It's about time.

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Friday, December 4, 2015

More Progress And More Problems.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Kathy slept later this morning catching up on her lost sleep from Wednesday night but what I can’t understand is why I slept past 7:30 this morning. I’d completed most of my morning reading by the time Kathy woke but that was okay because we really didn’t have much planned for today. We’d no sooner sat back at the computers after breakfast when all that would change.

Dillon from SX Video called to say they had found a few fragmented viruses but it would only delay getting my laptop back until later this afternoon. Since we’re having problems posting pictures to the blog I thought that just maybe getting the computer cleaned up would help the situation. I also tried making a few other calls that just didn’t connect yesterday but again I could only leave a message.

Kathy doesn’t have that many shoes and she’s not into fashion. Since she has been having problems with her toes due to Diabetes Kathy chose to start sorting her shoes this morning. If any of her shoes were uncomfortable she put them aside to donate. By the time she finished she’d cleared out twelve pair of shoes that won’t be going Fulltime with us.

Luckily we’d had eaten a late breakfast because when the phone rang it was Sheryl returning my call from this morning. We have tried to stay in touch with Sheryl since she lost Ernie in 2014 to Cancer. Ernie and I served our apprenticeships together and even worked on the outside during times of layoff. They had even bought a B-class RV that they had planned on travelling in because Ernie wanted to actually follow us and see things like we do. Unfortunately with Ernie gone Sheryl sold the RV and doesn’t plan to travel like that at this time. However when I told her about our Fulltiming plans she was happy for us and said it would be perfect for us. She’ll be going away during the holidays to Disney World with her daughter and the grandchildren. We’ll see her in the New Year.

When we left the apartment the first place we headed was to Value Village to drop off all the shoes that Kathy will no longer be wearing. Next we went to the Credit Union to do some banking. Finally we were on the road heading to Essex and SX Video to get my Lenovo laptop. They also cleaned the inside of the laptop because I mentioned it had been running hot. Apparently a lot of dust had built up inside causing the heat which probably caused the hinge to fail. When Dillon told me that the Lenovo laptops were the most reliable laptops and had less problems than most other brands I was surprised.

On the way home we stopped at the Royal Canadian Legion 594 Branch. I needed to pay my yearly dues and since this was Friday night we enjoyed a wonderful meal of fish and chips while we were there. When we left the Legion we headed in the direction of Wildwood Golf and RV Park. We’re not familiar with the roads in the area of the park and thought that backtracking towards home we could have multiple routes to the park. Since the sun was starting to set as we drove by our idea didn’t quite work out the way we wanted so we’ll have to try again.

When we got home Kathy couldn’t get online with her laptop so I had to try and fix it. I’ve had similar issues and ended up resetting the modem a couple of times as well as her computer. Finally after leaving it just set there for a few minutes her computer just connected on its own. I think I’ll be calling the cable company about their modem tomorrow.

I didn’t have time to try my laptop tonight maybe tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I hate computer problems. I'm still dealing with my dead one hoping to get some of the info off the drive.

  2. Good luck with your computers, think you need it.

  3. Being a tech person, I tell people that they should have their fans cleaned once a year. Especially if they have a pet. Pet hair is a huge problem for a computer fan. Hope the cleaning and getting rid of the viruses does the trick.