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Monday, April 19, 2021

Windy Cool Down and Mayors Resistance.

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Another night of early to bed late to rise. It was nearly 8:30 when I got up this morning. Looking out the Balcony Door it looked like we would be having a beautiful day but as we sat having breakfast the Wind suddenly flared up. The Gusts were so strong we couldn’t keep the Door open because of the sound of the Bike Cover flapping loudly in the wind.

When it came to checking for Job Ads the only ones to show up would come out after we’d have our supper. There were some interesting Blogs to read this morning but I still would not finish them until later in the day.

I called Vital Aire and was able to order New CPAP Masks for the both of us. They should be calling us to pick everything up later this week.

With errands to run this afternoon we had something a little more filling for lunch so we had Macaroni and Cheese then we finished it off with the last of the Chocolate Chip Cake, a Chocolate Pudding Cup and a shared Apple for dessert.

Notice Clear Skies.

We took the time to finish our Hot Drinks before heading out the door at 1:00. Like most during these Lock-Downs we stocked our Pantry but when we can we try to use the older stock. When we start seeing some empty spots we then take the time to refill them.

Our first stop was Dollarama. Since we had read this would be happening we were not surprised to find all the aisles that did not contain Essential Items blocked off. During previous Lock-Downs Big Box Stores were allowed to be open while the smaller Mom and Pop Stores remained closed. The small Corner Stores were highly affected and many nearly closed for good. This Lock-Down all stores work on the same principal. After saving money by shopping here our next stop was the grocery store.

When we walked into the Zehr’s grocery store they have a section that sells Children’s Clothing that was blocked off. Buying Shoes, Clothing or Hardware is not considered Essential Items at this time. Between Produce, Dairy and Frozen Foods it didn’t take long to fill our Cart.

Back at the building there was a Shopping Cart inside by the back door we were able to use to bring things up to the Apartment. After parking the Car the Winds were gusting hard enough they nearly knocked me off my feet.

With everything put away we returned to our Computers until the 6 o’clock Local News came on. The Ontario Premier is not happy that the Mayors of cities across the Province will not allow the Police to enforce the Stay-In-Place orders because most figure everyone has had enough of this after a year.

The Windsor/Essex Region did see another 41 New Coronavirus Cases bringing the Active Cases to 457 of which 51 were the New Variants.

Notice  the Wind gusts and Clouds.

The High Temperature for Windsor was 63 F (17 C) but with the high Wind Gusts it felt much cooler.

We had a Store Bought Medium Sized Thin Crust for supper. It covered all the food groups and was very satisfying.

We later watched an Episode of “Criminal Minds” that we have not seen but are positive we’ve already seen the next episode to in the series last week.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Did you hear that the Dali Lama won’t let the dentist give him Novocane when they fixed his cavities? He wants to transcend dental medication.


  1. I will never understand the thinking that clothes and hardware are not necessary! Geez...even though I haven't bought any new clothes in over a year because dressing rooms are still shut down here! Gonna have to go to a state that has opened their rooms, need a dress for a wedding :)

  2. Hope your people get this under control enough to ease up soon. With the shots rolling out I'm hoping lockdown will be lifted by fall.

  3. We are practically back to normal living here in Alabama. I believe it is healthier to be outside in the open air. And people seem happier.

  4. The people that make the rules that children's clothing is not essential apparently don't have children that need new shoes or plants they have outgrown. We all have needs and some cannot wait 6 weeks.

  5. Obviously above text should read shoes or pants. Sorry about the typo.

  6. Seriously how do they decide what is essential and not. If you have kids they grow in spurts and clothes and shoes become pretty essential. I am going to stop there because I do not want to get controversial on your blog.

  7. Hoping your cases go down soon. You are both very brave to go on a grocery run under the circumstances.