It's about time.

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bad Hockey Injury And Home Cooking.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

After having a whole lot of excitement sharing an early Christmas celebration with our son Gary and his family it was no wonder that we were both exhausted enough to fall fast asleep last night. The problem was that after a brief sleep all that excitement kick right back into high gear and I spent the next three hours thinking about the fun we had in the short time we had spent together. 
Tyler (Black) facing off.
It was nearly 8:00 by the time I finally woke and it was because of the sunlight sneaking around the edges of the bedroom curtains. I went to the other rooms to open the rest of the curtains inviting the sun to bring peace to the rest of the apartment. I even managed to get a fair amount of my morning reading finished before Kathy walked in the room. 
Tyler fighting for control of the puck.
Kathy had managed to sleep soundly once again but she still felt tired probably due to all the excitement but it might have been another reason as well. Kathy has a very low immune system and whenever she is in crowds she has a tendency to get things that her body can’t fight off. Fortunately she realizes that she can’t live in a bubble if she wants to enjoy life. 
Tyler (Black 97) getting past the opposing defence.
Shortly before 11:30 we were headed towards Belle River and stopped along the way at Tim Horton’s for coffees and a snack to tide us over until we’d have a late lunch. We were on our way to the New Belle River Arena to watch our grandson Tyler play hockey. The outside temperature was cold enough but inside the arena it felt much colder so the coffees helped us better survive the cold. 
Tyler stealing the puck.
Tyler’s team was playing the first place team in their division today so you can imagine the play had very little stop time to it. There were quite a few penalties handed out today with the opposing team ending the day with more than double of Tyler’s team. Tyler’s team won with a score of 2 to 1 with the game being called seconds before it should have ended. One of the opposing players went down on the ice with an injury to his leg and had to be helped off the ice. When we left the arena there was still no word on the extent of the injury. All we could do was pray that it wasn’t too severe. 
Tyler going for a shot on net.
We stopped at Wendy’s on the way home to have a light lunch. We lucked out not having coupons but qualified for a promo so we both ate for less than four dollars. 
Tyler intercepting the puck.
Back at the apartment Kathy and I worked together slicing and dicing the ingredients for Kathy’s Homemade Ham and Pea Soup as well as prepping things for a light but late supper. The soup will have to set overnight before we can savor the true taste of everything that was put into it. 
Final score 2 to 1 for Tyler's team.
At least being inside most of the day saved us from the cold wind that chilled us to the bone and is still rattling our windows as of this writing. We are lucky all our Christmas shopping is finished but with less than 5 day days left we still have lots to do. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Getting hurt is definitely no fun but it happens often enough in sports like hockey and football.

  2. Hope Tyler's injury not too severe.
    Nothing like a good home cooked meal.

  3. Having an player injury is never good but victory is always nice.