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Friday, April 2, 2021

Kathy Got Stuck and More Violence At The Capital.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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Even with the Bedcover on last night Kathy didn’t sleep very well because she kept having a nightmare. I only woke one time to turn over went back to sleep. Looking outside when I got up this morning there wasn’t a Cloud in the sky but checking The Weather Network showed not to judge a book by its cover because it was well below the Freezing Mark.

The morning seemed to fly by especially when we started getting things ready for lunch early. Needing something filling as well as warming we had
Split Pea Soup with Ham along with Orange Slices, Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Chocolate Pudding Cup for dessert.

By the time we finished our
Coffee/Tea we were heading out the door by 12:30. We’ve learned that we have to add Ten Minutes just to get to the Car and leave the parking lot.

Our destination was the Windsor Family Credit Union Center which only took another Ten Minutes to get to but then things slowed down after that. It is one of the Mass Vaccination Sites here in our area. We had to follow the line of Cars and be questioned Twice before we were able to park. We were told to wait until Kathy’s appointed time before entering the Maze inside the building.

If you haven’t figured it out Kathy was there to get her Coronavirus Vaccine. In Ontario because of the lack of Vaccines available they are distributed first to Front-Line Workers in the medical profession, then to those in Long Term Homes before the Public gets their turn.

They start with those most vulnerable such as the Homeless, then those with Compromised Immune Systems before they start distributing to the General Public. They first allowed those over Eighty Years Old to register On-Line then they would call you back and want you to travel Thirty Miles away to get the Vaccine when there was a Site a block from your home. When they got that straightened around they started vaccinating those under Sixty Years Old. Now they finally allowed those in Kathy’s age group to be vaccinated but I have to wait.

On-line it was noted you had to go in by yourself but when we arrived they recommended we both go in because who would know better if there was a problem then one’s partner. They even gave us matching Wrist Bands just to prove we were on the Registered List.

Inside it was like following a Maze with a Hand Sanitizing Station at every turn even though you didn’t touch anything. When you reached the next stage you were not allowed to just stand they told you to sit down. A Minute later as you moved to the next step someone was immediately Disinfecting the Chair you just vacated. After Kathy was finally given the Pfizer Vaccine we were once again sent to sit for Fifteen Minutes to be certain she wasn’t experiencing any severe reactions.

All that and we were leaving Forty-Five Minutes after we arrived.

Back at the Apartment we turned on the Television to look in on the Derek Chauvin Trial. Instead it was pre-empted by Breaking News. Two Capital Police Officers in Washington DC had been deliberately struck by a car at a Checkpoint. The driver had then exited the vehicle with a Knife and lunged at other Officers before being shot.

Both officers were rushed to the hospital but Eighteen Year Veteran Officer William Evans did not make it. Our deepest Condolences go out to his Family and Coworkers.

For supper I made Kathy her favourite Chocolate Chip Pancake while I just had mine plane.

We tried to watch the 6 o’clock Local News but it was pre-empted by a reality show calledJade City”. When we tried to get caught up at 11 o’clock it was again pre-empted by “ET. This may be Good Friday but we still want to see our Local News.

Today's high temperature.

Kathy’s arm is a little sore tonight but nothing a Tylenol can’t handle.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. We didn't hear about the Capitol as we have no tv here in sad..

  2. I am glad Kathy was able to get her Covid-19 vaccine and that she did not experience any severe symptoms apart from the sore arm.

    The new Capitol incident was truly heartbreaking.

  3. Happy Easter to you both from both of us! 🐇🌷🐣🌼