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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Maintenance Crew, Cutting It Close and Double The Investment.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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Judging from our morning temperatures Summer has definitely left us for another year. The morning breeze added a chill to the dampness the overnight Rain had given us. Arriving at the Plant the employee door was unlocked though not open in an attempt to keep the heat in the building. Looking around there was water everywhere even by the Office. Paul would tell me later that someone had accidentally opened the wrong valve and walked away.

After my Morning Walk Around I made a quick check of the Carriers being put on the Paint-Line. Because I constantly carry Channel-Lock Pliers along with other Tools I was able to make adjustments on quite a few Carriers on the spot. The reason they get bent so much is not always from the parts they bring through the Washers and Dryers but how the Workers toss them onto the floor before placing them in the Baskets.

At that point I again spoke briefly with Paul first reminding him that I had a Doctor’s Appointment and would be leaving early. Second that there was only the Single Valve on the Fresh Water Supply Line leading to the Washers. Third If I was having to shut the water off to replace the One Inch Valve I might as well replace the Three Quarter Inch Valve right next to it that was also leaking.

When I got back to the Maintenance Compound I finished cleaning and storing the Pipe Fittings that I was salvaging. I then started cleaning more Spray Nozzles that I have been slowly salvaging. Since there are so many I can stop and start them between most jobs.

I made another walk to the Paint-Line to check on the Carriers but came up empty on this trip. Returning to the Compound I found Paul showing a couple of potential Customers around. When he was asked about a Maintenance Crew he pointed to me and introduced me with a smile on his face.

I had rearranged my lunch for 1:30 giving more time to get cleaned up and putting my Tools in the Truck. I was quicker then expected so I punched out Ten Minutes earlier that planned.

At the Apartment Kathy had a problem with her Doctor’s Appointment and had to reschedule. I didn’t take long in the shower and we were soon out the door. Even though we were making good time I had to let Kathy park the Car while I headed inside only to find the Elevators were out of service. I had to climb Four Flights of Stairs but made it on time. My appointment went well so I’m good for another Year.

I found Kathy in the Shoppers Drug Mart next door as planned. She had gotten a few supplies she was getting low on.

Since the Break-In at the Plant back in June I have slowly been trying to replace my Stolen Tools. By watching the Sale Brochures at Canadian Tire and Princess Auto I have been doing just that. Today we stopped at Princess Auto where my plan was to spend only Twenty Dollars but when I saw other ToolsOn Sale” that were not advertised that doubled the price.

We stopped at Wendy’s Drive-Thru where we picked up Chicken Wraps, Small Chocolate Frosties and Seniors Soft Drinks for our supper. Our entertainment was People Watching as we enjoyed our meal.

Back at the Apartment just on time for the 6 o’clock Local News where they reported 30 New Coronavirus Cases of which 9 were Not Vaccinated bringing the Active Cases Count to 170 in the Windsor/Essex Region.

The Weather Network showed our 48 F (9 C) high temperature today felt like 43 F (6 C).

Since I never spoke to Kharen all day I’m wondering if he’s turning over a new leaf.

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It’s about time.


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  1. So yesterday you said there were 161 new active cases. Today you said there were 30 new cases of which 9 were not vaccinated bringing the new total to 170 active cases. So your "health people" are only counting non vaccinated people as new cases? I don't understand "the count ". Elva Shannon