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Friday, April 9, 2021

FAXed Or Not, Interview and “Air Force One”.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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It’s a good thing we both had a good night’s sleep. Probably because we didn’t set the Alarm even though we wanted to get an early start. We were both up before 8:00 and the only thing we did was get ready to leave. Almost!

While Kathy was getting dressed I checked the Weather and my E-Mail. What I found was a message to answer some Employer Questions on a Job that I only applied for yesterday. It didn’t take long and as soon as Kathy left the bedroom it was my turn.

We took the Expressway across town making our arrival at Dynacare shortly after 8:30. Since there was a short line I dropped Kathy by the door while I tried to park the Car. What made it difficult was my Cell Phone started ringing. Thinking it could be one of the many jobs that I had applied for I answered.

Remember the Employer Questions I answered just after 8:00 this morning. It was John and he was very interested in my (new) Resume and my response to the earlier questions. With the Car parked I was still on the phone when Kathy came back. I had to show her the Index Finger so she knew it was important. By the time I hung up I had an afternoon in person Interview.

Dynacare was telling Kathy the Doctor’s Office had not FAXed in the blood work order. I had called yesterday so the only thing I could do was call back. Again I left a Voice-Mail telling them what was happening. Since they had Kathy’s Health Card inside I told her to go back in and they would find the work order. When my watch read 10:00 I was getting ready to go in when Kathy came out having had her Blood Test done.

When Kathy has to Fast I do the same. We were both starting to get Lite-Headed so we swung through the A&W Drive-Thru for Two Bacon, Cheese and Egg on English Muffins. We parked as soon as we could and practically inhaled those sandwiches.

We were back in the Apartment before 11:00 and back on the Computers. That’s when the Doctor’s Office called saying they had sent the FAX yesterday and resent it this morning at 10:30. We were on our way home by then so Dynacare must have found the one sent yesterday.

I had the chance to read some Blogs before stopping for a bowl of Italian Wedding Soup for lunch. I didn’t want to overload.

I left the Apartment by 12:15 wanting to take my time so I would be relaxed for the Interview. When I went to start the Truck it wouldn’t even click. When I touched the Solar Charger Plug it literally fell into my hand because it wasn’t all the way into the 12 Volt Plug. It took a while to get enough charge on the Batteries to start it using the Car for a boost.

Remember that leisure ride to get to the Interview. Let’s just say it was a little more rushed then I hoped for. I still had to wait in the Lobby for John to see me. After we talked for a bit he took me for a tour of the plant. It’s quite impressive. Heavier then what most plants around here handle but Lighter then many jobs I did in the Casting Plants. I then met Greg one of the Supervisors. He never asked me anything but was there to answer questions I might have. John will be talking with Greg and the Owner of the business on Monday.

I had a leisure drive back to the Apartment. Kathy had been cleaning again and was just getting back to her Computer. When I turned mine on there were Two more Jobs to apply for.

By 5:00 our lunch was long gone so we had Eggs Over Easy, Ham and Asparagus for supper with a Date Square for our dessert.

On the 6 o’clock Local News the big announcement was the death of Prince Phillip at the age of 99. There was more talk about Vaccines before giving us the Coronavirus Numbers for the Windsor/Essex Region. We had 1 Death bringing the Total to 406. there were 170 New Cases bringing the Active Cases to 393. Our temperature reached 70 F (21 C) today just shy of tying our record.

We later watched “Air Force One” with Harrison Ford. Our second time seeing it and it’s still good.

Now that Kathy is feeling better tomorrow will be my big day.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Why did the witches team lose the baseball game?

Their bats flew away.


  1. I wish you the best of luck on becoming employed soon.

  2. The job sounds promising, good luck for Monday.

  3. Best of luck on the job. Sounds like you aced it.

  4. Fingers crossed you got the job. Glad Kathy was able to get her bloodwork done!

  5. Looking forward to your post covering your new employment.

  6. I remember when you purchased the solar plug but not knowing anything about cars I did not understand why you would need one if you had a well-maintained battery.

    Your dinner looks quite tasty.

  7. OK. Chiming in with those above wishing you the best of luck. At least you actually had an in person event.....The air would have turned blue around me if my vehicle presented me with the problems you had just before an important interview! So glad you won out on that issue!!