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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Some Cooling, Ordering On-Line and Loosing Another RV Blogger.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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Having had a couple of night’s that I barely slept combined with whatever we did yesterday was the winning combination for a solid night’s sleep. It was so solid that the Sun had already cleared out most of the Clouds for the day. With a late start we kept breakfast lite before heading to the Computers.
Bill in July 2012
Checking The Weather Network that is forecasting the next couple of nights below the Freezing Mark. Next was to check The Windsor Star where our dear friend Bill was listed. Even though we both verbally told Vera how sorry we were to hear about Bill’s passing Kathy left an On-line Condolence before calling Janette Florist in Windsor to have Flowers sent on our behalf. There were a number of Blogs to read but we still managed to move on to our indoor chores at our normal time.
Looks like a grumpy face more then a wrap.
Since we’d had a lite breakfast and Kathy wanted to precook some meals we started with lunch. While I finely chopped the Vegetables and Bacon Kathy was busy beating the Eggs. When the Omelette was cooked we split it between Two Wraps and added Provolone Cheese to them. She then grilled the Wraps like she has been doing with other combos this week. They were delicious but we were stuffed.

After cleaning up I was back on chopping detail because of the Arthritis in Kathy’s Hands. Again I chopped Vegetables and Meat while Kathy was busy putting together a Banana Cream Pie. Kathy wanted to do more but wasn’t feeling up to par so we headed back to the Computers.

During my career I suffered a number of Back Injuries because someone else was trying to be helpful or not paying attention to what they were doing. (They couldn’t see the guy making the bright light.) I can’t sit on a stool without some form of Back Support for very long. When I take care of Kathy’s feet when we are away having to use a Full-Sized Chair is awkward.
I had searched for Small Chairs unsuccessfully around the Vendors and Stores since we left Ontario. Today I located a Child Sized Folding Chair that will work perfectly, even hold my weight and will store nicely. Kathy and I discussed a few other things about the Wind Generator and a 12 Volt Water Heating Element all part of making it easier for us to be Off the Grid. When using a Wind Generator it needs a place to dump Excess Power so we’ll make use of it by heating our water. It will mean less if any Propane will be used to heat our water and the Water Heater will no longer be connected to the Power Pole in our Park. Since this equipment is not sold On-Line at reasonable prices in Canada it was ordered today and everything should be in next week.
For a late supper we enjoyed Pepper Steak on a bed of Rice with a sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese topped off with a slice of Banana Cream Pie. It all tasted great and there is more for another meal.
After cleaning the Dishes we headed back to the Computers.
Anyone that reads the blog Inthe Direction of Our Dreams knows that David has been battling a Blood Cancer called Multiple Myeloma for a number of years. Today Sherry announce that David had passed. She is in a state of Shock at this point and writing that it is the end for the Blog. Like other RV Bloggers she needs our support through these trying times.
Even though there were only a few Clouds in the Sky with a lite breeze it felt cool outside and for the next couple of nights we’ll be staying under our heavy Bed-Cover. At least it’s not as bad as back in Windsor and we’ll be out and about tomorrow. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. David passed of multiple myeloma not melanoma. It was a blood cancer. Such a difficult time for family.

  2. Oh so sad about David. :( He always had the best smile. Nice pic of Bill..hope Vera does ok, she seems like such a nice woman bet Kathy would like to be there to give her hugs. It was definitely an indoor day yesterday for sure. Sounds like you still got a lot done.

  3. Didn't think I'd be saying it so soon. Sorry for you loss again. We didn't know these folks.
    Supper looks good.

  4. That is truly sad news from Sherry. Thanks for passing that along Rick.
    I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.
    Kathy's wraps always look so well put together. She must use a bit of oil in the pan to get that golden look.

  5. Very sad news about David, LIke Ken an Shirley said he always had that great smile on his face.

    Did you say cold weather, it was 23 here this morning and so cold all day.