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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Getting Organized and an Early Mothers Day.

Our Location today is at Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

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Last night we figured because of all the Fresh Air that we had breathed while at the Park we would sleep like a couple of Rocks. Were we ever wrong! We both had interrupted sleep that left us both tired this morning. Then the alarm went off so that I would be able to drive Tyler to his Co-op Training Shop because Karen had another appointment in London. Sanford was more then happy to see me up stairs but disappointed that I didn’t even stick around to have breakfast. I don’t mind driving Tyler to his Co-op or his After School Part-time Job because it gives us some personal time that we can talk about different things that a Sixteen-Year-Old might like to talk about.

After dropping Tyler off and wishing him a Good Day I drove to the Tecumseh Home Hardware Building Center where I hoped to replace the Sleeve Bolt Concrete Anchors that bent yesterday. After checking their selection and not finding what I needed the associate told me they didn’t carry anything like that yet I had purchased these Bolts at the Amherstburg location just yesterday. The reason for that is all the Home Hardware locations are Independently Owned and Operated so they stock things that suit their location. In other words, they are not like the Big Box Stores that carry the same stock at every location.

Back at Karen’s Kathy was already awake when I got downstairs. While she checked things on her Computer and got things ready to bring with us to the Park I jumped in the Shower for quick rinse off. While having a late breakfast we suddenly realized that we were running out of time and didn’t get out the door until 10:45 to make our 11:00 appointment.

Taking the E.C. Rowe Expressway we were exiting at Howard Avenue in Ten Minutes and hitting all Green Traffic Lights we were going to be On Time. That was until the Railroad Crossing Guards came down for a Slow-Moving Freight Train. Thank Goodness it was a Short Train and we were only Five Minutes late. 
Another Visitor.
I dropped Kathy at the door of Fantastic Sam’s before parking the Truck. Jenna was already cutting Kathy’s hair by the time I got in. She wasn’t worried because we have never missed an Appointment and those few minutes gave her go outside for some Fresh Air. She finally was able to finish straightening the mess our California Hairdresser did to Kathy’s hair. 
Putting the Roof on.
Not having had time to make lunch to bring with us we stopped at Subway. We got to share a Footlong Sub with each having our own choice of fillers and it doesn’t have to be eaten right away. When we walked in we were being served immediately but when we turned to walk out the lineup was to the door. Talk about timing! 

We arrived at our Site at Wildwood Golf and RV Park around 12:30 and immediately started doing independent things. Kathy moved the Flower Pots around while I started tightening up the Anchors that were installed yesterday. Then I started adding the Canvas Roof to the Framework. That was when I had to look at the Instructions for the first time in this assembly and they did not show what I needed to know. If you fastened it one way it was Too Tight to connect the fasteners but if you did it the other way it was Too Loose and was ballooning. By a fluke I tried a third method that worked perfectly but it wasn’t written in the book. 

We finished attaching the Bug Screen while dealing with 30 MPH Wind Gusts just after 2:00 before having our Sandwiches for lunch. Hugh brought his Coffee over giving him a chance to visit while we were taking our break. 
Bug Screens installed
While Kathy finished tying the Screens to the Legs I started reassembling our Patio Table. Due to the lack of space in our Garden Shed and the Overabundance of things to be store, I simply take them apart and have no problem making it all fit. 
Our site taking shape.
We got the Picnic Table moved to where it belongs and all the Trash loaded and removed just as it started to Rain at 4:30. We cleaned ourselves up at the Park Laundry/Shower Building before heading to Amherstburg. 

The Rain stopped before we arrived at the Home Hardware Building Center where I spent less then Five Minutes getting the replacement Sleeve Bolt Anchors that the other locations didn’t have and at a Reasonable Price.

We went to Shoppers Drug Mart where Kathy needed to pick up an Early Mother’s Day Gift but couldn’t find a Card that had the proper wording.

It was now past 5:00 and we were starting to feel slightly hungry so we got Sweet Chili Wraps at McDonalds for our supper.

A quick stop at Walmart got us the perfect Mother’s Day Card. We pay particular attention to what is said in Greeting Cards. If it what is written in the Card doesn’t fit the person we are giving it to we won’t buy it. 
Melissa Showing Off her gift,
We arrived at our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa’s house just before 6:00 for our Weekly Visit. Melissa loved her Early Mother’s Day Gift and Card as well as having something for Kathy. We were having a wonderful visit when the Rain started coming down hard for a short while then it stopped. That happened Three Times in Two Hours and since we didn’t have our Raincoats we left shortly after 8:00.
Rain coming down Hard. Inside lights reflecting,
It’s a good thing we aren’t busy because we’ve got a lot to do. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Your site is looking great! Hopefully your RV is back in it's proper place soon :-)

  2. I love your patio cover. I could use that at my Arizona house!!!! Thank you for the idea!

  3. What a super nice patio gazebo you have. You will be so happy sitting in/under it in all kinds of weather and the bugs won't bug you! You can even remove the roof when you leave in the fall.

  4. The gazebo looks awesome! Great job Rick!