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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Mystery Is Solved, New Way Of Business = Raw Deal, Helpful Friends and Getting Things Together.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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Last Winter while we were in the Southwest most will remember we had issues with our Truck that were extremely costly taking a big chunk out of our savings. Upon our return to Wildwood Golf and RV Park in April Kathy was also having Medical Issues that her former doctor was not taking care of so she chose to make my Family Doctor of Thirty-Two Years her Family Doctor as well. Bit by bit all of her issues are being addressed some by adjusting her Medication while others require minor Surgeries. She is starting to feel much better.

When I returned to work the idea was to add a little buffer to our Savings so that under similar circumstances in the future we would not be stranded. The plan was that I would work while at Home in the Summer then we’d pick up stakes and head south for the Winter. It took nearly Three Months before I was able to find the job as an Aluminium Welder. There were plenty of challenges not just with changing technology but in the disorganization of the job itself.

As expected the Wage that I was paid would be far from what I was formerly paid but I also had to update some of my own equipment and after nearly Three Months things were starting to fall in place. Just over a month ago Kathy and I thought that since I had this steady job going we were more fortunate then most. Even though we had not bolstered our Savings the way we wanted we thought long and hard about staying put for this Winter. Kathy researched lots of locations for apartments. Since the last Recession Eleven Years ago the cost of Home Ownership has skyrocketed out of our reach but now so have Rental Costs.
The deal was that if we didn’t find an apartment we’d be heading south but closer to Home for a few years. Just this weekend we finally found a decent apartment at a slightly more reasonable cost. Kathy was finally able to pay our First and Last Months Rent on Tuesday which meant that I would work this winter to build our Savings and Kathy would get her final surgeries taken care of. She felt very relieved. Now we will once again become Snowbirds rather then being Fulltimers.

On Tuesday when I returned to the Plant from delivering the unit to the Customer I was met by the Supervisor. He informed that I had been hired specifically for that project and since they would not be building anymore units during the Winter I was Laid-Off effective immediately. Lots of businesses do it this way so just pack your stuff up and leave but then in the next breathe he asks “When we start back up in the Spring do you want me to call you”? My response was “If I’m available”! Fellow Co-Workers that I became friends with thought I was being given a Raw Deal.

Kathy was just as devastated as I was because we thought that I had been hired on Full Time. If she had not paid the Rent that morning we would be heading south in the next week.

Our time to think things over didn’t last too long when Tim with some of his friends showed up with a Snowmobile Trailer to help move our Garden Shed to our son’s home. It didn’t help that the Wind started gusting to 35 MPH Gusts. It took nearly an Hour to drive the Eight Miles to Amherstburg because the Wind kept shifting the Shed even though we had a lot of Tie Downs on it. Kevin had already moved his cars from the driveway when we arrived and within Five Minutes the Shed was sitting in its new location.
This morning's Temperature.
Since it was too dark to put our belongings in the Shed last night Kathy and I had and early lunch today and were busy repacking our Garden Shed by noon. After only Four Seasons it is amazing how much STUFF we have collected. It will give me something to pare down in the spring.
When we left our apartment in 2016 we had sold most of our furniture and only kept some personal things in our Storage. We have been slowly replacing the furniture on Marketplace with Two of those pieces being Dresser Drawers that were being store in Kevin’s garage. By the time Kevin arrived with Cameron the Dressers were loaded in the Truck and we were ready to go.
Graffiti Art on a Rail Car.
It was actually a cute scenery.
By the time we dropped them off in the Storage Room at Guardian Storage it was just after 4:00 but our early lunch was worn off so we planned of having a bite to eat before continuing. We then got stuck for Twenty Minutes while a Freight Train shuttled cars back and forth. We used coupons for Harvey’s that we had been given to save some cash on our meal.
Poor Sanford looks sad as we leave.
Our next stop was our daughter Karen’s house in Tecumseh where we had stored a matched set of Living Room Chairs. Poor Sanford was ecstatic to see us. Kathy kept him company while I loaded the Chairs in the Truck. He looked saddened as he watched us pulling out of the driveway.
Once the Chairs were in the Storage Room with the other Furniture we stopped a the Real Canadian Superstore to get a few groceries on the way Home.
Many of you guessed what was happening but we weren’t even sure that was what we would be doing. Now the Mystery has been solved. We loved every minute that we were Fulltimers and only regret not having done it sooner.

Our Blog will continue to be a ledger of our daily lives but sooner or later it will once again be filled with our travels. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. What a roller coaster you guys have been on. Sorry to hear that job didn't work out as planned, but when one door closes another usually opens. Stay positive.
    Good to hear Kathy is starting to improve. You're not the first I have heard about where long-term family docs have let down the patient.
    Best of luck with the new apartment and the job hunt!

  2. Sorry for all of this stuff happening to you. I am not you but I would suggest getting out and heading south. If you can't get the rent money back kiss it good bye. You had so much trouble getting a welding job the first time, not sure what the prospects are now. I am a bit confused. Are you moving the the shed because you are giving up your RV site in the park? If so then then I guess you are serious about moving back into an apartment long term. So much hitting you both all at once. What stress this has been for you. I hope it all falls into place for you.

  3. Like Contessa, I am also confused? So are you staying in Ontario at the new apartment even though you don't have a job? Are you getting ridding of your RV? It is great that Kathy is finally getting the medical treatment she needs, I sure hope she is feeling better soon. That must have been one roller coaster Tuesday for both of you!

  4. I am sorry to hear you were laid off for the winter but at least there is the possibility of getting re-hired in the spring if you are available then.

    Keep positive thoughts perhaps another opportunity will soon come your way when you least expect it and maybe in a different field.

    My best to you and Kathy.

  5. As a regular follower, I'm a tad bit confused.

  6. Well that sucks. Hope it all works out.

  7. Wow, what a mess. As they say 'timing is everything'. Tues. must have been a terrible day for both of you. So, you are moving out of the RV park. Moved shed to son. Then you are moving into your new apartment. You are going to store your RV for a year until next fall/winter when you will again go to warmer climate. In the mean time Kathy is going to get some 'repairs' and you are going to look for work? Its confusing but I have no doubt you have thought it through. Take care of yourselves. This must be so stressful!

  8. Life sure can throw some wrenches into your plans. I hope it all works out well. You'll be hired elsewhere I'm sure. Keep up the blog .... maybe I'll still catch up to you in Quartzsite!!

  9. Sorry to hear of your current situation. Why not ask your landlord to re-rent that apartment even if it costs you a months rent while they find another tenant. Then you can head south for the winter. Staying here means the additional costs of rent and storage. I've been following you for along time. Even going back and reading old posts. My wife and I are working towards going full-time ourselves. You have been an inspiration to us.

  10. Not sure what to say. What I am sure of is that you and Kathy will sit down, talk about it, and figure out what your next step should be.

  11. Oh my...... what a post. All your readers here wish you the best and trust everything will work out.

  12. Makes sense to me, though I've been trying to guess which was coming. Good luck with balancing it all out over the coming months. As I know all too well, life throws us curves in many ways.

  13. Well, that really stinks -- especially their timing! Since you already committed to staying for the winter, I hope you quickly find another job that will build your savings back up!