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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Propane Problem, More Research, Replacing A Regulator and Checking Out The Vendors.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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It felt wonderful getting a solid night’s sleep and only waking when my back said it was time to move at 6:30 this morning. After getting the Window Shades up and things ready for breakfast I headed to my Computer. Since we were expecting a Hard Freeze here last night so the first thing I looked at was The Weather Network. At least this morning we weren’t the cold spot where it appeared London, Ontario where my sister Anna lives appeared to be getting that White Stuff we have been avoiding. With the cold North Wind it felt worse then if you were able to be out of the Wind itself.
 Suddenly I heard a low High-Pitched sound coming from our kitchen. When I got out of my chair I noticed the Pilot-Light on our Blue Flame Heater was off. Following the sound to the display on the Fridge where it showed “NO LP”. We have an Automatic Propane Regulator that as long as the other Tank is turned on it is supposed to switch from the Empty Tank to the Full One. It did this once to us last winter then worked fine afterwards even though both Tanks were on.
I shut the Fridge off to stop the Alarm before getting dressed to go outside where I simply rotated the Switch manually and verify that the second tank was already in the on position. Inside I simply restarted the Fridge before going to relight the Pilot-Light on the Blue Flame Heater. In that Single Minute that I went outside the inside temperature of the Trailer had dropped and even the warmth from the Pilot-Light itself felt nice. I had just sat back in my chair when Kathy came downstairs oblivious to what I had just been through.
Tyson Wells Road.
Once we had eaten breakfast and settled in at our Computers with our Coffee/Tea it didn’t take long for me to finish my morning reading so I went back to doing more research. We’ll be heading to Yuma for a day next week and we might as well get things there that we can’t get anywhere around here. At the same time with the help of Mapquest I lined up all our stops in the shape of a loop so there would be no wasted Time or Fuel especially in a city we are not familiar with.
Lunch was a Hot Bowl of Soup with Cheese Sticks, a Mandarin Orange and an Apple Sauce Cup for dessert.
We were soon out the door headed over to RV Lifestyles to get a replacement Automatic Propane Regulator. With this being the Second Time this has happen I don’t want to wait for the Third Time when it might not switch over even manually. There was more stock being put on the shelves in preparation of the Big Tent Event. That is when they have a hard time taking care of the needs of RVers that come to Quartzsite and find they need work done or want to purchase a Blue Flame Heater to keep warm and save Propane.
Instead of heading straight back Home we stopped to check out the few Vendors that are already set up on Tyson Wells Road. Even though it feels like there are less people here at this time the Vendors that were there were all busy. There were a few people walking around that had others doing Double Takes and one of the Vendors had no problem calling it the way he saw it.
What would you call this young man?
When we got back to La Posa South LTVA we drove down to the Trash Bin Area to get rid of what we had in the back of the Truck. The Smaller Bins had all been emptied but the Large Roll-Off Bin was still overflowing. It does look like there is a more permanent location for the Roll-Off Bin is being made but will have to wait until the Government Shutdown is over.
Since we had basically walked off lunch a long time ago Kathy decided we should have a more hearty supper so she made us both Open-Faced Sloppy-Joes. It wasn’t until after we were sitting at the Computers that we realized just how big a meal we had just eaten. Definitely no snacks necessary tonight.
With slightly warmer temperatures and less Wind tomorrow it looks like we’ll get more accomplished in setting up tomorrow. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. This is very cold weather around here. But just letting the dog out drops the inside temp about 10 degrees in a matter of seconds.

  2. Sounds like a productive day. Those last two pictures were great!

  3. Rick and Kathy, We'll be in Quartzsite from Jan 18 to about the 24th. We'll be in La Posa South area. Would like to meet if possible. Will be keeping track of your blog as to where you are. You can email me at the email address on my blog if you want to give me some additional info. Thanks

  4. That bowl of soup sure looks good. You two do love the cheese sticks don't you.

  5. Those kind of people dress like that for the attention it gets them. I just ignore it. I hope it warms up soon, as I'll be heading your direction. Glad you got the propane working!

  6. It needs to warm up there! Holy cow, that is cold!

  7. There's always something isn't there?! Nice that you've got RV Lifestyles so close by. Soup does looks declicious!

  8. Homeless comes to mind when I look at the picture. A lost soul also comes to mind.
    The soup looked wonderful.
    Hopefully it warms up soon and stays warm.

  9. Always something with an RV that needs repair, just like a regular home. The sloppy Joes look just like mine except we use veggie ground round.