It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Trouble Sleeping, Hair Cuts, Visiting Vera and DTC Alert.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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It must be written somewhere that I can’t get more then Two Solid Night’s Sleep in a row. Even after taking an Extra Strength Tylenol last night shortly after 2:00 I was tossing and turning wondering what to do. Another Extra Strength Tylenol later my eyes just would not shut. That’s when I felt something. Since we’ve had to run the AC to keep the inside of the Trailer cool and I have Raynaud’s Disease I noticed my feet felt like Ice under the sheets. It’s good to know your way around in the dark so you don’t wake your partner. Ten Minutes after putting on my Warm Socks I was sound asleep until 8:00 this morning. 
Clouds seemed to clear then come back.
Looking outside while having breakfast we were certain the sky was about to give us a downpour. There wasn’t even any Golfers on the course, that was how bad it looked. A quick check of The Weather Network showed a huge front moving our way. After checking our E-Mail and doing my Eyedrops we were out the door just after 10:00. Looking at the Sky the Clouds seemed to be clearing. 

Our destination was Fantastic Sam’s in Windsor for our haircuts. With these warm weather days, it seems our hair is growing much faster. We arrived early and it was fun watching the young girls getting their hair done up before returning to school next week with Moms or Grandmothers giving them that special treat. Once Jenna started trimming our hair it didn’t take long for us to have the look we like.

It was nearing lunch when we left and we made the decision to NIX a few errands for today so we headed over to the west-end Wendy’s where we both ordered off the Value Menu. Tasty, satisfying, inexpensive and we didn’t have to do the dishes. When we walked back outside it looked like the Sun was setting because of the thick Clouds. 

We arrived at the Windsor Rehabilitation Center around 12:30 just on time to see Vera finishing her lunch. She explained how they try to do Physio Therapy every week day in order to keep up her strength and agility. She was having trouble with her Cell Phone not being able to connect to the Internet for its updates. While she talked with Kathy I was able to find the designated WiFi and get her connected. We said our goodbyes just before 3:00 because the Therapist came to bring her downstairs. Outside again the Clouds had become wispy with lots of Clear Blue Sky showing. 
There's a Ghostly Face for you.
Since we were on the west-end we stopped at “Computers For Kids” to drop off Karen’s old Apple Laptop that was no longer working. Manned by Volunteers, they will disassemble the entire thing to recycle it all. The monies raised from the recycling covers operational costs and everything is kept out of the Landfill.

We took our time driving through LaSalle before getting Home at the Park after 4:00. Since we didn’t have a afternoon snack Kathy thought that it was the perfect time to have supper. We sat right at our Computers having our cold Celery Root. When we finished that Kathy immediately served out the last of the Pineapple we had yesterday. We were very satisfied.

I suggested we take the Truck for a run since it has been sitting for nearly Two Weeks so we first headed over to the Park Trash and Recycle Area before heading out. We were barely on North Malden Road when it appeared the Regen had started but when I looked closely it was showing DTC Alert 5 (Diagnostic Trouble Code). The Gauges and Lights on the dash would stop working then just start up. The Turn Signal was flashing about Three times faster then normal. Getting safely parked back on our site there was nothing visibly wrong under the hood. I’ll be calling Windsor Gas and Diesel sometime tomorrow to have it looked at it long before we hit the road.

We’ll be at the Hospital early tomorrow morning so that I’ll have my second Cataract Surgery done. Kathy will be doing the Blog for the next couple of days and let you know how I’m doing and to tell you about an issue she is having with one of her Eyes. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Best wishes tomorrow and I know you will do just as well with this second cataract as the first. Will be looking for Kathy's post tomorrow evening

  2. Too bad about the truck, hope it's an easy fix! Good luck this am, and will look forward to Kathy's post! How nice you have a place to drop off old computers and that it all goes for a good cause! Again, i'm sure Vera enjoyed your visit.

  3. Good luck with the second eye. It's almost over now!! Those trucks ... seems there is always a problem with mine. Time for a new one?

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