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Thank You for Following our Blog.

Thank You for following this Blog

Friday, August 31, 2018

Good Follow-up But Kathy’s Floater Big A Concern.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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Once again, we would like to Thank You for the words of encouragement for when Kathy has to write the Blog posts. She also thought it was necessary to respond to a few of those comments on yesterday’s Blog. Check them out!

We were able to take some time to have breakfast before leaving at 7:30 this morning. Our destination was the Windsor Eye Institute for my One-Day Follow-up. There was already a lineup waiting for the door to open when we arrived but unlike other Follow-ups they opened the door early. When my name was called the Dr. said it was not uncommon for a burst Blood Vessel when doing these types of surgery as the corner of my eye is all bloodied. When we mentioned that Kathy already had a Floater appear in her Right Eye, we were told to get in to see our Optometrist as soon as we could to have it checked out.

We had other errands to run in the neighbourhood so that’s what we did. We stopped at Windsor Gas and Diesel to find a sign on the door saying they were on Vacation for a week and would be back on Tuesday. At Guardian Storage we picked up quite a handful of Mail. We then stopped at the Pioneer gas station before going to the Credit Union to make changes in our account.

When we finally arrived at our Optometrist’s Office to make an appointment for Kathy. When we explained what the problem was we were told to have a seat that David would see her in a short while. David explained that Floaters that form in the Eye after Cataract Surgery can be dangerous and must be closely monitored. They are caused by the Gel-Type Drops used during the surgery to hold the Eye from moving. It normally dissolves to a liquid and there is no problem. If they form a Floater they could attach themselves from the Eye to the Socket which could result in a tear that could lead to a Retinal Detachment which would require a major surgery to reattach. We were there for over an Hour and a Half before we left with another appointment to see him in a month. He also warned us if any other Floaters appear to come straight in, without delay. (Good thing we didn’t tell him we’d run those errands.)

It was past 11:30 when we left and our early breakfast was gone so we stopped at Wendy’s for lunch. Kathy really enjoys ordering off the Value Menu where we can both eat for $7.19. It’s not only filling but tasty as well.

We went back to the Windsor Rehabilitation Center to visit Vera again. As I was about to buy our Parking Pass a woman told me about buying Parking Tokens for a lot less then we were paying. We had an enjoyable visit until the Occupational Therapist came for Vera’s Therapy around 2:00. Before leaving the Complex, we stopped to get Parking Tokens for $2.50 each that would allow us to park all day compared to us paying $6.00 for Two Hours of parking.

We stopped at the Zehrs Super Store on Walker Road and restocked some of our depleted food stocks.

We finally got Home around 4:00. With a 10-pound weight restriction I could only carry our supplies in One-Bag at a time while Kathy proceeded to put things away.

Minutes later I was back on the phone with the Credit Union. Ever since they updated their On-Line Banking System we have not been able to properly work our accounts. I was on the phone a good Half Hour with David until we were able to see our accounts.

For supper tonight, we had a Store-Bought Pizza that I grilled on our Weber. In Thirty Minutes, it was cooked to perfection but we could only eat Half so guess what we’ll be eating tomorrow. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Words of Inspiration

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau, American Writer and Philosopher

Thursday, August 30, 2018

No alarm this time.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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 Early morning at the hospital! Short Post!

Up bright and early at 5:30AM so we could be at the hospital for 7:00AM.  No eating for Rick so I didn’t eat anything much except a banana.  I didn’t want my sugar to get out of control because I didn’t eat something.
Morning moon as we were leaving.
We arrived on time and they took him almost right away.  They have a lot of prepping for this operation I know as I went through it myself.  I decided not to go for coffee this time as I didn’t want the beeper to go off. I sat in the waiting room reading my book. 

The nurse called the next person’s name and gave the lady a beeper and said to her don’t go beyond the coffee area upstairs or else the beeper will go off.  I thought wow they didn’t tell me or anyone else that last week. They must have changed their policy since my visit last time when I rushed down stairs two weeks ago thinking something was wrong.  I had walked towards the washroom and the beeper went off. 

Because we didn’t have breakfast & I was driving & started to feel a little light headed so I pulled into a small restaurant to have breakfast on the way home.  I had French toast and Rick had eggs and toast and coffee.  He did ok but really needed to lie down.  So we headed straight home.

Rick was really tired from the anesthetic so he slept most of the morning.  We had soup for lunch and he went back to bed for a while & I did some minor work around the RV and tried to keep quiet so as not to disturb him.  
Perogies for supper.
I noticed he has a small bloody patch in his eye. It looks like it is the size of a small scratch.  That is really unusual but we go back tomorrow morning to have the doctor look at his eye. 
Our resident rabbit having dinner.
Nothing much else has happened today.  He rested while I read and kept quiet.  We will see how things go tomorrow.

I’m sure he will feel more like writing tomorrow!

Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


You Might Be a Redneck If

You've yelled "Can I get a woot woot?!" in divorce court.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Trouble Sleeping, Hair Cuts, Visiting Vera and DTC Alert.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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It must be written somewhere that I can’t get more then Two Solid Night’s Sleep in a row. Even after taking an Extra Strength Tylenol last night shortly after 2:00 I was tossing and turning wondering what to do. Another Extra Strength Tylenol later my eyes just would not shut. That’s when I felt something. Since we’ve had to run the AC to keep the inside of the Trailer cool and I have Raynaud’s Disease I noticed my feet felt like Ice under the sheets. It’s good to know your way around in the dark so you don’t wake your partner. Ten Minutes after putting on my Warm Socks I was sound asleep until 8:00 this morning. 
Clouds seemed to clear then come back.
Looking outside while having breakfast we were certain the sky was about to give us a downpour. There wasn’t even any Golfers on the course, that was how bad it looked. A quick check of The Weather Network showed a huge front moving our way. After checking our E-Mail and doing my Eyedrops we were out the door just after 10:00. Looking at the Sky the Clouds seemed to be clearing. 

Our destination was Fantastic Sam’s in Windsor for our haircuts. With these warm weather days, it seems our hair is growing much faster. We arrived early and it was fun watching the young girls getting their hair done up before returning to school next week with Moms or Grandmothers giving them that special treat. Once Jenna started trimming our hair it didn’t take long for us to have the look we like.

It was nearing lunch when we left and we made the decision to NIX a few errands for today so we headed over to the west-end Wendy’s where we both ordered off the Value Menu. Tasty, satisfying, inexpensive and we didn’t have to do the dishes. When we walked back outside it looked like the Sun was setting because of the thick Clouds. 

We arrived at the Windsor Rehabilitation Center around 12:30 just on time to see Vera finishing her lunch. She explained how they try to do Physio Therapy every week day in order to keep up her strength and agility. She was having trouble with her Cell Phone not being able to connect to the Internet for its updates. While she talked with Kathy I was able to find the designated WiFi and get her connected. We said our goodbyes just before 3:00 because the Therapist came to bring her downstairs. Outside again the Clouds had become wispy with lots of Clear Blue Sky showing. 
There's a Ghostly Face for you.
Since we were on the west-end we stopped at “Computers For Kids” to drop off Karen’s old Apple Laptop that was no longer working. Manned by Volunteers, they will disassemble the entire thing to recycle it all. The monies raised from the recycling covers operational costs and everything is kept out of the Landfill.

We took our time driving through LaSalle before getting Home at the Park after 4:00. Since we didn’t have a afternoon snack Kathy thought that it was the perfect time to have supper. We sat right at our Computers having our cold Celery Root. When we finished that Kathy immediately served out the last of the Pineapple we had yesterday. We were very satisfied.

I suggested we take the Truck for a run since it has been sitting for nearly Two Weeks so we first headed over to the Park Trash and Recycle Area before heading out. We were barely on North Malden Road when it appeared the Regen had started but when I looked closely it was showing DTC Alert 5 (Diagnostic Trouble Code). The Gauges and Lights on the dash would stop working then just start up. The Turn Signal was flashing about Three times faster then normal. Getting safely parked back on our site there was nothing visibly wrong under the hood. I’ll be calling Windsor Gas and Diesel sometime tomorrow to have it looked at it long before we hit the road.

We’ll be at the Hospital early tomorrow morning so that I’ll have my second Cataract Surgery done. Kathy will be doing the Blog for the next couple of days and let you know how I’m doing and to tell you about an issue she is having with one of her Eyes. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


The World's Great Proverbs

Many go out for wool and come home shorn.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tasty Inside Chores and Wet Treatment.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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We made certain that we would sleep soundly once again and it worked. The one difference was that when we woke up around 8:00 this morning we didn’t feel like we were groggy, probably because we were actually catching up on our sleep.

As soon as our breakfast was over and we took our Coffee/Tea to the Computers the first thing I checked was The Weather Network. It wasn’t even 9:00 and the Humidex was already above the Century Mark. With that kind of encouragement, we made it a two-cup morning. I made a phone call to finally get something straightened around. 

While I was busy upstairs Kathy made Toasted Bacon, Tomato and Cheese Sandwiches for our lunch. We also made another of those Pudding Cup Desserts. Today we used Butterscotch Pudding with a spoonful of the Coffee Flavoured Cream Cheese Icing with a dollop of Cool Whip. Everything tasted wonderful.

Since there won’t be much time tomorrow and figuring that I would be outside less than a Half-Hour I headed out the door. It didn’t take long to mow the grass, edge along the Patio and Flowerbeds, blow off the Patio and Street then I made certain all the plants and trees were well watered. Twenty-Five Minutes later I was cooling down inside.

After verifying that the Humidex had reached 108 F (42 C) again this afternoon it felt good to work inside. I had a Pineapple that needed to be cleaned and refrigerated. As soon as it was cut open its fragrance filled the entire trailer. That was enough to call Kathy over to sample a few small pieces.

There was still another chore to do and that was to clean up the last Celery Root we had on hand. As mentioned this is a Seasonal Vegetable and the last time we were at the grocery store there was none on the shelves. Once it was cleaned, sliced and on the stove boiling Kathy started getting things ready for her part of this treat. I was busy taking pictures so that we’ll be able to post it on Kathy’s Recipe Page, at the top of our Blog, along with Photos showing the steps needed for this tasty treat. 

Once it was cooked we sat down to enjoy our meal but Kathy limited what she served because there was fresh Pineapple for dessert. Oh well that means we’ll just have to have the same thing for supper tomorrow night. 

When Kathy did my Eyedrops after we ate, she forgot to put on her Reading Glasses. The end result was that I had an early Face Wash. Her eyes are now set to focus at a distance and she wasn’t playing Horseshoes. Besides at the cost of those Drops we don’t want to waste them.

We are watching a Severe Storm heading towards a lot of our Fellow RV Bloggers in southern Ontario. Hope they stay Safe. Tomorrow is going to be busy. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


You Might Be a Redneck If

Your name is Billy Joe Jim Bob III

Monday, August 27, 2018

Doing Chores In High Humidex and Different Meals.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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With the Humidex still at 91 F (33 C) when we went to bed last night we just left the Air Conditioner on. We also took another step to be certain we would actually sleep instead of waking throughout the night. We both took a Tylenol to be certain there’d be no aches or pains to wake us. The end result was that we had to drag ourselves out of bed at 8:00 this morning and we both felt all groggy. 

Our breakfast was quite different this morning with our having Pecan Tarts before they spoiled. With the forecasted Humidex of 108 F (42 C) there were no plans for a bike ride. We had breakfast, Kathy put drops in my Eyes and we had a double cup at the Computers. Then it was time to get serious. 

With my second Cataract Surgery scheduled for Thursday we had chores that needed doing before then. I started by putting fresh sheets on the Bed then gathered the rest of the Laundry and Towels for sorting and treating. Kathy busied herself making Chicken with Herbed Rice for lunch and served the last of the Cantaloupe for our dessert. 
These Doves thought that we were having a picnic today.
When I arrived at the Park Laundry Room I was shocked to find all the Windows and Doors closed but a Fan was busy moving the Hot Air around inside. Within a minute I had the Door propped and the Windows were all open allowing the temperature to drop within minutes. It was easier just to stay there so the clothes could easily be transferred to the Dryers as soon as the Washers finished.

It was 3:30 when I got back Home with all the Laundry folded. It felt wonderful getting into the cooler air. Kathy had just finished Dusting and Vacuuming and was just sitting down herself. We took a short break before putting things away. 

Yesterday before leaving Kevin and Melissa’s they gave us some nice Beefsteak Tomatoes from their garden that was having a Bumper Crop. For supper we worked together to blanche, peel and chop up those Tomatoes so Kathy could make her Homemade Tomato and Cheddar Soup. Yesterday afternoon Kathy also helped Kylla make Cupcakes from scratch and there was a small amount of the Coffee Flavoured Cream Cheese Icing that came Home with us. While the Tomatoes rendered down we created a dessert by putting Chocolate Pudding in a dish, a spoon of the Coffee Cream Cheese on that, then topped it with a dollop of Cool Whip and Chocolate Chips. Everything turned out wonderful and there’s enough for another meal.

Since tomorrow will be a repeat of today, I’ll try to get my outdoor chores done early. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Words of Inspiration

A poet can survive everything but a misprint.

Oscar Wilde, Irish Poet and Playwright

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Two Birthdays On A Century Day.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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Kathy slept like a rock again while I took a Four Hour pass right in the middle of the night. My Chew Toy was in place but my mind wouldn’t stop thinking so with the help of a Tylenol and an Hour at the Computer I managed to get a couple more hours of sleep. We had planned our day before we went to bed last night but strangely that wasn’t what kept me awake. 
The Clouds would clear in the early evening.
Kathy took her shower before going to bed while I took mine this morning while she was on the Computer. We both got our reading finished before we sat down for lunch. 

Today Kathy created a Chicken Caesar Salad with Cheese and served more of the Cantaloupe for our dessert. Healthy and Tasty!

As we were heading out the door shortly after 1:00 this afternoon, Kathy was ready to stay Home when she got hit with the 104 F (40 C) Humidex. The few days of cooler temperatures that we just had were immediately missed. 
Kylla's Homemade Cupcakes heading for the Fridge.
Our first stop was to our daughter’s house in Tecumseh to wish our son-in-law Greg a Happy Birthday. We hadn’t seen them since the Yard Sale four weeks ago. Tyler and Greg went outside for a short while to add Convex Mirrors on the Intrepid to make it easier for Tyler’s parallel parking. Kathy wound up helping Kylla create some heavenly tasting Cupcakes (600 Calories Each) from scratch for a party that she’ll be attending tomorrow after work. Karen’s old Apple Laptop stopped working so she had me pull the Hard-Drive out because of all the personal information. She’ll deal with that. Poor Sanford felt like everyone all around him were too busy but didn’t hesitate to help clean up when a mixing spoon fell to the floor. Sugar Rush for a Dog?

We headed Home around 4:00 and appreciated that we had left the Air Conditioner running in our absence. We had a couple of cookies as a snack while on the Computers again. 
Just some of the snacks Melissa served along with Cake.
Shortly after 6:00 we were once again out the door this time heading to our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa’s house in Amherstburg. This visit was to help celebrate Kevin’s Birthday. That’s right two brother-in-law’s sharing the same Birthday. We also had some catching up to do because for the next four weeks Melissa is tied up on Wednesday evenings. Melissa made certain to warn us ahead of time not to have supper because she had made certain we were not going away hungry even before she served the Cake. Since we always have so much fun it was hard to say Good Night at 9:00.

I’ll make certain that I sleep tonight and with a higher Humidex forecasted for tomorrow we’ll see what we can do without being outside very much. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Joke of the Day

I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day,

 but I couldn't find any.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Rainy Day, Kathy’s Helpful Tips and Don’t Say A Word.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Click on the pictures to Enlarge.

Something must have been wrong because we both slept like a couple of Rocks last night and we were both up by 8:00 this morning even with the steady Rain coming down. It doesn’t happen often and the best part was we had no place that we really needed to go. 

After having English Muffins with Rhubarb for breakfast and Kathy putting my Eyedrops in we moved to our Computers. That turned into a Two Cup morning as the Rain was unrelenting. 

We did get the rest of our inside chores completed before working together to make our late lunch. While I sliced up a Chicken Breast to make sandwiches Kathy served us each a small bowl of the Cantaloupe she’d cleaned yesterday. After adding Coleslaw and sliced Olives on the side along with Homemade Cranberry Relish on the Chicken we had a feast.

Amazingly while we were eating the Rain suddenly stopped but with the 25 MPH Wind Gusts we just left the Windows open. We discussed a helpful hint that she had shared with our son and she thought that this might be useful to other RVers as well. While I was outside dumping our Waste Tanks Kathy put this together.

2 Useful Tips for the Kitchen by “Kathy”.

Recently my son asked me a question about garbage. I know most men don’t think about what happens to the garbage once it hits the can but then again, some do! Especially if the man or men in your life is a “Mr. Mom” like my son.   He said “In the heat my garbage in the kitchen really smells Mom and I have to take it out before the trash bag is even full”.  I told him “Do what I do.” It is also a way to reuse your plastic bags. 
A Plastic Produce Bag
The secret to not having a smelly garbage can is to put all your kitchen garbage like fruit and vegetable peels and meat bones in one of these plastic shopping/produce bags. Make sure you get as much air out as possible and tie the end into a knot. Now place that into your garbage pail.  No more smell.  You can now keep filling the trash bag up to the top before taking it out.  This saves time, money and less trash bags. 
Make certain there are no holes.
The second Tip is all the thin clear plastic bags that we put our fruits and vegetables in at the grocery store or even the bags you get from your favourite department store can be folded neatly and placed in a drawer or a plastic device like a pail with a lid or even another bag hanging from a hook.  They can be used for many different purposes. 
Folded in Four length-wise then Triangular from the bottom.
First be sure there are no holes in the bags.  Keep those that don’t have holes so there is no leakage and toss those that do into the recycle. 
Neatly folded. The size of the Bag will change the size of the Triangle.
Fold them in four length wise making a strip, then in a triangle manner fold the strip up to where the handles are. Tuck the folded handle part into the rest of the bag you folded and press down so they remain like that. Place your bags in the container for future use. They are folded like this so they don’t take up space and you can judge which size you need for garbage and keep others for other purposes.

We’ll add these helpful tips to a Page at the top of our Blog and add to it as Kathy thinks of different things. 

For supper Kathy made a Herbed Rice dish, some Niblet Corn and a Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. I was outside grilling up some Low Sodium Turkey Kabobs on the Weber. Everything tasted wonderful. 
While I was grilling supper.
Once the dishes were washed we watched a Michael Douglas movie called “Don’t Say A Word”. Most of it was drama though there was enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat.

With the high Humidex keeping the overnight temps near 90 F (32 C) and the high for the next 5 Days above the Century Mark we turned the AC on tonight. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Words of Inspiration

I love her and that's the beginning of everything.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, American Novelist

Friday, August 24, 2018

Eye Check-up, Kathy’s New License, Visiting With Vera, Getting Groceries and No On-Line Banking.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Click on the pictures to Enlarge.

It seems that Kathy and I are having alternate nights of who will spend more time awake rather then sleeping. Last night before turning off the lights I hooked up my CPAP Machine as I have over Thousands of nights and managed to miss an important apparatus. That makes it twice within the last month that I have forgotten my Mouth Guard (Chew Toy) which stops me from gnashing my teeth while I sleep. It takes a while as one lays staring at the Ceiling before you realize the problem and even after it is corrected, longer before sleep becomes your friend.

The unfortunate part of that also meant that it was the Alarm that woke us up at 8:00. Kathy just can’t comfortably wake up like that. Being shocked awake with an increasing Ear-Piercing-Sound makes you want to open the Window and send it to the neighbours. By the time we finished breakfast, Kathy put in my Eyedrops, gathered our lists and headed out the door it was nearly 9:00 by the time we cleared the front gate.

Our first stop was The Windsor Eye Institute for my One Week Follow-up. We had to stop for at least Half the Traffic Lights and a number of Sunday Drivers slowed the Morning Rush-Hour Traffic down. My appointment was for 9:25 and that was the time we walked in. After the Assistant checked my Right Eye for strength (20/40+2) we had another Ten-Minute Wait before the Doctor examined my eye for healing.

Our next stop was back to the Credit Union to find out why we can’t get our New Bank Cards to register on our Computers and to get rid of the Old Numbers. Our Customer Service Representative Ashley showed us exactly the same thing she has shown us before and it works on her Computer which is connected to the Main Server but she had to remove it because we have to do it on our own Computers for us to be able to do our On-Line Banking when we are away. Feeling as confident as we had the last few times she showed us we were soon on our way.

We stopped at Guardian Storage to collect our Mail. Kathy was happy to find her New Driver’s License had arrived showing she has no more Driving Restrictions (Wearing Glasses to drive).

It was barely after 10:30 when we got on the E.C. Rowe Expressway and headed to the West-end of Windsor exiting at Matchette Road. Our destination was the Windsor Regional Rehabilitation Center. Late last evening Vera had called to say that she had been transferred from Metropolitan Hospital to here. It was nearly 11:00 when we walked into her room. She had already had her morning Physio Therapy even with her Wrist and Leg in Casts. Doctors are now realizing that by keeping a person limber the less difficult it will be when they are able to go Home. For Vera that will be about Six Weeks away.

We stayed and chatted even when her lunch was served. She could only eat about half as a fact I’d have gained weight if I’d eaten that meal. It was past 1:00 when we said our good-byes but we’ll be back in the next few days.

Driving down Prince Road we were soon at the West-end Wendy’s where we had our lunch. Two Senior’s Soft Drinks, Two Chicken Wraps and Two Small Chocolate Frosties all for $7:19. Tasty, not over filling and reasonably priced.

It was nearly 2:00 when we arrived at the Zehrs Great Canadian Super Store on Walker Road. Kathy has added another thing that she looks for when buying food, Packaging. Living in a House or an Apartment the size of your Fridge and Freezer is much larger than in a RV. In order to make it all fit she watches that anything we buy can be removed from Boxes to be store in our Fridge/Freezer.

While getting some Cheese we ran into Val who along with Joe own the Wildwood Golf and RV Park. She was picking up a few things also. Kathy mentioned about our Cataract Surgeries and the difference it’s making in our vision. Joe had both his eyes done a couple of years ago and wished he had not waited so long to get it done.

Back Home after getting everything unpacked Kathy worked her magic at getting everything packed away. I started working on the Computers to get our New Debit Cards registered in just like Ashley instructed us to do. After Kathy was finished with the Food she came over to give me a hand. We’ll be seeing Ashley next week with our Computers. We have to get this straightened around before we head south in November.

Around 9:00 we had a lite shower but the Forecast is calling for Rain overnight all through the day tomorrow before our Humidex starts to climb. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


You Might Be a Redneck If

You and your husband can assemble

an automatic weapon in less than thirty seconds.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bike Ride Around The Park and Being Evicted.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Click on the pictures to Enlarge.

After having a somewhat restless night’s sleep we both managed to be up shortly after 8:00 this morning. The best part was the 57 F (14 C) temperatures that gave us plenty of Oxygen to breathe while we slept.

After Kathy started my Eyedrops for the day, we made our time at the Computers a double cup morning being certain to get caught up on not only the RV Blogging World but World Politics as well. We’ll be keeping a close eye on what is happening south of our borders as we don’t want to get mixed up in a Power-Struggle. 

We waited until the sounds of the Lawn Cutters quieted down before heading out for another ride on our Tandem Bicycle for some exercise. It wasn’t as cool as yesterday but comfortable enough for a ride around the Park. 

For lunch cooked up some Perogies along with a Caesar’s Salad. It gave us the protein and ruffage we both needed.

One thing we’ve mentioned before about Wildwood Golf and RV Park is that they have Strict Rules that all RVers must follow. When we arrived here in 2016 one of our friendly 84-year-old neighbours was starting to have health issues one probably due to his 59-year-old wife. They were given notices from the Park to clean up the junk that was gathering under their Trailer and attracting Rodents. Last year the few times he came here all she did was to scream at him the entire time not allowing him to say anything. Today the Wife and some of her relatives were here with boxes cleaning out their Trailer. Sitting at my Computer next to an open window all you could hear was her complaining that they were being kicked out over the trash. That is why this Park is rated the best in Southern Ontario. Follow the Rules or you are gone. 

For supper Kathy made up Parmesan Noodles along with Brussel’s Sprouts while I grilled up a Half Slab of Spare Ribs for our meal. Kathy even had time to make a couple of personal sized Banana-Creamed Shortcakes for our dessert. Even though these are smaller meals we are finding them quite satisfying. 

Looking out the window as we ate Kathy spotted these Two Doves cuddling together in our grass that I planned to mow. No need to disturb them, I’ll just cut the grass tomorrow.

We’ve got to set the Alarm for the morning so we’ll make certain to add more errands and a visit to our day. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


The World's Great Proverbs

Prevention is better than cure.