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Monday, October 8, 2018

Enjoying Tasty Leftovers and Garden Cleaning In Hot Weather.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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It felt wonderful to sleep in until 8:00 this morning with no pressing plans today. I’d barely gotten the Window Shades opened in the Living Area when Kathy joined me downstairs. We could barely see the edge of the Golf Course because of the heavy Fog that would hang around for a couple more hours.

When we left the Merry Thanksmas Celebration yesterday everyone took Home a Doggie Bag. Since Melissa’s Folks and Brother’s Family were going there to celebrate Thanksgiving today she sent us Home with extras. For breakfast we had the Leftover Apple Crumble Pie with our Coffee/Tea. You have to splurge once in a while. We accomplished some indoor chores and opened all the Windows and Roof Vents by 11:00 because The Weather Network was forecasting an afternoon Humidex close to the Century Mark. 

By the time I returned from the Park Trash and Recycle area Kathy had lunch already heated the Leftovers from the Celebratory Meal and served. We had some Turkey, Ham, Sweet Potatoes, French Green Beans and Dinner Rolls but I had more. Melissa knows how I like Jalapeno Peppers and sent the remainder Home for me to eat. Kathy had the Cranberry Sauce while I used the Peppers in its place. Kathy also managed to bring Home some of the Ambrosia Salad that we had brought to the Celebration. Guess what we had for dessert. That made room in our Fridge for other things that we’ll cook up later.

Since we have been busy this past week as well as the large amount of Rain that we have gotten, our Grass was really growing so I decided to cut it. Even though the Grass appeared dry as I was walking on it, the Water from the ground was dampening my shoes.

Once everything was cleaned up I had planned on reorganizing the Garden Shed but Kathy had seen how neat the Grass looked even though it was wet, decided to do the Fall Cleanup on our Flower Gardens. The Hostas and Other Plants had to be trimmed back so they’ll better survive the Winter and be ready for Spring. We needed to take a few breaks even having an Energy Drink along with our Water. By 4:00 all the Yard Waste was loaded in the Truck and we called it a day. 

The heat was making Kathy feel ill but I chose to grill some Precooked Spare Ribs on the Weber while Kathy put together a Greek Pasta Salad side and a Fruit Cocktail for dessert from different Leftover Fruits she had in the Fridge. When I brought the Ribs in she said she wasn’t hungry but she ate her entire meal before I even finished my Ribs. She felt much better afterwards. 

After washing the dishes, I checked The Weather Network and it showed our Humidex at the Century Mark but Kathy insisted it was warmer earlier this afternoon. Checking the Actual Readings, it had been 102 F (39 C) while we were working in the garden. Think we’ll find something cooler to work on tomorrow. We both needed Showers to get cleaned up. 
Actual Readings of the Previous Hours.
We hope that all our Canadian Readers had a Happy Thanksgiving with all their loved ones.Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I missed your yesterdays post so I made sure I read that first. WOW what a spread and it all looks so delicious and all the happy faces with their gifts. You sure bought some nice blankets.
    I can't believe your temps there. We have cooled down pretty good for now. I think Kathy made herself ill working out in that heat. Happy she felt better after she ate and cooled down.

  2. That is some crazy weather! We could use some of that down here in North Dakota, maybe just 20 degrees warmer as it is snowing right now!