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Thank You for following this Blog

Monday, October 15, 2018

Meeting Other RVers and Condensation Problem.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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It felt quite strange to wake up this morning shortly after 7:00 and it felt warmer then when I went to bed last night. With it having Rained most of the night there were still plenty of clouds filling the sky making it nearly impossible for any light to shine through. Turning on my Computer as soon as the Window Shades were raise I managed to see that the temperature would drop as the day wore on.

After finishing my reading and leaving Kathy get a little more rest I had to wake her if we were going to accomplish anything today. When I showed her the forecast for later this week she understood why I felt that way. With a lot of stronger Winds and Colder Temperatures heading our way the Weather Guessers are forecasting that our landscape could be turning White. Not what we want to see happen but it is totally possible now that we will be sticking around for our friend Liz’s Live Wake which will delay our departure.

With the extra visits to our Optometrist after our Cataract Surgeries, to needing extra repairs on our Vehicles, the hotter then normal summer which kept Kathy a captive inside the Air Conditioned Trailer, then our friend Vera falling and ending up in the Hospital that has delayed things we needed to get done. It is what is called Life and we have learned to deal with it and will continue to do so.
By noon I had stripped the bed and sorted the rest of the Laundry. Our weekly schedule went out the door so today was a catch-up day. Kathy made Chicken Noodle Soup with a Yogurt Cup for our dessert.

Even with the Park thinning out there were still enough people doing their laundry today. I met Richard and Elaine a couple from New Brunswick that were stopped here before crossing the International Border tomorrow to head for Wichita, Kansas then down to Corpus Christie in Texas. Another couple George and Donna who moved from the area almost Forty Years ago to British Columbia had stopped to visit some cousins before heading to Mexico. They had all seen the forecast as well as feeling today’s 30+ MPH Wind Gusts and planned on heading for warmer climates in the morning.

When I got Home shortly after 3:00 with all our folded laundry, Kathy was just finishing her dusting and vacuuming the inside of the Trailer. My back was bothering me from folding the Laundry on the low tables they have so I sat for a few minutes before going to make up our Bed. When Kathy pulled out the Winter Sheets from the Linen Closet she found them to be Wet. When we felt along the outer wall of the Closet it was Damp but only on the upper shelf.

After we emptied the shelf Kathy and spread them on the couch in the Living Area to dry while I went outside. I was soon on my ladder trying to find anything that might look like a leak, Nothing. Up on the Roof that I looked at last month and again Nothing.

Back inside it felt cozy by our Blue Flame Heater but looking at the Windows we noticed a lot of Condensation on them. That is typical when using Heaters inside of RVs so we looked at the Closet again. We had all the Linens on One Shelf that acted as insulation and didn’t allow any air to warm the wall. The other shelves with our extra Toiletries and Laundry Supplies were totally dry. We’ll leave the doors slightly ajar overnight as we feel that if there is air circulation there will be no Condensation.
Because of the High Winds Kathy made Perogies for supper and Strawberries for dessert. Tomorrow we’ll double check our Closet and I’ll recheck the Roof hoping this was just Condensation. Bundled up we’ll be spending most of our day outside getting things closed up and ready for us to leave. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Good philosophy on life. Wet sheets sound similar to Patsy and Bills description. Wonder if Bill ever found a leak or the source of their incident?

  2. Time to head for warmer country!!! No condensation in Arizona!

  3. I run a dehumidifier in the winter. Even with electric heat this coastal area causes lots of condensation inside the trailer. Open flame heating puts tons of water into the air also. Here near Corpus the cost of electric or gas heat is just about the same so I use electric and skip adding more water into the inside with an open flame gas heater.

  4. Yup the good old white stuff. I see parts of Colorado are getting that white stuff. Stopped by Walmart the other day and there was a truck and trailer in there from Alberta and they we're heading south to Yuma after that white stuff. Good thing you got them new tires. Be safe when you leave

  5. I'm thinking it's getting time to put on our warmer sheets too. Hopefully condensation is all it was for you guys. Dinner looks tasty!

  6. Our first cool day here in Alabama. Feels great.

    Hoping the dampness problem is solved for good.