It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween!

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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This short post is just to wish all the little Ghosts and Goblins a Safe Trick or Treating.

Also wishing all the Snowbirds and Fulltimers a Safe and Enjoyable trip South.

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It’s about time.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Meeting Our Son, Non-Stop Rain, Getting Our Keys and Starting To Move In.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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Even with the sound of Rain tapping away on our roof we were up by 8:00 this morning. After having a Banana for breakfast we took our Coffee/Tea to do some Computer Reading before getting bundled up to go outside.
Notice the Rain forecasted for the rest of the Day.
It started before we were out of bed.
Our first stop this morning was Pharma Care Pharmacy in Amherstburg to pick up our 90 Day Supply of Prescriptions. Because it was raining Kathy decided to stay in the Car. As I approached the door who should be coming out but our son Kevin. He was there to get a Prescription for our grandson Cameron who was home from school sick in bed. We had planned to drop something off but we gave it to Kevin to take home because Kathy would surely catch what Cameron has because of her Weak Immune System.

We were back Home by 11:00 so Kathy decided an early lunch of Split Pea with Ham Soup was in order along with a couple of Crackers with Cheese. She then topped it off with a Yogurt Cup for our dessert.

We were out the door by 11:30 with our next destination being our Storage Unit at Guardian Storage in Windsor. We loaded the Living Room Chairs and Night Stands that we recently purchased in the back of the Car even though it was still raining they barely got wet. After loading the second Chair I remembered that I had forgotten my Back Support Belt in the Truck. We stopped at Princess Auto then Canadian Tire before I was able to find one.
The path by the grass is a popular Biking, Hiking, and Running
path called the Ganatchio Trail. It's Five Miles long and joins
other area trails that totally circle around the city of Windsor
Finally the moment we had been waiting for we arrived at the Riverside Tower Apartment building. Ana was on her way out for a Root Canal so her husband Joel gave us the Keys to our Apartment along with our Parking Passes and a copy of our Lease. When asked when we could start moving things in he answered right away. That’s good because we are expecting Snow Flurries early Friday morning. There was only One problem the larger Elevator that most use for moving will be out of service until next week but we can use the smaller ones to bring our things up to the Eighth Floor. It just means we’ll be making more trips
Views out our Balcony Door.
We brought the Chairs and Night Stands along with a few other things that fit in the car into the building. Then we moved them around near the Elevators before pushing the button. While Kathy held the Open Door Button I loaded the Elevator before we went up. On the Eighth Floor Kathy again had to hold the Open Door Button while I unloaded the Elevator. Once everything was in the Hall we hauled it all into our Apartment.
Good thing you don't see the Rain from up here.
It didn’t take long to make quick list of things we needed to pick up so from there we headed over to the nearby Home Hardware Store where we got everything but the Keys that only Locksmiths are licensed to make. So we headed over to Better Locksmith and in less then Five Minutes we were on our way with our Keys.
Our Living/Dining Room.
We then had to travel to the Devonshire Mall so we could go to the Cogeco Outlet. In an apartment the only way you get Internet or Television is by Cable or Satellite. We’ve had both before and much prefer the Cable. We were there a Half Hour but will have our system turned on by Friday.
Our Nightstands.
With it still raining but too early to stop for the day we again went to our Storage Unit and loaded more Containers and Boxes in the Car. When we left we just had enough space to sit with everything in the back.

It was already past 4:30 and we were getting hungry so we stopped at East-Side Mario’s to have supper. Kathy didn’t want Pizza so we both ordered Chicken Premavera. Since we’ve both been cutting back on what we eat after having our Soup the Pasta filled us up quickly. There are now Two Containers of Chicken Premavera in our apartment Fridge for lunch.

Even though the Car had a bigger load it took less time to empty because we were able to use Shopping Carts to haul it up to our apartment. It was after 6:00 when we headed to the Pioneer gas station to top up the Car before going Home back at Wildwood RV Park.

It wasn’t until we got Home that we realized there is something in the Storage Unit we need before we can safely move the Trailer. With more Rain forecasted for tomorrow we’ll see about winterizing the Trailer then moving it to the Storage Yard. By mid-afternoon the Rain is supposed to stop so we can move a few more things into the apartment. That means there will be no Blog for a couple of days as we get settled in. With Cold Temperatures but Clear Sunny Skies on Friday we’ll rent a Truck to get everything moved into our new abode. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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Oscar Wilde, Irish Poet and Playwright

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Early Fraud Call, Mary’s Visit, Picked Up New CPAP and The Last Merry Thanksmas This Year.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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It was bad enough that we were both having trouble sleeping due to the excitement of getting our Apartment early but just after we finally fell asleep the Phone rang before 7:00 in the morning. It was an Automated Message from Visa saying there was Suspicious Activity that had just used our Credit Card and we should contact the Fraud Department. I simply hung up but could not go back to sleep no matter what.

As soon as we had breakfast Kathy tried logging into our accounts but the Stupid Security System never allows her in without Fifty Questions and a Phone Call. Then the next time she goes to check it she has to go through the same BS. I’ll be calling them tomorrow.

There wasn’t much time spent on the Computer this morning as there was a lot to get done before lunch. Along with the Loaner CPAP Machine I hauled more things out to the Car that we had forgotten to bring to the Storage Unit the last couple of days. That really gave us much more space in the Trailer to move around. Luckily the Sun was shining with no Breeze making it feel warmer but there were droves of Birds heading in a southerly direction. Then I attacked the Back Seat of the Truck getting it ready to be able to transport things from our Storage Units to the Apartment.

When I went back inside Kathy had cleaned things up in anticipation of Mary from Healthy Heals arrival. That gave me time to get back to my reading in preparation to a Written Test I was told that I would need to do for my Drivers License Renewal.
Mary working on Kathy's feet.
Mary was only slightly late but considering that most of her Clients are in town we won’t hold it against her. While she worked on Kathy’s feet we told her where we would be moving to. She said we would be close to her house and she had other Patients in that area.

We had Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch along with the last of the Ambrosia for dessert. Once I finished reading that Truckers MTO Handbook we were soon heading out the door.

Our first destination was Green Shield in Windsor to drop off the Claim Form for Mary’s visit. We should have the Reimbursement Cheque before next weekend.

As we were leaving there we saw a long Freight Train heading into town. At the slow speed it was travelling we headed up the Expressway to Central Avenue and doubled back on the Service Road to Guardian Storage so we could add those articles to our Storage Unit. As we were getting back on the Service Road I spotted the Semi that had been stopped first in line for the Train finally heading our way.
As mentioned in yesterday’s Blog our next stop was back to Vital Aire. As soon as I walked in Tiara went to get my new CPAP Machine from the shelf. It was all set up ready for me and I simply had to sign Five Forms before walking out.
Fall Colours dwarfed by the Cold Clouds.
When I spoke to Jim yesterday at Windsor Gas and Diesel I asked if he could check the Tires on our Escape. He simply said “Bring it by tomorrow”. He won’t try to sell you something unless it’s worn out. After he checked them with his Gauge he said we’d make it through the winter with no problems. If we had gone to a Tire Shop they would have us replacing all the tires now. We trust Jim’s opinion.

It was shortly after 3:30 when we arrived at the Driver’s Licensing Bureau. The place was packed but the line moved quickly. There was no Written Test this time but I was informed that it will be necessary in the future. All that studying won’t go to waste as I learned a few things that have changed since I started driving. It was past 4:30 when we left.
We stopped at the Hi-Ho/Michigan Diner on Howard for supper. We ordered the Grilled Salmon with Sweet Potato Fries from the Senior’s Menu. Our stomachs must be shrinking because we were stuffed when we finished.
From there we drove over to our daughter Rose’s house on McKay. We have celebrated Merry Thanksmas with the rest of our family but not with Rose’s family. When we arrived Munaf was not home yet so it made it hard for D.J to wait to open his Gifts. We visited with finding out about the New High School D.J. is attending.
D.J. reading the cover of his Star Wars book.
When Munaf finally arrived D.J. was the first to open his Gifts and like his cousins he immediately wanted to start learning about Electricity by using the gift Snap Circuit we gave him. It’s a great teaching tool. Rose and Munaf also enjoyed their gifts as well as giving us something we’ll put to good use.
Munaf and Rose showing their Gifts.
By the time we got Home the inside of the Trailer was quite cold because we shut our Blue Flame Heater off anytime we leave. Tomorrow we get the Key to our Apartment and the Rain begins but we’ll make the most of it. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

You Might Be a Redneck If

You take more than one magazine with you to the bathroom.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Fixing Things On The Phone, Miscommunications and 119th.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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Even though it didn’t feel that cold this morning it seemed that neither of us were in a real hurry to get out of our Warm Bed. When we finally had our Lite Breakfast and morning Coffee/Tea we looked at the Calendar only to find that Kathy had an appointment in Tecumseh in Ten Minutes. Since it takes over a Half Hour to get there I called for a reschedule and at at more reasonable time of day.

The first thing I did on the Computer was to answer a Questionnaire from the Canadian Blood Services. By doing so and then printing out the Quick Pass Form saves me over a Half Hour when I go to donate Blood. Unfortunately it was so humid inside the Trailer the Printer would not work because the sheets of paper were sticking together. It would be nearly lunch time before the Printer would work the way it should.

Next I had to call in our Prescription Renewals that we’ll need for the next Three Months. There seemed to be some confusion at the other end so I called back at 11:00 when Steve the Pharmacist would be in. That only took Five Minutes and everything was straightened around but when I told him about being Laid-Off he said he’d keep his ears open for me.
We actually saw the Sun and clear Blue Sky all day.
Bonnie showed up to start wrapping the Cedar Trees on our Site like we normally do so the Heavy Snow doesn’t destroy them. Kathy went out because I was on the phone and coached her so that it wasn’t so overwhelming doing it for the first time. Luckily the Wind had died down and the temperature was at 59 F (15 C) making it more comfortable then it’s been in days.
Split Pea With Ham Soup seemed to warm and satisfy our hunger but then we had a little of the Ambrosia Salad that we brought Home from the Halloween Party on Saturday for our dessert.
Farmer's fields from Saturday Night's Rain still flooded.
Loading a few more things into the Truck we were soon on our way to Guardian Storage in Windsor. We’re temporarily using a Storage Unit for things that will be going to the apartment. When they are gone it will be used to store things we have to remove from the Trailer before it goes back to the Jayco Factory in Indiana to repair it again. Then we headed to our Climate Controlled Storage Unit to put things that cannot freeze inside. This Unit will be completely emptied and given up once we are in the apartment.

Our next stop was at Staples to get a couple of Wrist Supports for when we use the Mouse on our Computers. Kathy’s was getting a little tattered while the Gel Support that I was using sprung a leak. They only had One available but another store had Four. We also noticed their Printer Paper was “On Sale” so we got a couple packages to go.

From there we stopped at Walmart while Kathy took a quick look around the Ladies Wear I reinvested our small Lottery Winnings. Maybe this time we’ll get real lucky.
It was past 3:30 and our Lite Breakfast and Lunch were long gone. With other errands to run we didn’t know when we would be able to eat so we went over to Harvey’s and used a Coupon for a filling meal at a discounted price. Like the last time Kathy accidentally got my Hamburger that had Jalapeno and Hot Peppers on it. She needed a refill on her drink to cool things down.
Our next stop was Vital Aire and since they share the same building as the Canadian Blood Services does it was easy to park. I was supposed to pick up my New CPAP Machine today but they said I didn’t have an appointment. Some kind of miscommunication. Then they said it would take an Hour for all the Paperwork and showing me how to use a Machine identical to what they loaned me. Since we have other appointments in town tomorrow I said I’d be back then. Have it set up and ready for me to sign the Paperwork for or give me back the Prescription and I’ll go somewhere else. It’ll be ready tomorrow.

Since I believed that I would still be employed as of this date I had changed my appointment to donate Blood to 5:30. When I checked in at Canadian Blood Services there were very few people there so they took me in before 4:30. Today marks my 119th Blood Donation in Twenty-One Years with hopefully many more to come. People started arriving as we were getting ready to leave.

After having Juice and Cookies we drove over to Windsor Gas and Diesel. I consulted with Jim about both the Car and Truck. He was as upset with my being Laid-Off as I was. He’ll keep an ear open for me. Amazing how all these people want me to work except my Employer.
We stopped at the other Staples store for the second Wrist Support before heading towards the grocery store. We talked that we would probably be eating out a lot for the rest of the week so we didn’t bother stopping and went straight Home.
Our Sunset tonight.
Tomorrow is another busy day so we’ll fill you in then. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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