It's about time.

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Another Cloudy Day, Organizing and Wiring Things Up.

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After making a Comment about using our Verizon MiFi with only minor problems it returned to backfire on us. Kathy was having a heck of a time getting On-Line at all last night and after I struggled to upload our Post I couldn’t get any pictures to show at all. I finally closed up for the night and joined Kathy who was already fast asleep in bed.

First thing this morning I immediately went On-Line and struggled to get Two Pictures added but not the others. I was then able to check The Weather Network for our Forecast but then I was disconnected from all other Sites. When Kathy came downstairs she couldn’t even go On-Line. After breakfast we brought our Coffees over to the Computers thinking old habits might jar the MiFi’s Memory but it didn’t work.

With the Cloud covered Sky not looking too promising, Kathy started going through the Linen Closet and under the Bathroom Sink. She not only rearranged everything where it should have been but actually took stock of the Toiletries we had on hand.

If you’ve been following along you will recall we needed to remove all Personal Belongings from the Trailer before it could be returned to the Jayco Repair Center. The only place we had to do this was in the Guardian Storage Yard where it took several long cold days of packing to accomplish. That of course is when Nature Calls so we did what we needed in our Toilet and even left a Warning at the top of the List of Problems that needed to be repaired. Today I dumped, flushed and rinsed the Black Tank for the first time since we got our Home back.

We only had a Lite Snack for lunch, not even sitting down to enjoy one another’s company. Kathy then started rearranging our Bedroom Closet which had been quickly packed and overloaded since our return.

I returned outside to install our Solar Powered Chandelier in our Gazebo. It took more time to assemble the Chandelier itself then to install it. With the Gazebo having a Hook already in place it was as simple as hanging it up and draping the wire on the supports over to the Solar Panel which was Velcro Strapped to the leg of the Structure. With the Thick Clouds I didn’t expect it to work today.

Back inside I started reinstalling our Electronics that I had mounted behind the Television. This also gave me the chance to go through some Electronics that we no longer use. They were put in a bag that will be dropped off at Computers For Kids where anything that is reusable will be used and what is waste will be Disassembled and completely Recycled keeping it out of the Landfills.

The most important thing I got set up was our WeBoost which is meant to boost Cell Phone Signals but that’s how our MiFi works so it works perfectly. As soon as it was connected I went onto yesterday’s Blog and finished adding the few Pictures of yesterday’s activities.

It was nearly 4:30 when Kathy called it a day at reorganizing our storage. With our not eating a proper lunch she didn’t have the energy to cook supper and we really didn’t have the sides needed to cook a full meal. Since we haven’t eaten at the 19th Hole Restaurant at the front of the Park yet this year, that’s where we headed. The service was great, the food tasty, the atmosphere relaxing and we didn’t have to clean up after ourselves.

With this being Sunday the grocery stores in most small towns close at 6:00 so instead we headed to Windsor and the Zehrs Great Canadian Super Store where we managed to get all the Vegetables and other essentials that were on the Shopping List.

We were Home by 8:00 and it was cooling down. Once everything was put away I turned on the WeBoost as we headed to our Computers. I have very few glitches now and can add pictures to our Blog with little effort but Kathy still continues to have problems. Both our Laptops are identical except that mine has an Intel processor while Kathy’s has an AMD processor. This is not the first time that my Laptop would connect to the Internet and her’s would not. We’ll have to bring it to our Computer Techs to have them check it out.

While I was sitting here writing about the Solar Powered Chandelier for the Blog I thought that I should see if there was the slightest light coming from it. Imagine my surprise when it appeared to be lighting up the entire Gazebo area. Even with the Clouds we had today our Batteries on the Trailer, were fully charged by early afternoon. The only time they don’t charge is when the Clouds are so dense that they nearly Black and will not allow the Sun to penetrate them. I guess that today wasn’t that Cloudy after all.

Not sure what we’ll be up to tomorrow but I’m certain there will be something. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Sorry, there really are
no Pictures today.


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  1. When you can post pics I'd love to see the chandelier all lit up..sounds awesome! Glad you're getting things done to get your home more comfortable! Hopefully the computer problem won't be any big deal for ya. Take care!