop in temperature,
doing Kathy’s Eyedrops, gathering what we had to bring and taking the Car Wax we’d brought from our Storage Unit from the Car and putting it in the Truck time seemed to be flying by.

We were soon on our way with our first stop being The Windsor Eye Institute for Kathy’s One Week Follow-Up. The assistant first checked Kathy’s Vision which checked out to be 20/25 (Far Sighted) in both eyes, which we knew would happen before the surgery. Then the Doctor checked to be certain there was no signs of Infection and that the Eyes themselves were properly healing. We also left a pile of now Obsolete Eyeglasses that will be sent and used in underdeveloped countries to help those who have vision problems.

With more time on our hands then we expected we stopped at Windsor Gas and Diesel to get Jim’s opinion about something on the Escape. He was busy on the Phone but our friend and fellow Mechanic Don who just moved back to the area after Six Years away came out to see what I meant. He explained that most dealers will automatically replace certain parts on Used Vehicles while others let them go as is until the Customer calls them up on the problem.

The Muffin we had for breakfast was long gone so we headed just down the road to the Backroad Cafe only to find it Closed for Vacation so we stopped at McDonalds. Since we had an 11:00 appointment and didn’t know when we’d have a chance to have lunch we opted to have a Breakfast Wrap and Coffee as a filler. We took our time eating but still arrived at the Credit Union way before our time. Talking with Ashley about our plans we learned a couple more alternatives that we might consider.

We were again running far ahead of schedule for our 1:00 appointment at Vehicle Venture by over an Hour. Instead of just sitting in their small waiting room we crossed the road and walked around Lowes for a while. We looked in the Patio Section then in the Kitchen Area getting ideas and helping us plan for future modifications.

We headed back before 1:00 to find the Escape sitting outside with its new Window Rain Guards already installed. Dave was surprised not to find us sitting in the waiting room when the Car was ready.

We stopped at Walmart mostly to walk around but added a few groceries to our cart before heading out.

With more time on our hands before our 2:45 appointment at Service Ontario we parked at the same McDonalds we were at this morning and went in to have a Fruit Smoothie and just relax for a while. Around 2:30 we went outside to wait for the arrival of Greg. With the Half Inch of Rain that we had last night followed by a Cold Front that moved into our area this morning, even out in the bright Sunshine today the temperature was only 77 F (25 C). Big Difference from the last week.

Greg arrived right on time but so did half the city that had just gotten off work. It took over Forty Minutes before we were finished putting the Intrepid in his name so that our grandson Tyler will have it when he can legally start driving himself to School and Work.

At this point to avoid the Rush Hour Traffic we drove mostly the backroads to our Home in McGregor. It didn’t take much to bring in the single bag of groceries. While Kathy put them away I had a list of calls to make. The first was to make a One Month Appointment for Kathy to see our personal Optometrist. She’ll need Reading Glasses and a Note to say she no longer requires Glasses to drive on her License. Next, I called to cancel our Insurance on the Car now that it is in Greg’s name and covered by his insurance.

I finally called Verizon. Being Canadian Snowbirds, we are only allowed to be in the US for a maximum of 182 Days, Verizon has learned how to make easy money. We used to be able to Suspend without Billing for up to 180 Days saving us a lot of money. We then would simply reactivate our account when we were about to return to the US but that changed in 2017. At that point Verizon decided you could only Suspend without Billing for 30 Days but you could reduce your Usage in order to save a few Dollars. With the Plan we had being advertised that it could be used in Canada, the US and Mexico we thought we had it made but that was a bust. When I spoke to the Verizon Agent today I was informed that they no longer allow Suspension without Billing but still allow us to use a reduced plan. Less money saved for us but more profit for Verizon.

For supper we grilled a Great Canadian store-bought Pizza with Pepperoni, Bacon and Mushrooms on the Weber Q. Since it is not a thin crust we only ate Half and will have the rest tomorrow. It was tasty and we were satisfied.

We watched another Walmart Movie tonight titled Heartbreak Ridge with Clint Eastwood. It’ll be nice to sleep with the windows open for the next few nights. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Another Try At Amazon and A Free Car Wash.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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With the sound of Rain tapping on our roof I kept telling myself that 6:00 was too early to get up. Each time I rolled over and blinked my eyes it seemed the Clock would move by a Half Hour. I was up opening the Window Shades before 8:00 even though the AC was busy trying to keep us cool. By 8:15 Kathy was coming downstairs to join me for breakfast. It seemed that the Rain stopped but the Heavy Clouds and distant Thunder just hung around acting as a deterrent for the Golfers.

With nothing really planned and with the weather we did inside chores. Kathy hadn’t read our Blog before going to bed last night as she was more tired than I was. When she asked me this morning what model our new Car was and I responded an Escape, she then asked why I called it an Edge in last night’s Blog. I was more tired than I thought. After a little Blog editing nobody can say we stole their Car. 
Kathy loves that Burning Bush. The Rabbits ate ours.
After taking care of other physical jobs I started doing some On-Line research. Last fall and winter we ordered on Two separate occasions a Backup Camera System from Amazon. The first one was bounced back and forth across the US by UPS. We extended our stay waiting for that package another week before UPS claimed they had lost our merchandise. It arrived a week later and UPS wanted us to drive to Phoenix to pick it up. Not! The second one was shipped by USPS but the Post Office kept returning it to the Vendor. Amazon cancelled that order after Two Months. But we still received notice that it was delivered in Arizona the day after Easter when we were already staying at our Daughter’s house in Tecumseh. 
Humidex made it feel much Warmer.
By trying to find a Backup Camera System on turned in to a real challenge. I thought that by saying things like RV, Truck, Semi or Wireless would help to find them quicker. It caused a lot of Zero Results Found instead. After finding a number of likely options I’ve learned to put them into My Wish List so they are easier to locate. Then after reviewing those options the order was placed and it should be here by Friday the 13th. That sounds good doesn’t it? What could go wrong? I should have it installed before having my Cataract Surgeries in August. 

By 5:30 we were out the door for our weekly visit with our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa. Normally we do this on Wednesdays but due the death of a friend we rescheduled. We always have a lot to talk about and have plenty to laugh about. We had the chance to see Kevin’s new Ram 1500 they got to tow their Travel Trailer with and Melissa got to see our Escape for the first time. By that time the sky was filling with Clouds and the sound of distant Thunder could be heard so we headed for Home.

We didn’t make it far before the Rain started hitting the Car with the intensity of a Car Wash. After sitting for Ten Minutes and waiting we finally made a run for it to get inside getting wet in the process. The Rain stopped Five Minutes later. 

We’re setting the Alarm tonight because tomorrow is going to be a busy one. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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