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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Cooking, Collecting Mounting Hardware, Getting Books and Clouds Set In.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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It felt good getting to bed a little earlier last night and not having to listen to the Wind battering our Slide Covers. Having left our Blue Flame Heater on its lowest possible setting before going to the Pilot Light Setting I was surprised to see it running when I got up this morning. After getting things ready for breakfast I found the answer as soon as The Weather Network opened on my Computer. With the Windchill was below the Freezing Mark.
Once Kathy was up and we had eaten as soon as we had finished our first hot drink I started getting things ready to go outside but it wasn’t to work on the Wind Generator just yet. I busied myself opening all the packages of Bacon that we had bought at Albertson’s on Sunday when we were in Blythe. Rather then frying the Bacon in a Frying Pan and messing the inside of the Trailer with Grease Splatter or that tempting aroma or during the summer adding heat to an already hot environment we do it on the Weber outside. 
Separated Bacon
Once it was all separated and piled on a plate I set up a folding table by the Weber, installed the Grill Mat and turned it on. It took a while for the Mat to heat up but once it had I was kept busy flipping the Bacon until it was well done and replacing it with fresh Bacon to grill. Another advantage is the large Grease Tray under the Weber to catch all the Bacon Drippings.
By cooking it in this fashion Kathy just daubs the grease off and puts it in Sealed Containers in the Freezer. She can then use it in Salads, on Sandwiches or even as a side with Eggs by simply heating it in the Microwave for a minute.
Military Plane flying a Grid Pattern over the area.
While I was doing that Wayne came over to tell us what had been going on last night. Before we had gone to bed we had heard a Helicopter close by that seemed to be searching the area. According to Wayne there were also a Half Dozen Law Enforcement Vehicles criss-crossing the area even closely checking around our Trucks and Trailers.
While I was busy outside Kathy had been busy inside blanching some nice Beefsteak Tomatoes, chopping a block of Cheese and the Vegetables that she needed for her Homemade Tomato and Cheese Soup. She finished just as I was done grilling the Bacon so we each had a couple of slices to go with the Soup. It all tasted wonderful and the Soup helped to warm us up.
Having already checked what kind of Fittings I had in stock we had to go to town. As we were leaving La Posa South we noticed a Ranger’s Truck parked along the main road in. By the time we got close to the Entrance there was a Rescue Truck, Ambulance and Supervisors Car all came in and headed back into the LTVA. Hope it wasn’t too serious.
 We ended up at Herb’s Hardware in Quartzsite where I expected to find a Quick Fix to our Wind Generator mounting needs. I tried all kinds of Galvanized Steel Fittings until I thought I had everything I needed. The manufactures of the Wind Generator leave the designing of how it is mounted to each individual customer. Another thing that I picked up was a Three Wire Extension Cord that will ease the process of Setup and Tear-down.
Heading east on Main Street Kathy was surprised when I pulled in to the Reader’s Oasis Books. We’ve read about this place for years in Blogs and had never been here until today. It is also known as the home of the Naked Book Seller Paul Winer who normally walks around wearing only an appropriately placed Sock and his Hat. Paul wasn’t in today but that was okay with Kathy because she was there to check out the Books being that she is an avid reader.
Clouds setting in.
Another thing that was happening today was that they were having an Author’s Fair. There were Three Authors set up under Portable Gazebos outside trying to sell their own Signed Books. After not finding anything that interested her inside she had the chance to speak with all the Authors but only purchased the book Eagle Bear Meets Buffalo Man written by Buddy Hannah. This is a Non-Fiction book and caught Kathy’s interest because of her Native Ancestors.
While Kathy was busy taking care of business my eyes caught sight of a sign that said Bag Of Books $1.00. Like I said Kathy is an Avid Reader so we checked it out. She is not into romance either and she thought it was a buck a book but the woman taking care of business said there was a lot more room in her bag. Kathy walked away with Five Books in that bag.
Before leaving Home today Kathy had notice we were getting low on a few things in the Fridge so we stopped at Coyote Fresh Food grocery store. We got what was necessary along with some Fresh Cooked Chicken Breasts and Potato Wedges that were nice and hot.

Back to La Posa South after we passed the Gate we could see Flashing Red White and Blue Lights. The Ranger was busy ticketing Drivers who were exceeding the 15 MPH Speed Limit.
 At Home as soon as our purchases were in we enjoyed an early supper. We seldom find Chicken with that much meat on them.
Roughly what the Wind Generator Mount will look like.
After eating I went outside to start working on the Generator Mount when I realized I was missing the other half. Kathy came for the ride back to Herb’s Hardware and started reading her book while I got the rest of the Fittings that I had forgotten.
By the time we got back Home the Cloud Cover had thickened to the point that the Sun didn’t make a showing for Sunset. We are also supposed to have heavy Clouds for the next few days so I really want to get that Wind Generator working. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Wish I had your smarts when it comes to fixing things. I have a water station the javelinas keep chewing on. Maybe that galvanized stuff will work for me!!! Can't wait to see your wind machine in action.

  2. Good idea cooking the bacon like that! Soup and dinner looks great too! Can't wait to see how your wind turbine turns out!