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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Friday, July 31, 2020

Better Sleep? No Joke and Getting Things Done.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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Even though Kathy doesn’t remember me going to bed Five Minutes after her she said she had a hard time falling to sleep. For me it just feels strange getting to bed before midnight ever since we moved into this Apartment. We were having breakfast minutes after 8:00 this morning.
We went through our usual morning routine of chores and reading. One of the biggest things I’m noticing when reading Blogs is that people are getting stressed all because of this Lock-down others because of the need to wear Masks and others due to the inability to see Family along with dear Friends.

I’ve noted a few things throughout all this and find it surprising. Around the World people believe that this Virus is just a Political Ploy but if you ask the Families of the over 675,000 People that have died globally from this Virus and they will tell you it’s no joke. Masks not only protect others from what you may be spreading but they will also protect you from catching a lot of things. You need start listening to the Frontline Medical Professionals and not the Politicians that are spreading misinformation simply to get re-elected. The World will be forever changed but if we work together in the end most of us will survive to enjoy a slightly different type of normal.
After having Split Pea with Ham Soup for lunch we also enjoyed Fruit Cake (aka; Christmas Cake) an Orange and Yogurt Cup for dessert. We then worked together cleaning up the Dishes and Kitchen before heading back to the living room.
A cooler day.
Kathy went back to reading the Book she started the other day while I set about exercising. Something I should have done yesterday. By the end of the afternoon Kathy had finished her Book and I had gotten rid of all my Aches before going back to our Computers.

While watching the 6 o’clock Local News we heard more of the same old news as the last few days. The only thing different was the reminder that this coming Monday is a public Holiday so if you need to stock up on groceries it would be wise not to wait too long.

For supper we had the last Store Bought Thin Crust Hawaiian Pizza in our Freezer. As per usual it was hot and tasty in Fifteen Minutes.

We watched another episode of “Criminal Minds” this evening that we had missed out on. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Do you want to hear two short jokes and a long joke?




Thursday, July 30, 2020

From One Extreme To Another.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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The other night when we really could have used it neither of us could properly sleep. Even with a Snap in the afternoon Kathy could barely keep her eyes open at 11:00 when she headed off to bed. Around that time I had a bad headache that was from being overly tired. When I hit the sack by 11:44 without taking anything for it I wasn’t sure how well I’d sleep. Lets just say I worried for no reason. We both slept like a couple of rocks. It wasn’t until Kathy started getting out of bed that I came to. The last time I slept that long was after being put under Anaesthesia.

Breakfast was simply a Banana then we took our Coffee/Tea to the Computers. I also brought my Cell Phone with me because I had a special call to make. Having the numbers programmed into my Phone I wanted to wish my sister Anna a Happy Birthday but just like the last couple of times I tried to reach her it automatically went to a message that she was unavailable. I tried her Cell Phone and was able to leave a message.
Our morning Cloud Cover.
Since she only uses her Cell Phone for emergencies on the road I worried she would not get the message. In case I sent her an E-Mail just to be certain. Checking The Weather Network their Radar showed a Large Storm Front heading our way that would affect us by mid afternoon.
When it came time for lunch Kathy decided to make Pulled Pork from Lou’s Kitchen. When she went to get the Hamburger Buns and found only Three in the package decided to share them all by just spreading the meat a little thinner. She also served the last of the Nanaimo Bar along with a Yogurt Cup for our dessert.

Since it was a short morning we had more reading on the Computers to finish. I also double checked my E-Mail to find a response from Anna. Hope she continues to enjoy her day.

We turned the Television on around 5:00 where we got to see the end of the Funeral for Congressman John Lewis who fought along with Reverend Martin Luther King Jr for equality among all races back in the 1960s. Strange how in the last couple of years that progress is being pushed back and not just for those of colour but for anyone that doesn’t hold a Six Figure Job. Congressman John Lewis also fought to make voting easier by increasing the number of polling stations throughout the country that have suddenly been slashed by this administration. Another push back.

Watching the 6 o’clock Local News there was more talk about the Phase 2 Recovery from the Coronavirus in our area. They said other areas will have the children back in school in September but because of our delay in the recovery our children could see a delay in returning. We didn’t get any Storms today but we’ll be seeing cooler temperatures for a few days.
Supper at 7:30 was Macaroni and Cheese with an Apple for dessert. We watched a “Criminal Minds episode along with a “Law and Order episode. It has been a while. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

William Arthur Ward, Inspirational Author.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Early To Rise. “Never Go Back” and More Cases In Our Area.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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As I wrote on Monday I’d be taking our daughter Rose to a Doctor’s Appointment this morning. Since even on days that I’ve been sleeping in I’ve been getting up early enough not to worry about setting the Alarm. What wasn’t planned on was that I would spend most of the night Tossing and Turning which gave me little if any rest. When I saw 7:20 on the Clock I thought it was time to start my day rather then sleeping later then I have for weeks.
Our morning sky.
Opening the Balcony Blinds the sky was filled with Clouds. I finished the Scan on Kathy’s Computer that I started before going to bed last night before getting breakfast ready. That gave Kathy an entire Fifteen Minutes extra sleep before she joined me. She said she had a hard time falling to sleep so she wasn’t feeling totally rested either.

After eating I immediately got dressed before finishing my Coffee at the Computer. The Weather Network was not only showing a warmer day but a very wet one according to the Radar. Kathy thought it would be wiser to stay home while I met Rose.

Thinking her appointment was earlier I arrived at Rose’s house by 9:30. Since the appointment wasn’t until 10:30 we had some chat time. As we were about to leave we had to delay because the Rain was coming down nearly horizontal to the ground. Five Minutes later there were only puddles on the ground.

As we drove to the Doctor’s Office we drove in and out of Rain of varying degrees of intensity. Since most Doctors Offices only want the Patients inside I remained in the Car while Rose wearing her Mask went in. The Rain continued it’s earlier pattern the entire time she was inside as well as on our return to her house. Once I dropped Rose off the Rain stopped.

Back at the Apartment things were starting to dry up outside and Kathy had been busy doing the chores I didn’t finish. The later appointment meant it was nearly lunch time so we got busy.
I modified a Garden Salad with Copped Bacon, Celery, Onions and a Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing. Kathy made a dessert plate with Grapes, Cookies and Nanaimo Bars. It was all tasty, satisfying and not over filling.

Once we finished cleaning up the Dishes Kathy needed a Snap while I did some catching up on the Computer.

We checked to find nothing of interest to watch on Television so Kathy went looking to see what movies that we had purchased “On Sale” we had not seen. She chose the movie “Never Go Back” starring Tom Cruise and Cobie Smulders. It involved a massive military conspiracy so the only slow part of the movie was while the stage was set. The rest of the time we spent on the edge of our seats. We gave it a Ten out of Ten.
For supper Kathy warmed up the remaining Chinese Food we had in the Freezer. Five Minutes later we were enjoying a tasty and satisfying meal.
Watching the 6 o’clock Local News they first talked about the Storm we had this morning then they talked about more Coronavirus Cases in our area mostly among the Migrant Farm Workers. This again is forcing the Provincial Government to keep our area in Phase 2 of the recovery. They went on to talking about possibly reopening Schools some time in November.

We then checked a couple US Networks where they reported Sky-Rocketing Coronavirus Cases compared to ours and some states wanting the children back in school within a couple of weeks. My personal feelings don’t count but I think they are pushing it.

With more seasonal temperatures tomorrow we’ll see what we’ll be doing. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

You Might Be a Redneck If

You get the seven-year itch every year.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Exercising The Truck, Family Visit and Science Making Inroads.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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We both managed to be up around 8:00 this morning. I had no problem getting a full night’s sleep but Kathy had a hard time falling to sleep. Before we finished having breakfast Kathy was asking me to turn the Air Conditioner on even though the Thermometer on the far wall was only reading 72 F (22 C). Knowing it would be warming slightly later I turned it on for her comfort.
Lunch was Grilled Cheese and Bacon Sandwiches garnished with sliced Pickles. Kathy made the dessert plates finishing the Cherries and Pastries we had in stock. She added Yogurt Cups and Tea to round everything off.
Add being tired with a satisfied tummy and Kathy had to tip her recliner back to have a Snap. I worked a short while on my Computer. After she woke up I set up my Exercise Bench and managed to get a good workout in before heading to the Shower.

It was after 5:00 when we headed out the door. Today we were taking the Truck to give it some Exercise since it has not moved in Weeks. Those that own vehicles with Diesels know that’s not a wise thing to do. Fortunately whenever I fuel the Truck I add Diesel Kleane an additive which helps eliminate Moisture and Mold in the Fuel.
Our first stop was the nearby Wendy’s Drive-Thru for our supper. We both had Chicken Wraps, Small Chocolate Frosties and Seniors Soft Drinks and the entire meal only cost $7.41. You can’t go wrong with prices like that. We simply sat in their parking lot watching Traffic drive by as we ate our meal.
With this Virus going round we have missed visiting with our Kids and our Grandchildren as well. With it being nearly a month since we last saw our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa along with grandsons Cameron and Matthew we made an appointment to visit with them this evening. It was close to 6:00 when we arrived at their house in Amherstburg. The Truck appreciated the run as it went through its Regen stage which helps clean the Diesel Particulate Filter.
We visited on their back Screened-in Deck where there was a pleasant breeze keeping us comfortable. The biggest complaint we all had during this Lock-down was our Inactivity. Melissa is still working from home using the Laundry Room as her office. Even though it has its advantages if she continues working like this she’ll have to find a better room to use. Our grandson Matthew has been De-tasselling Corn for the last Three Weeks and since he is getting up around 4:30 in the morning he was in bed by 7:00. Being exposed to the hot Sun every day is taking its toll on him but he’s hanging in there. Before we knew it Two Hours had passed and it was time to head for home.
It was past 9:30 by the time we arrived to our Apartment. That gave us a short amount of time to get caught up on our Blog reading before the 11 o’clock Local News came on. They actually talked about things other then the Coronavirus like fixing localized Flooding problems and Scientist making inroads at fixing Autism.

Tomorrow could turn into a very wet day plus I’ve got things to do. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration

Tough times don’t last, tough people do, remember?

Gregory Peck, Actor.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Strange Sleeping Hours, Scammers Calling and Seasonal Temperatures Coming.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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In yesterday’s blog I failed to mention that I had gone to bed late the night before so I wasn’t surprised when I was awake early. Being tired from the lack of sleep last night I managed to get to bed only minutes after Kathy and this morning she got up only minutes after I did at 9:00. It is strange how that works but it happens often. The earlier to bed the later I rise and the later to bed the earlier I rise. ????
We had Clouds all day.
I was still getting things ready for breakfast when she joined me. With another Hot day forecasted to feel over the Century Mark we didn’t plan on doing much outside. Instead we took our Hot Drinks to the Computers while we got caught up on what is happening in the world.

It wasn’t long after that the Scammers started calling Kathy’s Cell Phone from high-jacked numbers. They called Six Times throughout the day using the same Area Codes but the last four digits were all different. By 11:00 it was getting too warm for Kathy so I turned the Air Conditioner on.
When it came time for lunch Kathy chose Italian Wedding Soup to warm us up but added Cherries, the leftover Chocolate Cake and a Yogurt Cup for dessert.

Our daughter Rose contacted Kathy On-Line to see if I could give her a ride Wednesday since Munaf has to work. Since I’m presently not working it will be fine with me.
Even though the AC is set for 77 F (25 C) by 5:00 I had to put on Long Pants, Socks and a Hoodie to stay warm. Kathy was quite comfortable.

We watched the 6 o’clock Local News where they talked about our area being the only one in Ontario to still be in Phase 2 of the Coronavirus reopening because of the continuing outbreaks among the Migrant Farm Workers. On the positive side the temperatures will be back to seasonal starting tomorrow so we might not need the Air Conditioner as much.
We waited until after News was finished to have Macaroni and Cheese for supper along with a Banana for dessert. We spent the rest of the evening on the Computers. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

What did the O say to the 8?

Nice belt!”