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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Putting More Lights Up, Frustrating Day and Hearing A Gunshot?

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

I thought for certain that it would be difficult to sleep last night due to the fact that I had fallen asleep during the 6 o’clock News broadcast even though it was only about five minutes. When I woke up after 8:30 this morning I stopped worrying about it.

When we opened the Window Shades we were surprised to see water still on our patio from last evening. After Breakfast, our Morning Chores and checking the weather forecast for today it was time to open all the windows. The “Weather Guessers” are showing comfortable temperatures for this weekend before the near century temperatures return. Going outside the first thing I did was to check the Rain Gauge which indicated we received three quarters of an inch of precipitation overnight. 
Our Fairy Garden is much brighter.
My first duty was to install the Solar Lights that we purchased yesterday. One was added to our Fairy Garden and three others were placed by the trees we added for privacy. There was another Solar Light to install but I need the ladder to do that one. The bracket needed a slight bend then it was fastened to the top of the post so that our Site Number is now visible in the dark. 
The light appears bluish from this Solar Light.
I then wanted to go get the truck but as I saw the growing number of tree and plant pots we had recently purchased piled under the front of the trailer I repacked them all and brought them all to the Park Recycle Area. At that point I was less then a hundred feet from the truck but I had already managed to accomplish something else. 
These lights don't show the trees as much as giving us our boundry.
Once the truck was safely back in our site I needed to get my Socket Wrenches from its cabinet in the truck bed. When I grabbed the handle to begin lifting it out there was a sudden crash of my sockets falling through the back of the toolbox which had suddenly decided to stop doing its job. I then had to start digging the loose tools out of the cabinet. They just don’t make toolboxes the way they used to.

I was planning on starting to work on our new Tandem Bicycle but just then our neighbour Maynard saw me. The last time we spoke he had inquired about the Solar Panels on our roof and how they worked. Today he was repeating what I told him but then asking just how can that work that way. He then asked how was that saving us money when we are plugged in and using things like the Air Conditioner? Simple! Even though there are things needing the Pole Power, there are also things that don’t. We have not had our Converter that charges the Batteries turned on in out trailer since January 2nd of this year. The Sun is charging our Batteries which powers all the Lights in our trailer and the Inverter that Kathy and I use for our CPAP Machines as well as the Exhaust Fans. It may not sound like much but that is saving us money. 

It was after noon when Kathy called me for lunch. We were having the leftover Chinese Food from last nights supper along with Blackberry covered Yogurt for dessert. It was still delicious and filling.

I finally started working on our Tandem Bicycle. We had installed special seats that made riding our Old Tandem much more comfortable so I planned to install them on our New Tandem bike. To get the seats off the stems I first needed to remove them from the old bike. That was a challenge but I finally got it done. I also transferred the Bell, Mirror and Folding Pedals. I’ve salvaged our old Carrier and was in the process of removing our Electronic Speedometer.

The front brake on the new Bike has been a PITA to adjust as the pressure doesn’t let the brakes release evenly. The new tires barely had enough air in them to hold them on the wheels. Using a hand air pump I inflated the front tire to the recommended 40 PSI but when I only had 20 PSI in the rear tire the tube it exploded with such force that it blew the tire off the wheel. It also sounded like a Gunshot and had Kathy along with some of our neighbours coming outside to see what had happen. Luckily I had a spare bicycle tube of that size but then the Pump would not inflate it. I had to take apart the chuck and realign the pin before it finally worked. 

I was able to reinstall the wheel before Kathy called me in for supper. She had made a Pork Sandwich with Cranberry/Orange Relish on it accompanied by a Baby Spinach Salad garnished with Strawberries.

As we ate we discussed the dates we’ll be out of our trailer while it’s in for repairs. Having to have it at the shop by 8:00 in the morning following a holiday will be bad enough. What we decided to do is to book our motel room a day before so we won’t be as rushed moving our belongings out that morning and booking a day after the estimated time. The extra day will be in case they don’t complete everything on schedule.

Just as we were about to print out the confirmation our neighbour Ted came over bringing us freshly made Cherry Cheesecake. How did he know we didn’t have dessert? He sat and visited for a short while before heading home to watch a ball game. As he was leaving I showed him the Bicycle Tube that blew and he said he heard it in his kitchen on the other side of the trailer on our old site.

Minutes later the people that rent our old site finally came home after being gone for nearly two weeks. They then closed up their trailer, connected it to their truck and left. They said they couldn’t get reception on their Satellite Dish and were moving to the Transient Area.

Kathy went back inside while I started putting my tools away and closing up shop. Our neighbour Stan who is directly behind us started talking. Then he asked if I’d heard a Gunshot this afternoon? When I showed him the tube that made the sound he couldn’t believe it.

Some of the parts on our old bike are too badly damaged to transfer to our new one so we’ll wait to take care of that. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Joke of the Day

A lot of money is tainted

'taint yours and 'taint mine.


  1. It doesn't matter the size of a tire when a blow out happens it will make a loud noise.

  2. There's nothing I hate worse than exploding tires, whether small or large!! LOL

  3. We actually heard a real gunshot in a KOA in AZ a few years ago. The cops showed up and we found out some drunk was "cleaning" his gun and it went off through the floor of his RV. He was two sites over from us. The cops told him to go to bed and sleep it off and we noticed he was gone the next day. Glad you are able to utilize some of the old bike parts.