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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Doing The Stress Test, Adding To Chores and Great Tasting Meals.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Last night we both managed to sleep like a couple of rocks and since we tend to get to bed later the same held true for our getting up. When we opened our eyes this morning there didn’t seem to be any light shining around the windows. The minute we opened the Window Shades and saw the heavy cloud covered sky and the Flag across the street moving rapidly we knew why.

After having our breakfast we settled in at the Computers getting caught up on a number of things before getting ourselves ready to face the day. We watched as the wind increased gusting to Twenty-Five MPH but the Sun finally made an appearance through the clouds just before we sat down for lunch. 

For our lunch today we had Leftovers. Leftover Chicken Vegetable Soup that Kathy made for lunch yesterday and Leftover Croissants that Melissa sent Home with us last night. Kathy added a bit of Leftover Jam to dress them up for taste.

The other night when we spoke to our good friends Elain and Rick from the Blog E & R’s Travels. Since they work for one of the better RV Dealerships in New Brunswick they gave us a little assignment to test the severity of the Structural Problem we are having with our trailer. Due to all the Rain that our area had and other things that needed to be done we never got around to doing it.

After moving the car over to a neighbour’s site that hasn’t been here all season we connected the truck to the trailer and lifted the landing gear. The idea was by adding weight on the Pinbox if it was the Main Frame that was failing the crack would have opened up considerably.  The effect to the crack in our sidewall was unchanging meaning our Main Frame is solid. If there is a Structural Problem it is in the Upper Aluminium Frame that RV Manufactures use to keep the weight down in the RVs they produce. Once our test was completed and the trailer unhooked and stabilized we each went about getting to other chores we need to do. 
The crack in the outer skin did not change through the test.
Kathy went inside and started chopping Vegetables that she wanted to use for a Stir Fry for supper tonight. After chopping all the ingredients she put them in Storage Containers so they would be cooked fresh for supper. She also made a Waldorf Salad that contains Fruit and Marshmallows. It’s a tasty treat that is healthy and low in Calories.

I checked out a number of things that need to be taken care of before we head south in less then Nine Weeks. Until I reload our basement with everything we will be carrying it will be difficult to accomplish anything and the To-Do List seemed to grow longer today. 

When it came time to have supper Kathy was in her glory filling the trailer with an aroma that will tantalize me for days. It tasted wonderful and like the Soup from yesterday there’s more for another meal. As for the Waldorf Salad there’s enough for a few more meals.

With the rising cost of Gas and Diesel due to Hurricane Harvey we’ll maximize any running around we do for a while to make it last longer. The price will probably go down in another month. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

The World's Great Proverbs

A creaking door hangs the longest.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cleaning Up, Drying Out and A Fun Visit.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

When we went to bed last night we could only pray that there would be no more Rain in our area. Waking this morning I knew that our prayers had been answered as I could see a line of grass between the Water Hazard and the Road. Looking over the adjacent farmer’s field a Fog hung in the air from all the moisture that filled the air. 

It was nearly 8:30 by the time we finished breakfast and sat at the Computers to get caught up on what could make a difference in our world.  By 9:00 a glow started filling the inside of the trailer as the Sun started burning off the fog that was making everything look so dreary.

We needed to accomplish things today so we both went about getting them moving in the right direction. I flipped the mattress and changed the bed linens while Kathy started separating our expenditure receipts. It’s amazing how fast time flies even when you’re not having fun.

Once Kathy was ready with our receipts to start making Data Entries but she stopped to get things ready for lunch. Whenever we purchase a Pre-Cooked Chicken at the grocery store deli it doesn’t just feed us for a single meal but several. We had Chicken with our meal the other day, on our Salad yesterday, Chicken Salad Sandwiches for lunch. Kathy even made enough Homemade Chicken Vegetable Soup for two meals and she kept enough aside for a Chicken Stir Fry we’ll make tomorrow. That’s only five meals for the both of us on a small Chicken. We’ve had as many as eight meals each on larger chickens. 
Chicken Salad Sandwich and a piece of Tuxedo Cake for dessert.
I had the laundry sorted and ready to go by the time we ate so when we finished eating I headed off to the Park Laundry Room. I had everything going in the Washers before I looked at the Bulletin Board. Due to the thickness of the grass on our present site our little Black & Decker Mower/Trimmer struggles to cut the grass when it is damp. There on the Board someone was selling an Electric Lawn Mower at a reasonable price so I walked over to their site to check it out. I checked that the blade was in good shape and even plugged it in to see that it ran perfectly.

I walked it back over to our site and told Kathy who was still making Data Entries on the Computer that I had just bought a Lawn-Mower. She thought I was yanking her chain until I had her look outside. We’ll still be using our Black & Decker as a Trimmer. I also took the time to remove our Waterproof Cover from our Tandem Bicycle so the seats could dry. Either the cover is not Waterproof or there was just too much moisture in the air the last couple of days that the seats just absorbed the moisture.

After getting all the laundry transferred to the Dryers I brought the delicates back Home to hang in the shower. I then went outside to empty and flush our Waste Tanks. I didn’t realize that it had not been emptied since before we brought the trailer in for service early this month. I took my time to fill the Fresh Water Tank to see if it had been repaired. Last winter while we were in the desert if that tank was filled to more than Two-Thirds it would drain down to under a Third. The Overflow Tube was too deep in the tank which caused a Syphoning Effect. It now works the way it should have from the start.

I was back to the Laundry Room on time for the last dryer to be finishing its load. With nobody waiting for the machine I could leave the clothes in the Dryers to keep warm while I folded a small batch at a time. I was down to only a half a load in the final Dryer when Mike came in to look at the Bulletin Board. We worked in the same plant for nearly Twenty Years. When Essex Aluminium Plant was closed I retired and Mike went over to the Engine Plant. Today was his last day on the job as he used an P.A. day for tomorrow. He will officially be Retired Friday. 
This is only half a bowl of Homemade Chicken Vegetable Soup.
I'd eaten half the bowl before remembering to take the picture.
It was that good.
It was nearly 5:00 by the time we had all the laundry put away in the trailer. We had Homemade Chicken Vegetable Soup that Kathy had been working on earlier for supper. It tasted heavenly and the best part is there is enough for another meal.

It was past 5:30 when we headed over to the Park Trash and Recycle Area to empty the back of the truck. With all the Rain we had been having I was slipping the bags under the Toneau Cover for temporary storage. As we were leaving the Park it was nice to see the Drainage Ditch by the road was down about Three Feet from yesterday’s level.

It was after 6:00 when we arrived at our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa’s home in Amherstburg for our weekly visit. They were amazed at how much Rain we had received as well as the city of Windsor because they only had a lite shower at their house. We really had a lot to talk about tonight and didn’t head for Home until nearly 9:00.

Not sure what we’ll be doing tomorrow but we’ll do something. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

You Might Be a Redneck If

Every TV show you watch involves ducks.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Where’s All This Water Coming From?

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Seeing the devastation that is happening in Texas from all the Rain and Flooding from Hurricane Harvey makes us grateful to live in an area we don’t have anything that bad to deal with. We can only Pray for all those that have been affected by it and hope things improve sooner then what is being forecasted. 
This is the Fairway at the end of our street.
As mentioned in last night’s Blog we managed to get over Six Inches of Rain from before lunch until 10:00 last evening. I emptied the Rain Gauge before coming back inside for the night. We hadn’t even gone to bed when the Rain started again. Normally Kathy sleeps like a rock when she hears rain on our roof. Last night it was another Hard Rain which kept her awake most of the night. I’m the one that slept like a rock even sleeping late this morning. 
Checking out the new pond.
As soon as I opened the Window Shades in the living area of the trailer I could see how much rain we had. The Sun was hiding behind the clouds but it was light enough to see the Water Hazard on the Golf Course was up to the front of our site. 
The end of our street the water is across the road
and the flooded Fairway is past the trees.
As soon as we’d finished breakfast I checked our Rain Gauge to find another Two Inches of Rain in it. Wading down the street to the corner I could see most of the Golf Course was under water. 
Looking past our site further away from the Fairway.
After telling Kathy of my findings we intended to ride our Tandem Bicycle around the Park. When I lifted our Water Proof Bike Cover I found out that with all the rain we had it’s not Water Proof and our seats were soaked. 
Looking up the road towards the next Fairway.
Since Kathy also wanted to go to the Park Library to exchange some books so we took the car. Driving slowly to avoid causing a wake we were in awe to find most of the Water Hazards were covering the majority of the Fairways. The neighbouring farmer’s fields were now part of the Water Hazards. After driving the car around the outer roads of the Trailer Park and seeing the majority of the Golf Course flooded was quite the shock. 
This Blue Heron taking advantage of being alone on the Links.
We finally stopped in at the Park Library where Kathy was able to exchange five books. Since we weren’t going to be riding the bike around for exercise we still went to the Park Exercise Room. I had to correct Kathy’s stance on the Lateral Bar but she is slowly getting the hang of it. 

Back Home Kathy made a wonderful Chicken covered Salad with Clementines. It was all tasty and healthy even the Chocolate Pudding we had for dessert. We needed something with Milk in it. 
This is a Ten Foot Deep Drainage Ditch.
We needed to pick up a few more groceries so we needed to go to Amherstburg. We didn’t wait long after finishing our lunch to head out the door.  As we were leaving the Park the Ten Foot Drainage Ditch that runs along the road was only inches away from spilling its banks. 
Both ends of this bridge are under water.
Our first destination was to our son Kevin’s Home to see if his basement was dry or if he needed help. As we got further from the Park there were less signs of any Rain having fallen. When we finally talked to Kevin he just said everything was fine and they’d hardly gotten any Rain
Someone taking advantage of the high water.
Our next stop was Dollarama where we picked up a few supplies that we use often at a lower price. 
There's two Fairways under this water.
Stopping at Sobey’s grocery store where we managed to get everything else that was on the list. 
That sign is located on the bank of the Water Hazard.
Back Home we managed to get everything inside just before it started to Rain again. It only lasted for another hour and a half but enough is enough. When I went outside to grill a couple of Chicken Kabobs on the Weber Q I checked our Rain Gauge only to find another Two Inches of Rain had fallen since this morning. That added up to Ten Inches of Rain in a Thirty Hour period. 
Rain headed for Windsor.
Note Full Drainage Ditch along the side of the road.
Watching the Local 6 o’clock News they were showing scenes of localized Flooding across the city of Windsor. Their Weather Guesser said we had received three months worth of rain in less then a day and there was still a chance of a Thunderstorm for tonight. By Sunday we should get the remainder of Hurricane Harvey to add to our Rainfall. Maybe I shouldn’t have cut the grass on Sunday. 
More late afternoon rain.
Again I am not trying to downplay the severity what is happening in Texas by what is happening to our area. It just makes you ask “Where is all this water coming from?” It also makes you wonder “Why can’t some of this Rain fall in the areas suffering from Drought and Forest Fires?” 
Nice Sunset.
Mother Nature has got to learn to balance things out better. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration

It's taken me all my life to learn what not to play.

Dizzy Gillespie, Jazz Musician

Monday, August 28, 2017

Little Sleep, Being Kept Informed, An Old E-mail and Lots Of Rain.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Normally on a day that I exercise I have no problem sleeping. That was not the case last night. My mind would not shut down thinking about what will be needed to repair our trailer. I still managed to be up by 8:30 this morning and still got Five hours of sleep. Kathy was having sinus problems at the same time that I finally got out of bed which means that she hardly slept until I was once again laying next to her.

Sitting at the Computers having our Coffees I hadn’t finished reading my E-mails when Stephanie from Leisure Trailer was calling. She has been in contact with Jayco and is trying to set up a date for the Structural Repairs that will be needed. She wanted us to know that she was not sitting idle on this issue and we appreciate that. After she’d hung up we discussed other concerns in regards to the repairs and wrote them down so they could be typed out and sent to Stephanie.

Kathy had received an E-mail yesterday from our friends Gerry and Sandy about getting together for a visit on Saturday. After not getting an answer to her response she had me call to verify the appointment. Neither Gerry or Sandy remembered sending the first message. When Kathy brought it back up it was dated for last October. We’ll still be getting together on Saturday because we’ve been so busy we’ve missed visiting with them. 
This was the Rain before lunch. It got worse around dinner time.
Not as bad as Texas but bad for us.
While I had been talking with Gerry the Rain started coming down so my chances of Stressing the front of the trailer were dashed for today. Lunch was Chicken Noodle Soup, a Chicken Sandwich and an Orange that we shared. We also had a Muffin for dessert. With all the Rain we got caught up on all our Computer Reading and we also got the List of Concerns typed and E-mailed to Stephanie. 

The Weather Guessers on the Local 6 o’clock News said we could expect some Rain throughout most of the night. We’d been hearing that for sometime but not getting a drop. For supper we had Bacon, Eggs and Toast.

We had just sat back at the Computers when a Lightning Strike nearby had the both of us jump right out of our chairs. The Rain got so intense we had to nearly holler at one another to be heard. Finally around 10:00 this evening the Rain stopped so I went outside to check our Rain Gauge. It had been overflowing and even Kathy’s Fairy Garden was overflowing. That means we got over Six Inches of Rain which is way above the norm for this area.

The sound of distant Thunder is getting closer so we’ll probably be getting more Rain tonight. Hopefully we’ll both get a decent night’s sleep tonight and some answers to our concerns from Stephanie tomorrow, if not we have time. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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Why do they lock gas station bathrooms?

Are they afraid someone will clean them?

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Low Immune System, Both Of Us Working Out, Getting A Few Chores Finished and Wet Weather Heading Our Way.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

It was minutes after 8:00 when we were both getting out of bed this morning even though Kathy had a rough night sleeping. One of the reasons we avoid crowds is that Kathy is very susceptible to germs. She can be across the room when someone sneezes and within hours she starts feeling the effects of it. Even though we are still in the summer season there were quite a number of people at the Steak Dinner that didn’t have the curtesy to sneeze or cough into a Kleenex last night. Even after having breakfast with a double helping of Coffee Kathy still needed a Snap (Short Nap) to help her shake this off. 
Kathy with our Tandem Bicycle by the Park Exercise Room.
The Chicken and Rice Soup we had for lunch also helped a little to get rid of the bug that was bothering her. We’ve talked a number of times about being more Physically Active but Kathy said she wasn’t feeling up to it. Telling Kathy what I had been taught years ago that being Physically Active will help build your Immune System she finally relented. 
Kathy using the Lateral Pulldown Bar.
After pumping the Tandem Bicycle’s Tires we were soon on our way. We were out pedalling at a casual pace but we could still feel the strain in our legs because it had been over a month since the last time we rode. As we rode I explained to Kathy about not overdoing it on the first few trips out but we did manage to ride on every street in the RV Park before stopping at the Park Exercise Room
Finally Blooming inn our Flower Bed.
Kathy had never been inside this workout room and didn’t think there was anything there she could use. After some brief instruction and adjustments to the resistance on the Weight Machine Kathy managed to get some exercises in for her arms while I used the Free-Weights that were available. We didn’t overdo it but it was enough stimulation that we were both feeling better by the time we got Home.
Forgot the before picture but you can see the tear
 on the lead edge of our old Step Covers.
 Even though the Stress Test that I was told to do on our Trailer is simple and only involves hitching up to the truck Kathy suggested I wait until tomorrow. She wanted to do some minor work on the Trees we planted and fixing the Flowers that the Rabbits have been using as a bed to lay on. 
The new, better quality Step Covers.
While she did that I replaced our old Step Covers. Even though our covers were barely a year old they were ripping along the lead edge of the step which cause Kathy to almost do a face dive on the patio. When we went to pick the trailer up we also got the new set of Step Covers that we had ordered. These are much heavier in construction and are closer to actual Carpet then Astro Turf like the first set. 
Our Black & Decker Trimmer/Mower.
I hadn’t cut the grass since before we took the trailer in for service which was three weeks ago and it was really starting to show in some places. Getting our Black & Decker Trimmer/Mower out I started cutting only to have the first battery only last about Fifty Feet. I’d forgot to charge it the last time it was used. The fully charged Battery managed to get the rest of the grass mowed but it was a struggle. The grass was around six inches tall in some places and this is basically a Trimmer mounted on a Mower Deck. With the Weather Guessers on the Local News tonight calling for three days of rain this week I’ll be cutting it again before next weekend. 

For our supper tonight we grilled a Hawaiian Pizza with a small bowl of Cherries that more then filled us up. Tomorrow morning we’ll try to stress the trailer before the rain starts. With that information we’ll have a better understanding of the kind of repairs that will actually be needed. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration

A man can do as he wills, but not will as he wills.

Arthur Schopenhauer, German Philosopher

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Lazy Day and Steak Dinner.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

With the windows closed for a second night due to the 48 F (9 C) temperature we still managed to be awake before 8:30 this morning. We had breakfast and drank our Coffee/Tea at the Computers where we had a chance to catch up on the destruction that Hurricane Harvey has been causing in Texas.

We discussed what I had been told by Elaine and Rick from E & R’s Travels last night what we should do to test the severity of the damage to our trailer. Who better to give advice then those who work in the Service and Repair part of the RV Industry because they have seen these kinds of things much more often then we have. Since we had plans for later this afternoon we kept things low keyed and will wait until tomorrow to perform the tests that were recommended. 
The band called " Back to Back."
Shortly after 5:00 this afternoon we headed over to the Park Clubhouse to attend a Steak Dinner that we had purchased tickets for at the beginning of the month. The only thing we needed to supply for our meal was our own place settings as well as refreshments. There is always someone different at the tables when we attend these functions but that is how we get to meet more of the Seasonal Park Residents.

After 6:00 when Grace had been said table numbers were called for us to first go outside to get our Steaks done they way we wanted them done before proceeding back in through the Kitchen where you got a large ear of Corn as well as a Baked Potato. As soon as you left the Kitchen there were tables set up with Crock Pots with Melted Butter to dip your Corn in, condiments for your Steak and bowls with Cole Slaw
People dancing away to the music.
All through the meal there was always someone at the table talking about a number of different subjects. There was even Ice Cream served for dessert. Once the Share-The-Wealth Tickets were drawn the Husband and Wife team known as “Back to Back” started playing hits from the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies. We even had the chance to shake a leg a few times but by 10:00 we thought it was time to head for Home as others had already done.

Tomorrow we’ll see what we will do with our day. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

You Might Be a Redneck If

You were born with a toothpick in your mouth.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Finding Misplaced Items, Running Errands and Getting Sound Advice.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Sleeping with the windows open is something that we prefer doing until it starts dipping below the Fifty-Degree mark and that is what happen last night. We made certain that all the windows and roof vents were closed before going to bed. When my eyes focused on the clock this morning I nearly jumped out of bed as it was past 9:00. We weren’t late for any appointments it’s just that if I sleep too late in the mornings I generally start having a hard time to sleep at night and that’s not what I want to happen.

There was no way that Kathy could not hear me opening the Window Shades in the living area. She was sitting at the Dining Table before I’d even started getting things ready for breakfast. After eating we brought our Coffees over to the Computers as a way of Multi-Tasking. Some of the blogs we were reading were referring to Hurricane Harvey and how they might be affected by it. On this evening’s 6 o’clock News the Weather Guessers were saying that it has actually Increased in Intensity. We’ll be praying for all those in this storm’s path. 

Yesterday we spent most of the day getting everything from the boxes and suitcases put away so that we could once again function in our Home. For our lunch today Kathy realized we didn’t have our Cooking Utensils. We rechecked all the Cupboards, under the Kitchen Counter and the Upper Pantry but there was no sign of them. We decided to have soup for lunch so when Kathy reached in the Lower Pantry where I had installed extra shelves she started pulling out her missing Cooking Utensils. We had already sealed the boxes when packing things away so Kathy simply decided to put them in the Lower Pantry. The problem was that she had forgotten that she did that. 
Chicken Noodle Soup with Cheese and Crackers
along with Strawberry covered Yogurt for dessert.
We needed to run some errands so once lunch was finished around 1:00 I went outside to transfer the Suitcases from the truck to the car. There was plenty of sunshine today with some clouds but the temperature was perfect. 

It was around 1:30 when we arrived at Canadian Tire in Windsor to get some trash bags not only for our containers but to be used for storage. As we were leaving we noticed that we were in the middle of Afternoon Rush Hour and traffic was nearly bumper to bumper. 

We next drove over to Home Depot where I returned some Household Wiring that wasn’t used last year. Not having the receipt they simply issued a Home Depot Value Card that we’ll be able to use the next time we need something from them.

Down the road we stopped at the Pioneer gas station for gas for our car. We have put lots of mileage on it in the last couple of weeks so it was time. 

After collecting our Mail from our box at Guardian Storage we went back to our Climate Controlled Storage Unit where after covering it with a large clear trash bag we returned our Luggage Set. We also took some of the Toiletries we had stockpiled over the years when we lived in the apartment.

We made a stop at Princess Auto where I took advantage of a few bargains that were advertised on their E-mail Flyers. They had a set of Heavy Duty Road Hazard Triangles that were half the cost of the ones we already have and some Foldable Headphones that we’ll both use when we have to be exposed to loud noises. 

Driving over to Motor City Credit Union we had some banking to do. Because it was already after 4:00 and we were in the same parking lot we walked to Taco Bell where thinking outside the box we had our supper. 

We drove over to Walmart where we looked for replacement slippers for me but they didn’t have any big enough in my size. 

Driving over to Zehrs we spent some time getting the necessary groceries that will tide us over for another week. 

After taking a lot of the back roads to get back Home to Wildwood Golf and RV Park we managed to have enough time to unload the car before watching the 6 o’clock Local News

After reading about the problems we are presently having with our RV this evening our dear friends Elaine and Rick Cochrane from E & R's Travels called to try and help us determine the severity of the problem. When they are not on the road both Elaine and Rick work in one of the better RV Dealerships in Moncton, New Brunswick. They gave me ideas how to check the extent of the problem and how to have the dealership try to deal with it. We were on the phone for an hour until they were certain I knew what to look for. That’s what you call Good Friends. Thanks for the advice guys.

We’ll try to put their advice into practice tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Pictures taken by Kathy.

The World's Great Proverbs

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Getting Our Lives Back Together.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Sleeping with the windows open all night truly has its advantages listening to the Sounds of Nature, breathing in all that Fresh Air and the ability to Keep the Blankets pulled up instead of kicking them off because you are too warm. As soon as I checked the outside temperature this morning and saw it was a balmy 54 F (12 C) I understood why I was seeing the Golfers on the Golf Course wearing Jackets. Eventually our daytime high would reach all of 66 F (19 C) due to a cold front that is presently parked over our region. 
This picture was taken yesterday but today's sky looked the same.
By the time we’d finished having our breakfast we only spent a short while on the Computers getting caught on up on our reading. It was past 10:30 by the time I finally was able to reach the doctor’s office that had been closed for the last month. He is suddenly starting to take more time off this year so the soonest I could get an appointment to see him will be just before we head south in the fall.

As soon as I was off the phone I started opening boxes so that Kathy could start putting our Office Storage back in place. The boxes I had to sort were of Shoes, Shirts and Medical Supplies that we carry as backups. We both managed to get as far as we could at getting boxes emptied and putting our lives back in order. This was all due to having to empty everything from the Roadside Slide and Front Closet before taking our RV in for this last round of Warranty Repairs.

We kept lunch lite by simply grilling a couple of Hotdogs and a handful of Potato Chips as a side. Looking around the living room the only boxes we were seeing were the flattened ones stacked on our Ottoman.

We both returned to the bedroom to get our Medical Supplies carefully put back in as much the same way they were stored before they were packed away in the boxes. We asked the same thing when we first moved from our Avalanche to our Jayco and again when we emptied it our for these repairs “Where is all this coming from?” When you live in your RV Fulltime it is not the same as when you only take short trips. It is your Home and you have all your Comforts and Necessities there for you to use.

It was close to 3:00 when we finally got everything put where it belonged. There was also some purging that was done in the process.

For supper Kathy made a great tasting Spinach Salad with a Strawberry Vinegarette while heating a couple of personal sized Chicken Pot Pies. After eating out so much for over two weeks even those pies tasted good without overdoing it.

Tomorrow we’ll try to get other things squared away so we can truly have our Home back. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

You Might Be a Redneck If

You haggle at the dollar store.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Recovering From The News, Getting Our Belongings Back, Enjoyable Visit and Sudden Change In Health.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

After recovering from the news that there is a structural issue with our One Year Old Home we still managed to get a decent night’s sleep. There just something about sleeping in your own bed that calms you down so you can fall into a deeper sleep. The only problem with that deeper sleep is it normally happens in the morning after the time you wanted to get up. 

It was past 8:30 when I suddenly woke and knew that I had to get moving in order to accomplish what I needed before we left for our Morning Appointment. As soon as I started opening the Window Shades Kathy came downstairs to join me for breakfast. As soon as we’d eaten I dressed for working including my Safety Shoes while Kathy got things inside ready to go.

My task was to make space in the truck so we could haul things Home today. I finally got the tools that I had used to repair our friend Kathie’s dresser while we were staying in the Stonecroft Hotel back in the basement and out of the Backseat. I then unlocked and removed our Fifth Wheel Hitch out of the Bed of the truck along with our Honda Generator and other necessities we’ve been carrying. I simply used our long Cable Lock to secure everything to the Landing Gear for safe keeping. When that was done I was back inside to change into casual clothes and Sandals but we also opened all the windows and shut the Air-Conditioner off  to take advantage of the comfortable temperatures.

We managed to arrive early at Fantastic Sam’s for our 11:00 appointment where we had the chance to relax before getting our hair trimmed. Jenna is one of our biggest fans and is always wanting to hear what we’ve been up to. She was shocked to hear about the extended hotel stay and mortified to think we were having so many problems with our New Trailer. She is hoping to be able to someday follow in our RVing Footsteps and get to seeing some of the places we’ve described to her.

Since it was nearly noon we went next door to the Home Style Grill to have lunch. This is a Mom and Pop eatery that looks like it is more for this couple to have something to do than to make enough money from the business to feed a growing family. We tried something different then the last time and really enjoyed the taste and again it was very reasonably priced. 

We finally drove over to Guardian Storage to collect our mail. The letter we had waited for last week finally arrived which meant our next stop was to Motor City Credit Union to go do some banking.

It was nearly 1:30 by the time we arrived at our daughter Karen’s house in Tecumseh. She had given us the use of a corner in their garage to store things while our RV was in for repair at Leisure Trailers. Using the Garage Door Code, we let ourselves in to collect our belongings. It took nearly Forty-Five Minutes to get everything loaded in such a way that it was protected from the forecasted Rain Showers.

As soon as we got Home I started unloading the Nine Boxes, Four Pieces of Luggage and the Bag filled with our Christmas Decorations while Kathy manned the door in order to keep the flies from taking over our Home. We both needed a Gatorade to recover from the exertion before we could start putting things away. We started by getting things in the Kitchen and Pantry put away. Surviving with only Two Teaspoons, Two Forks, One Butter-Knife and One Steak-Knife was just not doing it for us.

Now it was time for me to reinstall the Fifth Wheel Hitch, load the Honda Generator along with all our other Necessities before removing the Towing Brush from the back of the truck. Kathy had been busy hanging her clothes back in the closet. The rest can wait until tomorrow we were just too tired and hungry to continue. 

It was 5:00 by the time we arrived at McDonalds in Amherstburg where we both tried one of their new sandwiches.

It was just after 5:30 when we arrived at our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa’s house for our weekly visit. They were enjoying having the Air-Conditioner turned off and the Windows open due to the mild temperatures we got today. We were having such a good visit it was nearly 8:00 before we got ready to head for Home.

We were just getting out of the car when our friendly neighbours Maynard and Marva were walking by. They asked how we were doing and were just as upset about our problems as we were. When I noted that Maynard was walking with a cane he admitted to being in the Hospital three times in the last two weeks. He had a fall but was able to get up and so he didn’t think much about it. Hours later he developed severe pain in his hip. When the Hospital finally did a CAT Scan they found a very large Blood Clot had developed in the Hip. “Getting Old Sucks!”

When we got inside we both agreed that we are glad we didn’t wait any longer to start the Fulltiming Lifestyle and enjoying the freedom that it gives us. Too many people wait too long and lose out because of health issues. 
A Cold Front makes for nice pictures.
We’ll enjoy sleeping with the windows open tonight and tomorrow we’ll try to get more information about the Structural Repair that needs to be done on our RV. We’ll also be getting everything put away so we can start enjoying our Home. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Pictures taken by Kathy.

Words of Inspiration

I've seen a heap of trouble in my life, and most of it never came to pass.

Mark Twain, American Writer

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Back Home But Getting More Bad News.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

This post covers two days as a way of keeping track of our activities for the days. Monday morning came and we were already in the Lobby Breakfast Area by 8:00 which meant as soon as we were done eating breakfast we headed back to our room to finish packing. When it came time to start loading we were able to load both the truck and car making it easier to empty our room. Even though the Stonecroft Hotel in Windsor was one of the nicer hotels we’ve stayed in after fourteen days we were just wanting to get back in our Home. By 9:20 we were taking the east bound ramp on the E.C. Rowe Expressway
Back at Leisure Trailer.
Just after 9:45 we were walking in the door at Leisure Trailer in Lakeshore having had a non-stop trek across the city. As soon as Stephanie saw us she was all smiles telling us that one of the techs had gone over to the Paint Shop to bring our trailer back. We went through the paper work inside the Air-Conditioned Building as we waited to get back to comfortable living. 
All hooked up on our site.
It was nearly 10:15 when our trailer arrived and I headed outside to prep the truck for towing while Stephanie went out to inspect the paint job personally. The next thing we knew all the bosses were outside looking at something that Stephanie was very upset about. When we got a chance to look at it the Paint Shop did a perfect job of matching the paint on one corner of the trailer but not near the front Cap. It was noted that the Crack in the outer skin was still visible and nobody at Leisure Trailer was very happy about it. The rest of the trailer checked out so it was decided the repair would be done in the fall before we head south. 
Finally back on our site.
It was after 1:00 by the time we were all leveled on our site with our utilities all connected at Wildwood Golf and RV Park. With the Humidex already feeling like 99 F (37 C) we headed up to the 19th Hole Restaurant for lunch. It was quick and filling but we didn’t have time to dawdle. 

We started getting things we had brought with us to the Hotel set back up but we had to leave shortly after 2:15 to drive back to Tecumseh. Our daughter Karen is out of town for a few days and needed someone to drive Tyler to work on Monday. Something else had come up but instead of reneging on our promise we called Tyler up so we could get him to the west side McDonalds early. We even got our bag of frozen food that had been stored in the Garage Refreshment Fridge.

We dropped Tyler off by 3:00, an entire hour before his shift before heading back Home in McGregor. Once everything was in the Freezer we were off to Essex. We arrived at our daughter-in-law Jen’s home before 4:00 and had a chance to visit with her before our daughter Rose arrived after 5:00 to pick up D.J. who had spent the summer visiting with his cousins. It was past 6:00 before we all said our goodbyes and headed back Home.

By the time we had everything comfortably set up it was past 9:00 before we sat down to work on our Computers. That was when we found out we had no Internet Connection. Making a call to our provider we could only leave a message for him to get back to us this morning. Just before 11:00 we found out we also had no Cable so we couldn’t even watch the Local 11 o’clock News
Ruby King Chinese Restaurant in Amherstburg.
It felt great sleeping in our own bed listening to the rain hitting the roof. With limited food on hand we enjoyed being the only ones in our dining room for breakfast this morning. 
Inside of the Ruby King Chinese Restaurant.
We were about to head back to Tecumseh to pick up the rest of our belongings temporarily being stored in our daughter’s garage when Stephanie called. She had already spoken to the owner of the Body Shop about the crack on the sidewall. He claims he repaired it and if it was back with less then thirty miles on the trailer there’s a Structural Problem somewhere on the Frame near the Pinbox. When Stephanie said it will need to go back to Jayco in Indiana for the repairs and that we’ll probably have to empty it again it was too much for Kathy. She didn’t want to go put anything else in the trailer. Stephanie assured her that it would be a month or two before it could be scheduled in. 
Won Ton Soup.
Chris from Cable 1 finally showed up and found that our Cable had been disconnected at the Terminal Post. He also found another problem once he had it reconnected so he had to replace the Coaxial Cable from our Post to our trailer. By the time he left our Internet and Cable TV had been restored. 
Sweet and Sour Chicken with Fried Rice.
I ate the Homemade Egg Roll before getting a picture.
Kathy was still shaken from all this bad news we seem to be getting but we needed to get groceries so we headed for Amherstburg. It was nearly 3:00 and we hadn’t had lunch yet so we stopped at another place our son had recommended, the Ruby King Chinese Restaurant. On the outside of the building it looked small and someplace you’d drive by. Inside it was bright, clean and colourful. It is a family run business and the food was Homemade, Delicious and Reasonably Priced. We both took nearly half of our meals Home for a late supper. 

We went to Walmart and got some groceries that we knew we needed before heading Home. We also stopped at our son Kevin’s to pick up our refrigerated food that was stored in his Refreshment Fridge in the garage. 
Kevin's 29 Coupe he recently started working on.
We had all the food put away when I realized that I’d forgotten to pick up some Vitamin Pills I needed to do our Doucettes tonight. The closest Shoppers Drug Mart was in Essex so that’s where we headed. We managed to get back Home on time for the Local 6 o’clock News. When it was finished Kathy rewarmed our leftover Chinese Food and it tasted as good the second time around as when we got it fresh. While Kathy did the supper dishes and got caught up on her Computer reading I did up our Pill Doucettes for the next six and a half weeks. 
Sever Thunderstorms going through our area this afternoon.
We’ve got a busy day planned for tomorrow. We’ll also just have to calm down and wait to hear back from Stephanie who is dealing with Jayco on our behalf. Looks like we might be spending time in another motel this fall. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Joke of the Day

Q: What cruises down the riverbed at 60 mph?

A: A motorpike with two side carps.