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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

Thank You for Following our Blog.

Thank You for following this Blog

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

More Errands, Clarifying Things and Getting Hooked Up.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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After trying for days to sleep in this morning we finally did but the problem was we didn’t want to this morning. Waking just before 8:00 to the sound of Rain tapping on the roof it was understandable as to why we slept so soundly. We had breakfast and even started drinking our Coffee/Tea at the table in order to save Time.

I was in the process of straightening up the Bed when we had a knock on our door. It was Bill from across the street just wanting to drop off a Thank You Card for my getting rid of the Yard Waste while he was away because Liz didn’t know where the Composting Bin was located. Bill and Liz purchased Hugh’s Fifth Wheel and had never RVed before. They have not towed it anywhere and are basically using it as a Summer Cottage.
We barely had a chance to check The Weather Network before we headed out the door at 10:00. We stopped at the Park Office to clarify something. Because we have no choice but to leave tomorrow we are stopping at Leisure Trailer for a bit but we needed someplace to stay for a couple of days until we attend the Living Wake for our terminally ill friend. Val actually thought that I just wanted to park the Truck and Trailer there not stay in it. I see Camp Walmart being our resting places.

We had our List with us as to where we were going as well as what we needed to look for. It rained all the way to Windsor and the Big Semis were really throwing up the Road Spray. Can’t tell I cleaned the Car this week.

We arrived at Fantastic Sam’s a bit early so we had to wait for Jenna to finish with her previous customer. With today being Halloween all the girls were dressed in costumes that still allowed them to do their work. Even though Jenna had only cut our hair at the beginning of the month this would be the last time we see her until spring. At that point she’ll have the chore of fixing up the haircuts we get while we are away.
Our next stop was Guardian Storage where we picked up our Mail and reminded Carol that they’ll probably have to collect our Mail that won’t fit in our Box while we are away. We also made a quick stop at our Storage Unit to drop off a few things until next spring.

Leaving there we noticed a lot of Traffic backing up on the west bound E. C. Rowe Expressway. We would later learn that it was someone that had lost control in the Rain and rolled their car in the median. We just barely made it over the Railroad Crossing when the Gates came down.
Another Spin-out.
We stopped at Green Shield to submit the Claim Form for Kathy’s foot treatment from Mary yesterday. When we headed north over the Expressway we could see the line of traffic getting longer.

We headed to Wendy’s where we had lunch off the Value Menu. When we finished eating Kathy stayed to watch the News on the television while I walked across to the Service Ontario to hand in my Driver’s Medical Form. After being in line for Fifteen Minutes they apologized and told me I had to go across town to submit it at the Driver’s Testing Center. When I told Kathy she was as impressed as I was.
We went back to the new Giant Tiger store at the Tecumseh Mall. Last week when we were there with our friend Kathie we found Slippers for Kathy and Socks for me that actually keep my feet warm despite my Raynaud’s Disease. Kathy wanted another pair of Slippers and also a Hoodie. I wasn’t so lucky on my Socks but found some Winter-Weight Pajama Bottoms. Better then the cotton ones I presently have. The manager checked the Computer to find they were out but the other store in town had them in stock.

Our next stop was the other Giant Tiger where I managed to get Two more pair of those wonderful Socks that will keep my feet warm.

Kathy stayed in the Car when we arrived at the Driver’s Testing Center. This wait was only Ten Minutes after signing in at the Kiosk. I was informed that even more changes to the licensing were coming for next year. Since I need a Commercial License to tow our Trailer I might as well upgrade it in the spring.
We planned to go grocery shopping but as we were heading up Dougall traffic was at a standstill. I turned at the first intersection where we could see what the problem was. A Car had smashed into the rear of a Dump Truck. The pavement was still wet but my guess someone was looking at their phone rather then the road.

After getting the few things we needed at the Zehr's Super Store we decided to eat at Burger King. We had Two Original Chicken Sandwiches along with Two Senior’s Soft Drinks for only $7.19. Filling and Cheap.
Hooked up and ready to roll.
As soon as we got Home we turned on our Water Heater. Kathy put the groceries away and emptied the Trash Containers while I went out to prep the Truck for Towing. After giving Kathy a warning I was able to hookup to the Trailer this evening because the Forecast is for Rain in the morning.

We got our Showers done early so I could go back outside to dump and flush our Waste Tanks in order to carry less weight. I also disconnect our Sewer and Water Hoses and stowed them away. All this Preparation will save us Time in the morning.
Colours are changing and leaves are falling.
After packing away other things inside I finally sat down at my Computer. We had a few Comments that appeared to be Spam so they were moved. Another comment suggested that I was a doctor because of Kathy’s diagnoses. No it was the Doctor that said what her problem was. The explanation Kathy found by Googling it. I simply copied it as a way of explaining her problem on the Blog.

Another comment was about the size of the Font on our Blog. Since having the Hard-Drive on my Computer replaced the Blog just doesn’t look the same as it once did, so I tried to adjust it this evening. Everything got scrambled, the Font got even smaller. It took some doing just to make it look decent again.
Our Sunset.
Google does occasionally change the size of the Font on Blogs that I read to below 100% so I have to reset it. When on anyone’s Blog in the upper right had corner there are Three Dots stacked. They will customize how you see the Blog and one of those controls changes the size of the Font.

We still have lots to close up inside before we roll out in the morning. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Well be safe on the road. I know you still have a few more days before you actually leave.

    The font size is something I have always had a problem with. It never stays on the setting I want it to be. Oh well try not to drive myself crazy over it it's been going on for years.

  2. To tow your 5th wheel for personal use(non commercial) when the weight is over 4,600 kg in Ontario does not need what MOT refers to as a commercial license. This is outlined in section 2 of O.Reg. 340/94 of the HTA. You can tow yours with a class G license. For class A motor homes over 11,000 kg you need a Class D, with the air brake endorsement. What changed in Ontario last July 1 is you now need a yearly medical when you are over 65 for the class D even if you are using that class of license for a Motor Home. Quite a few people use a class G with the air brake endorsement to drive class A motorhomes even when their unit is over the weight. So not sure why you say you need a commercial license to tow your fifth wheel? I have found the ministry employees don't even know their own regulations. Maybe its time the RV dealers in Ontario lobby the government for the change similar to what was done when they made the change in the regulations to allow the towing of 5th wheels with a class G license.

  3. Those special drivers licenses are a pain. It sounds like it's worse in Canada than here. I hope the traffic is light when you leave and you don't get held up by an accident.

  4. How nice people still say Thank you with a card..doesn't happen much these days. Too bad you have to move out for just a few days but nice that you are staying for the living wake. Glad you got your license thing done!

  5. Good thoughts being sent your way as you make your way through the last couple of days before departure.

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