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Thursday, August 16, 2018

The beeper went off at the hospital.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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Well tonight I have been nominated to write the blog! The votes were unanimous. 1 to 0.

We were up at 5:30AM way too early for me as I am not a morning person.  Rick has always been up that early in the morning when he was working.  I on the other hand didn’t rise until 7:00AM during my working life.  Today was a different day as we had to get to the hospital for 7:00AM.

We were up and we missed breakfast.  I didn’t want to eat as Rick had to fast.  They took him in on time just after 7:00AM and was out around 8:30AM.  Dr. Tafour is fabulous and has helped so many people by restoring their eyesight.  I had the opportunity to thank him in person and he was so grateful.  I don’t think he has much personal contact with his patients as he is so overbooked and busy.  I would highly recommend him as he is very good at what he does.

Rick did very well and everything went as planned.  He is stubborn though when I tell him not to look down or bend over or lift anything. I think he forgets which is not hard to do.  He helped with my eye operations to put drops in and now I am helping him with his drops. Neither one of us can do it ourselves without getting some part of our face washed trying.  I personally think the eyedrops are the worst part of this operation as it seems to go on forever.  They even give you an eyedrop chart to fill in so you know where you are with the drops and can keep track of them. 

He managed to take a nap this afternoon which helped to make him feel better and is still trying to focus.

So here I am to tell all of his friends, family and followers that he is doing very well but not able to stay on the computer too long and his focus is out of commission.  Maybe tomorrow things will be better after a good night’s sleep.

I know it is a boring blog but that is pretty much all we did today.

Oh!  Just a little thing that happened to me today while at the hospital.  They took Rick in to get prepped and gave me a beeper as I was going to get a coffee and use the washroom.  I was sitting in the main lobby at a table having my coffee and when I was done I went to the washroom.  I no sooner got in there and the beeper was going crazy.  I thought what on earth?  They hadn’t started surgery yet what could have happened to Richard that they are beeping me already????  Well I flew down the stairs, and down the hall to the nurse’s station and said what is wrong the beeper went off is Rick ok????  They said yes he’s fine where were you? I told them I was upstairs for coffee and went to the washroom?  They said I went to the washroom upstairs?  I said yes?
They said I was out of bounds and when you do that the beeper will go off with a shrill call & won’t shut off for 5 minutes.  I said it sure scared me!   Now can you show me a washroom I can use because I really need to use one.   They smiled and reset the beeper and sent me to the waiting room.

Well that was all the excitement for the day.  Rick will probably be more of his old self tomorrow and post. So family, friends and fellow bloggers thanks for listening to me.  I won’t be back until his second procedure so I give the floor back to him tomorrow I think he will be feeling better then.

Until then Kathy

Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Glad it went well. I spent all week telling Jim not to bend over or pick anything up. More like yelling at him. I'm really glad he didn't have to use the eye drops. Thanks for the update.

    1. I really think they need to warn you about the beeper thing. That would have given me a heart attack.

  2. Glad that went well! Best Wishes to Rick! I'm surprised that Dr. Tayfour is still practicing -- I remember his name being all over TV when the lasik procedure was first introduced. Tom had his done (MANY years ago) by Dr. Fiander in Detroit, who had studied under Dr. Tayfour and brought the procedure to the US.

  3. Happy all went well for Rick and to bad about the beeper. Yes they should warm you about your range limit

  4. Glad to hear everything went well and you did fine with the post. Nice to have a woman's perspective sometimes. :)
    the beeper probably would have scared me so much that I wouldn't need the washroom anymore except to clean up the mess! haha

  5. I'm glad to hear everything went well for Rick, and love your story about the beeper Kathy :-)

  6. Great to hear from you, Kathy. Glad all went well with Rick. Your post was not boring, at all—you write very well.

    Tell that bullhead, Rick, that he better follow instructions. I had one lens slip and saw nothing until they could put it back in place. They said I must have bent over or something. I don’t think I did, but being alone maybe opening the truck door or something caused the problems. One more to go and you can both enjoy our colorful world! Thanks for letting us know about Rick.

  7. Glad all is well Kathy. Now if you can just keep him down when it comes to lifting and fixing stuff!! Good luck with the eyedrops. They are a pain to be sure.

  8. Glad all is well. Well maybe except the restroom being out of bounds!

  9. Glad it all went well and the beeper story is too cute! You did an awesome job on the blog!

  10. Hope Rick's eye has popped open and he is happy with the surgery. Kathy your post was delightful and fun to read. Nothing dramatic has to happen to make it worthwhile to write. Write more often!