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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

A Better Day Then Expected, Advising Fellow RVers and Getting Fuzzy.

Our Location today is at the Alamogordo/White Sands K.O.A. NM.

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After spending most of yesterday on the Phone I wasn’t in a very up-beat mood and then when I was told there was an Extra Charge at the Dealership I just had to end the call for fear of saying something I would regret. It just seemed that every time we turned around something else needed to be replaced and all we could see were $$$$$$ flying out the window.
The outside temperature was in the Lower 40’s when we got up this morning but when you looked at the Heavy Cloud Cover over the Mountains it did nothing to help the slump we felt.

We still had our Coffee/Tea while sitting at the Computers getting caught up on what RVers and the rest of the world was doing. Found out one of my aunts passed away back home. The economy is heading for the tank again and it looks like the entire world just wants to fight. In the words from the song “Imagine” by John Lennon giving peace a chance and living as one would be nice.

We finally figured we’d get it over and go pick up the Truck. We arrived at Vision Ford around 10:30 and went to see Darla the Service Manager. I explained how I felt before she made both our days. If everything that was replaced had been done separately the cost would have been $$$$$$ but with the One thing already being done there was no additional Labour Cost to do the other. That happened not only on the Engine but on the Rear Brakes and Seals as well. Another thing was that since I’m a Retired Ford Employee the cost of the parts were also discounted. If I hadn’t hung up yesterday Darla would have told me the final bill was only $$$$. It was like a load was lifted off our shoulders and we could breathe again.

The service we received was Top Notch and they allowed us into the shop so we could see first-hand what had to be done. Richard the Mechanic made certain we understood what the problems were and made certain that we saw the worn pieces. The only problem we had was our own fear of the cost. The Truck is now almost new again and we have a Two Year Warranty on all this work that can be taken to any Ford Dealership. The team at Vision Ford treated us fairly and did the needed repairs in a decent amount of time. We would highly recommend them to anyone in the Alamogordo, New Mexico area. When they brought the Truck around it was all shiny and clean.
Back in one piece and Shiny Clean.
Richard and his wife want to pay off their vehicles before they by their own Fifth Wheel to travel around. In the words of Barney The Old Fatman, “Don’t Wait, Do It Now“ because you don’t know what tomorrow brings.

With our very lite breakfast long gone we stopped at Wendy’s where we each had a Chicken Wrap from their Value Menu and a Senior’s Soft Drink.

Our next stop was to Enterprise car rental to return the Car. Here we didn’t get a break $$ but we had wheels for the last Sixteen Days.

Kathy had planned on getting Groceries but had forgotten her list back at the Trailer so we headed back to the KOA. We went to the office to let them know we were leaving in the morning and to settle our bill. Sandy the Manager discounted our bill because of the issues we had just faced. Their Staff have been extra good to us and we highly recommend if you plan on staying in a RV Park while exploring the area the Alamogordo KOA is a good place to be. Their Pool is presently closed for the season.
With our Shopping List in hand we went to the Walmart Neighborhood Market to get our groceries. After getting everything needed to replenish our Pantry and Fridge it was nearly 2:00 as we approached the Cashiers. Leslie had closed her cash to go home but when she saw the tired look on our faces she took us through. Three Minutes later we were heading out the door.

We stopped to fill the Truck with Diesel at the Walmart Pumps. Not as cheap as gasoline but the best price in town.

Two blocks up the road we stopped to refill our Drinking Water Jug before we headed back to the Trailer.
It was barely after 3:00 MST when we had everything put away and Mark stopped to talk for a few minutes. He was asking about being Fulltimers and the way we travel. He started Fulltiming this summer in a Class C that has no slides with his Dog and finds it a bit tight. He traveled to Alamogordo and hasn’t left since. With some pointers from us and our contact information hopefully we’ll see Mark out there soon.
Since we still had a Few $ left Kathy wanted to do more Christmas ShoppingThis time we headed over to the Walmart Super Center where there were even more choices then there had been last week. At one point Kathy thought a certain Garment might be a nice Gift for someone so she had me slip it over my Vest. It felt comfortable but when I took it off I was covered with Coloured Lint. Brushing off by hand didn’t work but finally Kathy tried a Kleenex and it cleaned the Lint off with no problem. As for the Garment it went back on the Rack.
It was getting dark by the time we came out and we were again getting hungry from all the walking we had been doing. Remembering we still had a Two For One Coupon we went to I-Hop where we both ordered a Fish and Chip Dinner. We’ve been cutting back on our eating at Home so we were both stuffed by the time we finished.
Back Home we decided on having a Hot Chocolate but while waiting for the water to boil we both started packing things away and had to restart the Kettle. Hot Showers helped us to relax but we are now hearing the sounds of Rain on the roof. That should help us sleep before we hit the road tomorrow. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Finally, it must feel good to have your truck back. Safe travels as you move on.

  2. Have a safe travel day today and enjoy moving on.

  3. Nice that you finally have your truck back now on the road again.

  4. Hope the troubles with the truck are over. Its always good to pay less then you had planned on.
    Safe and trouble free travels.

  5. So glad your truck is back in your hands and you can now get back to your travels.

  6. YAY!!! Back on the road with an almost new truck!!!

  7. Great to have your truck back, travel safe and we will see you down the road.

  8. I can feel your pain. This year has been an expensive one with our 2011 F350 diesel. New rear... over $600. New engine... over 15,000. Four new tires.... almost 1,000. And this week new brake pads, etc. Only a little over $300. because Leonard changed them. Let us both hope in 2019 we have trucks that run smoothly and maybe, just maybe, diesel cost will drop too.

  9. Hugs to you both for enduring so much stress. Happy for you that the $$$$ was less than expected. I know it is not easy but try and put it behind and get back to living each day to the fullest. I hope your day om the road today was a good one.

  10. Glad you got your truck back and can now move on down the road. Safe travels.

  11. So happy you now have the truck back and hopefully the discounts made the sting a little bit less painful. I know you are already on the road and hopefull it was a good travel day and you didn't hit to much rain.